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Lalamove App

Lalamove app connects you with the best delivery drivers nearby.

Updated on February 26, 2020
Lalamove  App

When it comes to finding the perfect delivery app, our options tend to fall short. But that might no longer be the case anymore as there's an emerging app that has recently been taking the market by storm.  And today we will be reviewing the app of lalamove on our platform and provide you with our perspective on the app.

The application of lalamove has been in the news for the past few months now and also attracted a lot of attention when they scored huge funding of $300 million in series D funding round.

With that being said, let’s get to know more about the lalamove application and the features that this app offers along with some other interesting functionalities.

What Actually Is A Lalamove App? 

The Lalamove was founded by Shing Chow back in the year 2013. And the main thing is that the logistics support the brand’s primary line of work was to provide delivery and logistics services which also hold the same sense of manner of work like Uber, Lyft, Ola, etc.

The end customers of lalamove application primarily are the business and corporate houses, which are also responsible for providing the company with a strong hand in the overall revenue and building a loyal user base.

This delivery app allows its users to book a van, truck or even a motorcycle with the ease of your smartphone! Their customers can easily rely on the affordable delivery platform of Lalamove, which focuses on the courier services, bulk deliveries, food delivery and so much more.

LalaMove App Review

Notable Features Of Lalamove App

Now let's look at the key features that are being offered by this online delivery application to its app users:

  • eWallet the option to deliver conveniently, while going cashless.
  • Proof of Delivery feature with eSignatures.
  • Users can easily make payments with the option of Online Payments i.e. credit cards, bank transfers, etc.
  • Lalamove provides instant driver matching with the nearest available drivers.
  • Real-time package tracking functionality to find out where the respective goods are at all times.
  • Users get a vehicle fleet of varieties like motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries and many more.
  • Additional services for cash on delivery, house moving assistance, etc are now available too. 

Basic Frequently Asked Questions About Lalamove 

1. Where does Lalamove deliver? 

At present, Lalamove delivers to Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island (the price tends to vary as it is quoted by drivers). 

2. When can Lalamove deliver?

The Lalamove platform operates 24/7, so users can set up a delivery any time they need to send or receive items. Lalamove's team is known to specialize in immediate and same-day delivery services, which are now preferred by the majority of people. Use your mobile app or website to handle your each and every delivery including the express and urgent ones.

3. Does Lalamove deliver larger items and handle large batches or any bulk deliveries?

The Lalamove application can transport goods from documents to huge bulky furniture which also includes commercial goods. From same day courier to fast van delivery, they can handle everything. Also, their professionals are also known for lorry bookings as their specialty.

4. Can users get e-receipts on their orders? 

If users have provided a team of Lalamove with a valid email address, users will automatically receive an e-receipt each time they complete an order. There is also an option to deactivate the function of receiving e-receipts for users who don't like it.

MAD Verdict- Lalamove App REview

There's no denying the fact that Lalamove is a great delivery app but this application would have been even better if they would have covered a major portion of the international market. But looking at their recent growth and other statistics, Lalamove seems to be on the right track.

Also, if you are interested in knowing more about all new Android, as well as iOS apps that are hitting the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Then, we suggest you stay tuned with the daily updates of MobileAppDaily! And if you still have any questions regarding ‘which delivery app is the best’ or ‘main features of Lalamove application’ then feel free to connect with us by leaving a ‘Comment’ down below.

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