Smoothen the Browsing Experience with these 5+ Best Ad-blocker Apps for Android

While browsing the internet ads slow down the loading time and can be a threat to privacy. Thus, these best ad-blocker apps are the tool we can use for our rescue!
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January 11, 2022
best ad-blocker apps
Ads can be the most annoying experience one can face on the internet. Even though these apps generate revenues for developers, sometimes, these ads can slow down the app loading time. Ads also consume extra bandwidth and internet data.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we are listing down some of the best ad-blocker apps to protect your privacy online for Android. With these Android apps, you will be able to enjoy the internet with more comfort and fewer interruptions.

Top Ad-blocker Apps for Android

With all free apps for Android that we are shortlisting here, we are including features and download links from the Google Play Store as well. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


android 4.3

Designed for Samsung Internet and Yandex browsers, this free ad-blocker app for your Android smartphones can work perfectly without the need of Rooting the device. This one of the best ad-blockers for Android comes with a list of filters that can block common ads for you without any hassle. You can also add exceptions that you would like to support by adding them to the whitelist of this best pop-up blocker. These exceptions will not be blocked.

Features of this top ad-blocker app

  • Free to install
  • Supports only Yandex and Samsung Internet browsers
  • Does not require root to work
  • Customizable filters designed by experts
Download this top ad-blocking tool for Android

AdBlock Browser

android 3.9

One of the top internet browsers, the AdBlock browser is a tool designed to offer you a smooth browsing experience. With this best free ad-blocker for Android devices, you can stream videos, surf the internet, read news, and more without worrying about the interruptions from annoying ads. 

Features of this one of the best ad-blocker apps for Android

  • Free to use the browser
  • Block ads on videos, internet surfing, reading, and more
  • Reduces battery consumption by blocking ads
  • A good protection tool against online viruses
Download this free ad-blocker for Android

AppBrain Ad Detector

android 3.5

As the name suggests, this best free ad-blocker for Android can detect if you have apps causing ads or privacy concerns on your smartphones. With this amazing ad-blocking app, you can analyze and detect over 70 aspects of apps to look for potential ad sources. The app gives you options in the form of lists from where you can choose which ads and notifications you want to turn off entirely. It works on SDKs, Developer Tools, smartphone apps, internet browsers, and more.

Features of this top ad-blocker app

  • Free to install
  • Spyware detects ad sources and privacy concerns
  • Allows you to customize the list of allowed ads
  • Can find out the name of Ad networks from apps
Download this one of the best ad-blockers for Android

FAB Adblocker

android 4.6

This free ad-blocker is a browser that comes with extra tools like adblocker, incognito, and more. With this browser, you can be worry-free from sites tracking your browsing behavior or data. Moreover, the browser to improve your mobile app security is capable of blocking popup ads, video ads, and more so you can smoothly browse the internet. Not just that, but the browser can also ban banner ads that you usually witness on plenty of websites.

Features of this best pop-up blocker

  • Browse smoothly without annoying ads
  • Comes with an incognito mode to protect your privacy
  • Free to install
  • Provides malware attempt warnings
Download this free ad-blocker for Android
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AdBlock Fast

android 4.0

With this simple app, you do not need to worry about rooting the device. Just simply install the app and Samsung Internet browser 4.0 or up and enjoy an ad-free experience like no other. The app does not even allow acceptable ads to ensure there are no masked ads trying to infiltrate into your viewing and browsing experience.

Features of this top ad-blocker app

  • Free to install
  • Works with Samsung Internet 4.0 and up
  • Does not even allow acceptable ads
  • Optimizes the browser to increase loading speed
Download this free adblocker for Android

Blokada Slim

android 4.0

Another pick in the list of top ad blocker apps, Blokada Slim uses Domain Name System (DNS) servers to block malicious and suspicious sites. The goal is to ensure that your browsing experience is private and fraudulent websites are not able to reach or track your information.

Features of this best ad-blocker app

  • Free to use
  • Does not require Rooting of the device
  • Comes with a VPN mode
  • Uses DNS servers to block malicious websites
Download this free ad-blocker app for Android
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These were the top adblocker for your smartphones that we found amazing. Moreover, each app is rated well by users and has already established a user network. So, you can pick any option to use for an amazing experience.

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