10 Best Android Apps to Fake GPS Location While On The Go

In this article, we have enlisted the top apps to fake your location while you are traveling. These apps have been curated on the basis of their customer ratings, feedback, and more.
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May 03, 2023
fake gps location apps
How can you spoof your location on your smartphone? If you, too, are searching for an answer, then numerous fake GPS location apps are available for Android and iOS devices. These apps will allow you to utilize a custom location as your phone's GPS location. Multiple fake gps apps are available for your consideration, which will help you create fake GPS location and location spoof.

GPS location technology aids in pinpointing an exact location, making it simple to acquire precise directions to your school, office, home, or other destination. It will also assist you in determining the distance between two points or the time required to go between them. The issue is that this precision may jeopardize your privacy.

To preserve your privacy, you can use third-party GPS spoofing programs or fake location app to modify your position. This will also enhance your experience when playing location-based games, among other things. This post will examine the best GPS spoofing programs for Android and iOS devices. Let's look at the best fake GPS location app now.

Our Top Picks

Now you understand the significance of GPS spoofer, and you can look at our best recommendations for GPS fake location apps in 2023, which were chosen after careful consideration of a number of factors, including accuracy, user interface, functionality, and overall user experience.

Best Apps to Fake GPS Location

We recognize numerous apps on the market, and selecting the right one might be tough. As a result, we've prepared a list of the top apps that stand out from the crowd to make your job easier. Look at our top GPS spoofer app for the finest experience and usability.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

android 4.0

False GPS Go Location Spoofer is a top Android fake GPS app with free and premium editions. The free version of the app contains a lot of functions, but upgrading to the paid membership unlocks even more. Fortunately, you can begin spoofing your position on the fly without rooting your device. But your device must be running Android 6.0 or higher.

The joystick mode, which makes playing games easier, is one of the most important features of the commercial edition. It also features a GPX import feature, which allows you to program routes using normal GPS data files.

Notable features of Fake GPS Location Spoofer, a GPS fake location app:

  • Allows you to save your favorite destinations for future use
  • Contains a joystick control that allows you to navigate the map effortlessly
  • Claims to respect your privacy by not collecting personal information
Download this fake GPS location app:

Fake GPS

android 4.5

For novices, Fake GPS is an excellent GPS spoofing app. It offers an easy-to-use interface and requires simple procedures. You can alter your location data with more exact coordinates. You may also do it by location, a more generalized method of spoofing GPS.

Sadly, Pokémon Go is not supported by the app. If you want to fake your location, you should use a different program. However, it is ideal if you wish to modify your location to mislead services in other geographical zones.

Notable features of Fake GPS, a GPS spoofing app:

  • Fake GPS allows mimicking a route from one to another
  • GPS programs include joystick controls to simulate movement in any direction
  • Have a battery-saving mode to decrease GPS signal strength
Download this GPS fake location app:

Fake GPS Location Professional

android 4.6

This is a relatively new GPS location spoofing app, but don't underestimate its capabilities. Indeed, the developers provide instructions for configuring and using the program on your device.

Unfortunately, the program lacks a joystick capability, making pinpoint accuracy in controlling your falsified locations impossible. It will, however, work nicely for simple location spoofing.

Notable features of Fake GPS Location Professional, a fake location app:

  • Allows you to save your favorite destinations for subsequent use
  • It helps you to keep track of your spoofing locations
  • It allows you to alter the app's look, such as the color scheme and UI layout
Download this leading fake location app for Android:

Fake GPS Location: Joystick

android 4.5

Fake GPS with Joystick is an easy-to-use Android GPS spoofer software. The software will walk you through the steps of faking your location, including granting the required permissions.

The UI is straightforward, with a Google Maps viewfinder that allows you to pinpoint your fictitious location exactly. Furthermore, the joystick option lets you move to your chosen position in real-time.

Notable features of Fake GPS Location, a fake location app for Android:

  • Can be integrated with other programs
  • Users may begin faking their location without technical knowledge
  • Does not require root access
Download this GPS spoof app:
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Location Changer - Fake GPS

android 4.6

The Location Changer GPS spoofing program has a superb range of capabilities. For example, it contains a multi-point spoofing tool that lets you drop multiple points on the map.

The software also includes a joystick controller, making it an excellent choice for location-based games such as Pokemon Go, Parallel Worlds, and Orna RPG. Furthermore, the control scheme will be familiar if you use Google Maps. By tapping and keeping your finger on the map, for example, you can drop a location pin.

Notable features of Location Changer, a location spoofing app:

  • Define custom locations to choose global location as your virtual location
  • Easily navigate between locales, making accessing material from various regions simple
  • Software does not require root access, making it accessible to everybody
Download this location change app:

Fake GPS Location

android 4.7

Fake GPS Location, a GPS spoof app, is the greatest GPS spoofer for Android version. The program allows you to teleport your location and bounce it to any area on the planet. It will trick every app on your phone into thinking you're in a phoney location.

You can, for example, select certain itineraries with two or more stops. You may also change practically everything, from the pause movements to the walking speed. 

Notable features of Fake GPS Location, a location spoofing app:

  • You may transport your GPS location to any location with a single click
  • Shows icon in status bar when fake GPS is active
  • App is user-friendly and easy to navigate
Download this Android mock location app:

X GPS Monitor

android 4.5

This software, a spoof location android, creates a bogus GPS location so that every other app on your phone thinks you're there! With two clicks, you may transport your phone to any location on the planet. View your assets connected to the GPS tracking platform using your smartphone or tablet.

Notable features of X GPS Monitor, a location change app:

  • Display tracks and events on a map for any period in the past
  • Locate yourself concerning your tracking assets
  • Alerts of geo-related events that you specify
Download this GPS fake location app:


android 3.2

FGL Pro Location Spoofer, mock location app will assist you in changing your address to appear to be in a different area. Furthermore, the software includes a satellite mode that displays your exact fake position. It will tell you how to change location on Android. 

It also saves your current spoofing position, cached map information, and spoofing location time. However, the free version lacks features and is plagued by pop-up advertising. You can, however, purchase the Premium edition to gain greater capabilities and remove the intrusive adverts.

Notable features of FGL Pro, an Android mock location app:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface allowing users to configure their GPS location rapidly
  • Provides spoofing features like joystick control, walking mode, and more
  • Works with location-based games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Wizards Unite
Download this friendly mock location app:

Fake GPS 2023

android 4.2

You can use this app to spoof your phone's GPS location. It's never been easier to mock a location! The software includes a variety of spoofing capabilities, such as joystick control, walking mode, and custom speed settings, all of which can improve the spoofing experience.

Notable features of Fake GPS 2023, a location spoofing app:

  • Instantly change your GPS position by hitting the large "Start Fake GPS" button
  • With the search bar, you can find any location on the planet
  • Add a location to your favorites list for future use
Download this location change app:

GPS Emulator

android 4.3

GPS Emulator is a free Android GPS location spoofing software. It includes a Google Maps viewfinder and a search bar for finding sites you've visited before.

The UI is simple, with options at the bottom that allow you to disable spoofing or pin your fake position. You may flip between map modes, such as terrain and satellite, using the app. As a result, you will explore new sites outside the typical urban zones.

Notable features of GPS Emulator, one of best fake GPS apps for Android:

  • Users can use GPS emulator apps to imitate numerous locations
  • Has choices for customizing the simulated location, such as speed and height
  • It works with most devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops
Download this fake location app for Android:
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Spoofing your GPS position fools programs on your device and websites, you visit online into thinking you are elsewhere. This can be detrimental because you may utilize GPS for daily chores such as weather updates and navigation.

On the other hand, everyone has reasonable reasons for changing their phone's GPS position. Sadly, the technique is complicated because most smartphones lack built-in false GPS location settings. That is why you should install the GPS spoofing apps listed above - they will allow you to accomplish your goals swiftly.

These were the best fake gps app for Android. If you are a developer, company, or someone with a finished product or have a soon-to-be-released app, email MobileAppDaily and list your product by exceptionally talented app experts. Visit our website to see all the new and intriguing content we publish daily. Sign up for our newsletters to learn more about MobileAppDaily.

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