Best TikTok Alternatives to Power Boundless Creativity and Entertainment

Tired of TikTok’s privacy concerns? Upgrade your experience with our handpicked alternative apps for TikTok.
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July 17, 2023
Tiktok alternatives

TikTok has been the largest platform and has recorded astronomical growth since its launch in 2018. The TikTok app, as we know it today, holds millions of creators and viewers from all over the world. The platform promotes talent by offering a space to display expressions and creativity. With its large community, TikTok has become one of the best social media platforms available today.

However, as popular as TikTok has become, it is still banned in many countries due to privacy concerns. TikTok wasn't the first of its kind and is definitely not the last. Many users have now turned to TikTok alternatives to get their daily fix of entertainment.

Alternative apps for TikTok offer similar video editing features and a collaborative platform to connect with like-minded people. If you are looking for a safe TikTok alternative, we have got you covered. Read on further to learn about the TikTok alternative apps that will help you create catchy and entertaining videos easily.

Our Top Picks

If you wish to avoid all the drama and controversies surrounding the TikTok app and wish to keep yourselves entertained with short videos, we present to you the most popular TikTok alternatives available in 2023.

Be a part of the next big thing with the top TikTok alternatives in 2023!

Stimulated by the success of TikTok and its sudden removal, many short-video social apps have entered the scene. Here are our top 11 favorites that offer the features of the best video editing apps and social networking sites through an integrated platform.

All the apps are mentioned along with their detailed description, features, and downloadable links. Let's discuss some of the top alternative apps for TikTok available in 2023 for both Android and iOS users.


YouTube Shorts

Apple 4.7
android 4.2

YouTube Shorts is the best alternative to TikTok that allows users to create and share vertical videos of up to 60 seconds to entertain their audience. Much like TikTok, this app offers a variety of creative tools, including filters, effects, text overlays, and more. 

This alternative to the TikTok app leverages the existing Youtube infrastructure and content library. It, thereby, empowers creators with better discoverability and audience reach. With over 2 billion active users per month, Youtube Shorts offer the best platform for creators to diversify their content and reach a much larger audience.

Features of YouTube Shorts- The best TikTok alternative for creators

  • Offers a huge library of trending music and audio
  • Holds great advertising potential with short videos
  • Easy and simple access directly through the YouTube app
  • One of the best free video hosting sites available for phone
  • Access your favorite and preferred content easily based on YouTube
Download YouTube Shorts


Apple 4.6
android 3.8

Triller is an American video-sharing platform that is popularly used as a safe TikTok alternative by many users across the globe. It is a short video app like TikTok but with some major differences. It uses AI-based video editing tools that automatically add effects like overlays, slow-mo effects, basic texts, and more. 

Triller offers friendliness to the music industry. Unlike TikTok, users can listen to full track on the app. It also allows users to add the music of their choice through their own music libraries from Apple Music or Spotify. The app promotes new and creative content on its platform, enabling new creators to reach to a wider audience.

Features of Triller- A popular TikTok substitute app

  • Automatically save your drafts on the device
  • Offers auto-editing tools powered by AI technology
  • Import music and audio from apps like Apple Music and Spotify
  • Allows users to customize videos by adding text, filters, and effects
  • Enables users to create short videos, skits and lip-sync videos
Download Triller


Apple 4.5
android 4.4

Likee is among the most popular alternative apps to TikTok that offers a collaborative short-video creation platform with a range of special effects, editing, and video shooting tools. It has entered the fast-growing video space with a wide selection of filters, stickers, and special effects that are incredibly popular among the young audience. 

Likee users can also share and comment on each other’s posts. Along with this, users also have the option to message their friends and followers privately. To make your videos more entertaining and engaging, you can add music from the library or upload your own music.

Features of Likee- One of the best free apps like TikTok

  • Broadcast your live stream or join others' live videos
  • Upload short videos loaded with stickers, filters, and effects
  • Enables you to buy virtual gifts and send them across to users
  • Offers personalized feed based on your interests and hobbies
  • Search hashtags and browse content from users across different countries
Download Likee


Apple 4.7
android 4.4

Funimate is a simple and powerful video editing app that is popularly used as a TikTok alternative by many users across the globe. It offers the perfect combination of a social networking site and a video editor for both Android and iOS users. 

The Funimate app is extremely fun to use and explore for both creators and users. If you are looking for an app to make your content standout from the rest, Funimate is the best solution for you. The app is primarily popular among kids who wish to upload their videos and interact with their friends. 

Features of Funimate- One of the best TikTok alternative apps for kids

  • Best-suited for video editing and creation tasks
  • Protects the privacy and personal information of young users
  • Offers a vast selection of sounds, texts, stickers, and more
  • Completely free to download and use with in-app purchases
  • Creates cool and creative videos with just a few simple clicks
Download Funimate
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Apple 4.6
android 4.0

Lomotif is among the best TikTok alternatives available for both Android and iOS users. It enables users to create short, entertaining videos with a strong and vast music library. The app also offers simple-to-use video editing and merging tools that are ideal for beginners as well. Users can easily create their own music videos through their favorite pictures and music using this TikTok alternative for adults. 

With a vast selection of editing tools, stickers, GIFs, and effects, Lomotif is a preferred choice for many creators and users all over the world. Users can create videos in two different formats- square or landscape. Along with all this, it is one of the best TikTok alternative apps that allows you to publish your creative works directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

Features of Lomotif- The best TikTok alternative available in 2023

  • Access to music from thousands of artists
  • Completely free to use, charges for removing watermarks 
  • Publish content to Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms
  • Offers multiple features and effects like time-lapse and more
  • Offers pre-build editing and merging tools for video creation
Download Lomotif


Apple 4.6
android 4.1

Zoomerangs is a powerful yet extremely simple-to-use video creator and editor app that offers multiple templates and tools. With its all-in-one video creation platform, Zoomerangs stands as a tough competitor for the best TikTok alternatives. The app offers a large selection of video creation and editing tools that can be used by both beginners and professional creators. 

Unlike other apps similar to TikTok, users can also view tutorials for creating successful videos for their TikTok or Instagram profiles. Join the Zoomerangs community to create original and trending content with just a few simple steps.

Features of Zoomerangs- One of the best apps similar to TikTok

  • Enables you to create unique and creative content
  • Shoot trendy Instagram videos using tutorials 
  • Follow hashtags to create viral and trending videos 
  • Access to featured and popular templates for shooting videos
  • Create and edit videos as a professional using powerful tools
Download Zommerang

Instagram Reels

Apple 4.7
android 3.9

Instagram Reels offers the best alternative to TikTok. With a collaborative platform to create and discover short, entertaining videos to engage users. Users can create 90 seconds long videos with music and share them to their Instagram feed and stories. It is the most popular TikTok alternative 2023 available for all Instagram users. 

It is the platform’s fastest-growing feature that grabs the attention of many users, and is a great way to promote brands and products. With unique editing tools and an extensive library of audio tracks, Instagram reels are undoubtedly among the best TikTok alternatives available for users. 

Features of Instagram Reels- Popular and the best alternative to TikTok

  • Endless supply of entertainment through short videos
  • Ideal solution for brands and businesses to promote products
  • A vast collection of clips, filters, interactive backgrounds, stickers, etc.
  • Accessible through a scrollable Instagram feed for trending content
  • Discover content from all over the world through this inclusive platform
Download Instagram Reels


Apple 4.7
android 4.2

Kwai is among the popular alternative apps for TikTok that enables users to create and share short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. From recording short funny videos to sharing updates on your daily life, you can do it all through Kwai’s inclusive platform. The app makes it easy for creators to raise their profile and appear on trending pages. 

Kwai enables users to create professional-quality videos using the device’s camera and editing tools offered by the app. To make your videos more engaging and fun, you can also add music, filters, stickers, and effects of your choice.

Features of Kwai- Among the popular TikTok alternative apps

  • Protects the privacy of young users
  • Access to tons of effects and sounds 
  • Offers professional editing tools for videos
  • Enables you to follow and interact with other users
  • A social networking site for building a collaborative community 
Download Kwai


Apple 4.7
android 3.9

ZigaZoo is a popular social media platform that is rapidly growing as the best alternative to TikTok. Unlike other TikTok alternatives, this app is primarily focused on GenZ. It is a video thread-style platform that protects users’ privacy and doesn’t allow users to type comments on posts. 

ZigaZoo users can communicate with each other through short videos, that are free from all kinds of trolling and negativity. To ensure the maximum reach for their videos, users can also add trending music and popular sounds available on the app. Apart from entertainment, ZigaZoo is a great platform that supports project-based learning and interaction. 

Features of ZigaZoo- A popular alternative to TikTok app for kids

  • Simple and intuitive interface for children
  • Allows you to reply to videos with videos
  • Interactive learning and collaborative platform for kids
  • Offers a positive social media platform for young adults
  • Authentic social media platform based on ethical algorithms
Download ZigaZoo


Apple 4.4
android 4.0

Chingari is a video-sharing platform and among the most popular apps similar to TikTok. It enables its users to enhance the visual appeal of their videos by adding effects, filters, sounds, and more. Users can create videos ranging from 15 to 45 seconds. 

The app supports multiple languages and is developed specifically to cater to the needs of the Indian audience. Along with video creation, Chingari also offers other interactive features like News and Games. The app has received a great response from the global audience and continues to be one of the best TikTok alternatives available for Android and iOS users. 

Features of Chingari- The best alternative to TikTok app

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers updates and worldwide news
  • Adheres to data safety norms and ensures privacy
  • Enables creators to earn based on their popularity and reach
  • An inclusive platform for sharing short videos and connecting with users
Download Chingari


Apple 2.5
android 2.8

Huddles is a popular TikTok alternative in the USA that offers a collaborative video hosting service and a social networking site that enables users to create looping videos for up to 16 seconds. Unlike other popular TikTok alternatives, Huddles enables its users to tip their favorite creators using ‘ Drops’. 

It is a pretty small platform as compared to other apps similar to TikTok, yet is the best platform for creators to earn money and expand their reach. There are no additional editing and filtering tools available on the app. However, users can add text and music to their videos. Hurdles app is completely free to download with optional in-app purchases. 

Features of Huddles- A new app similar to TikTok

  • Simple platform to earn money
  • Add text and filters to videos 
  • Guaranteed correspondence with creators
  • Offers a wide selection of video shooting and editing tools
  • Completely free to download from the App Store and PlayStore
Download Huddles
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How To Create an App Like TikTok?

There are tons of media apps and social networking platforms that allow users to share and communicate through short video clips. TikTok, however, has managed to shine through the crowd with its exceptional features and editing tools. 

If you are developing alternative apps, you must factor in the cost to build an app like TikTok along with some other key considerations that are discussed below. 

a. Interactive Feed

As it is already established, AI is everywhere and has reformed the ways of entertainment completely. An ideal alternative to TikTok should quickly be able to adapt to the user’s preferences and should offer personalized content based on that. 

AI-powered content offers a more personalized feed, compelling users to spend more time on the app. 

b . Recommendations Algorithm

To build a successful TikTok alternative, developers must focus on offering relevant content based on user’s preferences and choices. The system recommends multiple videos to users and ranks them based on their engagement rate, subject, audio quality, keywords, hashtags, and more. 

c. ability to Stream Live Videos

One of the simplest ways to interact with a large audience is through live streams. Many TikTok alternatives offer this feature, enabling creators to interact with their friends and followers. Creators can connect with a large number of people by going live on the platform. Many apps like YouTube and Instagram also offer live streaming features through their apps. 

d. Video Sharing and Editing

TikTok is an open, collaborative platform designed to offer a comprehensive set of tools for creating and editing videos. If you wish to design alternative apps for TikTok, this feature should work flawlessly, allowing users to create and share content conveniently. 

TikTok also offers built-in editing tools that enable users to customize their videos based on personal choices and preferences. A wide selection of effects, filters, animations, and other similar functionalities are best for creating entertaining videos for the audience. 

Final Verdict!

With the ongoing concerns and safety issues surrounding the popular TikTok app, many TikTok alternatives have gained major traction among users. We have mentioned some of the noteworthy alternative apps to TikTok that are worth giving a shot at. If you are looking for an entertainment source with a secure network, these TikTok alternatives are meant for you. 

These apps will allow you to keep up with the latest trends and will ensure your privacy at the same time. We have thoroughly researched these apps and listed them based on their features, reviews, interface, and more. These TikTok alternatives support the best community engagement and will align with your interest and preferences. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to get your app reviewed, contact us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will ensure the maximum reach for your app and will guarantee substantial growth for the same. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for more such app recommendations, reviews, and the latest updates related to mobile applications and more. 

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