AirDroid Parental Control: Keep Your Kids Safe!

Control what your kids see on the internet.

Updated on April 05, 2024
AirDroid Parental Control: Keep Your Kids Safe!

In the era when the internet has become a commonly accessible privilege for the majority of people from across the globe. However, the need to protect underage kids from virtual threats has risen as well. Thus, the AirDroid Parental Control App became one of such leading solutions for modern parents to protect their kids from restricted content and cyber threats.

In this AirDroid app review, we are discussing this app to find out how you can build healthy digital habits for your kids by leveraging the features of AirDroid. So, if you feel the need for an amazing app for parental control, let us take you through this app’s background in-depth. Stay with us until the end of the AirDroid review for all the information that you might use.

Background of AirDroid for Android and iOS

“Everything started with a vision to change the world with innovative technology.”

Anson X

AirDroid screen time control app was initially released in June 2022 by Anson X. The goal to create parental control software was to give parents a tool that they can use to keep an eye on the internet activity of their children. To protect kids from the dark side of the internet, this best parental control app for iPhone and Android devices is a helpful resource.

Features of the AirDroid app for parental control

Moving further, to understand the AirDroid Parental Control App better, we are breaking down each of its crucial features. Later, we will discuss the pros and cons of the app in this AirDroid review.

1. Monitor kids' surroundings remotely

AirDroid review

The AirDroid for iPhone and Android comes with an amazing feature called Remote Monitoring. The feature of this one of the best security apps lets you hear and see the surroundings of your kids. Once set up on the phones of your kids’ AirDroid allows you to have a glimpse of whatever is going on around your kids with the help of a camera and microphone.

2. Instant location tracker

app for parental control

You can use AirDroid as one of the leading location tracking apps to find out the location of your children’s smartphones easily. The in-built map provides you crucial information like their current location, location history with timestamps, routes they followed, etc. 

3. Screen time manager

app for parental control

Another top feature that accompanies this best parental control app for iPhone and Android devices is its ability to let you manage the screen time of your kids. You can set screen control timers to automatically disable apps when the screen time limit is reached. Also, the tool lets you observe the screen usage time with the help of an analytic tool included in the AirDroid games & apps blocking app.

4. Screen Mirroring

best parental control app

If you want to review the activities of your kids on smartphones in real-time, you can enable the screen mirroring feature. The AirDroid for Android and iOS devices lets you have access and control over the content your kids are seeing and reading. The feature will mirror kids’ screens on parents’ devices where AirDroid is set up.

5. Enable Geofences for security

best parental control app

These invisible fences that you can set on the map of your child’s version of AirDroid are used to alert you if they go out of the safe area. You can set Geofences in this AirDroid Parental Control App to ensure your child does not wander outside of allowed areas to ensure their safety and security.

6. Real-time device alerts

AirDroid Parental Control App

If devices of your children have low battery levels or are offline, you get a real-time alert on the parents’ device. This way you can either remind your kids to charge their devices or be worry-free if they are not able to access the internet. Real-time alerts also help you in responding faster in distress situations.

Pros and cons of the AirDroid app

These features of the AirDroid Parental Control App gave us a few crucial pros of the app already. However, let’s go through the pros along with cons of the screen time control app to understand it better.

Pros of the AirDroid app

  • Easy to use
  • Provides real-time location
  • Requires authorization in both devices to track
  • Best for screen time analysis
  • Built by experienced developers

Cons of the AirDroid app

  • Many features require payments

Additional features of the AirDroid screen time control app

Additional features

MAD Rating

Features- 4.7
Navigation- 4.8
Security- 4.7
Pricing- 4.4

Wrapping up

Well, now is the time to conclude this AirDroid Parental Control App review. However, before winding up the blog, we would like to mention a couple of things. After going through the features of this location tracking app, it is quite clear that for the safety of kids, apps like AirDroid provide a satisfactory solution that can put parents’ minds at ease. So, if you are looking for a security app that comes with extra features like screen time control, you can go with AirDroid without thinking twice.

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