Go Beyond The Downloads - App Metrics That Fetch You Engagement
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Go Beyond The Downloads: App Metrics That Fetch You Engagement

Tracking KPI is important for app success

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It’s a better world today, at least in terms of mobile app development. Unlike older times when downloads were regarded as the sole element of measuring the increased app metrics, the world has now shifted to a more detailed environment where a number of other elements do matter. Tracking the number of app downloads is important but you must not ignore the performance, usage, engagement as well as acquisition rate to know the popularity of your application.

Managing your app in the market is much like taking part in a wedding. If you wish to succeed, plan it dedicatedly, have the eye for details, add your marketing knowledge to the planning and BINGO!

Let’s dissect the app download metrics to know the contribution of each and every element that makes your app a success. When we talk only about the downloads we miss the chance even on thinking about whether the app fulfilled its objective? The basic objective of an application making lies not only in getting sheer downloads but also making the brand recognition, increasing user engagement and adding more to the overall revenue.

Take the example of impressive Pokémon Go. The game has earned $1.2 billion in revenue since launch and continues to be in craze for the people. Super Mario iOS game is another example that even surpasses the number of Pokémon Go to receive 2,850,000 downloads on the first day. However, the overall 1-star rating earned an average of 2.12 star for the app.  

Average Rating

In the case of Mario, the game started full-fledged but then didn’t succeed in pleasing the audience as it has thought of. All this resulted in the overall less rating for the application.

This example shows app download is merely a measurement of your app’s popularity and it may sometime do nothing for the success of the application. As per this example what matters the most is that your app reaches to the audience and engage them in to the services. Analyzing other metrics will also help as per the saying, “what’s get measured gets managed”.

So, the challenge in developing your application is to identify the key metrics that could help determine the app success. And these elements may differ from an app to another depending on the kind and the type of the same. In this article, I am going to feature different app metrics that will help bring success to your application.

Here come the elements:

Performance metric tracks the app speed

Performance metric is the measurement of your app to determine how it interacts with host devices, may be a computer or any given server. The speed of the application matters much when it is about providing an exceptional experience to the users. A seamless experience will always compel users to browse through the application but lack of an impressive speed may become the reason for the failure of your application. Mobile app development is a tough business. You need to know all the technical know-how of the app making to succeed successfully in the development phase. Here are top 5 elements under this headline.

Average time screen rendering takes

In the layman’s language, the average screen rendering time is the duration an app takes to load the content including images, videos, and animation as well. The screen time may differ from an app to another depending upon the complexity, inconsistent fonts, excessive blocked scripts, inaccurate screen dimensions and other such metrics.

App load per period

The number of transaction your app can handle in a given time period determines app load per period. It is important for you to know the maximum limit of your app to handle app load per period. It will let you know how many features you can add for the users so that the app didn’t crash even if the users click a certain feature so many times.

API Latency

API or application programming interface is the part of the server that sends and receives the responses. Take the example of Facebook, when you are logging in to the system you are requesting the access to the Facebook server. As soon as the server interprets your request, it displays the page from where users can log in to the page. Keep, this time around 1-3 seconds for your app to respond on the same to the users’ queries.

API Latency

Time to first byte

Time to first byte or TTFB is the time it takes an app to receive the data from the server. The best response time is considered from 1.9 to 3 seconds. Apps that take more than the prescribed time must review a few of their elements to reduce TTFB time. These elements include:

  • Sending and receiving data in compressed form
  • Including HTML early and often
  • Optimizing server configuration

App crash analytics

You might have been the victim of abrupt app closely, this is a well-illustrated example of app crash. Frequent app crashes lead to user disappointment, which may have a negative impact on the overall app branding. An app crashes for a number of reasons including sloppy code, network error as well as inefficient testing. Google mobile analytics is a potential tool that can offer you information about app crashes and the measure to sail through it successfully.

Get the exact numbers of app users

There are tools and other metrics to learn more about the sources your app is getting viewed through. Such metrics would help you know more about device, the operating system, and active users to know more about the app popularity. Under the headline, following elements have their space reserved:

Determining the type of device and operating system

Having the information on the type of device the users are using helps the app manufacturers to include the elements that would suit to the specification of any particular device including the device screen, operating system and more. Take the example of Kindle, it comes in different specification to suit the requirements of the users.

Number of active users

Active users interact with the apps/website for a certain time period but they contribute to the success of the application. So, users’ contribution in the form of DAU or daily active, WAU or weekly active users, and MAU or monthly active users is important to provide success to the application. Google analytics help in getting an in-depth information on these metrics.    

Number of Active Users

Determining the behavior of the users

Google analytics is another way to know more about the behavior of the users. The real-time graph shows all that would help an app developer to know users engagement with the application. The real-time information is more than enough to set the metrics that is enticing the users toward the app. Have an eye on the session length. The frequency users are visiting any website, behavior flow, and average page view per session.

Audience Overview

Track acquisition metrics

Tracking acquisition metrics helps in determining the channels from where users are coming to your application. As much as your app is visible, the more it will get the traffic from different marketing channels.  Let’s have a detailed look at different metrics under this headline.

Acquisition channel

Acquisition channel can provide all the information about how existing users are finding your app, which will help you to target new users. The users may reach to your application through organic search, social media campaign, word of mouth and referral, the effect of which could be added to add prominence in the overall result.

Cost per acquisition user

Cost per acquisition user equals to number of users by cost of marketing. The money acquired to pay to users sums up the cost per acquisition user.

Customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value or CLV is the revenue acquired from a customer by the company before the users abandon the app. The lifetime value of customers should be bigger than the value acquired. Else, you won’t be able to make money from the application.

Take your time to choose the app metrics

Influencing the users to download an app is one thing and getting them excited about every new app release is another. And, the latter will go to help you earn more from the users by keeping them hooked for every new offering from the app. In case, your app downloads are less than what you expected, it doesn’t mean your app is a failure, try measuring the applications on the aforementioned metrics. It will help you to know the actual worth of the app.

Also, learn the most prominent metric that would help your app to grow among other competitors. Setting benchmark for every metric is important in order to determine the app success on the different areas. Well, it is going to take a decent amount of efforts to figure out the results for these various metrics. It will ask for a huge analysis but do not ever become the victim of analysis paralysis. Mark the metrics and then work on those only that will help your app to achieve success.

Neha Baluni
Written By Neha Baluni

Being a Senior Technical Writer at MobileAppDaily, Neha Baluni loves jotting down her piece of opinion for the advancing technology in mobile app world. Having a journalism background, she is a writer by day and a reader by night. Her passion for writing covers different categories of technical and non-technical genre. In addition to writing, Neha loves traveling a lot.

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