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10 Basic Hacking Techniques Which Can Save You From Hackers

It's high time that we learn how we are getting exposed to simple tricks engaged by hackers and how to deal with them.

10 Basic Hacking Techniques Which Can Save You From Hackers

There is always some pros and cons of everything, and the same goes for technology also. Hacking can be counted as the con in the information world. Hacking is primarily to look out for any chance to gain unauthorized access to a system or device. It can be done in various ways, and the most common one is by modifying the features of a network or exploiting its vulnerabilities.

Commonly, hacking can be differentiated into two categories, one as ethical hacking and another one as unethical hacking. Ethical hacking is also known as white hat hacking which is done by certified computer security experts to try and test systems and networks. On the other hand, unethical hacking is against the law and targets personal credentials, user emails, bank details and everything else which can be valuable in the black market.

In the following article, we'll be discussing common hacking techniques that can be well avoided knowing they could come handy for your safety. 

1. ClickJacking Attacks

ClickJacking is a new technique used by hackers to barge into your system. It is also known as UI Redressing. It works by hiding the actual user interface where the hacker makes you click and get to make them click on some tempting link. This technique is usually seen in app downloads and movie streaming.

At the end of the day, hackers will surely steal your data and may misuse them according to their will.

2. Cookie theft

Cookies can offer you ease of access to frequent sites on your browser. But at the same time, cookies hold a great deal of information of any user. For example, browsing history, user credentials, and passwords for various sites we browse.

cookie theft

And once a hacker gets access to the cookies, he can replicate the user on a browser. In some cases, cookies might be encrypted. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be accessed. The best way to tackle such a problem is to avoid using open networks and routinely clearing your system caches.

3. Bait and switch

Bait and switch are one of the most convenient ways to feed the system with malware. This technique works by selling advertising space to third parties and no doubt, such advertisement is found on legitimate-looking site. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, he will be directed to a new page which might be full of infected malware. It will lead to other spam and malware attacks on the user system.

So, in case some new app tempts you, get it installed from some reputable source.

4. Keylogger technique

Keylogger is one of the primary reason behind bank frauds. This technique employs such software which takes note of every stroke and clicks you make on your system. It lets the hacker steal information like usernames and passwords of online banking accounts or other important accounts. Either software and hardware can do it.


To counter such issues, banking application deploys virtual keyboards, which changes the number and letter sequence on every new login. Virtual keyboards are also available for personal use.

5. Denial of Service attacks

The most common technique to take down systems or networks is by overloading them with login attempts or data requests so that the server is unable to process all the requests in the real-time and finally crashes down. The unnecessary traffic leads to Denial of Service (DoS) for authentic users. Such attacks can be carried out by using artificial tools like dummy computers or bots to bombard the server with fake requests.

The necessary caution is to be careful while downloading unauthentic files or attachments. Having an underlying layer of an anti-malware package will also do good to it.

6. Fake Wireless Access Points

As the name suggests, hackers create a fake Wi-Fi access point and then modify your most visited website to redirect to valuable data on your system. In simple words, the most accessed physical location is rigged to gain personal information.

Fake wireless

The data may include your passwords and financial details. In this case, getting hold of hacker is very tough. By following basic practices and keeping your system update to date with the new updates and software can help you to get through from such a mess.

7. Passive Attacks

Passive attacks are like eavesdropping which include monitoring of the computer systems and network to record high-value information. To avoid any detection, the hacker doesn't tamper with any information. Such attacks don’t harm your system. Generally, passive attacks are carried out by government agencies and hackers who practice black hat techniques.

Avoiding public networks and practicing extreme caution can come handy over here.

8. Phishing

It is again one of the most common techniques employed by hackers to lure the users into sharing their sensitive information with the hackers. Here, the hackers create an identical site to that of your bank, police, social platform or by adding an element of urgency into their emails.


A very neatly crafted email can sway a user to divulge personal information. Phishing is counted as the deadliest approach to hacking. To evade such an attack, avoid suspicious emails, and a dose of common sense is always required.

9. Virus and Trojan scare

With everyone going digital, the scare of virus and trojan is getting exposed to more and more people. Hackers have come up with such viruses which can be injected into smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and everything which can be connected to the internet. Viruses and trojan can range from phishing to locking files and serving fraud advertisement to shutting down your system.

In the end, it will be your data which will be compromised. So, it will be better if you get your devices covered under any internet security apparatus. Applying due diligence while dealing with email messages and disabling pop-up windows can save you from becoming infected.

10. Social Engineering

Social engineering deploys human element to fool around target enterprises and organizations and gain personal information by psychologically manipulating. Other hacking techniques accompany such attacks for gathering information for personal use.

Social Engineering

Additional Tips

Take some tips from our side which will save you for sure from any unauthorized attempt into your system:

  • Avoid getting into free Wi-Fi hotspot zones, as they are the most vulnerable
  • Watch out for any automatic connections on your system or device
  • Ignore unexpected communications from any end
  • Avoid jailbreaking your mobile devices as it may bring unwanted malware
  • Try not to use apps from untrusted sources apart from the verified ones
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