How to Reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rates
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Best Ways to Decrease Mobile App Uninstallation Rates

There are millions of mobile apps that are developed and offered to the users, yet many goes through an increased app uninstallation formulas. Ways to Decrease Mobile App Uninstallation Rates

The core purpose of an app once it is rolled-out in the market is to acquire as many as users it can and also engage the existing users to the depth. It is not as easy as said, if we look at the mobile app uninstallation rates then they have increased by 80 - 85%. Most of the apps are deleted immediately after their first use or if they are left unused for a week.

What could be the possible reason for the customers? Why do they keep installing and uninstalling the apps?

App uninstallation rate

Let’s shed some light on the problem areas and the solutions to reduce App Uninstallations

Reason 1- Why the customer uninstall the apps - Bothersome Notifications:

Whenever mobile phone beeps apparently customers will think it is something important. But when they find out that this is happening every hour because of the push notifications it turns into an irritating message for them. This is the first step where the customers are compelled to uninstall the app regardless of the fact whether they are using it or not.

This majorly happens when the mobile app gets the freedom to send out the push notifications once user installs the app.  It turns out that the user is bombarded with the useless information all day long.

Resolve it:

Essentially, provide the option to disable or quiet time along with the setting to set the frequency of the notifications. Not everybody is free all the time to go through the notifications. Too much information push will certainly backfire, it's time to reduce the  app uninstallation rate


Reason 2 - Why the customer uninstall the apps - Complicated Registration Process:

In case app becomes difficult to use even before the proper installation then for sure  that user is never going to even look at that app again. some mobile apps have a beautiful interface yet they have a complicated process when it comes to do the registration for the same. Either they are too long or they have different complicated filters.

Resolve it:

Simplify the process of registration, uncomplicated the life of your users. There is no need to put multi verification steps. Use the most important ones so that user doesn’t feel lost inside the registration form and doesn’t get bored because of its long and lengthy process

Reason 3- Why the customer uninstall the apps – Freezing:

User will certainly get tired if he/she has to refresh it again and again. In the present scenario, nobody has time to spend continuously  over the crash or freeze of a mobile application. Slow loading or no loading has touched the top list of problem areas. At least 80 percent of the users have faced this issue and after the second attempt of retrial they surrendered to the uninstallation. Whereas, users between 10 to 40 percent were ok to try it again later.

Resolve it –

Be the master of the game, app developers should be rolling out the mobile apps only after rigorous testing procedures. Average uninstall rate increases specifically when freeezing issue arises. It is one of the most critical areas, so identify the bugs i.e. root cause of the freeze or slow loading.

Reason 4- Why the customer uninstall the apps - Bad UI\UX:

Why would a customer want to install the app in the first place?

Apparently, to make their lives peaceful, convenient and easy going. That means one click shall suffice their need for which they have installed the application in the first place. And in case the application fails to meet the expectations then, of course, it is time for the users to move on.

Resolve it –

User experience and interface are structured with the high-end standards of layout, design, and of course the functionality. As an app developer maintain these standards as your top most priority during the designing stage. This will ensure the creation of a functioning and impeccable mobile application which is going to reduce the mobile app uninstallation rates.  It will give simpler look which will be universally easy to understand and functional elements will have the proper clarity.

Reason 5 - Why the customer uninstall the apps - Rate the App Prompts:

App Rating

This one is going to be deal breaker, even if I as a user get these many prompts to rate the application when I am busy or in a hurry then certainly they are disturbing. Especially when the rating has already been done on the same application earlier.

Resolve it:

Set the function in the more refined manner for the user to rate the application. It should not look like an imposed rating prompt every time the user is using the mobile app. Hiding Rate the app prompt into the long menu list of the mobile app may help and reduce the increased mobile app uninstallation rate.

Reason 6-Why the customer uninstall the apps - Invasion of Privacy:

Users are generally not comfortable to share their private data. They should have the control over where and what information a mobile app that they are using is extracting. Most of the times users feel suspicious and finally uninstall the app.

Resolve it-

Ensure that the app developed by you should not sound suspicious and give an option to the user to skip for sharing the private data while the user try to sign up for it. User should be able to connect using emails, messenger etc. in simple words, and stop asking for more than necessary information. This will also become an add on to let your customer stay engaged hence, it will improve the app uninstallation statistics.


More Resolutions:

Build community –

Build community, it has become a great necessity and should be implemented while designing the app. It is a powerful mode to understand your user and at the same time you can provide understandings about your app. Various social platforms can help to connect with a huge amount of people who may have similar interest in your activities and certainly will speed up the marketing of your app

In-App Activities –

Creating a chat section to keep your users engaged in some popular activities will lead to an increased retention. This will also offer support feature to the users. In the times of difficulties, they can easily get the issue resolved immediately. It is an intelligent step to stop them from deleting the application

Observe and Improve –

It is important to keep a track of every functionality and response of your app. It is one of the biggest factors to understand the customer behavior towards the mobile app. Find out the core reasons for deleting an app and improve on the same

Update your app Regularly –

App Update

Once you are able to find out the primary reason of an increased mobile app uninstallation rates then you will have to be prompt in updating the app frequently. Ignore frequent updates stick to maintain the balance between resolving the issues and implementation of the new ideas


Final Opinion

If you want to retain the users to your application for a longer time then you need to engage them on a regular basis in one or the other way. You have the power to rectify the errors and remove the bugs which is a sure shot formula to decrease mobile app uninstallations. Use the app while stepping into the shoes of your customer first and then you will be able to get the bigger picture.

Mobile marketing has evolved to a great level and it is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Users want a convenient life. Give all the reasons to the users to stay connected instead of distancing from your app.

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