Top Rated User Interface (UI) Design Trends For 2019 [Updated]
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Top Rated User Interface (UI) Design Trends For 2019

Best UI design trends to help your app in making a long-lasting impression at first glance

Top Rated User Interface (UI) Design Trends For 2019

Mobile app designing has now turned itself into a separate field of industry which is currently worth millions of dollars. One of the main reasons behind this huge turnover is the fact that users nowadays find visual appeal more important. This is how we can state that mobile app design i.e. UI design has now become an important aspect in the world of mobile applications.

Today, it is very important for a web-based as well as a mobile application to leave a good and long lasting first impression on the app users, there are many reasons to do so and one of them can be explained with the help of these statistics. As per the recent report released by Google Research, it is seen that more than 25 percent of the total installed apps are used no more than once.

So basically User Interface (UI) and mobile app design are exactly what the user will see when they will use your mobile/web application for the very first time. The app developers and app owners are at high risk of losing app users in case they don't like the user interface of the app at first glance.

This is another reason why the modern UI design is gaining so much importance as it is directly connected to the fact that users can uninstall your app without even interacting with it just by judging the UI and app design trends. That's why we have curated this list of the top mobile UI design trends for the year 2019.

Top Mobile UI Design Trends For 2019

Below is the list of the top Mobile UI Design Trends that are more likely to be seen all over the internet in 2019

1. No Frame Background Image

One of the most popular UI design trends for 2019 will be the use of no frame background images. In other words, the developers can opt for a full-screen image without any frames as a background image. In comparison to mobile apps, this technique is widely popular for the web pages.

user interface design

Apart from this, there is an array of visual content like abstract graphic compositions, flat & semi-flat illustrations, basic photos, three-dimensional renders etc. Basically, it is a technique of transforming web pages in a manner similar to posters which also enables the background image to be an integral part of the entire theme of the website.

2. Gradient

In 2019, UI designs like gradients are predicted to make a major comeback to take the user interface design trends a notch higher i.e. from complete flat design interfaces to semi-flat design interfaces. The gradient designs also provide scope for performing creative color experiments on the layout of the mobile apps, in an attempt to make them vibrant and eye-catching.

ui design

But in order to make the most of the gradients, the UI designers also require to have a good knowledge of color theory and many other artistic skills. This is because creating gradients is almost a design challenge that includes high risks of making the screen unattractive with the poor color combination choices.

3. Interface Illustration

The Interface Illustrations are basically custom graphics that are created specifically for the web and mobile interfaces to showcase a wide range of UI app design and trends diversity. 

Last year, this kind of visual app designing established itself among the top-ranked current design trends. Now let's look at the multiple goals covered by the interface illustrations:

  • As the majority of users see & decode images much faster than text which makes illustrations more effective in transferring the message.
  • These graphics also support a visual hierarchy of web and mobile layout efficiently as a new design trend.
  • Interface illustrations are known to add originality, mood and other emotions to the mobile/web app screens.
  • This trend mainly works on the power of visual metaphors and also on the psychology of color combination selected by the UI designer.  

UI app design

With interface illustrations, the mobile app designer has the capability to create beautiful artworks which are also a well-proven way to draw users’ attention towards your websites and mobile apps. Nowadays, you are more likely to see creative designs to showcase various processes, for example, system or error messages, onboarding screens etc.

4. Three Dimensional (3D) Graphics

3D Graphics also known as the three-dimensional graphics is hands down one of the most popular and essential UI design trends that comes with a large variety of visual content. In the case of 3D graphics, the designers require a different skill set which often includes specific software training.

UI design trends

In this modern UI design trend, you will also notice that most of the three-dimensional images are inspired by the real-world objects and that's why these app and web page designs are so successful in developing an emotional connection with the user which further helps in delivering the better user experience along with improved UI design principles.

5. Color Contrast

Color Contrast is yet another interesting user interface design trend where everything revolves around the perspective of different contrasts. A contrast has now turned into an effective way to enable the level of expressiveness in the UI look with the help of colors. One of the main approaches to the color contrast integration is the split screen design.

This technique is quite handy in separating various interactive zones with the help of the duality option provided in the color contrast.

UI Design Trends


6. Typography


Today, the mobile UI designs seem to be incomplete without adding some bold typography as it is a key factor that also contributes to holding the users' attention. The typography trend works great with creative experiments that require a mix of the elegant fonts with catchy taglines. Here are some examples of the same:

  • Text content that is visually integrated into creative images.
  • Addition of animated typographic elements in UI design principles.
  • Using interfaces based on typography as the core visual elements of UI design.   

mobile UI designs


7. Go Big On Images


Including bigger images in your user interface design is another trend that will make it big in the year 2019. This is a web UI design for web-based pages also known as the Hero Images. These images are also said to be the very first design element that will catch users' attention in the initial moments of the user interaction.  

UI Design Trends

The hero images are high-quality illustrations, photos and graphics compositions that are abstract in nature and can be easily connected with the theme of the content of the web page. In addition to this, these images cover a major portion of the screen i.e. from 25 to 50 percent of the total dimension.  

8. Minimalism

The mobile UI design cannot be labeled as the latest UI trend because it has been a popular trend in 2018 as well but it's 2019 and people are still not over this user interface design. When it comes minimalism and simplification, users tend to prefer them because adding multiple design elements in an app might confuse them.

The minimalistic design approach makes the entire user experience (UX) much simpler and easier. Another major plus point here is that it is applicable to a large number of colors. For instance, one of the common strategies nowadays is to choose one color along with varying shades of that particular color.

UI Design Trends


9. In-App Gesticulation


The In-App Gesticulation is a smart way to improve your user interface with the help of the latest technology. A couple of years ago, the whole concept of operating a sensory smartphone seems unusual to the people and now the app users expect all of their mobile applications to have such inbuilt functionality. The in-app gesticulation is one of the must-have user interface design trends for the year 2019.

10. Full-Screen Experience

In one of the points above, we discussed about the no-frame images and now it's all about delivering the full-screen experiences to the users. Having a frameless design is what app owners and application developers are looking forward to. A great example of this is incorporating an effective as well as efficient for new devices with notch screens as shown in the image below.

UI Design Trends

This is why more and more Android, as well as iOS devices, are working hard to deliver the full-screen experience along with high-quality features to exceed the users' expectations without any pixelation in the modern UI design.

11. Augmented Reality

We have previously talked a lot about Augmented Reality here at MobileAppDaily, from AR guide to the best Android & iOS reality apps. Now, it's time we discuss about the involvement of AR technology in the list of the best UI design trends of 2019. There's no denying that AR is an emerging sphere which promises to completely evolve the way we see and use our smartphones.

UI design trends

Before you start to design and develop your AR app have a look at the augmented reality frameworks that are released by both Apple i.e. ARKit and Google i.e. ARCore to help in creating innovative AR mobile apps at an easier and faster rate.

12. Biometrical Authorization

Biometrical Authorization is also an essential mobile UI design trend with options like Touch ID, Voice Identification, Face ID etc. These features are highly beneficial for protecting the personal information of the users while creating a bypass for the traditional login authentication method. Such features also act as a secure and time-effective login procedure.

UI design trends

13. Cards

Cards also play a significant role in organizing data in mobile and web-based applications. As they can consist of all  media such as  video, visuals, text, links related to the specified objects and many more. On the other hand, cards are one of the best UI design trends that will focus on displaying large amounts of content on a screen at a single time.

Along with this, they look aesthetically pleasing and are highly optimized for quick taps on the screen.

UI Design Trends


14. Emoticons


2019 will be the year where emotional intelligence will be adopted by a large portion of mobile app designers and it will be much bigger than the just adding animated effects in the applications. Last year, Animoji was released in the iPhone X devices which already indicated this innovative user interface trend. A major thanks to emerging technologies like face recognition we are able to express a much wider spectrum of emotions.

UI Design Trends


15. Animations


The main aim here is to create an enjoyable and long-lasting impression on mobile app users. For this, you can use multiple interactions and animations in the form of fonts, icons, buttons, and even photos. This UI design principle approach can be further continued with the functional animation that allows your app users to experience the app in more depth.

UI Design Trends

Functional animation also allows the users to understand an application in detail which can further lead them through your designed journey of the animated scenes.

Final Thoughts

Interface design trends is always a great topic when it comes to app designers learning more about what's new in the field of mobile app design. And these were the top UI (User Interface) design trends for 2019 that in our opinion will be taking over in different industry verticals.

We really hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to gain valuable insights into the different types of user interface design trends for both web pages and mobile apps. Also, make sure to join MobileAppDaily if you want to stay updated with the trending information on UI designs, then click on that 'Subscribe' button to never miss another update.

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