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Top Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For The App

The mobile marketing in an inevitable part of an app

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Mobile apps!! Who doesn’t know about them? With almost everyone having a smartphone at their disposal, mobile apps is one aspect which is hardly unknown to anyone. So, when we all know about the mobile apps, why there is emphasize on it again and again?

The global mobile internet user penetration covered half of the world’s population in 2016 and it made millennials to spend 185 minutes accessing online content from a mobile device and other gadgets.

Time spent in mobile app

The unprecedented surge in the mobile apps can be accounted to the use of apps from sending a message to ordering food and from booking a flight to finding nearby restaurants, everything is available through mobile apps.

Let’s look at the dominant mobile app statistics

If we talk about the number of apps available in the market right now, Statista suggests it to be around 5.5 million at present, which of course is a staggering number.

To be specific, Android tops the chart with 2.1 million apps and Apple's App Store stands second with almost 2 million available apps.

Heading: Number of apps available in leading app stores as of 3rd quarter 2018

Number of apps

As per Apple estimate, the apps were downloaded for a total of 140 billion times from App Store since September 2016. The gaming app category reigns this stat by a significant margin.

Mobile app marketing Importance

So, amid all these tall figures remains the concern of mobile app marketing. What’s the importance of mobile app marketing and how it’s going to impact us?

Benefits of engaging in mobile app marketing:

The brand recognition is the primary element that any app owner will look into.

Repercussion of a positive brand app experience

Every app owner wants his app to excel in all departments and help him to churn out maximum profitability and it can only be achieved when the app developer understands the whole requirement of his customer base.

To break it and make it lucid, WillowTree surveyed over 1,000 adult consumers to apprehend consumers’ brand app usage and expectations. Following are the key findings of the survey, take a look:

  • A bad brand app experiences will result in app uninstallation, no recommendation to others, lesser purchases, and slump brand loyalty.

brand app experiences

  • On the other hand, the positive brand app experiences lead to the regular use of the app, more sign up for loyalty programs, increase in in-app purchases, and makes the customer brand loyal.

the positive brand app experiences

  • Many consumers use brand apps, and the most popular brand apps are from banks, restaurants, and retailers.

Furthermore, a positive brand app experience can fuel exponential growth of the business.

Repercussion of a negative brand app experience

Repercussion of a negative brand app experience

And the reason behind poor brand app experience accounts due to various reasons.

reason behind poor brand app experience

Which brands have gained the most through mobile marketing?

With people getting more and more aware of the brands and their apps, it has become crucial for the businesses to have one and make the most out of it.

become crucial for the businesses

Restaurant apps top the chart with a clear majority, closely followed by retails apps and then comes the bank apps. Therefore, looking at their market share, it is quite evident that apps do play a significant role in the success of a brand.

In Conclusion

According to a study, about 75 percent of consumers download the apps of brands to which they’re loyal, and around 85 percent of those consumers had positive experiences with such apps.

Therefore, with the right mobile marketing strategy, any brand can have the upper hand and bring more success to their business houses.

For any other concern regarding mobile marketing, you can comment below, and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

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