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Mobile App Marketing And How It Has Changed: #10YearChallenge

Let's have a look at how the mobile app marketing world has changed in a decade.

Mobile App Marketing

Almost every person today relies on a mobile device to perform some of the most important tasks in life. Many of these tasks such as scanning documents, making presentations, purchasing tickets, editing pictures and videos, and voice recording cannot be achieved without a mobile app.

Every mobile device such as a smartwatch or smartphone cannot operate without a piece of software that tells the device or hardware what to do in order to carry out a particular task. These pieces of software are commonly known as applications or simply apps and play a special role in our daily lives.

Importance of Mobile App Marketing

Just like coding, designing, and testing applications, mobile app marketing is regarded as a crucial part of the success of the app. Since it will drive more people to download and use your application on the day of release.

Since there exists a large number of new apps each and every day, yours might not get a chance to be noticed especially if you don't follow the right plan of action to promote the app. To succeed in mobile app marketing, you need to follow certain rules called marketing strategies while keeping a close eye on the latest mobile app marketing predictions.

Some of the best strategies include starting a blog, getting people to know the app early, using email marketing, building a responsive website for the app, preparing a press-kit, optimizing the app-store-listing, calling for beta-testers and reaching out to different-influencers.

There are also some channels that you can use to retain your app users. These include in-app messages, push notifications, message center and Incorporate SMS into your mobile marketing.

Main Areas That Evolved In Mobile App Marketing

Over a decade ago, mobile app marketing tactics have changed significantly. The following accounts for the 10-years challenge in specific areas of mobile app marketing in 2009 and 2019. Let's check out what are the differences have occurred.

Mobile App marketing Guide

1. Personalization

Personalization is good and it's always considered a significant factor in the development and marketing of various applications. The term can be thought of as the act of making an app more personal in order to satisfy the requirements of a specific group of people — your audience.

Over the years since 2009, this area has grown drastically to help developers market their applications with great success. Consumers love applications that are more customizable to their needs. This seems to improve their experience of using the app.

Apps that don't present good experiences are not likely to be kept by users. For instance, after downloading the app, studies have shown that more than 65 percent of consumers are likely to uninstall the app if they get a negative experience.

This raised a lot of concern making developers more focused on personalization in order to secure users and also success in marketing campaigns.

2. Marketing Mediums

Ten years is such a good deal of time for a change. Comparing 2009 and today, a lot has happened in the marketing industry and more mediums have become available for developers to interact with users while promoting or remarketing their applications.

For instance, social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have grown to become more of a marketing platform than chatting and dating sites.

More networks that helped in business creation, advertising, and exchanging of products were launched within 2009 and 2019. In the year 2010, Pinterest and Instagram, one of the largest video and photo-sharing networks in the world, were introduced in March and October respectively.

Developers and many businesses saw these platforms as opportunities to increase awareness about their products. This helped a lot to increase sales and also profit.

Other marketing mediums that have developed in the last ten years include the print media that produces advertisement materials such as magazines, journals, billboards and newspapers, and TVs and radio. Others include ASO, PR, and email marketing.

3. Prediction and Retention

Another area that has developed over the years is predictive-marketing. This deals with a variety of data that can be used to estimate future outcomes, trends, or patterns. It helps forecast the kind of consumers that will continue using your app in the future.

After finding out that a customer is likely to uninstall your app, you can use various strategies to discourage them from doing so. This may include sending them special content or an in-app message with a special coupon or discount in order to retain the user.

The algorithms for extracting data that is used in this kind of marketing have become more advanced, faster, accurate, and effective. The availability of large amounts of data, massive computing power and storage, and access to information from different sources on the internet has helped expand the development of predictive marketing.

4. App Store Optimization

The majority of people are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ASO (App Store Optimization) is also a type of optimization and is similar to SEO. The only difference is that the former is used for ranking-mobile-applications in app-stores such as iTunes and Play Store while the latter is used for ranking-web-applications in web crawlers such as Google.

The term was first used in November 2009 but remained ineffective until February 2012. Today, you can hardly succeed in app marketing in all mobile application stores without the use of ASO. The idea was put into effect to help developers market their applications with ease since there exists a large number of applications in app stores.

App Store Optimization

As shown in the above image, about 270 and 225 billion mobile applications were estimated to be downloaded in the years 2017 and 2016 respectively, based on data from Statista.

With this huge number, your target users may not find the app if you don't follow the rules used in app-store optimization. ASO will place your application higher than that of your competitors, making you more noticeable to your target audience.

5. Retention and Acquisition

Developers have come to understand that maintaining users to continue using the app is more important than getting new users to download the app. This is in contrast to about a decade ago when they valued new users more than the users they already have. This is one of the ways they have used to achieve success in mobile app marketing.

These are the main achievements in the mobile app marketing in 2009 and 2019. To add to this, professional developers are working every nerve to improve in this sector in order to see more of the changes in the future.

Success can be difficult to define in-app marketing. Sometimes measuring success and keeping a record of revenue, building awareness, daily active users or downloads can become difficult and it also shifts the focus of the company from the mainline of business.

Final Words

Business houses need to give dedicated time to all these marketing strategies and require professional advice from digital marketers. One that can help in this matter is app developments and digital marketing companies that solely focus on this.

This type of mobile app marketing company focuses on the integration of mobile application solutions, web application solutions, digital marketing, ASO management, business consulting, Blockchain, and IoT Development.

But remember that mobile marketing trends keep on changing. You have to remain on your toes to stay ahead of others. So our best advice to you is to start following top marketing personalities, marketing blogs, and marketing groups to stay updated with the latest mobile marketing trends

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