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The Future of Mobile Game Development is Already Here

Mobile games development has transformed the gaming industry

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In this day and age, it is hard to find a single person without a precious smartphone or tablet close at hand. This device is used for a variety of purposes: for business, entertainment, and everything in between. As technology advances, media consumption habits are changing and fueling the rapid growth of the burgeoning mobile gaming industry.

The numbers are quite revealing: the global revenue is poised to hit 45 billion this year, and the upward trajectory will continue going into 2019 and beyond. This spectacular boom is reshaping the software sector as the whole and attracting numerous developers and investors to the mobile frontier of the future.

They are trying to replicate the success of companies like Supercell that managed to rake in billions of revenue. Well, this ambitious goal cannot be achieved without anticipating where the market is heading. So, let’s take a look.

AR and VR

Mobile gaming still goes underappreciated, but that is likely to change fast. The hardware and software technology is constantly improving by leaps and bounds. And now and then, a seismic shift like the Pokémon GO occurs. The incredible success of this game has brought AR into the mobile gaming mainstream, demonstrating the immense potential it has. Blurring the lines between the real and digital world, it encouraged gamers to blend fun, socializing, and physical activity. The next big moment for AR could come in the form of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Augmented Reality Game

In the meantime, virtual reality is becoming another game-changer paving the way to the future of mobile game development. Yes, we are still in the period of early adoption, and there are some challenges we need to overcome in order to efficiently apply AR to games. But, giants like Apple are already leading the way with new devices and operating systems (iOS12) fully equipped for VR splendor.

What does this tell us? Well, in the following years, the success of developers will hinge on their ability to implement VR and AR tech and engulf the players completely. In other words, they will have to shape up or ship out.


Mobile apps

Major marketplaces like Google Store are overflowing with apps— just the Android users can choose from whopping 3.8 million of them. Barriers to entry are low and competition for developers is higher than ever. More and more businesses are joining the race, determined to solidify their digital strategies with the help of apps. And we are not talking only about big brands, but startups and other small players using them as marketing, branding, and customer acquisition channels.

Furthermore, we are hit by a game galore that includes everything from free-to-play to pay-to-triumph games, including some outstanding success stories like Hearthstone.  There is definitely a lot of clutter, but that takes nothing away from quality games with engaging narratives and complex gameplay.

Mobile Apps

Online gambling sector is changing as well. At the forefront of this trend is mobile casino experience championed by live casinos such as PlayOJO, LeoVegas, Mr. Green, Casino Tropez, 888, and BetWay. These leading providers foster a seamless user journey across different mobile devices and emulate the feeling of real, high-class gambling. Moreover, they compete on themed games with distinctive flair, giving gamblers a chance to immerse not only in live roulette but also classic card games of baccarat, blackjack, and poker.

So, the winds of change are propelling mobile gaming landscape to become one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing markets of today. In it, elite developers will have a chance to act as modern media empires. Others will mostly be forced to play catch-up or cater to niche markets.

Multi-screen experience

Unlike console gaming, mobile game development is not geared toward spending big blocks of time with the eyes glued to one screen.

Nintendo has certainly broken new ground with its Switch platform, which is essentially a tablet with a powerful docking station and an advanced controller. You can display it on the TV to enhance the visual experience and enjoy some big-screen entertainment. Recently, we have also seen some beastly smartphones hitting the market. Just take the example of Razer’s flagship model (Razer Phone), a device mounting high-end specs for multi-screen gaming.

Multi Screen Mobile Games

And that is just the beginning. Asus has also decided to jump on the bandwagon: it has announced a gaming phone with accessories for docking the device at the desk or connecting it to a second screen. Called the ROG phone, this killer phone will also come with physical triggers and dual haptic feedback. Setups like this are much more than fleshy fads. They allow players to multi-task and enjoy their favorite titles fuss-free, running more than one app at the same time and “splitting” the screens.

Developers need to take heed. Creating a flawless gaming experience on multiple screen sizes is basically a standard now. The sooner they realize it, the better they will fare in the super-competitive ecosystem and the mobile game development.

Buckle up; the future is now

A new era of mobile game development has ushered, where developers and businesses that want to get ahead of the game have to offer triple-A gaming experience on gamer-centric platforms. They are also incentivized to capitalize on improved phone design, innovative technologies, sheer power packed under the hood, and imaginative accessories.

So, everything is ready for mobile game development to ascend to new digital heights and possibly dethrone PC and gaming consoles one day. The revolution is already underway, and everyone with a mobile device in hand or some technical know-how can take part in it.



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