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List of The Best Google Apps For Your Business

Announcing the best Google apps for work

List of The Best Google Apps For Your Business

Your company is as impressive as the set of software it uses for the operations. Unfortunately, the set of such software is so much diversified that it becomes quite challenging to choose the very best. The same goes true when you have to choose specific applications for official purpose. No app can be compared to the efficiency Google apps offer to the users when it is about managing a piece of work.

And, when it is about choosing the best set of apps for your work nothing can withstand Google applications. The name is enough to remind the power these apps hold for the good of the users. I have personally experienced the efficiency of these applications, which is, of course at par. Allow me to familiarize you with the best of Google apps for the business.

An Overview Of G Suite Apps

Google Drive

The first on my list of Google Drive. The file storage and synchronization service from Google allow you to store everything online. From a list of exceptional features, this Google app for work offers, the most exceptional is getting access to the files anywhere anytime owing to the fact that the docs are hosted on the cloud. Google drive provides greater features including unlimited storage as per the plan including advanced admin control depending on the plan as well as audit and reporting insights.    

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts comprises the technology developed by Google itself. The messaging service supports text, speech, voice and video conversation (maximum 29 people can participate in the conversation). This cross-platform service works well on the web,  Android, and iOS as well. Google Hangouts has also a set of key features including screen sharing option for users, custom status message on user profile, Google Calendar integration to remind participants about an important event, intelligent muting to avoid background sound and custom control for admin.


Google+ is known as Google’s messaging service. This is an online platform that helps users build their social connection and relation with those who have similar interests related to work or personal choices. Socializing through Google+ also helps to polish the social connections that are pretty much important for your career. The network has been developed in a way that it gets easy to communicate over the platform very easily. This Google app offers enhanced privacy control as well as easy group posting opportunities for the Google+ users.   


This web-based email service is one of the most exceptional offerings from the Google. The opportunity to connect on a personal and professional level through the email address is the most exceptional attribute this Google app for work includes as its feature. A large amount of storage allows users to store their emails as well as drafts over a secure network. Users can have threaded conversations in the emails by replying to the same email chains they receive from other Gmail users.

Google Docs, Sheet & Slides

Google doc (word processor), Google sheet (spreadsheet), & Google slide (presentation program) are integrated programs inside Google Drive. They serve as a collaborative software for the users to help them write, edit & draft their documents and spreadsheets in real-time over the web through their desktops or through their smartphones. Changes are saved automatically, which users can also see the tract of from revision history.

Google Calendar

This Google app for work helps users keep the track of the dates and other important events that are yet to be organized. Keeping track of time and schedule from your smartphone only is the best feature of this Google app. Users could easily integrate the calendar with Google site to set the reminder for an important upcoming event. Events can directly be added to the calendar.  

Google Vault

Google Vault is an exclusive service available for Google users at an affordable cost. The Google Vault gives the users an option to keep their pictures, critical professional information, and important business data preserved at a reduced cost. Users can save and store their Gmail messages, chat logs and other important data saved in the Google Vault.

G Suite Marketplace

This is an online store for Google users having business-oriented cloud apps. Launched in 2010, G Suite Marketplace offers every kind of apps to browse through. It offers business tools & productive apps in a number of categories including education, communications, and utilities. Through G Suite Marketplace users can install third-party apps from the same.  

Google Keep

As the name suggests, Google Keep is a service to offer note-taking services to the users. The Google app offers a variety of tools to the users including image, voice, list as well as text. Google keep recently become the part of G Suite services back in February 2017. The Google app for work is an innovative service for businesses for adding note on a Google doc.

Hangouts Meet

Launched in March 2017, Hangouts meet is a formal Google service. The service was enrolled as a video conferencing app. The Google app for work allows as many as 30 participants to take part in the video conferencing for work purposes. Hangouts Meet is an enterprise-friendly version of Google Hangouts. The Google app for work includes a number of features including encrypted calls between all the users using the application. Screen-sharing to present a document that users need to share and ability to call into meetings through dial-in number are other exceptional features.

In The Conclusion

The category of Google apps for work is an extended one having a variety of features for the users. As per their professional requirement, they can choose the one that suits their needs the best. From the list of all those exceptional Google Apps, I have compiled the list of the best ones explaining all benefits they offer to the users.

These apps are not only exceptional but user-friendly too. The best thing about these G Suite apps is that they offer a bouquet of features to the users helping them store their work and manage the same in the most professional manner.

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