Ways To Improve Mobile App Development Process With Best Practices

Fuel Your Business Growth with the Best 6 Mobile App Development Timeline Practices

Employ the best practices to improve your mobile app development timeline

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Mobile App Development Timeline Practices

For mobile app development entrepreneurs, it is a constant struggle between the speed and the quality to bring out the best as the output. The struggle continues for them as employing the traditional mobile app development method is never going to give the results as required. Timelines, on the other hand, matter as a well-planned mobile app development timeline could help entrepreneurs finish the work well before the time.

It is not for the very first time that you will be coming across a write-up that explains the best mobile app development timelines to finish a project. But, the fact that all these methods have been personally utilized makes this article worth reading. While employing these suggestions, it is also important to streamline the mobile app development process in order to get the results.

Here are the Best Practices to Streamline the Mobile App Timeline

Affordably Developed Mobile App Development Wireframes as Blueprints

Blueprint and wireframes

Getting into mobile app development is, of course, a time-consuming process. And, having the wireframing blueprints can help save considerable time too. While mobile app development companies generally invest a huge amount of money as well as efforts too in generating the blueprint, a well-planned strategy can streamline the cost too to a great extent.

Wireframes are the extract that guides UI/UX designers and mobile app developers to go through the development procedure smoothly. It’s just the basic blueprint but helps keep all resources on the same page. And, by getting everyone on the same page helps keep you save huge chunks of money while practicing the mobile app development process.

Opt For Lean Method and Launch the MVP

For mobile app developers, it is never the best practice to launch the final mobile app development output in the market. Rather, it is suggested to launch only MVP or minimum viable product to enter the market. As soon as the product is launched in the market, the developers must collect the data to build the feedback loop. The feedback collected can then be employed to develop the final product.

The feedbacks are an important part of improving the overall mobile app development procedure in order to provide what customers need in the output. Decide to operate on very short iterative cycles where you can release the updates in less than a week’s period.

Add Up Non-Core Activities

Once the core mobile app development product is built, the next big struggle is to engage as much audience as possible. Mobile engagement platforms are full of pre-made applets that can add to the existing product and earn huge engagements. The practice is followed by a number of successful mobile app development companies to earn the engagement in a short timespan.

The types of applets you can utilize include sharing tools, new feature tools, feedback tools, special offer notification and certain other tools in order to get huge engagements from the clients. Getting a huge engagement on the products is very much important in order to convert your free customers into premium members.

Outsourcing Non-core Mobile App Development Features

The entire mobile app development procedure is divided into a certain section all of which are not important. The app development process that is not important could be outsourced in order to save your efforts and the money as well. Outsourcing the less important mobile app development jobs will help to save the time of your mobile app developers for other important jobs.

The suggestion works best in cases when you own an iOS mobile app development company but wish to launch a mobile application for the Android OS too. Rather than making your in-house iOS app development team struggle through the procedure, it is a better idea to outsource the entire work.

Automated Testing for App Security

Mobile App Security

Accommodating a fast moving cycle also asks for frequent mobile app software testing. Automating your mobile app testing can be a method to ensure that the development is going towards the right direction. Automatic mobile app development software testing stimulates a number of testing simultaneously that otherwise(manual) will take a lot of time as well as the efforts.

By speeding up the test it becomes easy to expand the test coverage in a little time span. Testing is important to ensure the development of bug-free apps and automated testing helps you improve the overall time that manual mobile app development software testing would take.

Choose Hybrid Mobile App Development Procedure

Cross-platform hybrid mobile app development solution like PhoneGap and Xamarin help mobile app developers use a single code for multiple platforms, which saves the additional time of mobile app developers otherwise wasted in native coding for additional platforms. Thus, you can opt for cross-development solutions for easy app development procedure.

Hybrid apps also have some limitations that restrict the fluidity of animations even though companies opt for this solution for completing their mobile app development procedure only to shift to native app development later.

In Conclusion

While following these process will always help to conclude your dynamic mobile app development process, having a look at important steps to consider mobile app development can offer you a great understanding of the subject.

Till Then Happy Coding Mobile App Developers!

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