Zuckerberg Disses Closed AI Makers As ‘Creators Of God’

Zuckerberg Disses Closed AI Makers As ‘Creators Of God’

Date: June 28, 2024

Zuckerberg recently shared his views in an interview about the AI development landscape being misinterpreted as “Just One AI.”

The boom of Generative AI has given birth to many startups that build AI systems with various use cases. However, this has been possible due to the open-sourced nature of the initial pioneers like OpenAI, Google, and Meta. By keeping the core codes open-source, many developers can find creative avenues to utilize the capabilities of Generative AI. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently shared his views on the mixed nature of AI development happening among smaller rivals.

He said that closed-source AI developments are rather a roadblock than propagators of better AI systems. He was witnessed dissing such competitors as “Creators of God.” With the evolution of GenAI from text-based prompt intelligence to sophisticated video and audio generation capabilities. The combination of AI and quantum computing can bring about an evolution that humankind has never seen before. But, if the closed-source AI developers steer away from a collaborative ecosystem, the end goal of creating “Just One AI” may not happen.

Zuckerberg expressed his candid views during a YouTube interview with Kane Sutter, saying, “I don’t think that AI technology is a thing that should be kind of hoarded and that one company gets to use it to build whatever central, single product that they’re building.” The actual value lies in handing over the open source AI tools to as many people as possible, so that they can create as many uses of it as possible. 

“I find it a pretty big turnoff when people in the tech industry … talk about building this ‘one true AI. It’s almost as if they kind of think they’re creating God or something, and … it’s just — that’s not what we’re doing. I don’t think that’s how this plays out,” he added.

Similar to his views, Meta had been forming new strategic AI partnerships with major tech players to expand the usage and integration of AI into everyday smart devices. The recent rejection of the deal with Apple has removed a huge amount of users for Meta’s suite of AI products. Suppose the closed-source AI developers keep building their isolated networks. In that case, they may never achieve the actual end goal as it requires unimaginable power supply, information gathering, and server capability for a single provider to afford. It’s an unrealistic goal.

Contrary to his views, Meta is launching new AI features, the most prominent of which is the personalization of the AI for every individual user. Soon, Meta’s social media platforms may begin facilitating personalized AI Avatars that keep training on the individual user’s behavior patterns, interests, and dislikes to become truly theirs.

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