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Google LLC is a multinational technology company that offers number of internet related services to the consumers. The companies services comprises cloud computing, web search, online advertising technology, software and hardware. Google was founded by by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 and together they own the 14 % share of the company. Google also own Android, the majorly used operating system by smartphone users. On 10 August 2015, the company announced that it will report to the Alphabet Inc. and both Larry Page and Google CEO will be the CEO of Alphabet.

Google Pay: A Prominent Way to Pay

Google Pay updates to offer your more!

By Meenakshi Mamgai

Let Google Assistant To Manage Your Day

Notification about your last car space will be quite helpful.

By Vikram Khajuria

Google Brings Machine Learning To Ads For Business Growth

The machine learning equipped ad campaigns will be rolled out in the next few months by Google

By Akash Singh Chauhan

Google Is Bringing 'Morse code' To Its Platform

Morse code will help the people with disability.

By Vikram Khajuria

Now Google Phone App Will Block The Spam Calls

No more unwanted calls for the Android users.

By Vikram Khajuria

Google May Have To Serve A Penalty To European Union

Google either face a penalty or make changes to Android.

By Akash Singh Chauhan

Gmail's New Features That You Should Be Using For Improved Productivity

New Gmail comes with a Confidential mode for ensuring the data security

By Akash Singh Chauhan
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