Best 15 Productivity Apps Of 2020 [Updated]
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15 Best Productivity Apps For iOS And Android Users In 2020

Make your every phone unlock a valuable one with best productivity apps!

15 Best Productivity Apps For iOS And Android Users In 2020

Smartphones have become an indispensable part, and due to its effectiveness, it has come a long way to help us to remain productive all day long. But it does matter what apps you have downloaded and how they are being utilized.

Today, we will be focusing on the productivity apps that can skyrocket your efficiency. These free mobile applications will not only make your daily chorus manageable but will also offer you easy ways to increase productivity management at work.

There are many such productivity tools which promise to assist in many ways, but we tried and tested some of the most popular apps that even the app industry experts have recommended.

Best Productivity Apps 2019

Here is a list of top productivity tools, which you should try and experience how they help in managing your work better and simplifies the daily tasks:

1. Trello

Trello app is the real saver for the people working together and helps them get the task done in no time. Its customizable-yet-simple boards, lists, and cards is an ideal visual tool for organizing your work and life.

This productivity management app eliminates the need for email while working with your team and keep everyone posted about the progress of the project. Besides you can easily share notes with others and allocate the task to the employees over the best task manager app.

Best Productivity App

Notable features of Trello productivity app:

  • Board creation for organizing tasks;
  • Can prioritize tasks;
  • Supports a progressive workflow;
  • Can assign due dates for the tasks;
  • Offline support and more.

Download for iOS and Android

2. Todoist

Todoist is among the top fitness tracking apps that keep you on track with your fitness goals. The best task management app comes with an intuitive UI offering different features that will keep a track on the daily progress. Besides, the app ranks high in the list of the best options when it comes to productivity management.

At the top corner of the app, you will see the Todoist Karma number where all the numbers sum up and indicate your progress. Apart from this, you can also manage other things via adding tools to the app.

For example, you can add your calendar to keep a track on your task. The productivity app will keep you updated regarding the meetings and other work for the today and upcoming seven days.

With the help of the app, you will be able to manage your day and garner the maximum productivity successfully.

Productivity App

Notable features of Todoist productivity app:

  • Assist in remembering crucial deadlines;
  • Can delegate tasks to people in shared projects;
  • Overviews the daily and weekly accomplishment;
  • Real-time sync on multiple devices;
  • Integration on over 60 platforms for better management and more.

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3. Fantastical

Fantastical is not just another calendar app like Google Calendar or iCal; it has the elements that make it the best one. The best part of this app is that you don't have to write down everything; the productivity apps for iPhone is compatible with Siri and works on the voice commands. It means you can easily add events to your calendars just by saying it.

The comfort of the voice assistant is for the iOS users, and it is fully efficient with the iOS 12 and the latest OS updates. Besides, you will get the additional features like reminders, alerts via iOS notification centers, support for infographic watch faces, and much more.

Unfortunately, the productivity tracker is not available for the Android users but the closest app that allows the voice inputs is the SolCalendar.

Productivity App

Notable features of the Fantastical productivity apps for iPhone:

  • TextExpander support;
  • Multiple language support;
  • A map to show your event’s locations;
  • 3-D touch, including peek and pop;
  • Accessibility support and more.

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4. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habits are the core reason for building a productive lifestyle; once you adopt the right habits, there is no stopping you. However, making new habits and keep with them isn't as simple as it sounds, so here is the app that can help you with it.

Habitica is the app that let you keep working on your habits via a video game. In the game, you can choose your avatar and start playing and with every level up, you will get the reward points. Besides, you can also join others in the quest.

This best task manager is available on both iOS and Android along with a fully featured web application. On iOS, you can also try the Momentum mode instead of the game, where you need to check a box for your every habit whenever you use the app.

Productivity App

Notable features of Habitica productivity app:

  • On task completion, the avatar is leveled up;
  • In-game or custom rewards;
  • Exciting avatars for adding fun;
  • Exciting in-game features;

Download for iOS and Android

5. Evernote

Evernote is an app to manage your notes efficiently. What else can get better than having your best idea besides you every time? Evernote gives you a chance to keep either your work-related professional draft or personal notes on your smartphone.

You can keep as many notes as you want on the Evernote and the notes can be further kept as long as you desire without worrying about losing on even a little information stored on your very own Evernote app.

 Productivity App

Notable features of Evernote productivity app:

  • Easy-to-format word processor;
  • Sync data on multiple devices;
  • Can be used as a planner;
  • Saves files in multiple formats like text, sketches, photos, etc.,
  • Can annotate documents with comments and more.

Download for iOS and Android

6. Dropbox

Accessing the essential business docs anytime will not only save you time but also let you do anything on the go. With this aim, the Dropbox app was launched that takes care of all your documents and allow you access them via smartphone.

The functionality of the app is excellent, as you can drag and drop the documents, edit them, make any changes or send the copy over an email and much more.

Along with this, the app efficiently integrates with Trello that solves many problems and boost up your productivity. Dropbox is available on both Android and iOS.

Productivity App

Notable features of Dropbox productivity app:

  • Shared folders for working with others;
  • Turns receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs;
  • Support commenting on the files;
  • Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files;
  • Sync data across multiple devices and more.

Download for iOS and Android

7. Camscanner

CamScanner is again one of the best examples of the productivity apps which help the user to create PDFs on the go. The app can scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers.

The mobile scanner also helps to optimize the file quality, extract text from images, and even helps the users in smart editing. The user can even go for the premium pack for a monthly charge of $ 4.99 and $ 49.99 for a year.

Productivity App

Notable features of the Camscanner productivity app:

  • Quickly digitize document;
  • Optimize scan quality;
  • Extract texts from the image;
  • Share PDF/JPEG files;
  • Secure important documents and more.

Download for iOS and Android

8. Forest

Forest app comes with a unique way of making sure that the user completes the task on time. The productivity tracker works on a technique called Pomodoro which break down the tasks using a timer on a frequent interval.

To make the work interesting, the Forest app creates a virtual tree that grows with the task, but if you touch the phone before the task session is complete, the tree dies.

The best task app for Android is to keep the user’s focus on work and stay away from the distractions. The key over here is the focus and task breakdowns to ensure that you are getting enough breaks to complete them efficiently.

Productivity App

Notable features of the Forest productivity tracker:

  • Help in beating phone addiction and overcome distraction;
  • Helps to cure for procrastination;
  • Increases productivity;
  • Rewards for unlocking new tree species;
  • Motivate to reach the daily goals and more.

Download for iOS and Android

9. 7 Minute Workout

Without a healthy body, there is no point in working hard because you will not be able to enjoy success. To make your mind to work efficiently, you need to shake up your body a little bit and it can be easily done by downloading the 7 Minute Workout app.

The workout app has a pack of 12 exercises that can be done in 7 minutes; all you need is your body weight, a chair, and a wall. The exercise programs in the app are designed by the professionals that will help you in keeping the body in shape.

One thing that helps this app to stand out is the feature that levels up the difficulty level of the programs once the user gets comfortable with the sessions. This way, the app also strengthens the body to an altogether new level.

Productivity App

Notable features of the 7 Minute Workout productivity app:

  • Supports Google Fit;
  • Voice guidance system;
  • Adjustable circuit time and rest time;
  • Workout log for a complete workout time;
  • Notifications for daily workout and more.

Download for iOS and Android

10. Headspace

The best way to get yourself focused and acquire improved productivity is by having a calm and balanced mind. Headspace is a unique app that teaches users the art of meditation to connect their mind, body, and soul.

Initially the app teaches meditation for ten days, and afterward, you can choose the programs from a plethora of sessions depending upon the requirement.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, student or artist, there are sessions for everyone. All you need is 10 minute in a quiet place where you can sit and concentrate.

Productivity App

Notable features of the Headspace productivity app:

  • Guided meditations;
  • Classic meditation and relaxation techniques;
  • Custom push notifications;
  • Sleep sound feature for restful sleep;
  • Movement & sport meditation courses and more.

Download for iOS and Android

11. 360 Security

A perfect Android mobile app for people who wish to keep their smartphones safe from hacking attempts and viruses. The app has various functions and can be used as an antivirus, speed booster app or even used for space cleaning.

360 Security app manages your apps in the background and keeps on checking the health of the smartphone for boosting its performance. It is the top free security app and can be considered as one of the best Android productivity apps.

Productivity Apps

Notable features of 360 Security productivity app:

  • Effective speed booster & smart cache cleaner;
  • Smart battery saver;
  • Removes viruses;
  • Delete all types of junk files;
  • Optimize memory & speed up phone and more.

Download for Android

12. Sprouts: Money Manager, Expense and Budget

Sprouts own a considerable space in the top-rated finance apps for business executives, as it helps in managing the expenses through the smartphone.

Sprouts app helps in consolidating the business account, credit & debit cards in the app and keep track of the monthly budget with its multi-dimensional statistics such as classification, monthly, annual, and project, including line, pie, and bar charts.

The productivity app even calculates the credit scores along with the ideas to improve the same if required.

Productivity App

Notable features of the Sprouts productivity app:

  • Multi-person accounting and multi-role authority management;
  • Multiple books;
  • Offline accounting, automatic cloud synchronization;
  • Multiple accounts, including credit cards, debit cards, wallets and recharge cards;
  • Supports multiple currencies and more.

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13. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the best to do list app for iPhone and has its name ranked in the top iPad productivity apps. The productivity planner app creates projects and tasks, helps in organizing them with tags, and suggest the user with the tasks which can be completed at first.

With this time management app for the iPhone, the user can accomplish much more than a regular task manager app by keeping track of tasks and the deadlines of the projects. As the best to-do app is exclusive to iOS, the app syncs all the data across all the iOS compatible devices of the user.

 Productivity App

Notable features of OmniFocus productivity app:

  • Create tags for the person;
  • Batch editing for multiple tasks;
  • Forecast view for the upcoming tasks;
  • Syncing supports end-to-end encryption;
  • Support graphics and audio attachments and more.

Download for iOS

14. Expensify

Expensify is an absolute task manager app that tracks the receipts and manages expenses on the go. Just snap a picture of the receipt and Expensify categorize and code each receipt, and submit business expenses for approval and reimbursement.

The productivity tool has been designed for businesses of every type. From budding office professionals to entrepreneurs, anyone can access the app for managing their spreadsheet for the expenses of a business trip. The app automatically records the spending with real-time expenses.

 Productivity App

Notable features of Expensify productivity app:

  • Track and submit receipts and expenses;
  • Next-day direct deposit reimbursement;
  • Mileage and GPS tracking ;
  • Automatic credit card import;
  • Works with receipts in any currency and more.

Download for iOS and Android

15. TeamViewer

If you are looking for an app that will let you take control of other devices, TeamViewer should be your best bet. This productivity app offers easy, fast and secure remote access. The computer systems with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux can be managed through this app.

As per the TeamViewer’s developer’s team, the app is being used on more than 1 billion devices worldwide. It clearly speaks volumes of the success that this app holds.

 Productivity Apps

Notable features of TeamViewer productivity app:

  • Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices;
  • Intuitive touch and control gestures ;
  • File transfer in both directions;
  • Computers & Contacts management;
  • Sound and HD video transmission in real-time and more.

Download for iOS and Android

MAD Recommendation: Our Favorite Productivity Apps of 2019

So, the above-mentioned apps are the best productivity apps that can help the user save time and efforts. These best productivity tools are designed in accordance with the existing professional needs and requirements.

What are the Best Time Management Apps?

  • Forest
  • OmniFocus

What are the Best Android Productivity Apps?

  • Trello
  • Todoist

What are the Best Time Management Apps For iPhone?

  • Habitica
  • omniFocus

What are the Best Organizer Apps For iPhone?

  • Trello
  • Fantastical

What are the Best Organizer App For Android?

  • Trello
  • Todoist

Our list of best productivity tools will surely assist businesses and entrepreneurs to strategize their business plans and inflate their overall productivity.

For more information on top productivity apps, you can take a look at our other articles like Free Apps With With More Than 4.0 Rating and Productive Apps For Morning Routine.

Also, in case you are interested in reading more such listicle articles covering some trending categories of mobile applications then make sure to stay tuned with MobileAppDaily by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button now.

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