20+ Best Productivity Apps to Make You More Focused

These best productivity apps will surely motivate your inner professionalism and boost your performance!
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April 26, 2023
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Whether you are a business person, a professional, or a student, using smartphones on an average of 80 times a day is super common. Now, when we are using these tiny devices for almost everything, we can use them to be productive as well.

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Apps like Strides habit tracker help users in managing their time better with the help of some smart tools that are integrated within the app itself. Relatively, we have curated a few other top productivity apps for this blog. With the help of these best time management apps, productivity can be managed from the smartphone itself. Top productivity apps can be used to organize calendars, assign tasks, schedule meetings, create files, etc. All of these functions will help you by performing better.

Best task management apps to work better

We have shortlisted 20+ best productivity apps that you should install on your smartphone to increase the quantity of your work. You can execute your office tasks, manage your assignments, and assign tasks to your team with these apps.



Trello lets you create customizable boards, lists, and cards. You can note down your everyday tasks in the app itself. Moreover, you can also add your colleagues or friends to group tasks. Trello informs you through notifications if they make any changes or add new documents.

Features of Trello, one of the best team productivity apps

  • You can create a board and organize team tasks in the app
  • It lets you sort your tasks according to priority
  • You can check off tasks that you have completed
  • Receive updates if teammates make changes or add new tasks
  • Save information and access it even offline anytime
Download Trello


Vaultt lets you store and share any important information you want to keep safe. Moreover, you can scan documents and save them in the app in digital format. The app also lets you assign, accept, and track group tasks to help you with organizing things. 

This best productivity tracker app keeps your information secured with end-to-end encryption to make sure that your privacy doesn’t get sacrificed. 

Features of Vaultt, the best organizer app

  • Provides E2E encryption to protect your information and personal data
  • Manage, edit, and prioritize your tasks in the app itself
  • Share the information with your team members, family, and friends
  • Organize, manage, and set schedules in the app itself
  • You can store family information like vaccination records, house insurance, etc, and make it accessible to other family members
Download Vaultt

Kdan PDF Reader


With Kdan PDF Reader, one of the best productivity apps, you get access to amazing tools to edit, manage, and find your PDFs easily. Not only that, on this best task management app, you can also draw digitally if you need to add signatures or highlight any part. You get access to many colors and opacity modes to draw on your documents.

Features of Kdan PDF Reader, one of the best apps to be productive

  • Freedom to add passwords on your PDF
  • Freehand writing or drawing on PDF tools
  • Text search option to help you find the relevant info
  • Hyperlink tool to detect all hyperlinks in the doc
  • Easy tool to create PDF backups
Download Kdan PDF Reader

To-Do Adventure


This app is being used by over 27.5 million users globally. Moreover, the app has achieved multiple Editor’s Pick Awards in the past. The app can be used to manage daily tasks and to trace their progress. 

The app is designed to make it useful for students, young adults, new parents, etc. You can log your different tasks in the app along with their timeline to observe and manage your time accordingly.

Features of To-Do Adventure, the best to do list app

  • Add tasks in a fun way. Every task you add becomes a part of the new island’s scenery
  • There are other forms of displaying your tasks as well like a river for tasks which you saved to do later
  • This app claims to increase your productivity by 33%
  • Keep a track of everyday tasks and receive feedback once you finish them
  • Adorable Ticktail will be your companion in the app to make it more fun to use
Download To-Do Adventure

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Todoist is one of the most popular productivity apps existing out there in present. The app lets you keep track of your tasks. Moreover, you can update your day-to-day task list on the go and share it with whoever you want. This amazing task management app is being used by 25 million people around the world.

Features of Todoist, one of the best apps to be productive

  • Add tasks with their due dates and deadlines
  • Add recurring tasks with recurring deadlines for as long as you want
  • Add tasks and set their priority levels to stay in sync
  • It accepts integration of tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Alexa, etc
  • Todoist can be used on smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets
Download Todoist



This iOs exclusive app is the perfect tool for increasing productivity. You can install this app on your smartphone and execute multiple work-related tasks on the go. This visually appealing organizer app can be synced between multiple devices. Moreover, you can integrate apps like Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and Zoom and manage them from the app itself.

Features of Fantastical one of the top productivity apps out there

  • Manage and schedule your tasks according to the app itself to never miss a deadline
  • Includes weather forecast for 10 days in advance
  • Can integrate apps like Google tasks and Todoist for additional task support
  • You can browse and subscribe to sports, tv shows, holidays, etc
  • The app comes with Dark and light UI themes
Download Fantastical



Evernote, one of the best recording apps can be used to store professional and personal information. You can use the app on multiple devices and sync your tasks. The app can be used to write and collect memos, checklists, short or large notes, etc. The app also supports content like texts, sketches, pictures, web clippings, audio files, etc.

Features of Evernote, one of the most productive apps

  • The app allows you to create multiple notebooks to segregate memos, receipt bills, and invoices
  • You can find saved content with text included in images or handwritten notes
  • Scan documents with the camera and save them in the digital form to avoid hassles
  • Share your journals with anyone you want to and let them update the same
  • Use multiple devices and sync your content without any obstacles
Download Evernote



Covve has been recently awarded as “Best Contacts App 2020” by Tom’s Guide. The app comes with smart reminders to remind you if you haven’t contacted someone for too long. Moreover, this organizer app searches the web and provides you with news sources related to your contact, their organizations, country, or industry.

Features of Covve, one of the best organizer apps out there

  • The app lets you add notes and add reminders from the call
  • With smart tags, you can easily find your preferred contact in the app
  • You can scan business cards with an AI-supported card-scanner. It is useful to digitize business cards you receive from your contacts
  • You can also create your digital business card and share it with anyone to go paperless
  • Covve keeps your contacts safe from any harm with daily backups
Download Covve



Slack is a free and cross-platform communication app. The app allows you to divide conversations according to teams, tasks, or projects. You can also save your files in doc formats and share them with your colleagues. Participants can collaborate and edit documents on the slack itself.

Features of Slack, the best task management app

  • Communicate with team members or a group through texts or calls
  • Integrate tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter to manage them from the app itself
  • Customize notifications and set them according to the priority
  • Divide teams with hashtags based on projects, group names, or anything you want, to manage them properly
  • Add to-do lists and share with other members to keep a track of tasks
Download Slack



Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you store any kind of documents or graphics. Dropbox can be used on multiple devices with single or multiple accounts to access content on the go. Moreover, you can save files and provide access to those files to other team members.

Features of Dropbox, one of the best apps to help with productivity

  • Dropbox plus trial lets you save 2 TB (2,000 GB) of the content to save for free
  • Add passwords to protect your files and use them to access files on any device
  • You can also access files offline if you allow dropbox to make them accessible offline as well while uploading
  • Enable auto-backup and let your files get uploaded themselves every time
  • Copy and paste the link to share files with others or to access them
Download Dropbox



Any.do is being used by approximately 30 million people for their everyday tasks. This free app lets you manage your to-do lists, notes, reminders, calendar events, etc. You can use the app to assign tasks to friends, family members. Moreover, the app lets you keep a track of tasks that you or others have completed.

Features of Any.do the best productivity tracker app

  • Use voice commands to add tasks and set reminders
  • Integrate apps like Google Calendar, Whatsapp, Slack, Evernote, Todoist, etc and manage them from the app
  • Set one time or recurring reminders for any kind of tasks
  • Add agendas, shopping lists, important events, etc and share with your friends without any hassle
  • Sync all your data on any device by using the same account details
Download Any.do

Toggl Track


This time tracker app helps you in measuring the time you spent on any projects. Moreover, you can use the app to break down hourly data and observe your time spent on various tasks. The app can be integrated with Calendar and can manage your important events for you. 

Features of Toggl Track one of the best time management apps

  • Track and manage your hourly, weekly, or monthly time spent on projects
  • Turn on notifications to receive reminders for important events
  • Divide your time log between projects, clients, and tags
  • Use ‘@ or #’ to tag and divide projects faster
  • The app allows you to access your data on any device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc
Download Toggl Track



IFTTT can be easily called one of the best apps for productivity due to its variety of features. The app is available for Android and iOs both. Moreover, it can work with 600+ apps including Google Drive, Twitch, Twitter, Telegram, etc. 

The app can be used to control your home appliances, manage your social media, or to provide you simple reminders and updates. The app also accepts voice commands to control tools like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Features of IFTTT, one of the best time management apps

  • Use voice command to control your appliances and devices via the app
  • Customized daily forecasts will always notify you about the weather in advance
  • Streamline your social media and upload content with one click
  • Intelligent home security alerts will protect your home and alert you by using security devices
  • Backup your files in the cloud storage and access them from any devices
Download IFTTT



Ayoa helps you in maintaining your tasks and notes within the app to execute them timely. Add notes, checklists, comments, and more after each meeting or brainstorming sessions to not forget them. There are multiple types of views included in the app to display projects. You can either view your projects in the list format or with colorful bubbles.

Features of Ayoa the productivity tracker

  • Ayoa Chat can be used to send direct messages to individuals or teams
  • In case of any updates in tasks, receive instant updates
  • Built-in Zoom integration allows you to host video calls directly from the app
  • Control what others can see or edit by changing the access settings of each file
  • Use emoji reactions or share attachments with people you are talking to on Ayoa
Download Ayoa



Asana lets you add tasks and assign them to team members. Moreover, you can also see who is working on which task. The app also provides you a whiteboard that can be used to visualize your work within the smartphone. You can organize tasks, edit them, delete them, or add due dates.

Features of Asana one of the best apps for organization and productivity

  • Asana is an entirely free cross-platform app to manage tasks
  • You can add tasks, notes, reminders, due dates, and attachments within the app
  • Check anytime to make sure that your projects are on track and on-time
  • Use voice memos to convert them in texts
  • Click pictures of whiteboards, charts, or diagrams and add them as tasks
Download Asana



While most of the teams are working remotely at the moment, apps like Basecamp can make collaboration and team management easier. The app lets you organize everything in a place and you can keep a track of every team member to review their performance and work.

Features of Basecamp

  • Add as many as people you want to work with
  • The app comes with a free trial of 30 days with access to all premium features
  • A free account can let you add up to 3 projects and 20 users
  • You can use Basecamp for messaging, realtime chat, to-do lists, schedules, reminders, check-ins, etc
  • The app is available for Android and iOs both
Download Basecamp

Google Drive


Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage apps existing in the present. The app lets you upload and save any kind of digital files for free. However, you can only store the data up to 15 GB for free. Later, in the US, it charges $1.99/ month for 100 GB of storage space monthly.

Features of Google Drive, one of the best apps for productivity

  • You can save up to 15 GB of data for free on this cloud storage service
  • Files stored on Google Drive can be accessed from any device by using the same account
  • A search option allows you to find your saved files easily by typing the text
  • You can save files offline as well to access them on the go
  • Files can be shared with numbers of members with limitations to access. You can give them view access or let them edit files if preferred
Download Google Drive

Otter Voice Meeting Notes


Even though this best task management app is simple to use, it is still very useful. This app can transcribe your meeting discussion with the help of an AI. This app can make notes on your behalf and convert every discussion into the text form automatically. Moreover, you can also edit meeting notes or make others do the same by adding them in notes.

Features of Otter Voice Meeting Notes, one of the good productivity apps out there

  • You can use the app to display live transcription during the meeting
  • The AI makes sure that sentences are properly written by using punctuations, capitalization, and breaks
  • You can always scroll back in the app to find any part of the discussion
  • It allows you to insert whiteboard pictures or charts to add them as tasks
  • Invite members and let them organize or edit voice transcriptions for you
Download Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Spike Email Chat


Spike uses your email and converts it into a chat messenger. Instead of following cliche ways of writing emails, Spike lets you chat, share documents, collaborate, video messages in one single app. You can use the spike to manage your teams and to save your important notes.

Features of Spike, the best to do list app for your smartphone

  • You can convert your existing email in a live chat tool
  • Add tasks and manage to-do lists for yourself and other members
  • Group chats allow you to talk to multiple people and share files with them
  • Connect calendars and set up reminders for different events
  • Search by keywords, contacts, or files to find the content faster
Download Spike Email Chat



OmniFocus is an iOs exclusive app, existing to boost your productivity. The app is available for iPhone and macOS devices. This one of the best apps for productivity can be synced with the Apple watch as well to make it more convenient to use. You can create and accomplish daily tasks with the help of supporting features like reminders, tags, due dates, etc.

Features of OmniFocus, one of the best productivity apps

  • Edit multiple tasks with the help of Batch editing
  • Add future tasks under upcoming tasks and make them visible under the forecast view
  • Syncing protects your information with end-to-end encryption
  • Use audio and graphic attachments in the app
  • Create tags for teams and individuals participating in the task
Download OmniFocus



Hootsuite is a social media management platform that lets you schedule your posts for Twitter and Instagram. You can create, edit, publish, and schedule posts for your social media and Hootsuite will post them on your behalf. Moreover, Hootsuite can be used to generate reports including likes, views, visitors, etc on your social media.

Features of Hootsuite, best productivity apps existing for Social media

  • The app lets you monitor messages coming on different social media in one place
  • You can use the app to monitor your posts’ performance
  • Compose and publish social media posts with one simple click
  • The app gives you all the control of your social media within a single platform
  • The app is free to sign up but some features are accessible only with the paid subscription
Download Hootsuite

Now, when we have informed you about these amazing productivity apps, we hope that it will help you in boosting your performance and impressing your colleagues.

Moreover, if you are a developer and you want to get your application listed in blogs like these. You can always contact MobileAppDaily and get your app reviewed. Our experts will assist you in the best possible way.

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