Nordpass Review: Exploring its Features, Pros, and Cons

This NordPass review carefully studies the app's basic and advanced functionalities. It brings out the ground reality and explains NordPass's viability via its Pros and Cons.

Updated on April 08, 2024
Nordpass Review: Exploring its Features, Pros, and Cons

Today, with everything being online and almost every website requiring a login, keeping track of your passwords can be stressful. Moreover, the days when it was as easy as to make your password ‘PASSWORD’ are gone. This is because the threat of cyberattacks and data leaks is hovering over our accounts all the time. Nordpass is a lifesaver with its exceptional management and Nord password generator capabilities.

The solution allows thousands of its users to break free from the web of password management and provides a holistic database for all their credentials. Unlike many NordPass reviews, this one gives you a detailed insight into whether the tool is actually capable of delivering the services it claims.

So, let’s closely study the potential of this application in this NordPass password manager review so that you can make an informed decision.

What is NordPass, and Why is it Useful?

With many online accounts to manage, remembering every password is hard. However, there is a solution available. NordPass is a password manager that makes your online life easier and safer. The app keeps all your passwords in one secure spot. You just need to remember one master password.

It focuses on security, using advanced encryption to protect your passwords from hackers. Features like multi-factor authentication and unlimited password storage offer extra safety and convenience.

NordPass also creates strong passwords for you, fills in login details automatically, and warns you if an account is at risk from a data breach. This way, NordPass not only stores your passwords safely but also enhances your online security.

Features of Nordpass App: Why it Stands Out?

1. Zero-knowledge Architecture

Firstly, zero-knowledge architecture is a fundamental aspect of NordPass. This means your passwords and other stored data are encrypted on your device before reaching NordPass servers. The encryption is so strong that not even NordPass can see your passwords.

Additionally, based on many Nordpass reviews, we found that the app safeguards a further level of security by using the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to protect stored passwords. Not to mention the Biometric authentication, which ensures you can access your saved passwords using your physical traits, such as fingerprints.

2. Password Generator

Password Generator

It's common knowledge that strong, unique passwords are crucial for online security. However, creating and remembering such passwords can be a daunting task. So, NordPass also comes with a password generator feature to secure your data. The password generator creates complex, hard-to-crack passwords for you. The tool also ensures that each of your accounts has a strong, unique password, thus significantly reducing the risk of breaches.

3. Multi-factor Authentication 

Multi-factor Authentication 

The multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature adds an extra layer of security to your NordPass account. This implies that even if someone were to discover your master password, MFA requires an additional verification step before access is granted. This verification can be Biometric authentication or a temporary code. This extra layer makes it significantly harder for unauthorized users to gain access to your data.

4. Inheritance

The inheritance feature is a thoughtful addition that most apps often overlook. It answers an important question that most providers fail to ask. What happens to your digital data if something happens to you? Just like your physical possessions, your digital assets and data should also have a successor.

NordPass's inheritance feature allows you to assign someone who can access your passwords in an emergency. It's a feature that provides peace of mind. Users can take a breath of relief knowing that their digital data is safe and accessible to those they choose.

5. Data Breach Scanner

NordPass is not just about passwords. It also includes a data breach scanner. The feature alerts you if your email address appears in any data breaches. It can enable you to take proactive steps to secure your accounts before any harm can be done. Today, where data breaches are unfortunately common, Nord’s data breach scanner can be a big lifesaver.

Secure sharing is yet another standout feature. There are times when you need to share a password with a family member or a colleague. Doing this securely is paramount. NordPass offers a secure sharing feature that allows you to share passwords without exposing them to risk. The recipient receives an encrypted version of the password, which they can use without ever actually seeing it. This method ensures that your passwords remain secure, even when shared.

6. Email masking

Email masking

Email masking is another innovative feature of NordPass. During our NordPass review, we concluded that its email masking feature greatly helps you keep your actual email address private. The application does this by generating a unique, disposable email address for sign-ups. 

Ultimately, it allows users to avoid spam and keep their real email addresses off public lists. This helps reduce exposure to potential threats and unwanted emails. It’s a smart way to protect your identity online and maintain a cleaner, more secure inbox.

7. Save Unlimited Passwords

Save Unlimited Passwords

The ability to save unlimited passwords stands out as a particularly valuable feature. The application frees you from any storage restrictions. Meaning you can store as many passwords as you need.

NordPass password manager can be hugely beneficial for users as it allows you to maintain unique, strong passwords for all your accounts. That too, without worrying about running out of space. It simplifies login processes across websites and apps, ensuring you never have to hit the "forgot password" link again.

8. License Management

License Management

License Management is a feature that caters especially to businesses or users managing multiple accounts. Suitable for corporate accounts, the feature ensures that your company has complete ownership and control of all the data in the business vault.  It simplifies how licenses are assigned, controlled, and monitored within NordPass. 

The feature is particularly useful for organizations looking to ensure that their team members have access to secure password management tools. Moreover, upon our Nordpass premium review, we found that License Management also makes it easy to add or remove access, adjust permissions, and oversee the overall use of NordPass across a team. 

App Specifications of NordPass 

Metrics Android iOS
Version 4.4.7 3.33
Ratings 4.3 4.7
Size 35 MB 148.3
Category Productivity Productivity

Pros and Cons of NordPass

S.NO Pros of NordPass Cons of NordPass
1. Robust encryption methods ensure high-level security. Premium features require a subscription. Thus, adding cost.
2. User-friendly interface simplifies password management. May have a learning curve for users who are unfamiliar with password managers.
3. Secure password sharing and emergency access features. Dependent on the internet connection for syncing across devices.
4. Generates strong passwords to enhance account security. Some advanced features may be overwhelming for basic users.
5. Offers a digital wallet for secure credit card and note storage. Limited functionality in the free version compared to the premium.
6. Cross-platform compatibility allows use across devices. Potential issues with auto-fill on less common websites.

How Much Does NordPass Cost?: NordPass Plans and Pricing

A. NordPass Personal pricing

NordPass Personal is ideal for users looking to get a password manager for their personal use. A user can also avail of Nord’s family and friends pack to get access to multiple accounts. Here is the pricing structure for NordPass Personal.

Plan Total price 1-month price Discount
1 year 25.35 USD 1.69 USD (43% Discount
2 year 34.83 USD 1.29 USD (56% Discount)

B. NordPass Business pricing

NordPass Business provides fixed as well as tailored pricing for corporations. While the teams' plan provides a fixed NordPass price per month, the pricing of business and enterprise plans can vary upon the number of users.

1. Teams plan - Up to 10 seats. A 14-day free trial is available.

Plan Total price 1-user price / per month
1 year 23.88 USD per month paid annually 1.99 USD per user per month)
2 year 42.96 USD per month paid bi-annually 1.79 USD per user per month

2. Enterprise plan - over 250 seats. 

Plan Total price
1 year 5.99 USD/ per user (Changes with the number of members)
2 year 5.39 USD/ per user (Changes with the number of members)

3. Business plan - Up to 250 seats, a 14-day free trial is available.

Plan Total price
1 year 3.99 USD/ per user (Changes with the number of members)
2 year 2.69 USD/ per user (Changes with the number of members)

What do Users Say About NordPass? | NordPass Reviews

I definitely recommend Nord account for anyone who enjoys the internet - which should be for everyone. Most important, I genuinely love the 24/7 tech support for bring on their A-game.

-Jose, NordPass User

I used to use last pass. The frustration was never ending. After finding NordPass, it was everything I’d always wondered why a password app couldn’t have. I not only use it for passwords but for every single key piece of my life: finances, passwords, notes, and any important information or document I will need my family to have some day after I pass. 

Sounds weird but like running water, electricity, food, and a roof over a warm home, it is one of the my most valued tech/computer aspects of living. And for a mere pittance relative to the ease and peace of mind it gives me day to day. Can’t say enough good things about it.”

-Jec123, NordPass User

The autofill and autosave features are also universally loved. The staff loves the fact that they no longer have to manually type or even come up with new passwords. NordPass does everything for them.

-Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance, BIZIMPLY

“As the company grew, we simply didn’t have the imagination to come up with strong passwords, and we didn't have a place to store them. With NordPass, password security became one less thing to worry about”

-Virginijus Girnius, Chief Operations Officer, 1STOPVAT

What Do Our Experts Say About The NordPass?

The team at MobileAppDaily took a close look at NordPass, one of the best password managers, and found it to be an essential tool for enhancing online security and privacy. Our experts praised NordPass for its robust encryption methods that secure user data effectively. Thus making it nearly impossible for unauthorized parties to access sensitive information. This addresses growing concerns about digital security and privacy, ensuring users can trust the platform with their most confidential data.

What our experts particularly appreciated about NordPass is its user-friendly design. The app simplifies password management, allowing users to store, organize, and retrieve their passwords and login details effortlessly. This ease of use is critical for encouraging widespread adoption that makes digital security accessible to everyone. 

Additionally, MobileAppDaily's experts were impressed with NordPass's forward-thinking features, such as secure password sharing and emergency access. These functionalities not only enhance the current user experience but also ensure that the app remains relevant and useful as digital security practices evolve.

The ability to share passwords securely is particularly noteworthy, catering to the needs of teams and families who require shared access to accounts while maintaining high-security standards.

MAD Ratings

  • Features - 4.5
  • Navigation - 4.0
  • User Interface (UI) - 4.2
  • Security - 4.0

How Does NordPass Work?

While using Nordpass might seem like a daunting task. In actuality, the entire process of storing passwords with the app is pretty simple and straightforward. Users only need to perform the following steps to get started.

Step 1 : Firstly, after downloading and installing the NordPass app on your mobile device, you start by creating an account. Signing up involves setting up a master password. Remember, this master password will be the key to unlocking all your stored data. Users need to create a master password that is both strong and memorable. Ideally, it will be the only password you need to remember.

Step 2 : Once your account is set up, you can begin adding passwords to your NordPass vault. This can be done manually by entering your login details for various websites and apps. Users need to click on the ADD ITEM button.

a. Android Interface:

Android Interface:

b. iOS Interface:

iOS Interface:


Step 3 : The next step is to choose what they want to add. Users can add passwords, secure notes, credit card information, or some personal information, among others. 

a. Android Interface:

Android Interface:

b. iOS Interface:

Note: You can also automatically add passwords, as NordPass can detect and suggest adding passwords as you log in to sites and apps on your device. 

The app securely stores these details, encrypting them so that only you can access them with your master password.

Moreover, NordPass offers a convenient feature for automatically entering your login information when you access a site or an app. This auto-fill functionality speeds up the login process and ensures you use strong, unique passwords for each account. It’s particularly useful on mobile devices, where typing out complex passwords can be a pain.

Steps To Login Into Your Accounts using NordPass Autofill

a. For Android

Step 1 - If you have passwords already integrated into NordPass, you will simply have to click on the password bar. 

Step 2 - Then, click the Autofill with NordPass pop-up.

b. For iOS

Step 1 : Upon landing on a page, click on the input bar where you will need to enter your password or log-in credentials. 

Step 2 : Then, click on the passwords button when the keyboard pops up. 

Step 3 : Then, click on the username you used for the application. NordPass will then automatically fetch the password from its database, so you do not have to type it in manually.

The Upshot

After carefully evaluating the application and exploring many other NordPass reviews, our experts can confidently say that the NordPass app is a promising solution capable enough to manage your passwords effectively.

NordPass offers a comprehensive range of features designed to make online security convenient and reliable. From storing unlimited passwords to protecting your email privacy and efficiently managing licenses, NordPass addresses various aspects of digital security and privacy. 

We hope that this NordPass review gives a complete blueprint of the app’s features and functionalities. Moreover, if you're also a budding entrepreneur and want to get your app seen by the masses, you can Get your product reviewed with MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews and ratings will help your app grow and reach the potential audience. 

General FAQ

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