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Top 5 Essay Writing Apps for Tablets And iPad

From Byword to iA Writer, here are the leading essay writing apps for iPad and tablets.

Essay Writing Apps

Writing custom essays is a challenging task both for writing services and for many students as well. It necessitates time, effort and research. Also, some students prefer writing their articles on hard copies whereas others prefer the soft copy.

Writing an article on a soft copy is better than on a hard copy. First and foremost, it helps to have less luggage to carry around with you. Secondly, editing a soft copy is easy. So, choose to write your papers on your laptop, tablets, or iPads. Do not treat your iPads as consumption devices but rather as creative devices as well.

Besides, thanks to tablets and iPads, students watch their favorite movies, listen to music, chat with their friends and classmates and surf the web. Due to the Internet, they can find online services that can help them with their studying. In particular, using a free plagiarism checker, users can examine the uniqueness of the texts of their articles, projects and other written tasks. 

Best Essay Writing Apps for iPads To Try Out In 2019

In contrast, there are various apps on the iPad which you can use to write your essays or blog posts. For those who don't have iPads, you have to test the best writing Android apps.  But in this article, we'll discuss the best iPad and tablet apps for writing essays which are as follows:

1. Byword

Byword is one of the classroom technology apps you can use to write your essays or blog posts. It is more or less a better version of the Mac app on the mobile platform. It includes publishing to WordPress, Evernote, Medium, and Tumblr.

Additionally, it supports iCloud sync and Dropbox. Thus, you can use its notes in combination with other apps that synchronize to Dropbox. Byword also allows you to edit your document anywhere you may be.

Byword - Essay Writing App

You simply need to create your documents on your Mac, synchronize and hence, access them on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Moreover, it constitutes an interface that balances focus, feature set, and function.

It also has full Markdown support. This allows you to preview your articles in the app and export them to PDF or HTML. So, if you are using Byword on the Mac, consider using it on the iPad. It will help create a continuum in your writing workflow.

2. Plain Text

Plain Text is a clean and simple online library free app that gets all your writing tasks done as you want them. It does not contain rich features like Byword, and it is not that appealing. However, it works as you want it to thus helping solve your writing tasks. Plain Text was developed by a team that has expertise in this realm.

Plain Text - Essay Writing App

It nonetheless supports synchronization via Dropbox. Additionally, it has a stripped-down nature which makes it one of the most frictionless essays writing apps. It can also be used as one of the math apps for kids.

3. Writing Kit

Writing Kit is also another blended learning app you can use to write your essays and blogs. It has an inbuilt system of a ton of bells and whistles. As the name suggests, the Writing Kit has a browser integrated within it that lets you research and quickly link whenever possible.

Writing Kit - Essay Writing App

Additionally, it allows you to export your work into an assortment of applications such as Omni Focus (an app that helps boost productivity) and Things. The Writing Kit also guarantees you the ability to use Markdown syntax and synchronize it to Dropbox.

Moreover, it features a surfeit or profusion of preferences for users which puts it as a defeatist in this teaching strategies list.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote is an open-source textbooks app which is majorly used for notetaking rather than writing. It has a permeating or abundant nature and cross-platform aptitudes thus making it one of the best and ideal apps for getting words out of your head and onto the screen.

 Simplenote - Essay Writing App

Additionally, it has a TextExpander support system which enables it to replace abbreviations in your work with their consigned snippets. The Text Expander app does not have to be open to working with Simplenote.

You can create an abbreviation list of tests you frequently use, and the app will automatically replace them. Apart from this, Simplenote is also named as one of the best note-taking apps that are currently available.

5. iA Writer

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iA Writer is a free word processor app that lets you have access to all the features and tools found in a word processor at no cost. This storyboard app is compatible with iOS and Android. It allows you to write without any interruptions. All you need to do is place your hands on the keyboard and mind on the text.

iA Writer - Essay Writing App

Additionally, it has a customization feature that guarantees its appealing appearance as well as enables you to concentrate on your writing task. Moreover, it synchronizes across other platforms using iCloud or Dropbox.

Thus, you can write on any platform you have installed your iA Writer. Furthermore, it has a focus mode that fades sentences and paragraphs which are not being edited in the background.

Final Words

In conclusion, writing an article is a daunting and tiresome task. Not only does it require adequate time but also effort and research. Additionally, you can write your article on either a soft or hard copy.

However, hard copies are difficult to edit as it will make your work dirty. Thus, making soft copies is the preferred choice. You can write your essays on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

However, some people treat their iPads as consumption devices. iPads can be handy for creative devices when it comes to writing. There are various apps that can help you solve your paper writing tasks such as the ones described above.

So, if you are looking to lessen the burden of conducting extensive research and revising your work over and over again, consider using the apps discussed above.

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