10+ Best Note-Taking Apps to Stay Organize in 2023

Have a thought, but no paper & no time? We’ve got you covered with these top note-taking apps!
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September 28, 2023
Best Note-Taking Apps
The thing with ideas is that they can come to you at any time and any place, be it listening to your favorite song or just doing your night scrolling on Instagram’s new features. Not all ideas are amazing and out of the box but sometimes you might get a million-dollar idea that you would like to note down at that very moment.

Would you rather frantically search for a pen and paper to write down the idea or make some quick memo notes? Or you can simply open an awesome and effective note-taking app on your mobile device. The latter sounds like a great option as our smartphones are something we like to conveniently place near ourselves at all times.

Our Top Picks

Now that we have talked about the need for note-taking apps and note-taking tools, let’s further discuss the things in this article that simplify the process of taking a note easy and making note-taking applications amazing.

List of 10+ Top Note-Taking Apps For 2023

We have shortlisted a list featuring the best note-taking apps for smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices:

Notion - Best Notes App

Apple 4.2
android 4.3

If you are searching for a not-so-basic note-taking app then Notion might be the one that will suit your preference. This note-tasking application gives you the best of both worlds by bringing together advanced notability capabilities for Android and iOS platforms with an array of highly productive functionalities.

Some of the main functionalities it includes are a simple text editor, integrated calendar, and various other spreadsheet functions.

Features of this online note-taking app

  • Drag, drop, and edit options
  • Rich media support
  • Real-time collaboration with teams
  • Folderless organisers
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Zoho Notebook - Best Note Taking App

Apple 4.7
android 4.5

Next in the list of the best note-taking apps for students as well as professionals is the Zoho Notebook app, which is a free note-taking application that you can easily find on the internet. This app provides its users with a wide range of features and is also available on a majority of platforms.

After creating an account, you can start writing down notes and uploading images right away. The Zoho Notebook app also allows you to lock your notes, add time, and set reminders in your documents, making it one of the best notepad apps for Android and iOS devices.

Features of best note taking app

  • Completely free and ad-free with unlimited device support
  • Provides ease of use
  • Pre-built checklist and audio notes
  • Cloud sync option
  • Great User Interface
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Text formatting options
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Map Note 2 - Note Writing App

Apple 4.3

In this one of the best note-taking apps, you get amazing features to ensure that you have the best tool to take notes. You can write as much as you want on the single page of this app, and you also have the ability to add images at any point of your content. 

The Drag and zoom feature of this app lets you go to any part of the page as well. With this one of the best app for writing notes, you can make notes and organize them easily at your convenience. 

Features of the best note-taking app

  • Available for $5.99
  • Unlimited page size
  • Allows adding images
  • Organize at your fingertips
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Easy Notes - Best Notes App

android 4.7

Easy Notes app is on the top of the list of the most efficient and productive top note-taking apps on the Google Play Store. The app automatically stores your notes in the background while you’re writing. You can also create a to-do list and add rich colors to its text. It offers some color options to pick from here, more than Google Keep offers.

It has got really good ratings and reviews. Currently, the Easy Notes app for Windows has got over 100+ app installations and 0-star average user aggregate rating points. The Easy Notes app has got huge popularity with its simple and interactive interface.

The User Interface of the app looks like a Google Keep. To find some specific notes, you can use an in-built search function, which makes this app superhit among all other note-taking applications.

Features of the best note taking app

  • Make quick notes with colorful backgrounds
  • Built-in search function
  • Add photos and videos to your notes 
  • Looks similar to that of Google Keep
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ColorNote - Best Note Taking App

android 4.8

The ColorNote application is a simple yet efficient free notepad app for Android devices including a wide range of tablets and smartphones. With the help of this free Android notes app, users can easily create their sticky notes, checklists, memo notes, and note reminders while maintaining their online notepad for free.

As the name of this note-sharing app, the UI (User Interface) of the ColorNote app is designed neatly and allows the app users to create their notes in a variety of different colors.

Features of best note taking app

  • It is an online notepad with a lock and master password
  • Integrated calendar
  • Consists of a built-in sharing option which includes SMS, Bluetooth, email, etc
  • Provides support for sync and data backup
  • Notes can be searched via the voice search tool
  • Transfer your sticky notes to the archive section
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MyScript Nebo- Best Note Taking App

Apple 4.5
android 4.3

The MyScript Nebo is not a traditional note taking app but rather a digital one, this is mainly because it uses impressive technologies like digital ink and handwriting recognition. Along with this, the MyScript app comes packed with multiple features that further allow the end-users to draw sketches and diagrams that are relatively easy.

Another worth-mentioning point about this notes app is that it supports more than 50 languages for handwriting recognition and some of them are French, Spanish, and English.

Features of this note taking app

  • Intuitive UX and UI
  • Multiple input methods
  • Gesture recognition and finger writing
  • More than 50 languages support 
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Any.do - Best Note Writing App

Apple 4.6
android 4.4

Any.DO is another all-in-app task management application with a wide range of impressive note-taking features that will help the users in simplifying the maintenance process of their do-to list. In addition to this, it also provides the users with functionalities like customizable recurring tasks, location-based reminders, unlimited collaboration and so much more.

Features of best free note taking app

  • Customizable input features
  • Attack various information
  • Attack pics, location, and clips
  • Customizable task reminders
  • Location reminders
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WANote - An easy-to-use Note Writing App

WANote is a specially designed note-taking app that allows you to record and manage important notes and information by phone numbers. This app works in collaboration with WhatsApp and offers tools to help you set reminders and take notes. 

This app can help you organize your day-to-day activities and manage all your tasks efficiently. Along with its utility, the WANote app is extremely simple to use and is thus a preferred choice for many users. Unlike many other note-taking apps, WANote can be installed and used on a desktop as well. 

Features of this free notes app

  • Quick and extremely simple to use
  • Set reminders to ensure do not miss any deadlines
  • Supports cross-platform compatibility- available for phone and desktop
  • Enables encryption features to safeguard user’s privacy
  • Easy to add checklists and to-do lists within the note
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Next - An app to organize notes and reminders

Apple 5.0

Next by Inkoda is a free note-taking app that is available for iOS users. You can use Next as an app on your mobile phone or can also use the web version available online. This app is straightforward and simple to use and is preferred by most people over any of the premium picks. 

Along with a note-taking app, Next also functions as a great organizing planner that helps you define goals and breaks your daily activities into simple tasks focused on realizing those goals. Along with this, you can also record and track your progress with this note-taking app. It is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for either maintaining a simple to-do list or managing a complex project.

Features of the best free note-taking app

  • Effectively works as a personal journal
  • List View- for easy organization
  • Supports multiple time-zones
  • Built-in currency converter
  • Record and track on the go
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GoodNotes - Note Writing App

Apple 4.8

The GoodNotes app may not be the only note taking an application for iOS out there, but it surely is a good one. This notes application offers its users the option to search their important notes and also organize their different types of documents.

Although, we have to admit that the UI (User Interface) provided by the app is amazing and takes the user experience to another level. In short, the GoodNotes application is a simple yet classic note taking app, perfect for your iPhone and iPad.

Features of this best memo app

  • Smooth integration with iOS devices
  • Easy import and export of data
  • Simple, classic, and effective
  • Best for iPads
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SimpleNote - Best Note Taking App

Apple 4.8
android 4.1

As the name suggests, Simplenote is an app that is here to offer its users the ease to take note by being one of the simplest note taking apps on the market. The Simplenote note taking app delivers an easy way to maintain notes, lists, and ideas.

One can also say that its core user experience is all about providing speed and efficiency to the end-user. These features have made this simple notepad application land among the best note taking apps for iPad Pro and iPhones that are free of cost.

SimpleNote has also been featured in Best Essay Writing Apps

Features of this app

  • It has a very simple and clean interface
  • Geared towards fast usage
  • 'Time machine' style revision control on the notes
  • Collaborative features
  • Works offline
  • Users can export their data
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Notability - Best Note Writing App

Apple 4.6

Notability is a well-known note taking app from Ginger Labs that is only available on iTunes that means it only provides support for the iPhone and iPad Pro.

Apart from this, the Notability application is highly recognized by Apple as the Best Selling Paid Productivity app for four consecutive years. So go ahead and try out this app to sync written notes with audio recordings and annotating documents.

Features of the best free notes app

  • Great UI and UX
  • Flawless integration with all apple products
  • Multiple input system
  • Set reminders and create events on the go
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SomNote - Best Note Writing App

Apple 4.7
android 4.4

SomNote is a cloud-based application for taking notes with around 100 MB of free cloud storage provided to each user account. With this app, users can easily draw sketches as well as graphs while utilizing different themes and fonts for their documents.

Along with this, SomNote also lets you sync your notes to any device, create multi-colored folders, use password protection, access view modes, conduct a faster keyword search, and many other options.

Features of this app

  • Cloud space up to 100 MB
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Easy data input
  • Wide user base and excellent reviews
  • Password protection and search tools
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What Makes it an Awesome Note Taking App?

When it comes to finding top-notch mobile apps in a particular category some standards have to be met by the applications. For instance, the app should have a great UI (User Interface), the app should offer the option of multitasking to the user, the app should provide the user with additional tools, and much more. In addition to this, factors like price i.e. subscription fee and user experience are equally important.


After in-depth reviews of the various offerings by these top note taking apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, we have to go with them it is hard to say which one is the best, but they all are perfect to make you much more productive. Every app is slightly different from the others and depending on who is using it, can easily be put at the top. 

We hope you have found the best app for your needs. Let us know if we miss something and for the product owners out there who are looking for users to get your app reviewed, I’d say MobileAppDaily is the place for you.

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