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Top 10 Best Android Icon Packs in 2021

Developers swear by these best android icon packs when it comes to Android devices.

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The current mobile age has given us so many things that we can’t even take the count of and when it comes to mobile apps, the offerings get specific and optimal at the same time. Talking particularly about Android, we have a suite of apps that do things for us that we can’t even imagine.
Icon packs for Android are one such specification that we are going to talk about in this application. For users, icon packs are the most celebrated way of customization. Several third-party icon packs offer customization services to the users.

The number of good icon packs for the users is available in stock. And all of them are exceptional owing to the features they offer to them. Because of this, we decided not to pick the icon packs individually but jot down some of the developer’s best icon packs for Android.

Best Icon Packs Android in 2021

And while I was researching the same I got several such apps to list here in this article. Let’s begin with some of the most prominent offerings:

1. CandyCons - Best Icons For Android

Packed with fairly decent icon packs, CandyCons is another exceptional offering for the users who love customization. There are thousands of offerings to choose from each having some specific elements included for the users. The pack offers more than 20 wallpapers, launchers, dynamic Google calendar support, and much more.

These are the packs of square and rectangular icons. Another offering, Spheroid, isn't unique at all, but it can be separated from other offerings owing to its rock-solid flat-style icon packed with round icons. The app can be downloaded for all android devices and supports many other open source applications.

Notable offerings:

  • 2000+ icons
  • 20 wallpapers
  • Wide launcher support
  • Constant updates

Download CandyCons, the best icon pack for Android

2. DARKMATTER - Best icon changer app for Android

DARKMATTER is one of the most popular developers packs for Android. These are the best icon packs a user can find around. Options for users include 3100+ icons, 30 wallpapers, Category sorting, music live wallpapers, support for calendars, open-source applications, and feature extremely clean and colorful images. All these packs include some great designs for the users.

In addition to all these offerings, these packs are compatible with Nova, ADW, Apex, Aviate, ASAP, KK, Lucid, Smart, Yandex, Total, Atom, Nine, and Next Launcher 3D. 

Notable offerings:

  • 3100+ icons
  • 30 wallpapers
  • Icon category
  • Tools for requesting missing icons
  • Calendar support
  • Search function

Download DARKMATTER, the best icon pack for Android

3. Delta - Best icon pack Android

Delta includes a variety of icon packs for the users, offering them a lot of features in just one pack. The package includes some of the most popular offerings for Android users and has been praised by MyAndroid, Sam Beckman, Zachary Anderson, and many more experts.

In addition to all these offerings, there are many other sources to choose from. Delta includes packs with more than 2000 hand-designed Icons that support more than 20 launchers. The graphics are flats and there are various icon sizes as well.

It works outstandingly with dark themes, while can also be used to replace stock Material Design style icons. 

Notable offering:

  • 2000 hand-made icons
  • 20+ launcher support
  • Simplistic design

Download Delta icon pack for Android

4. PixBit - Best icon changer for Android

Another pack that includes thousands of icon packs with some of the decent offerings is PixBit. The icon packs focus more on style and seem to have a liking for darker icons that look great for dark themes.

While having a rundown on the applications, we liked +2400 icons, support for icons, color variants, and support for all popular launchers. These offerings concentrate much on flat and modern designs and can be downloaded at a nominal fee of USD 1.99. 

Notable offerings:

  • 2380+ icons
  • Support for folder and dock icons
  • Dynamic Google Calendar
  • One tap icon request
  • 5 Pixel KWGT Pro Widget
  • Popular launcher support.

Download PixBit for icon packs for Android

5. Pix UI Icon Pack 2 For Android - Best icon pack for Android

Some of the newer icons are packed together to form Pix UI Icon Pack 2. The icon packs it offers include 6910 icons in 192x192px resolution. These icon packs are cleanest of all and boast support at all popular launchers. The offerings are great to use for minimal themes and can be used for the utmost personalization of the interface.

Pix UI Icon Pack 2 provides various themes and HD wallpapers. The beta version can be used for free on the Nova launcher.

Notable offerings:

  • 6910 icons
  • Multicolor themes
  • Grid support
  • Support all popular launchers

Download Pix UI Icon Pack 2 for icon packs for Android

6. Polycon - Top icon packs for Android 

Polycon offers more than half a dozen icon packs to choose from. Most of these icon pack offerings are square, squircle, or circle icons with bright colors, flat designs, and consistent theming.

Right from the list of huge offerings in the form of icon packs, the most prominent ones include 20 High-resolution wallpapers, 800+ vector icons, custom folder icons, CMTE support, Custom app drawer icons, Server-based icon requesting.

In case, you are a fan of the longer rectangular design, we recommend Reactions. And for lovers of the circular design, there is Bolt to get a similar offering for their Android device. 

Notable offerings:

  • 800+ icons
  • HD wallpapers
  • CMTE support
  • Firebase integration

Download Polycon for icon packs for Android

7. RETRORIKA - Best icon themes for Android

RETRORIKA offers a range of exceptional icon packs. And the designs it offers are worth trying for anyone who wishes to see new icon designs on the smartphone screen. The icon packs inside this offering feature a series of designs, from minimalist to transparent.

The flight is a good pack for minimalists just like Lines. Murdered Out is there if you like dark themes. Grid is there for sci-fi themes. This best icon pack for Android includes several out-of-the-box offerings for the users. Users can browse through the application of some of the cool designs on their Android smartphones.  

Notable offerings:

  • 4100+ icons
  • 126+ wallpapers
  • Supports more than 30 launchers
  • See and search icons
  • Supports Muzie

Download RETRORIKA for icon packs for Android

8. Voxel - Icon pack for Android

A voxel is another great choice for the best Android icon packs. The pack is full of amazing icons refreshing your interface and customizing it to the last bits. The pack comes loaded with more than 5000 icons which are 192*192 in dimension and support HQ and HD formats. Icons are categorized into 25 categories and suit all purposes. It also comes with 20 wallpapers and tons of other personalization features.

A voxel is a great pack for Android users running popular launchers. There are android launcher apps that support this amazing icon pack. 

Notable offerings:

  • 5000+ icons
  • Icon categories
  • HD support
  • Unthemed masks
  • Frequent updates

Download Voxel for icon packs for Android

9. Zwart -  Android icon pack

Zwart is a great submission by Randle for the Android icon pack. Zwart comes with tons of features that will make it your favorite instantly. The pack comes with 6377 icons and those are updated continuously. There are plenty of wallpapers and other offerings that help you in personalizing your interface. 

Zwart supports more than 27000 applications and can be used with all of them. Other than that, it is of course supported by all the popular launchers available today. 

Notable offerings:

  • 6377 icons
  • Covers 27950 applications
  • Dynamic calendar icon support.

Download Zwart for icon packs for Android

10. Whicons - Android icon pack

Whicons is our last pick but not the least. It is as good as any other mention here and is perfect for running the job of personalizing the interface of your Android device. There are thousands of icons that will suffice your every need. The pack comes with 6500+ icons and can be used with the majority of applications available on the Google Play Store. 

Whicons boasts a 4.7-star rating on the app store and has been trusted by millions of users already. 

Notable offerings:

  • +6500 icons
  • Huge app support
  • Blueprint dashboard
  • Dynamic calendar support.

Download Whicons for icon packs for Android

Final Word 

This is all about the best icon packs for Android that are worth trying to get exciting backgrounds on the phone. Some of the above-mentioned offerings are available for free while others charge a small amount for the download.

The list of such icon packs includes several other offerings too, but we have jotted down some of the best ones here. Try some of these to alter the front screen of your smartphone. These pack icons are everything that a user would like to get to make their Android screen look more dynamic. 

We hope that you liked our picks and found what you were looking for. If you want to know more or if you are an app owner who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily. 

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