Life360: Tracking App backed by Apple and Google

Be carefree and together with your family with the Life360 app. Connect with your “circle”, see their locations and get emergency notifications.

Updated on April 03, 2024
Life360: Tracking App backed by Apple and Google

Life is full of risks and uncertainties. Especially today, when everyone is leading fast and ever-changing, it’s difficult to get a hold of people you care about. A father will always be worried about his teenage daughter who has recently started driving, or a family will always be worried while driving down the highway late at night. The world around us has become so chaotic that negative thoughts easily find their way inside our head and leads to anxiety. Amidst this discomfort, drawing a line of care and intrusion becomes very difficult, especially if you are dealing with people you care about.

For many years people have been looking for ways to keep a check on people they care about without standing in the way of their freedom. Life360 app is the result of those efforts. Developed in 2008, it has been used by millions around the world to stay close to their family and friends. It allows you to create “circles” with people you care about, like family or co-workers. Once you have added them in your circle, you can access their live location, share texts and other media with them, send them alerts and even get crash alerts and help, moments later the unfortunate event.    

In this life360 app review, we will do an in-depth discussion of its features, objectives, how well it has achieved it and what makes it one of the best safety apps to keep your mind at peace. 

Life360 family locator app with diverse safety features

Family locator app life360 is a multi-functional location tracking app which offers many valuable features, essential for keeping up with your family and friends. The app was launched by a San Francisco based company called Life360 Inc. in 2008. In its early days, it saw success and received funding from both the giants like Facebook and Google. The app life360 offers location-based services, like sharing and notifications to its users. After installing the app, users can create “circles'' by inviting people. Once accepted, users can see the real-time locations of people in the circle separately and get all important notifications related to them in just a matter of seconds. Created to develop assurance and awareness about your family, Life360 app offers much more than that. Leveraging the availability of the location, Life360 app can send a notification if someone is running late or meets an unfortunate accident. It is a perfect antidote to those annoying “Where are you?” and “What is your ETA?” texts.

Life360 app gives a sense of security without coming in the way of your freedom

A survey done in 2019 states that more than 70% of teenagers in America don’t mind sharing their locations with their parents. That number bumps up to 86% when added safety features are mentioned. Life360 app for iPhone and Android uses this vital information and presents it to you with much more sophisticated safety features. Apart from telling you where your son or daughter is, it can also detect if they have been involved in a crash, or if they need any roadside assistance. It does all these amazing things by utilising the location and other data, like speed, braking pattern, movement etc. So what are some of the finer features of life360 locator app?

A tracking app, loaded with features to keep you connected with your loved ones.

Apart from features for tracking someone's location, Life360 is full of other features which come handy while connecting or tracking someone from your circle. Here are a few notable features Life360 offers out of the box.

  • Create circles and stay connected

Life360 locator app allows you to create circles with people you care for. Stay connected with them, send text and other information for free.

  • Real-time location sharing

Life360 is a location tracking app which tracks and shows the real-time location of the people in your circle on a family shared-map. Everyone is indicated with separate icons.

Real-time location sharing

  • Find circle members and get real-time directions

Leveraging the location data, Life360 is the best tracking app to know the location of the circle members and get directions towards them on a detailed private map. It can be used as a free app to track phones without them knowing.

Find circle members and get real-time directions

  • Get 24/7 roadside assistance

In case you run into roadside trouble, you can use the Life360 app hack and tap the ‘Call Roadside Assistance’ button in the ‘Safety’ tab. You will directly be connected to a live representative who will be aware of your location and will send help immediately.

Get 24/7 roadside assistance

  • Get crash detection notification

If you or your loved ones meet an accident, every second saved is equivalent to saving a life. Life360 app uses its advanced location features and other data to send crash detection notification seconds after the incident. This helps in saving valuable time and sends help at the earliest. 

Get crash detection notification

How does the Life360 app work?

Life360 android app as well as Life360 iPhone app, both work on the location sharing technology. 

  • Download life360 app.
  • Create “circles” with family members, colleagues or friends.
  • Send an invitation to add people in your circle. Once the invitation is accepted the person will be added in your circle.
  • Once added in your circle, you can see their location, the distance between you and them, estimated time to cover that distance and much more.
  • Click on Safety Tab for exploring other safety features like roadside assistance and more.

Hits and Strikes

Hits -

  • Create multiple custom groups and communicate with them independently.
  • View real-time location of your circle members on a family map, privacy shared by your circle.
  • Get notifications from circle members on arriving or leaving any destination.
  • Locate stolen or lost phones
  • Get roadside assistance in a matter of minutes
  • Crash notification and immediate assistance after a crash.
  • Android and iOS compatibility

Strikes - 

  • Sometimes not as accurate as it claims
  • Some updates bugged the application

Life360 App Review


  • People's Voice Award for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology, Webby Awards, 2012
  • Reader's Choice Award from as the Coolest Parenting Teens Gadget, 2012

Life360 app cost:

  • Free for download
  • In-app purchase - ₹95.00 – ₹17,700.00 per item

The Verdict

Design- 4.5 stars
Usability- 4.8 stars
Features- 4.7 stars
Reliability- 4.4 stars

MAD Rates - 4.6 stars

Life360 app is a well tested mobile app which has been approved by millions of its users over the years. It has taken simple location-based data and used it to create some essential services which take away a lot of your stress. Its services are useful and make annoying questions like “where are you”? and “when will you reach”? Redundant. It also offers support of the live assistance in case you meet an emergency and need help. A well-rounded safety application, with no download cost, we strongly suggest it. Let us know your views about the Life360 app in the comment section below and read our mobile app reviews to know applications that are taking industries by the storm.

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