iSharing: Find Friends, Family

Stay connected with your family and friends

Updated on April 05, 2024
iSharing: Find Friends, Family

Safety and security remain one of the primary concerns of almost every one of us and especially at a time when technology is moving at breakneck speed. And if talk about our family and friends, their whereabouts may make you skip a beat if they don’t reply during odd hours.

But what if you can always keep a track of their activity and help them stay away from any kind of problem? It sounds so interesting.

So, it’s possible with the iSharing app, which was coined with the aim of keeping the safety and security of the family members.

Resse, the co-founder of the iSharing app said that she made it a point that “her family was safe and that her family would know she was safe.”

What Does iSharing App Do?

The iSharing app is a locator & GPS location tracker app that will help the user to connect with his family and friends in n safe and secure manner and also track the GPS position of the concerned person.

The app is must for people who have kids at their home, as kids do venture out of the home and it’s tough to stay at their tale for the whole day.

The app is more than just securing texting and GPS tracking; with the iSharing app, the user has the option of a panic button, which can be used during a distress situation.

The other features that come packed with the iSharing app are location history, walkie-talkie feature, panic alert, and place alerts for families.

And it’s features that turn the device into a walkie-talkie is fantastic because not every place has a proper connection and it may become scary when we are not able to connect with our dear ones.

iSharing: Find Friends, Family

Notable features of iSharing: Find Friends, Family app are:

Unlike many other similar apps, the iSharing app is quite user-friendly and its features are simple to use.

  • Can view the real-time location of other members on a private family map;
  • Updates the user when a friend or kids arrive at or leave destinations;
  • Alert when a friend is nearby;
  • GPS Location tracker for stolen phones or lost phones
  • Deploys the panic alert option by shaking the device;
  • The device can be turned into a walkie talkie;
  • History of the family members whereabouts and more.

isharing app

How iSharing App Works?

After downloading the app, every member of the group is marked with a unique icon on the GPS tracking navigational map. So, it cuts down on any opportunity that may confuse the user about the members of the group.

To churn out the best features, this safety app engages the latest technology to keep the people connected.

With its time-sensitive communication and state-of-the-art GPS location data, the iSharing app can accurately pinpoint the location of the intended user and report the real-time whereabouts. Besides, it does alert when he leaves or arrives at a destination.

You’ll be able to have alerts when a family member arrives at a destination and leaves, providing you.

One thing that accompanies this excellent app is that it minimizes anxiety involved when we care for our loved ones.

How Much Does iSharing App Cost?

The safety app is free to download and can be used for full seven days which will be a free trial period and after that, if the user wishes to keep using this app, he needs to go for the premium package.

  • For a month - $9.2
  • For a year - $82.5

The premium package comes with a lot of features, which are mentioned as under:

  • Unlimited access to map;
  • Set up unlimited places and get notified automatically when friends enter or leave a place;
  • Location history for 30 days;
  • No interruption of ads.

For the payment, the user can make use of his Google Pay Account and the subscription will get auto-renewed after the subscription period expires.

Our Take

Who doesn’t want to stay connected with his family and friends? iSharing app not only keeps everyone close but also provides real-time information and location of all the group members.

The app consolidates the trust among the family and friends, and help in to stay in contact with each other. We believe, with this app, the user gets maximum peace and anxiety level drops up considerably.

We always recommend our readers to go through the detailed app reviews of the top-notch mobile app before downloading it.

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