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Best Educational Apps for Students and Professionals to Make Education More Interactive [2021]

Moving from conventional ways of learning to online courses, educational apps have simplified the learning process.

Best Educational Apps

Mobile apps are embraced in almost every field and the education sector is one where apps can play a significant role in educating the learners. Students can download apps to make boring lectures lively and exciting, which means students gain more while easing the learning process.

Educational apps are getting more streamlined because of their ease of use and effortless learning process. These mobile apps for education introduce advanced learning means and methods to help learners in an easy way.

Learning House and Aslanian Market Research survey state that around 80% of respondents accepted that they complete their course work using a mobile device. The report also stated that more than 50% of students communicate with professors and access course reading over the smartphone.

On top of that, features such as remote training programs, paperless operations, and step-by-step explanations of queries are pushing learners more towards the educational apps.

Best Educational Apps in 2021

Are you looking for the right education application for your learning process? Here are the top ten education apps that every teacher and student can use to make the learning process a lot easier:

The apps are categorically tailored to cater to learners of all stages; from kids to soon-to-be college graduates, these free educational apps are exceptional in imparting knowledge.

Educational Apps for Teachers and Students

In addition to the below-mentioned apps, we suggest you also use different tools to increase your efficiency, such as a free online plagiarism checker for your papers to find if there is any plagiarized content or not.  

1. Kahoot: For Teachers and Students

Kahoot is one of the best educational apps for teachers and students to interact with each other. The app keeps the students engaged and make them competitive through game-based learning and instructional design.

The teacher writes questions and answers into the app, and the student has to answer by ticking the right answer. On the other hand, the student begins with simple tasks on the home screen and then move to the profile area to view key stats. If there are no quizzes as such, the student can even go for public Kahoots to play or remix.

For every correct answer, a student earns some points. That means the faster a student is, the more likely he is to win the game.

best educational apps for students

Notable features of the Kahoot app:

  • Option to host your own game;
  • Challenge friends for a fun competition;
  • Teachers can assign homework using challenges;
  • Remote training programs and more.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Google Classroom: For Teacher to Make Announcements

If you are looking for a paperless classroom for teachers to make announcements and have instant collaboration even outside the classroom, Google Classroom app is the best educational app for the job. Teachers can use this app to store study material and allow students to access them effortlessly. 

The education application is like a virtual space where learners and the instructors connect. After every session, students are given assignments, which is later reviewed and marked by the teachers. This way, the teacher can easily track a student’s progress.

Due to its wide array of features, Google Classroom is considered as one of the best apps for teachers.

educational app for adults and professional

Notable features of the Google Classroom app:

  • Saves learner’s time;
  • Improves organization techniques;
  • Affordable and secure programs;
  • Enhances communication and more.

Download for Android and iOS

3. StudyBlue: For Exam Preparation

If you’re a student stressed about your next exam, StudyBlue could be your reliable educational app. StudyBlue is one of the best educational apps for students that have been introduced to help students learn their syllabus in an unchallenging way.

The app is ideal for recalling & retaining information and arranging & coordinating materials.

The students have all the freedom to create personalized flashcards, use digital learning materials, and study from anywhere they want just by signing up with the app from their smartphone.

The app keeps a subject file of all flashcard decks users have added. Furthermore, the user can arrange the cards in order from hardest to easiest, and least studied.

best apps for school

Notable features of the StudyBlue app: 

  • Customizes the study materials with desired images and audio;
  • Include several quizzes to track the overall progress;
  • Option to set study reminders;
  • Access to study materials across multiple devices and more.

Download for Android and iOS

4. Socrative: Helps Students Starting from a Class Level

The Socrative app is an excellent tool to infuse healthy competition among students. The teacher can easily catch on with the student's understanding level and adjust instruction accordingly. It not only increases student-teacher interaction but also allows the teacher to identify the student’s weaknesses. 

This app is similar to Kahoot, where the student learns through quizzes. They can access the live quiz tool using a unique code and start off with their quiz competitions.

However, it is a bit different from Kahoot in the way students access the questions. Also,  they get to see the results and hard questions.

Socrative app is an excellent tool

Notable features of the Socrative app:

  • Multiple-choice and true/false questions;
  • Open-ended questions and vote on the results;
  • Class, Question and Student level reports;
  • Google integrations and more.

Download for Android and iOS

5. PhotoMath: For Solving Mathematical Problems

For many, math can be a tough nut to crack, but with the Photomath app, it’s no more a challenging task. The free educational app for kids is a friendly instructor which helps kids know more about algebra, geometry and other mathematical concepts by a tech-savvy approach to showing solutions to math equations.

Students can use PhotoMath to step up their knowledge base in mathematical fundamentals. Just take a photo of the question or type a query in the app and it will provide a detailed breakdown of the solution, with each step clearly mentioned to facilitate learning.

Its handwriting recognition feature helps the kids to scan and solve the problem as long as the handwriting is neat enough. The mathematical problem can be added manually into this educational app.

best educational apps for teachers

Notable features of the PhotoMath app:

  • Scans textbook and handwritten problems;
  • Includes scientific calculator;
  • Step-by-step explanations for every solution ;
  • Multiple solving methods and more.

Download for Android and iOS

Educational Apps For Professionals

1. Explain Everything: To make Presentations

Explain Everything does what powerpoint does but in a simpler way, making presentations in class more productive. Making presentations is an indispensable part of almost every working professional’s routine and here comes the role of Explain Everything app.

The educational app has an interactive whiteboard that allows learners to make their presentation while recording everything drawn on the casting whiteboard.

Explain Everything enables the learners to document everything they learn through captured photos, videos, and presentations. It's an excellent app, as it ignites interaction and makes the whole process of learning more fun coupled with its instructional strategies.

Best Educational Apps

Notable features of the Explain Everything app:

  • Communicate visually on an infinite canvas;
  • Option to record the canvas to create tutorials, guides, etc;
  • Join collaborations as a viewer;
  • Discover and downloads the content from Explain Drive.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Udemy: For Online Courses

Online courses are on the rise and to make the most out of it, you can download the Udemy app. The educational app for adults and professionals is exclusively designed to offer free online courses on a wide range of subjects.

The app provides access to instant learning with features offering professional feedback, mentoring and a nano-degree servicer. The user has to pinpoint the course he/she wants to pursue and then, the course can be bought using in-app purchases or Google Wallet account.

The app is more beneficial for the users who are constantly on the go because with the Udemy app, it’s possible to download video lectures for offline use.

With Udemy, the learners can benefit from professional certifications and guidance from instructors that can help them in their future educational and career endeavors.

educational app for adults

Notable features of the Udemy app:

  • Speed controls and closed captioning for personalized learning;
  • Option to download courses to learn offline;
  • Personalized recommendations;
  • Supports over 60 languages and more.

Download for Android and iOS

3. edX: For professional Courses

If you are super-busy with your schedule and don't have time to devote to studies, make sure you have the edX educational app with you. The amazing app helps working professionals to advance in your career with the most in-demand skills. edX covers you with courses from data science to computer programming.

More importantly, its courses are offered by institutions like UC Berkeley and Boston University, which instill trust among its users. You can even audit classes and earn proof of enrollment.

The cost of each program varies. For non-verified courses, there are no charges as such and for the verified ones, it starts with $50 and comes with a two-week refund policy. And after buying a course, if the user can prove an undue financial burden, then he/she is eligible to grab the 90% discount.

top educational apps

Notable features of the edX app:

  • Stream or download online classes;
  • Various quizzes and exams;
  • Course certifications;
  • Over 2000 online courses and more.

Download for Android and iOS

4. Skillshare: To Enhance Skills

Do you wish to learn new skills with digital classes? Opt Skillshare is one of your best educational apps to learn about a variety of professional illustrations. From creative arts courses to entrepreneurial tips, Skillshare has courses that cover every interest.

The study programs of this app are designed in such a manner that the learners can learn at their own pace and schedule. But if the user is already a trainer or an instructor, he can even earn money through this app. The payment is made according to the number of minutes the course is watched.

As a learner, the Skillshare programs can initially be availed for a trial period and after that, the user has to pay $15/month (monthly subscription) or $8.25/month (one annual payment of $99). The premium members of this app get unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s courses.

good educational apps

Notable features of by the Skillshare app: 

  • Permits you to watch hundreds of free classes;
  • Access to the full library of subscription-only classes;
  • Option to download classes to watch in the offline mode;
  • A free trial period of 30 days and more.

Download for Android and iOS

5. Quizlet: Focuses on Learning Through Flashcards 

Flashcards are perfect for memorizing vocabulary, formulae, or historical dates. If you find it suitable, Quizlet is the app for you. Quizlet app focuses on doing standardized test prep for big exams and makes it possible for learners to learn new terms with a lot of visual or auditory content.

Once the user downloads the app, the instructor can add students to the dashboard. Then the instructor can create a quiz. The learner cannot see the terms and descriptions of their fellow teammates. The app helps the learner practice and master whatever he/she is learning with interactive quizzing. 

However, if one person in a team makes a mistake, all others have to start the game from the beginning. So make sure, club with the right people and advance in your career at a greater pace.

free educational apps for kids

Notable features of the Quizlet app:

  • Custom images and audio;
  • Material pronunciation in 18 languages;
  • Race against the clock in a game of match;
  • Option to share flashcards with learners and more.

Download for Android and iOS

Final Thoughts

With the transition from conventional ways to digital ones, mobile apps will definitely become weigh more in education systems than they are now. Mobile apps not only add power to the education industry but also shape the entire learning process for both teachers and students alike.

For platform-specific educational apps, check out our best picks:

Best Android Educational Apps

  • Google Classroom
  • PhotoMath

Best iOS Educational Apps

  • Kahoot
  • Quizlet

All these educational apps have made the life of learners much easier. Anyone can learn on the go and get their papers done in no time.

So, if you are a young learner and wish to add more arsenal to your armory of knowledge, download any of the mentioned-above top educational apps and break the shackles of conventional learning.

To keep this list updated, we at ‘MobileAppDaily’ keep on reviewing the latest mobile apps that promise to offer the same worth as that of the apps mentioned in our lists.

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