5 Apps For Teachers and Students To Make Education Mo
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5 Apps For Teachers and Students To Make Education More Interactive

Mobile apps will definitely become bigger soon in education systems than they are now.

5 Apps For Teachers and Students To Make Education More Interactive

Using smart gadgets in schools can make teachers and students interact easily. It is no longer an offense to have smartphones and other devices in class. Teachers and students can download apps to make boring lectures lively and exciting, which means students gain more while easing the teachers’ work.  With so many apps available for teachers and students, you shouldn’t be wondering, “How can I write my essay today?” These tools help you learn every step of a task in an easy way. Here are the top 5 apps that every teacher and student should know about.

1. Kahoot 

most recommended apps for teachers and students

Kahoot is one of the most recommended apps for teachers and students.  It keeps the students engaged and competitive, and they want to be the best.  A teacher enters the questions and answers into the app, and it becomes a fun game. Students do not have to type the answers; instead, they tick them. 

For every correct answer, a student earns some points. That means the faster a student is, the more likely they are to win the game. Every student will be fully engaged because the app makes learning fun.

To get started, you start with simple tasks on the home screen and then move to the profile area to view key stats. 

2. Google Classroom 

perfect platform for a teacher to make announcements

This app is G Suite for education and comes in handy in assignment distribution and grading. Teachers use it to keep class materials and allow students to access them effortlessly. It is also a perfect platform for a teacher to make announcements and have an engaging debate with students. 

What’s more, the teacher can invite students to join a lesson and ask them questions, which leads to educative interactions. This is one of the best apps for students who are still stuck and not sure how to write an essay.  Students enroll in a course or class using the specific code given by their teacher. This enables them to follow conversations as they write their assignments. However, students and their teachers need Google email addresses for them to use the Google Classroom app. 

3. Explain Everything

Everything is an app that makes presentations

Explain Everything is an app that makes presentations in a class more productive. It does what power point does but in a simpler way.  The app has an interactive whiteboard that allows students to make their presentation while recording everything drawn on the casting whiteboard. This enables students to document everything they learn through captured photos, videos, and presentations and end up making books. 

The teacher can make instructional videos and tutorials and send them to the students. This is an excellent app for students and teachers to use in the classroom as it ignites interaction among bored students. 

If you’re a parent, you should take a look at these top education apps for kids.

4. Quizlet

Quizlet app focuses on definitions and explanation

Quizlet app focuses on definitions and explanation of terms.  The teacher adds the students and creates a quiz. Students simply download the app and search for the quiz, but they can also make their study sets. 

The app brings students together, and they can work together to come up with the correct definition or term for a specific description. The main purpose of this quiz tool is to make it possible for students to practice definitions and terms. 

However, students cannot see the terms and descriptions of their fellow teammates. What’s more, if one person in a team makes a mistake, they all have to restart again.

5. Socrative

Socrative app helps students starting from a class level

This app is similar to Kahoot, where students enter their quiz. They access the live quiz tool using a unique code and start working on the quiz. The questions are visible on the screen of their smart device. It is a bit different from Kahoot in the way students access the questions. Besides, they get to see the results and hard questions. 

The Socrative app helps students starting from a class level to a question level, which is perfect for students, not sure how to “write my essay today.” It encourages good competition among students, and every assessment turns into a fun activity. The teacher can easily visualize the students understanding as they get busy on the screen. It not only increases interaction but also allows the teacher to identify the main weaknesses of the students quickly. 

Final Thoughts

In this era of advanced technology, teachers and students make use of interactive apps to better and ease education processes. The mobile apps will definitely become bigger soon in education systems than they are now. They not only add power to education but to social culture and the economy.

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