Coursera Review 2024 - Details, Features, Pros and Cons

Coursera is the one-stop destination for all your learning needs!

Updated on April 05, 2024
Coursera Review 2024 - Details, Features, Pros and Cons

This pandemic confined everyone to their homes, and schools and colleges were closed. This is where online learning platforms came into use. Apps like Coursera and its features keep education accessible to the masses. Coursera is an online learning platform developed with the aim of providing education to all learners across the globe.

The app strives to offer equal educational opportunities to all irrespective of their economic status, race, or gender. But does the Coursera app really deliver what it promises? Let’s find out!

In this Coursera app review, we are giving you a detailed insight into its functioning, features, and popularity. We will also go through the Coursera app’s functions to rate it from different perspectives.

What is the Coursera app all about?

Founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, the Coursera app is a database of online courses. The app has 4,000 courses to offer, along with certifications. One of the most popular features of Coursera is the Coursera certificates that are provided through affiliation with different universities and organizations.

Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania were the first universities that affiliated with the Coursera platform.

What are the top features of Coursera online courses?

To understand the secret behind such high Coursera reviews, we will first go through the features of Coursera. It will give us an understanding of its usage and importance in the education industry.

1. Audit feature to unlock course materials for free

If Coursera classes and courses are too expensive, you can choose the Audit option to unlock them for free. However, with the Audit option, you will not be able to apply for certificates, nor will you receive any assistance.  It is one of the most popular features of Coursera that do not include any practice attempt or marking evaluation. However, the quality of the content you can access without paying anything has attracted some amazing Coursera reviews. The Audit feature simply unlocks the study content for you to study for free.

2. Get expert assistance and in-app tests to attempt

The Coursera app includes real experts for the subjects that you choose to study. The Coursera cost includes assistance from these experts and tests as well. Moreover, these tests are awarded marks to give you an insight into your preparation for the subject. The ability to provide you with customized preparation advice according to your performance is one of the features of Coursera that are worth mentioning in this Coursera app review.

3. Certifications from popular universities

Coursera app

The Coursera courses are equipped with certificates from partner universities. These certificates are also considered valid for many fields of a career in the real market. Moreover, the certification is also considered valid for the course that you attempt from the Coursera app.

Some of the most exceptional educational partners on Coursera are Amazon Web Services, Ashoka University, Arizona State University, Autodesk, Berklee, Blue Prism, IIT Roorkee, CISCO, etc.

4. Attempt degree-based Coursera courses

Not only certifications, but you can also attempt Coursera online courses to gain a degree. These Coursera app courses are designed just like university courses and are considered valid in the real market. The only difference is that you study everything online instead of attending a physical class. There are many Coursera online courses available from the Business or IT industry for you to pursue.

5. Earn career credentials or job-related skills

Coursera app

If you are a working professional and want to get promoted in your career, you can also choose specific skills. These skill courses are designed to advance your career with the help of practical studies. You can also gain certifications for the skills you earn by giving a test after finishing the course.

6. Keep learning even without the internet

Coursera app

Coursera learning is not limited to the internet. You can save your preferred learning content offline and use it anytime. Be it videos, texts, or documents, Coursera has a collection of offline learning content that you can download at once. Whether you want to save text courses or video courses, the Coursera app supports saving them offline for easier access.

7. Coursera learning cost varies depending on the need

The Coursera app has multiple packages that you can enroll in. The Single course ranges between $39 to $99. On the other hand, Professional certifications have a subscription ranging from $39 to $79. Moreover, MasterTrack certification courses range from $2,000 to $5,000 and Degree courses range from $9,000 to $ 45,000.

8. Video courses make the learning process easier

One of the most praised features in Coursera reviews, the length of its videos can vary based on their purpose. The learning video can be five to seven minutes long and might even go up to 20 minutes in length. While playing the video, you can even control the playback speed and toggle captions or subtitles, making it one of the most inclusive learning apps out there.

Under each video, you will find the transcription of dialogues spoken by the educator in the video. This transcription is designed to make courses accessible for all groups of learners, especially if they are exploring English courses and do not have a good hold on the language.

9. Coursera accessibility features are designed for everyone

Coursera runs its operations by focusing on a diverse potential user group. The platform offers a diverse range of languages for its interface, including Russian, English, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), and more.

Moreover, you can use Coursera on a variety of devices. Users can use the Coursera desktop app if they are accessing from a computer or can use the Coursera mobile app if they are on the go. 

10. Track your course progress, grades, completion, and more

Coursera allows you to track the progress of your learning process. You can track your weaknesses and strengths to optimize your learning strategy accordingly. On top of that, the app also recommends suggestions for the learning materials that can help you improve your understanding of the topic or the course that you have picked to learn.

For accurate progress statistics, Coursera also takes tests after you complete topics or courses entirely or both. These stats cover how well you explored a course, what sections you did best in, and what sections require more work.

According to Coursera reviews, its ability to recommend resources to improve the quality of the learning process has been helpful for several Coursera-based learners as well.

Weighing the pros and cons of the Coursera app

Moving further, we are including a few points in this Coursera review to discuss the main pros and cons of the Coursera learning app. To ensure that this review is one of the most authentic Coursera reviews available on the internet, we judge the app on various factors like pros, cons, features, and popularity.

Pros Cons
A huge database of courses Costly courses and subscription plans
Certifications for achievements No personal assistance under the audit feature
University-affiliated courses Courses are not officially authorized or accepted by any government body
Job advancement skill courses  
Analyzed results and additional tips to prepare for the exam  

Coursera App Review | App Specification

Tech Specifications of Coursera App
Version iOS- 5.19.0
Android- 4.13.1
Rating iOS- 4.8
Android- 4.8
Size iOS- 39.2 MB
Android- varies with the device
Category iOS- Education
Android- Education
Last Updated iOS- September 18 2023
Android- September 13 2023
OS iOS- Requires iOS 15.0 and later
Android- Requires 8.0 and up

What are the different subscription plans offered by the Coursera app?

In this Coursera Plus review, we also provide all the details on plans and pricing essential for a user to make a decision. Coursera Plus is a collection of 7,000+ courses, projects, certifications, and other learning materials provided in a subscription to users. The Coursera Plus subscription can save you from paying separately for each course that you want to pursue. If your choice of courses is getting covered in Coursera Plus, you can access the learning materials for free.

Cost of Coursera Plus subscription

  • You can pay $59 per month to subscribe to Coursera courses with a 7-day free trial
  • The Annual Coursera Plus subscription is available for $399 per year and includes a 14-day free trial

What do our tech experts say about the Coursera app?

While reviewing the Global online learning platform, Coursera, our experts came across a variety of features that were unique to this app. Unlike other alternatives, the Coursera application offers multiple online courses, including specialization programs and certified degrees. It is one of the best educational apps that allows students to build skills and learn from professionals at top universities like Yale, Stanford, and more.

As per our review, this app is best suited for students who wish to learn at their own pace. The app provides complete freedom to its users and allows them to gain knowledge in the most efficient manner possible.

Additionally, Coursera provides on-demand video lectures that allow students to study anytime, anywhere. The app also features a range of quizzes and assessments that are extremely effective in testing students’ knowledge and progress.

Though the courses offered by the Coursera application can be pricey, the resources offered by this platform are extremely valuable for all students and employees. We recommend you try out this app to polish your skills and knowledge.

MAD Rating

Features: 4.8
Navigation: 4.7
UI: 4.7
Security: 4.6

What do the users have to say about the Coursera app?

The Coursera app reviews are packed with praise for the app’s exceptional features and study material. This app is appreciated by both parents and students as it offers a unique way to learn and read.Let’s have a look at the top user reviews on Coursera about the app on PlayStore and the App Store.

By far, the BEST online education I have attended! Convenient, flexible schedules, and the freedom to go back on sections and refresh memory. Plus, lessons are clear, descriptive, and highlight crucial pieces of information in addition to being free to take notes electronically, rather than by hand - saving time, energy, and resources! A 2-thumbs up online learning website!!!                                                

 -(user review of the Coursera App, 2023)


Coursera is a globally recognized learning portal. The user interface is very user-friendly and other hand the quality of content is provided by world-class institutes and organisations.                                                                                                                             

-(user review of the Coursera App, 2023)



Coursera, with its flexibility, has helped us tremendously so now that everyone can be able to educate and improve himself thanks to Coursera and its great team.

 -(user review of the Coursera App, 2023)

I love Coursera (Google). When I've completed my course, I'll give a detailed review. For anyone searching for the right E-learning platform, I recommend Coursera, we're talking about Google. later”

-(user review of the Coursera App, 2023)

Thank you for Google. It was really helpful for me learning the course It was very interesting to learn my course UX design is such a great opportunity for everyone to believe this.                                                                                 

-(user review of the Coursera App, 2023)

How can you use the Coursera app on your mobile phone?

The Coursera app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are interested in using the app, you can simply follow the steps that we are mentioning further:

  • For Android or iOS platforms, open the Coursera app link for the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can find these download links at the end of this Coursera review
  • Once installed, open the app and create an account on the app. You can use your Google or Facebook account for a faster registration process, or you can also create an account with your email address
  • You will need your full name, email address, and password if you are planning to use your email address and create the entire account manually
  • Search for the course or field for which you want to learn new skills
  • Buy the course to enroll. You can also read about the course more once you click on the course you like to pursue

Who is Coursera For?

Coursera offers a lot of different programs and course types for its users. This diverse range ensures that the users can get several choices to choose from. Here are the course types and programs that the app offers. 

Individual Courses

Starting with the basics, Coursera provides standalone courses on a variety of topics. These courses typically last from four to twelve weeks. They cover every subject you can think of, from arts and humanities to data science and information technology. 

The method of teaching in these courses is diverse and thorough. Each course includes video lectures, readings, and forums where you can interact with other students. This format is perfect if you want to learn something new, gain a specific skill, or just explore a field you're curious about.


Moving a step further, Coursera offers Specializations. These are a series of related courses designed to help you master a specific skill. A Specialization can take a few months to complete as it dives deeper into the subject matter. 

It's more than just a single course; it's a commitment to thoroughly understand a particular area, like Deep Learning, Project Management, or Graphic Design. By the end, not only do you have new skills, but you also get a certificate to showcase your accomplishments.

Professional Certificates

Then there are Professional Certificates. These are training programs developed by industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Facebook. They are designed to prepare you for specific careers, such as IT support, Data analysis, or Social Media Marketing. 

Professional Certificates are highly practical, focusing on the skills you need for the job. They often include hands-on projects and can be a stepping stone to a new career or advancement in your current one.

MasterTrack Certificates

Coursera also offers MasterTrack Certificates. These are portions of Master's programs that are broken into online modules. With MasterTrack Certificates, you can earn a high-quality university-issued career credential at a breakthrough price in a flexible, interactive format. 

Plus, your work can count towards a degree if you decide to pursue one later on. It's a more in-depth approach to learning, perfect for those who are serious about advancing their career and education.

Degree Programs

Lastly, Coursera provides full degree programs. These are actual Bachelor's and Master's degrees from recognized universities. You can earn a university degree in business, computer science, health, and more. 

These programs offer a comprehensive curriculum, just like on-campus students would receive, but with the flexibility of an online format. It's a significant commitment but also a significant step towards a career goal.

What is Coursera for Teams?

Apart from empowering Coursera users, the platform has a range of business-centric courses available as well. The Coursera for Teams is one of the most mentioned features you will find in positive Coursera reviews shared by businesses from around the world. The package includes courses and learning opportunities for employees to help them upscale their skills and knowledge. Businesses can subscribe to Coursera packages at $319 per user for 12 months.

Now, before finalizing the subscription for Coursera Teams, you might want to know the benefits that you will get from the platform. Here’s a list of the benefits of Coursera Teams:

Courses to upskill your employees

If you are a business owner and want your employees to upgrade their skills, you can do that by using Coursera. The platform has a range of skill upgrade courses that you can subscribe to help up to 125 employees.  You can find AI-based courses, language courses, SEO courses, and other such variants that help them deliver competitive quality work.

Extensive range of clips, guided projects, etc

In Coursera for Teams, you get an extensive range of 200,000 short clips and lessons that can help your employees upgrade their skills. These clips cover over 5,200 courses from top education partners of Coursera. These education partners include top universities and edtech organizations from around the world to offer courses in 640 specializations and 3,300 guided projects.

Navigating the competition for Coursera in the market?

The edTech industry is super competitive and according to a statistical report by Exploding Topics, since 2020, the usage of edTech in K-12 schools has boosted by 99%. That has attracted attention from businesses like Coursera that are trying to leverage this market. These Coursera-like businesses are:

Udemy: The edTech company was founded in 2010 and offers a range of learning resources that include videos, articles, reading materials, etc. In markets like Poland, according to Udemy vs Coursera Poland-based stats by Statista, the app is giving tough competition to Coursera. The stats show that in Feb 2023, Udemy was downloaded 6.85 thousand times compared to 1.42 thousand times.
Skillshare: The US-based edTech company, Skillshare was released in 2010 as well and has its headquarters in New York. One of the top education companies, Skillshare offers a range of skill-based courses as well for advertising, graphic design, fashion and style, film and video, and more.
edX: A massively popular edTech company based in the US, edX is a combined project of Harvard and MIT. The company hosts online university courses in a diverse range of subjects. Some of these courses are even freely available. edX is mostly preferred by users if they are looking for an alternative to Coursera.

Wrapping up

To conclude, the Coursera app is currently one of the leading educational apps in the US market. Moreover, the app has attracted tons of positive Coursera app reviews due to its ability to make the learning process easier than ever before. Coursera reviews also display its positive impact on the education sectors during tough times like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apps like Coursera became the bridge between learners and teachers around the world and kept user groups like exam aspirants, students, researchers, and other such groups focused and hopeful.

Going through the features of Coursera made it clear that the app has the potential to remain competitive for a long time in the market. While there are Coursera alternatives like Khan Academy, Udemy, Skillshare, and more, Coursera still maintains a stronghold in the e-learning market.

Now, this information is for developers reading this Coursera app review. if you own an app and want to get your app reviewed as well, you can contact MobileAppDaily and submit the app to our experts. Reviews shared by our experts help build a solid authority of your app on the internet.

To boost your app’s popularity so your app can survive and thrive through the competitive ecosystem, reviews like this Coursera App review can be beneficial for your apps. You will get to boost your app’s visibility across a large audience group of MobileAppDaily from around the world.

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