10 Best Learning Apps for Kids to Make the Learning Process Fun

Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, one of the top free educational apps for kids, had started tutoring his cousins when he got the idea of publishing learning videos!
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April 24, 2023
Best Learning Apps
With the recent pandemic, when everyone and everything had to get dependent upon the internet for various activities such as learning, entertainment, transactions, and shopping among others, digitalization expanded.

As per Statista, during the Covid-19 pandemic, a surge in the number of downloads of educational apps was witnessed. It says that the first quarter of 2020 witnessed 470 and 466 million downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. However, in the third quarter of 2019, it was limited to 335 million educational apps downloads from the Apple App Store and 406 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

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In this blog, we are discussing a few best educational apps for kids that you can install into your smartphones or tablets and make the learning process interesting for learners. As you navigate through the blog, you will find out that each app has its specialty. And, if you are a developer, you can get an idea of a fewfactors to consider while developing engaging mobile apps. And if you are just looking for a perfect app, you might find one that suits your needs further!

Best educational apps for kids to kill the boredom

Further, there is a list of the 10 best educational apps for kids. These apps are shortlisted according to their reviews, ratings, features, and advantages. Therefore, you can pick any app you find relevant without having to think twice. Surely, any of these apps will contribute positively to the education of your child. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Khan Academy

Apple 4.3
android 4.5

Sal Khan founded Khan Academy in 2006 to educate children from all over the world, without charging anything. Sal got the inspiration of making videos and uploading them on YouTube after he tutored a couple of his cousins.

After making his YouTube channel and witnessing the growth, he started using drawing tools such as SmoothDraw, and then Wacom tablet with Artrage. Moving forward, he received overwhelming support from the audience. So, he quit his job to focus entirely on the Khan Academy since 2009. Moreover, he also opened a school named Khan Lab School in 2014, collaborating with the Khan Academy.

Now, with the help of one of the best free learning apps for kids named Khan Academy, Sal Khan is using smartphones and tablets to expand his reach. As mentioned earlier, his organization does it for 100 percent free.

Features of this one of the best free learning apps for kids

  • Khan Academy’s huge range of courses covering various syllabus and exams make it one of the best apps for elementary school kids or other learners
  • Understand complex concepts of mathematics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Pre-algebra, statistics, and many more for free
  • Preparing for exams such as CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE? Khan Academy got your back
  • Explore the educational content indulged in over 10,000 videos and explanations without any hassle
  • Practice with over 40,000 questions and get instant feedback along with step-wise hints
Download Khan Academy

BrainScape Flashcards

Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Founded in 2010 by Andrew Cohen, BrainScape became quite popular amongst learners of various ages. The idea started when Andrew tried to learn Spanish and French, but could not find an app that worked efficiently for him. Furthermore, he created a Microsoft Excel program that would offer him quizzes based on individual vocabulary and verb conjugations.

Later, Andrew pursued a master’s degree in educational technology from Columbia University followed by building a prototype with the Java language. Moving further, Andrew Partnered with the ex-VP of the Princeton Review, Andy Lutz and raised a capital of over $3 million by 2015. And, that is how the journey of one of the best learning apps for kids began!

Features of this one of the best educational apps for kids

  • BrainScape has an in-app purchase ranging from $9.99- $129.99 per item, depending upon the products you avail
  • You can go through flashcards created for over 1 million subjects by professors and teachers around the world in this one of the best learning apps for preschoolers
  • Create multimedia flashcards and collaborate or share with your classmates easily from the app or the website
  • Partnered with leading educational institutions and publishers, this one of the best learning apps for preschoolers has subject ranging from languages such as Spanish to exams like Series 7 preparation
  • Smart flashcards are developed to make the learning process easier for everyone
Download BrainScape Flashcards

Duolingo - Language Lessons

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Duolingo is offering a learning experience of 38 languages with 106 courses. Initially, Duolingo started its journey in the last quarter of 2009 with Professor Luis von Ahn and his student Severin Hacker.

In the beginning, Duolingo started teaching foreign languages and translated simple phrases in documents. However, the translation feature was removed later. After raising funding of $3.3 million in October 2011, the Duolingo app was released as a beta version in November 2011 for the public.

Features of this one of the best free learning apps for kids

  • Learn your favorite languages on any level from this one of the best free learning apps for toddlers, kids, and adults
  • Pick your favorite course from 106 different categories based on 38 languages
  • Track your learning progress with each step you take
  • Learn new words to improve your vocabulary
  • Hear and repeat features make it one of the best learning apps for toddlers
Download Duolingo - Language Lessons

Speech Blubs

Apple 4.5
android 3.3

Intending to create a tool to help kids with speech problems, Jarnej Fuzir, Mitja Mavsar, Karlo Medjugrac, and Dal Rupnik initiated the plan of Speech Blubs together. To make sure that the app is perfect, the team traveled around the world and met several therapists, teachers, parents, and kids to get their feedback. Moreover, Speech Blubs exhibited at events such as IALP 2016, ATAAC 2017, and ASHA CONVENTION 2017 as well. 

Features of this one of the best learning apps for toddlers

  • For parents, the app offers more than 350 blogs on parenting, homeschooling, education, speech therapy, and much more
  • Including face filters, animated characters, mini-games, activities, and kid-friendly videos, Speech Blubs has 1500+ engaging content for kids
  • There are 28 fun sections such as Early Sounds, Get into shapes, Living color, and many more in this best learning apps for toddlers
  • The app comes with a free trial for you to experience and then pay
  • With kid experts, your kids observe, learn, and repeat to achieve perfection on targets
Download Speech Blubs
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Epic-Kids Books & Reading

Apple 4.7
android 4.4

With contributed efforts of Suren Markosian and Kevin     Donahue, Epic started its mission in 2013. The app was built with the idea of making the books more accessible to kids along with an “Epic” reading experience. Currently, the app is serving millions of families and classrooms by providing them instant access to books, videos, and quizzes.

Features of this one of the best apps for elementary school kids

  • With access to over 40,000 books for kids, the app is dedicated to serving K-12 and under segments
  • This one of the best apps for elementary school kids include books, learning videos, comic books, graphic novels, non-fiction books, and much more
  • The personalized reading experience and interest offers a customized book catalog to kids accordingly
  • The offline reading feature helps in keeping up with the learning process even without the internet
  • Almost more than 94% of elementary schools of US are using Epic book store
Download Epic-Kids Books & Reading

Memrise- Fun & Fast Language Learning App

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

Memrise was founded in 2010 to make learning language experience natural and entertaining. The app uses a three-way approach to progress you through the learning of your preferred language. Currently, its popularity has made a way in 189 countries around the world.

Memrise has a database filled with language learning content along with real experts to reach out to. These language experts are enthusiastic about teaching you the languages you want to learn.

Features of this one of the best learning apps for kids and adults

  • Learn languages such as French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and many more in the most natural way possible
  • With repetitive flashcards, revise the language unless you are not perfectly fluent
  • Watch over 30,000 video clips, including native speakers to boost your understanding
  • The three-way approach, including the understanding of basic translation, their real-life applications, and conversational skills, make the learning process effective
  • Try out the first lesson for free to build your trust and pay for further services
Download Memrise- Fun & Fast Language Learning App

YouTube Kids

Apple 4.7
android 4.3

YouTube Kids was released on February 15, 2015 as an app for Android and iOS devices. The app has a huge library of audio and visual content specifically designed for kids. The YouTube authorities filter videos through automatic filters, user-feedback, and real-reviews.

To segregate the content for each kid, you can create up to 8 profiles in the app. Moreover, with the parental control feature, you get to choose what your kids will watch. And, parental setup is one of the most important steps one has to take to sign up for the app.

Features of this one of the best free learning apps for kids

  • YouTube Kids is one of the rare free educational apps for kids existing at the moment
  • The app gives you full control over the content kids are going to watch
  • With up to 8 profiles, learners can restart from where they left off
  • Blocking allows you to restrict channel or videos you do not want kids to watch
  • Watch history lets you review what your kids watched
Download YouTube Kids

Busy Shapes & Colours

Apple 3.9
android 3.7

Owned by Edoki Academy, Busy Shapes offers a creative and entertaining learning process to its users. The app has been featured on the App Store as “Best of 2014”, along with other achievements such as “Featured in USA Today”.

With a series of puzzles, pictures, interactive drawings, and more objects like that, the purpose is to make the learning process easier and interesting. Moreover, the app is capable of tracking the play-pattern of the kid to make the experience more customized and convenient.

Features of this one of the best learning apps for kids

  • The app supports multitouch play along with 150 easy incremental levels for kids
  • Modes such as colors & shapes make it one of the best learning apps for toddlers
  • With cute penguin animations, kids are going to love the app
  • Moving and disappearing shapes along with other fun effects are some things kids love about the app
  • The app supports 15 languages to make the learning process reachable to more kids
Download Busy Shapes & Colours


Apple 4.5
android 4.0

Based in Glendale, California, ABCmouse.com was launched in 2010 by Age of Learning, Inc. The app has plenty of features for kids to learn outside the classrooms and practice. ABCmouse.com targets the age group of 2 to 8 to offer learning services for subjects such as Mathematics, Music, Art, among others. There are 10 incremental levels, 850+ lessons, and 10,000+ learning activities included in the app.

Features of this one of the best learning apps for preschoolers

  • ABCmouse.com is currently being used in more than 70,000 classrooms and almost half of the libraries from the US
  • This app has plenty of learning subjects and chapters designed for toddlers, pre-schoolers, first, and second graders
  • Customizable Avatars make the learning experience fun
  • There are 900+ activities and books included in the Spanish language 
  • Real-time progress report makes the observation of the kids’ performance easier
Download ABCmouse.com

Prodigy Math Game

Apple 4.6
android 4.2

Prodigy Math Game has a reach of 50 million players as of July 2020. Since it was founded in 2011, the app has been successfully teaching mathematics to its users in fun ways through games and activities. Initially, Prodigy was released in 2011 by SMARTTeacher, Inc. with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. You can also create a parent account to keep a track of the learning progress your kid is making.

Features of this one of the best learning apps for preschoolers

  • The app is loved by 50 million users, including learners and teachers from around the world
  • According to the strength and weakness of players, content is customized to make the experience effective
  • With 1400 skills, students get the chance of learning and growing
  • Make a free parent account to keep a track of the progress of your kid through the learning process
  • Kids also get rewards each time they make the progress to make it more interesting to learn with
Download Prodigy Math Game
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With time, kids are getting smarter and more tech-savvy. Moreover, the recent Covid-19 pandemic also proved the importance of digitized learning. The best part about digital learning platforms is that they eliminate the need for papers and recurring purchases of books.

Moving forward, devices are getting cheaper. So, the number of users using smart devices is increasing as well. In the upcoming years, it will be more effective and convenient to use this as the opportunity to tackle learner groups of various age groups and segments.

Now, if you are intrigued enough and planning to build an app already, you might want to get your app reviewed by an expert first! It will be helpful for you to understand if your app lacks anything. You can submit your application to MobileAppDaily and get an expert opinion along with other information that might help you.

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