Top 10 Language Learning Apps To Ease Down Study Load
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The 10 Best And Free Language Learning Apps

Get out of the overburdened study zone with these fun language learning apps.

The 10 Best And Free Language Learning Apps

Waiting for a signal that starts learning a new language? Here it is! If you’ve been killing the idea of learning a new language, it’s time you downloaded fun language learning apps to get acquainted with while drinking your morning cup of coffee or during your everyday work commute. Using your favorite application several times a day may be enough to make learning a new language as a part of your daily life. 

Here is a list of the best applications for iOS and Android that will let you start learning French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and other languages just from the screen of your smartphone. The GPA labs team has tested all applications and can guarantee that you will definitely find the one you’ll love. All applications are free of charge and offer various paid subscriptions for improved options and courses.

Top Language Learning Apps 

1. Duolingo 

Duolingo is one of the most famous language applications and was awarded by Apple in 2013. If you find every lesson to be a challenge, the app will help you improve your scores, check the right answers, practice spoken language, and read and translate various texts to ease down the process of learning. The application will tell you about your weaknesses and offer a path to improvement. The list of languages is impressive, so you will definitely find one to learn.


The app provides users the facility of in-app purchases.

Download for Android and iOS.

2. Easy Ten 

This application is a regular participant in Apple’s top lists. Creators stick to the principle that a person on an average needs to know 3,000 words to easily communicate with other people. According to this, if you study 10 new words every day, at the end of the year you will know 3650 words! In general, you will need 5-10 minutes a day to work with the application.

Easy Ten 

The app also ensures in-app purchases and is easily available on -

Download for Android and iOS.

3. Memrise 

If your aim is to improve your vocabulary and learn new words, this app is for you! The application contains a great variety of lists with words and phrases. The application uses a scientific approach and is based on the frequent repetition of the learned material. The reminder will tell you that it’s time to repeat the words that you have already learned. 

Checkout the Memrise app review if you want to get more indulged with the app features.


The app facilitates users with in-app purchases.

Both Android and iPhone users can have the app from -

Download for Android and iOS.

4. Rosetta Stone 

Initially, the project was established in 1992 and has evolved into a smartphone application. Here you can choose from more than 20 languages and spend hours learning the chosen language. The program utilizes a special algorithm to help users intuitively learn grammar and vocabulary. The more the user knows, the harder the exercises will be. Besides, you can test your pronunciation, and the application will evaluate it.

Rosetta Stone 

This language learning app renders in-app purchase service for both Android and iPhone users. 

Download for Android and iOS.

5. Busuu 

Busuu is a great solution for those who wish to learn specific languages like Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. The learning process is traditionally based on simple exercises, courses, and practice with native speakers. Every language course contains more than 3,000 words and thematic lists of the most important topics. 

Rosetta Stone 

This valuable app has made things easier with in-app purchase feature.

Download for Android and iOS.

6. Learn Japanese 

If you always dreamed of knowing how to read Japanese, this app will help you learn Hiragana and Katakana. You can go through the lessons that focus on writing and pass writing quizzes. Also, a great option is that you can redo the lessons you have successfully passed to improve your score. Due to exclusive learning methods, you will easily learn vocabulary and grammar with this fun app. 

Learn Japanese 

The app is ready for in-app purchase and is available for download on -

Download for Android and iOS.

7. Babbel 

Short lessons (10-15 minutes), words and phrases for real-life conversations, and language practice will tune you into speaking a new language from the first lesson. Here, all exercises are divided into several levels, from simple to difficult. Considering the fact that Babbel doesn’t contain any grammar exercises and is aimed more on improving vocabulary. With this app, you will improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation. 


This best language learning app is widely used for in-app purchases. 

Also, it’s for all Android and iPhone users and can be downloaded via -

Download for Android and iOS.

8. FluentU 

A distinctive feature of this application is that it uses funny, emotional, and meaningful videos. Here, you will find clips, TV shows, commercials, movie trailers, and other videos where you will hear the language of native speakers. All videos are supported with subtitles. All you need to do is pick the video that corresponds to your language level.


In-app purchases are available with it. 

Download for Android and iOS.

9. ChineseSkill 

This app will be great for beginners who are only starting to learning Chinese (Mandarin). With its help, you can improve listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. The application uses a system of repetition, evaluation of pronunciation, and correct inputs of Chinese characters. The learning process involves various games and tests that won’t leave you bored. As a bonus, you can use the application without an internet connection.


In-app purchases are additional features one can avail.

This exciting app is available on both -

Download for Android and iOS.

10. HelloTalk 

HelloTalk is an application that allows users to communicate with native speakers from all over the world and learn 150+ languages. No theory involved — only practice and live communication! Your mentor will correct your speech, grammar, pronunciation, and other mistakes in real-time. The application allows using text, audio, and voice messages for communication. All you need to do is pick someone to talk to and start practising. It’s a great way to find friends from all over the world and learn a new language.


Yes, the app has an in-app purchases option.

Download for Android and iOS.

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Learning a new language may be fun and engaging! Turn your smartphone into a source of new knowledge, and not a form of procrastination. You can always take out 10-15 minutes a day to improve vocabulary, learn grammar, or practice pronunciation. To get better results, we recommend combining several applications at once. Good luck!

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