Promova Review- Is it Reshaping Language Learning?

Want to know whether Promova is a good addition to your language learning strategy? This in-depth Promova app review answers that question!

Updated on November 02, 2023
Promova Review- Is it Reshaping Language Learning?

Language is the bridge between cultures and two or more separate groups of people. The more languages you know, the more bridges you can walk on. That is the principle the Promova app follows.

This ultimate language-learning app is the perfect example of how learning can be fun and very accessible. The app is designed to help you improve your vocabulary and learn new languages faster. Now, as for its popularity, Promova has managed to keep a hold on the rapidly growing digital learning community.

Moving forward, in this Promova review, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of the app. We will also rate the app after reviewing it thoroughly. 

But before that, let us give you some background information about this language-learning app.

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What is Promova?

“At Promova, we don’t just teach language mechanics but also provide insight into the history, customs, conventions, and traditions of the cultures where the languages are spoken.”
                                                                                                                        - Andrew Skrypnyk

Promova “(/prɔˈmÉ”vÊŒ/)” in Ukrainian directly translates to "speech”. The word that defines its nature quite well. Promova is your portable language teacher that is designed to make you fluent in the language you want to learn. It focuses on grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, and other such characteristics of a language that make you a pro.

As for its background, Promova was founded in April 2019 by Andrew Skrypnyk and Mykhailo Galian. It is also a combined effort of over 100 learners with a strong passion for languages. These learners included philologists, professional educators, and language-learning advocates. 

The app promotes the personalization of learning materials and 1 on 1 lesson. At the time of writing this Promova app review, the app has managed to secure over 8.5 million downloads collectively. Its majority user base also consists of Android and iOS users.

Its ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning is why this one of the best language-learning apps should be preferred. ML and AI help this best language app understand your learning requirements better and personalize learning materials accordingly.

Features of Promova

Promova on the App Store and Play Store is enriched with features making it a perfect language learning app to master languages faster. 

1) Learn up to 9 languages


Promova teaches up to 9 of the most popular languages in the world. You can learn English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, and Italian from the ground up. Or, you can improve your already existing language skills if you want to command any of the above languages.

2) Optimized to boost your vocabulary

Promova app
Promova is a combination of 3,000+ words categorized under 40 fun and useful topics. The app is equipped with a diverse range of resources to empower your language-learning strategy by introducing you to a set of words that are inspired by use cases from the real world.

3) Fun memorizing with flashcards

Promova review

Another fun feature that speeds up the learning process using this best app to learn Spanish and other languages is Promova flashcards. These flashcards introduce you to words with illustrations so it gets easier for you to remember them. You can also hear these words in flashcards to get the idea of pronunciations.

4) Watch TV shows to learn

master english

Users of Promova learn languages in the most fun way possible. The app offers a collection of clips from popular TV shows that can make it easier to remember words or sentences. 

Whether you are a student of Promova English lessons or learning Italian regularly, these bite-sized fun clips can stay in your mind for a long long time making you memorize the language easily.

5) Connect with fellow learners

connect learner Promova

Apart from the lessons the Promova app freely delivers, the large community of learners is also why you should consider this app. Promova has a large community of users from around the world. You can connect with these fellow learners and help each other motivate and learn languages more effectively.

6) Personal class with English tutors

practice Promova

Users of Promova learn languages with the help of personal tutors as well. These personal tutors include language experts and coaches with extensive knowledge and experience. The goal is to ensure that learners have reliable learning materials and someone to help them through the tougher parts of the course.

7) Offers a range of books

Promova read books

Promova has a collection of books as well. Accessible for any level of learning languages. Whether you are at Promova English’s A1 level or B2, you will find an amazing collection of language books to help you improve your communication skills.

8) Vocabulary trainer

use phrases Promova

The Promova freemium model covers a vocabulary trainer as well. This trainer helps you understand the context of vocabularies and idioms in the real world. You get to come across examples of conversations where the vocabulary you are practicing can be used.

9) Dyslexia mode

Dyslexia Awareness Month 2023 welcomed a new mode on Promova. The app integrated Dysfont for dyslexic learners to make the learning process easier for them. The talented dyslexic designer and TEDx speaker, Martin Pysny designed Dysfont. This font is optimized to help dyslexia learners distinguish between alphabets, memorize words, and more.

Pros and cons of Promova

Pros Cons
The app covers major languages Language options are very limited
Makes learning fun with flashcards The free version has ads
Proves personal language trainers  
Optimized bite-sized lessons  
Phrases with real-world contexts  
Books for several language levels  

Promova App Specifications

Tech Specifications of Promova
OS iOS - Requires iOS 15.0 or later
Android- 9 and up
Ratings iOS - 4.6
Android - 4.3
Last Updated iOS- October 26, 2023
Android- October 24, 2023
Version iOS- 6.7.1
Android- 4.9.0
Product Category Education

Promova Subscriptions

Promova Pricing Model
Premium Weekly $9.99
Premium Weekly $7.99
Premium Monthly $9.99
Annual Annual $99.99
Premium Annual $83.99
Premium Weekly $4.99
Monthly Monthly $14.99
Monthly Monthly $19.99
Premium One-Time $49.99
Premium Monthly $12.99

Promova Review by MAD Experts

After using Promova and testing its features, it is easier to conclude that the app stands tall among the best language apps out there. Let us tell you why. 

For starters, the Promova app user interface is easy to use and intuitive. Whether you have used learning apps before or not, you will easily be able to use them.

As for its compatibility with several smartphones, Promova offers support for several old Android versions that were released after Android 9. So, you can use it even on an older Android device. However, for iOS users, the max you can go back to is iOS 15. It might limit the options of iOS devices that can run Promova. 

But to use its best potential without sacrificing the performance of the Promova app, it makes sense. The app has managed to maintain ideal performance on Android and iOS both. 

So, if the Promova app download has crossed your mind but you were confused, we recommend going for it and upscale the way you learn your favorite languages. 

MAD Ratings

Security- 4.7
Features- 4.8
Pricing- 4.2
Navigation- 4.8

Promova App Reviews by Users

I love this app! It is an exceptional and fun. It allows me to build my vocabulary and improve on my writing skills every day. I wish I had it when I was still in high school. It would help me a lot because I was not good at English but I can say it's still crucial for my future plans. I would recommend every learner to have this amazing app. Love it

 - Jiing Deng, An Android User

I can't even imagine the work that developers have done with this app, it's just amazing, and the animations are perfect. And great job by the UX/UI engineers as well, beautiful and useful, 5/5 at the moment!

- Lautaro Pintos, An Android User

I am a native Ukrainian speaker. While I took on learning English I may have fallen a little behind on my language demands for Ukrainian, so consistently expanding my word pallet or just continuously engaging with my language helps me keep the practice fresh in my head. Spelling out the word is also a bridging activity which makes the reader pay avid attention during the exercises. Also, the logo couldn’t be any cuter, the cat basically convinced me to write a review. Very nicely designed, much enjoyment from user’s side!

- Levchuk Vikki, An iOS User

How to use Promova?

Whether you are looking for Promova on the PlayStore or Apple App Store, making Promova a part of your learning experience is very easy. Here’s a step-wise process to start with this one of the best language-learning apps.

1) Pick the app store of your operating system to initiate the Promova app download.

Promova app download

2) Pick the language you want to learn. We picked English to explore its courses.

learn promova

3) Pick the screen language of the Promova app. We picked English here as well.

promova instructions

4) Choose a course type. We tried General English to begin with.

choose course promova

5) Pick your current fluency level.

current fluency level promova

6) Pick the time you can invest daily.

study time promova

7)  Allow notifications to get reminders and alerts.

promova study time

8) Register with your email address or Google to keep your progress saved.

 Register promova

9) Pick a preferred subscription plan or click on X to start using free features.

10) Click on the first lesson you see on the screen.

my plan promova

11) Read, listen, and repeat to practice the language. Once done, move to the next screen.

vocab promova

12) Some screens will explain Grammar and other information to help you. Keep an eye out for them.

Grammar promova

13) The second option at the below part of the screen Course will help you access extra learning materials.

14) If you want to join group classes, you can click on the third option called Lessons. Most of the content here will be premium.

lessons promova

15) The fourth option at the bottom of the screen will take you to your in-depth profile. Here you can access your insights.

profile promova

16) As for the Settings page, you can provide feedback from here, read the terms of services, and privacy policy, access linked accounts, delete your data, and turn out the dyslexic mode. You can also sign out from here if you want to register with another account.

setting promova

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Well, that is all for the Promova review. Now, before we wrap up, you should know that you also have the opportunity to get your app reviewed if you are responsible for building or marketing one. These in-depth reviews help you find the best potential of your app so you can improve its usability if there’s a scope left.

General FAQ

  • Which languages are available on Promova?
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  • How can I get started with Promova?
  • Is Promova free to use, or are there subscription fees?
  • What features are included in the premium subscription?
  • Can I use Promova on multiple devices?
  • Is there a speaking or pronunciation practice feature in Promova?
  • Is my personal information and data secure on Promova?
  • Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues?
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