10 Best Workout Apps You Should Use to Keep Yourself Healthier

One of the best personal trainer apps, MyFitnessPal has over 11 million foods along with their calorie counts
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January 28, 2022
With increasing pollution and a hectic lifestyle, doing workout is a habit needed now more than ever. With many exercises, habits, and other forms of fitness routines existing, mobile apps are playing a crucial role as well. Top workout apps are delivering fitness lessons, guides, and workouts to their users.

As the Statista report states, with 27.4 million users in the US, Fitbit had the highest number of users in 2018. On the second position, MyFitnessPal had 19.1 million users. If we have a look at the other data published by Statista itself, the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 37,143 fitness and health apps on the Google Play Store.

Our Top Picks

With such a huge range of fitness coach apps existing and increasing, picking a few best exercise apps might look like a difficult task. Therefore, we are discussing a list further with names of a few best fitness trainer apps. These healthcare and pedometer apps serve different kinds of tasks, but the ultimate goal is to improve your fitness.

Home workout apps to boost your health

Moving further, we are discussing a list of a few workout apps for weight loss shortlisted according to their popularity, features, ratings, and reviews. If you are a developer and want to include your app in a list of such kinds, you can get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily. It will help you in identifying the actual potential of your smartphone app.

Map My Run


This one of the best running apps for Android and iOS smartphones by Under Armour is existing to help you in running to stay fit. With Map My Run, you can keep a track of your running time and the route you have followed. With features such as training plans, new routes, global community, and more, you can count Map My Run as one of the good workout apps without any doubt!

Features of this one of the top personal trainer apps

  • May My Run is usable with wearables such as smartwatches 
  • Log more than 600 activities such as cycling, running, gym workouts, and Yoga, among others
  • Get premium to have a customized workout plan made just for you
  • Follow your fitness goals with help such as audio coach updates, cadence, calories, and much more
  • This one of the best personal trainer apps allows you to connect over 400 devices and you can manage your data in one place
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Fitness Buddy


This one of the best home workout apps is a product of Azumio, Inc. The app includes a huge range of home and gym workouts along with meal plans and recipes suitable for your taste buds as well. With Fitness Buddy, you get access to an 8-week training plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Features of this one of the best workout apps for men and women

  • The app includes over 100 gym workouts curated for your various fitness goals
  • There are 400+ exercises along with animations 
  • With detailed muscle-specific exercises, you get to choose the exercise perfect for you
  • Create customized workouts for your own
  • Track your heart rate with this one of the best workout apps at home
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JEFIT Workout Planner


This one of the top workout apps for beginners and experts have been awarded titles such as Google Play Editor’s Choice, Men’s Fitness- Best Fitness and Health Apps, and USA Today- New year, new you. JEFIT is an app that will keep pushing you to work harder for yourself and achieve your fitness goals on time or maybe, even before!

Features of this one of the best workout apps for women and men

  • Edit routines from the web app and track routines from the smartphone app itself
  • Exercise with 1300+ fitness videos made by experts
  • Join monthly fitness challenges and participate to win cash prizes
  • Set a goal in the custom journal and pursue it every day
  • Add your fitness buddies and share the knowledge
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Runkeeper is designed to help you in keeping up with your running goals. The app lets you track your running route along with your progress. You can use this best workout app to set customized challenges and get regular reminders to achieve them. 

Features of this one of the best personal trainer apps

  • Track workouts such as running, jogging, walking, cycling, and more
  • With challenges and rewards to fulfill them, stay motivated to exercise more
  • Create custom challenges and chase them with the help of reminders
  • Discover and save new or known routes with the help of the GPS
  • Connect wireless headphones to listen to audio updates while exercising
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The app is designed to function as a calorie counter. Choose your dish from a database of over 11 million foods from various cuisines to get the calorie data. Moreover, you can also import your recipes and add them to the database for the convenience of others and yourself as well.

Features of this one of the best workout apps for weight loss

  • Track calories anytime you eat or drink anything
  • Plan meals or pick one among the plans existing already
  • Scan meals with the camera to find your dish from the database
  • With the help of nutrition insights, keep a weekly, daily, or monthly track of your calorie consumption
  • Save your favorite meals to find them easier 
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10K Runner


This one of the best workout apps for beginners and experts has multiple goals categorized to help you in being fit. You can follow goals such as “Zero to 5K in 8 weeks” or “5K to 10K in another 6 weeks”. The app provides a systematic workout plan so that you can achieve your fitness goals properly and on time.

Features of this one of the best workout apps for women

  • Keep a track of your workouts and calories your burn
  • With the help of an integrated music player, hear your favorite music while exercising
  • Plan a perfect workout plan including intervals
  • Boost yourself from 5K to 10K within 14 weeks by following the plan properly
  • Integrate this app with Nike+ and other GPS apps
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30 Day Fitness at Home


This one of the top workout apps for free includes 30-day fitness plans for various stages. The app is designed by a professional fitness coach to help you in having scientifically proven exercise content. With this fitness coach app, you can keep a track of your fitness and follow goals accordingly.

Features of this one of the best workout at home apps

  • Choose an exercise plan designed for you like the 30-day abs challenge, 30-day full-body challenge, or others
  • Keep a track of your fitness and lose weight effectively by following goals
  • Follow short workouts if you have less time to exercise
  • Go through a step-by-step workout plan to increase exercise intensity
  • Share your plans and progress with your social media friends
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FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans


Taking the help of this one of the workout apps for free can effectively help you in fulfilling your fitness goals. The app includes workout plans curated by celebrity trainers. Moreover, you can use the app to reduce stress, better sleep, improved breathing, and more.

Features of this one of the best workout apps at home

  • Choose your preferred workout from cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, Yoga, and more
  • Follow guided meditations to calm yourself and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve your sleep and reduce stress effectively
  • The app includes over 500 exclusive recipes
  • With the video call feature, sync your workout routines with your friends
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Home Workout


With this one of the best workout apps for men and women, you can set up challenges and follow plans such as a 4-week challenge. The app also includes dedicated exercises for your different preferences such as abs, full-body, chest, and arm. Moreover, you can use coach tips as well to improve your fitness effectively.

Features of this one of the best workout apps for weight loss

  • Follow warm-up and stretching routines regularly
  • The app includes chart tracks with weight trends
  • Set goals and include workout reminders
  • Get a personal trainer and lose weight effectively
  • Share your plan with your friends on social media
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This one of the best workout apps for beginners and experts includes over 250 exercises along with plans curated to improve strength, mobility, endurance, and focus. Moreover, the app also helps you in keeping a track of your calorie consumption along with detailed insight.

Features of this best fitness trainer app

  • Use this app to explore a range of 250+ exercises to improve your strength, focus, endurance, and mobility
  • Workouts included in this app might vary from 15 to 20 minutes
  • Count and monitor your calorie consumption to stay fit
  • Track your workout progress and keep an eye on the insight
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With the help of fitness and health apps, the goal is to reach more people and inspire them to stay fit. Modern time is witnessing many technological and industrial developments. However, it is also somehow affecting the environment and making Earth polluted. 

On one hand, where a few inventions make things worse, the development of health apps is a tool to motivate people by providing them easy fitness coaching. In the end, hopefully, you found the list of fitness apps useful. Keep reading more blogs on MobileAppDaily to find other best apps for different purposes. If you have your own app and want to get featured, wait no longer and get your app reviewed by us!

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