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Best 10 Workout Apps of 2021: Home Workout & Nutrition

Apps have become the new personalized trainers with detailed insights & tutorials for your performance, goals, diet & workout regime.

Best Workout Apps

There are many ways to get fit and even more applications to ensure that you stay fit and eat healthy. From workout hacks to a personal trainer, yoga, pilates, or some other form of exercise. You can easily get the best app to help achieve your fitness goals through this detailed list of best personal training apps. 

It is essential to remember that not all apps are expensive, there are many free workout apps on the app store. Each app listed in the Top home workout apps list has a unique specialty that usually reflects its features and capabilities.

Top workout apps of 2021 

This list of the leading exercise apps has an ensemble of personal training home workout apps that give customized suggestions and training modules. These 10 apps have been handpicked based on their usability, features, overall experience, and customer feedback. 

1. Nike Training Club

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One of the best workout app with amazing features, great workout videos, easy to understand instructions, and personal attention to user needs. 

Nike Training Club is one of the best app to exercise at home that also gives amazing healthy eating recipes and instructions to live a healthier life. 

With a seamless interface and an overall wellness theme, this application has established itself as one of the best app for fitness at home. 

Nike Training Club - Best Workout App

Standout features of the best home workout app, Nike Training Club:

  • Specific Workout routines for small spaces
  • Yoga lessons for a calmer mind & flexible body. 
  • Detailed personalized routines
  • Access to Nike master trainer. 
  • Information on nutrition & wellness for recovery, sleep, and overall well being. 
  • Inspiring 30-day challenges

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2. Fitbit Coach

Just like a personal coach, Fitbit Coach motivates, adjusts to your capabilities, and helps you reach your fitness goals. Undoubtedly one of the best personal training apps available in both Android & iOS. 

It also offers a premium service that covers an entire year of customized training. Helping you lose weight, gain strength, increase stamina, or accomplish any other objective.

Fitbit Coach - Best Workout App

Standout features of one of the best home workout apps:

  • Adaptive workouts as per your body weight, goals, and preference. 
  • Exercise anywhere, anytime with easy instructions. 
  • Amazing Variety of workouts. There is no need to do the same workout twice, with hundreds of dedicated workouts for the core, legs, glutes, and more. 
  • Use Fitbit radio to get a variety of music stations for amazing workout motivation music. 

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3. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is one of the best bodyweight training app in the market. It supports your exercise regime with a guided step by step video, photo, and audio instructions. 

It takes a more analytical approach to training. Most exercise apps don't go into this much detail. Workout Trainer provides advanced heart rate feedback and performance analysis for the whole training process and it is perfect for measuring growth in performance. 

Workout Trainer - Best Workout App

Stand Out Features of one of the best personal training apps: 

  • Provides dedicated 1 on 1 online training. 
  • More than 100 multi-wheel training programs available. 
  • Adjustable difficulty levels for a varying range of physical capability. 
  • Detailed heart rate analysis.
  • Performance metrics to track progress.

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4. Peloton

Peloton is popular as a home bike trainer but it has a lot more to offer. In fact, this is one of the best workout apps for home fitness. From indoor cycling to HIIT (High-intensity interval training), Yoga, walking, meditation, and much more. 

It is packed with features that take the attention away from the gym and help you make a gym out of your immediate surroundings. 

It also provides long term programs to achieve ambitious goals over a period of months. 

Peloton - Best Workout App

Standout Features of one of the best home workout app: 

  • Strength conditioning, HIIT & Cardio programs. 
  • Also assists in meditation, yoga, and stretching exercises. 
  • Treadmill running & outdoor running audio assistance. 
  • Guided 4-18 weeks long term programs focused on "Mastering the Basics", "Crush your core" etc. 

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5. 7 Minute Workout

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As the name suggests, this is one of the good home workout apps that solve the problem of not having enough time to workout. No equipment or specific location is required to do the exercises mentioned on the 7-minute workout app. 

This is one of those home workout apps that everybody can use because it doesn't even need basic equipment, the workout routines are focused on maximizing effort with the use of bodyweight. 

Everybody can spare just 7 minutes a day no matter how busy they get. That's why a 7-minute workout is the best app to workout at home. It is one of the most efficient exercise apps that motivates you and keeps you on the path to fitness. 

Most exercise apps try to engage you in detailed workout plans that require a lot more of your time. The 7-minute workout doesn't want to take any more than seven minutes of your time in a day. This is what sets it apart from all other workout apps in the market. 

7 Minute Workout - Best Workout App

Standout Features of one of the best exercise apps: 

  • Everyday 12 HIIT Exercises that sum up to just 7 minutes. 
  • A complete workout log and custom workouts. 
  • One of the best workout apps that doesn't take too much of your time. 
  • Amazing & simple to understand exercises.
  • Adjust the number of sets or relaxation time to increase or decrease intensity. 

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JEFIT is a weight lifting tracker and one of the leading workout apps for people who want to become strong. It offers more than 1300 exercises with HD Videos, complete instructions, and a lot of content. 

This best weight training app makes it easy to track workouts. It is free to use with ads and also has a premium plan that gives detailed reports and uninterrupted no-ads access to the best gym app.

Normally exercise apps don't have a focused approach to strength building but JEFIT has amazing workout plans that utilize wrights, even body weight to get stronger and more powerful. 

JEFIT - Best Workout App

Standout Features of one of the best workout apps for men:

  • Add Friends to your community and find like-minded workout partners or just somebody to spot you. 
  • Detailed training programs with intuitive tools. 
  • 1300+ exercises and variations in full HD. 
  • Exercise apps don't put as much effort into motivating their users as JEFIT. Monthly fitness challenges with cash prizes & support from the gym community takes motivation to a whole new level. 

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7. Aaptiv

The best fitness trainer app that is completely audio-based. While most workout apps focus on providing detailed video descriptions, some people prefer audio instructions so the attention doesn't get diverted from the exercise at hand. One of the best exercise apps that offer amazing music and motivation. 

When doing heavy cardio or high-intensity workout, video instructions don't make a lot of sense, do they? This is where Aaptiv shines bright. With amazing audio lessons, motivation, and beats to make exercise enjoyable and more focused. 

Aaptiv - Best Workout App

Standout features of one of the best workout apps for men & women:

  • Access to more than 2500 trainer-led workouts.
  • Fresh and regularly updated content that keeps the app alive & relevant. 
  • 7-minute workouts to full training modules. 
  • HIIT programs to help you be more effective in burning calories, strength training, and Yoga. 
  • Great for long-distance runners & Yoga.

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8. Freeletics Training Coach

Amongst the horde of workout apps, this app has made it to the top 10 exercise apps list because of its detailed workout programs and an AI personal trainer. 

Freelatics is aimed at giving freedom to its users, liberating them from gyms, and making the whole world a playground. With the digital AI personal trainer, the app is one of the best home workout apps in the market. 

Freeletics Training Coach - Best Workout App

Standout features of one of the leading workout apps: 

  • 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts that eliminate the need for a gym and make it one of the leading home fitness apps. 
  • 20 audio sessions with detailed instructions, 
  • It also provides a detailed nutrition guide with a sister app.    
  • Tell your AI trainer about your needs, time restrictions and other challenges for customized programs. 

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9. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

This is the best workout app for people who want a complete change in their lifestyle and need nutritional guidelines along with workout plans. 

Most exercise apps focus primarily on workout only! Often missing out on a crucial aspect of health - Nutrition. 8fit workouts & meal planner takes care of all aspects of your goals with a personalized step by step guide to healthier living. 

One of the leading home workout apps with a comprehensive take on health and wellness. 

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner - Best Workout App

Standout features of one of the leading workout apps:

  • No equipment required at all. Every exercise can be done from anywhere. 
  • More than 350 exercises to take you through a journey of multiple levels. 
  • Daily motivation and activity tips/ 
  • Complete nutrition guide for healthier and stronger eating habits. 
  • Lifestyle coach to teach healthier habits.  

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10. Sworkit Fitness

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The core is the powerhouse of a body and one of the most convenient workout apps Sworkit Fitness aligns itself with your busy routine, to help you reach your fitness goals.

This app is like a personal trainer that follows your schedule and motivates you from time to time. It helps you lose weight, gains muscle, increases flexibility, and endurance. 

It also offers a detailed library for kids' workouts that is fun and interactive. 

Sworkit Fitness - Best Workout App

Standout features of one of the most practical workout apps: 

  • Detailed workout programs that help you become the best you. 
  • HIIT, Tabata, yoga, pilates, and many more forms of workouts. 
  • It also gives special attention to family workout with access to a detailed workout library for kids. This makes it one of the leading exercise apps in the market. 
  • More than 400 workout programs. 
  • Also facilitates physical therapy exercises. 
  • One on one help from certified trainers. 

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How to decide amongst all these home workout apps?

Although we have picked the best of the best home fitness apps but if you are still unsure which one to go for then consider the following factors: 

  • How can home workout apps help you? Well, try to answer this question to determine your goal. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength, or eat healthier or just want to live an overall healthy life? When you determine the perfect objective then you will be able to screen through the majority of these applications.
  • What kind of workout apps do you generally prefer? Simple or complicated, video tutorials or audio tutorials, detailed or “to the point”? This can help in further screening through the home fitness apps. 
  • Are you willing to pay a premium? You can ask yourself this question if you want a more one on one trainer approach or if you are not fond of ads in the middle of your workout routine. We can understand that ads can be a bit disturbing in the middle of a high intensity exercise. If you are willing to pay then you further filter down the list of workout apps and land on the best gym workout app away from the actual gym.     

Pick the best workout app that fits your fitness goals & budget

There are thousands of workout apps on both Android & iOS platforms. Depending on the amount of workout time you can spare during the day and your overall fitness goals, you can choose the home workout apps that will help you in optimizing your exercise time and make you fitter and healthier. If your business has an application then get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily for expert feedback and increased online presence. 

Picking from the leading exercise apps can mean eating healthier, sleeping better & becoming stronger and a more productive human being. The important part is to commit to the program and trust the app that you selected from the best personal trainer app list.  

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