5+ Best AI Logo Maker Apps to Create a Powerful Brand

Looking to create a unique logo for your brand? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place! We have compiled a list of AI logo maker apps to help you create beautiful personalized logos for your business easily.
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May 11, 2023
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Your company’s logo does more than just represent your business. It embodies your company's mission and vision. A logo communicates the brand’s ownership, quality, purpose, and values and is thus a lot more than just a picture.

It is the essence of your business. Something that stands as a bridge between your customers and you, your brand logo is an irreplaceable identity. Considering the complexity of this seemingly minor aspect of your company, creating a perfect brand logo may appear daunting.

Some of the best photo editing apps have been developed to assist you in designing a suitable logo for your business that will leave a strong first impression on consumers.

The article below mentions some of the AI logo designer apps available for Android and iOS. We will walk you through the distinctive features of each of these apps and will help you choose the best one as per your requirements.

We offer a selection of the finest free AI logo maker apps that you can use to create a high-quality, professional-looking logo for your brand. These apps are powered by AI technology and will help you design a logo without having to learn graphic design or hire a designer.

Our Top Picks

A brand identity or a logo can be defined as a tangible expression of your brand. It is the first thing that a consumer notices and is attracted to. Working with an agency or hiring a designer usually ensures good outcomes, albeit at a higher cost. Using top logo design software is an excellent beginning point for understanding and fine-tuning the logo aesthetic you seek.

A wide variety of AI logo creator apps are available to help you build a befitting logo. Here are our top choices for the leading AI logo maker app for you to get started with.

Best Logo Maker Apps to Create a Powerful Brand Identity

In this section, we have listed the top apps to create aesthetically pleasing logos that will help you create a powerful brand image in no time. So, without further ado, let’s check out the main features and USPs of the apps listed below.

Shopify Hatchful


Hatchful by Shopify is a custom AI logo creator that lets you create a professional quality logo with just a few clicks. It is the best free AI logo maker for designers who are always on the go. Based on your requirements and preferences, Hatchful suggests suitable logos from its ready-to-use template library. The app is completely free to use; however, you will have to pay extra to use and download the premium templates.

Features of Shopify Hatchful- The best AI logo designer on your phone

  • A polished and simple-to-use interface
  • Most of the logo templates are free to download and edit
  • Creative logo templates to cater to the varied needs of individuals
  • High-resolution and web-ready logo templates and files
  • Supports multiple languages- French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Download Shopify Hatchful-



The Wix Owner app is one of the top free AI logo maker apps that offers the easiest solution for website design and creation. It allows you to utilize the Wix website builder to develop, customize, and administer your website from any location. This AI logo maker can eliminate major challenges that a user can face while developing a website including time, content creation, and design. 

Features of Wix- A free AI logo maker app

  • Delivers a variety of unique combinations in multiple business categories
  • Easy customization option for changing themes, color schemes, layouts, etc.
  • Uses optimized AI tools that can mold and grow as per user requirements
  • Suitable for creating any kind of website- professional portfolio or travel blogs
  • Offers a secure and reliable infrastructure for all users
Download this best logo maker app for free

Logo Maker: Logo Creator


A one-stop shop for logo design and brand identity development. This best AI logo design app for free has an easy-to-use interface and does not require a considerable understanding of editing features. It is also one of the best AI logo maker apps for iPhone and a great logo design app for Android.

Features of Logo Maker- Free AI logo generator for mobile

  • Logo maker comes with 10,000+ logo templates.
  • The Logo Maker app has all of the tools you need to create an eye-catching logo.
  • Text editing, backdrop alteration, shape customization, and more are available.
  • A sample of the preliminary logo design can be stored
  • Design professional-like logos without hefty price tags
Download this best logo maker app for free

Design Evo


A popular choice of many business houses globally, Design Evo is the best free AI logo maker that offers fast and easy solutions to design a brand logo. This app is best known for its simple interface and compelling designs. It helps you create a logo with AI with maximum flexibility and ease. This AI logo creator majorly focuses on small businesses and startups. It is great for entrepreneurs who are looking to design a user-oriented website in the simplest way possible.

Features of Design Evo- AI logo designer for small businesses

  • Offers industry-specific templates that are more relevant to your brand
  • Provides users with over 10,000 logo designs to choose from
  • Completely free to use without any hidden fee or charges
  • Gives you the freedom to edit logos and build new ones from scratch
  • Allows you to download logos in different formats- JPG, PNG, and more
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Tailor Brands


Tailor Brands offer an AI logo maker for free, which is trusted by millions of business owners, startup owners, and small businesses worldwide. It is an AI logo designer that aims to make the process of branding fun and more convenient. It was initially created as a logo-designing app. However, it has now expanded to include multiple services like designing websites, creating brandings, and developing other market assets.

Features of Tailor brands- The best free AI logo maker

  • Available in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Dutch, and more
  • Assists in setting up all business assets without much cost 
  • Specialized AI-powered tools to create brand-specific logos and style guide
  • Allows you to print designs for business cards, merchandise, and more
  • Enables high-resolution downloads in different formats
Download this popular online logo maker app

Logo Maker Shop


Logo Maker shop uses effective AI tools to generate logos and designs in accordance with your requirements and preferences. It simplifies the tedious job of designing a logo and makes it less effort and time-consuming. You can use a variety of basic templates available on the app. These templates can be used for free.

Features of Logo Maker Shop- Best AI logo creator for free

  • Offers a wide range of attractive logo designs
  • Over 6,000 design elements are available at Logo Maker Shop
  • Add and adjust custom images
  • Basic template designs can be used without any charges
  • Enables high-resolution export of the logos created
Download this popular logo generator app



Brandmark is an AI logo maker that helps businesses in creating unique logos to represent their brand and brand values. This app helps you to design website templates and create logos with AI tools within seconds. Using AI-driven tools, you can create professional design assets including cards, letterheads, taglines, and much more.

Features of Brandmark- The Best AI logo designer app

  • It is powered by AI tools that can get the work done within a fraction of second
  • It features a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate
  • Allows you to have full copyright on each logo purchase
  • Enables you to revise your logo designs infinite times, even after purchase
  • Offers a full package including designs for social media, business cards, etc.
Download the best app to make logo

Each of these AI logo maker apps is worth a shot to see which feature set best suits you. Starting your own business is not without its difficulties. The least we can do is alleviate some of the stress of creating a logo. Numerous tools are available to help you create the professional logo you desire. These are the best AI logo design apps for Android and iOS that can assist you in creating and customizing a logo for your brand and business.

Lastly, if you are a developer, a business, or someone with a finished and soon-to-be-released app, get your product reviewed by MobileAppDaily’s team of experts. Go to our website to view all the new and exciting things we post daily. You can also learn more about MobileAppDaily by signing up for our emails. Enjoy the process of logo creation until then, and stay creative!

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