Top 20 Best Smartwatch Apps To Use In 2021

Checkout these 20 best smartwatch apps you should keep for your everyday needs!
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July 15, 2021
Now when smartwatches have become a part of our everyday lives, developers are focusing on making them more useful by building new best wearable apps. Now, you can use smartwatches to monitor your health, to make payments, to set alarms, or even to explore maps.

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Smartwatches are getting popular as they’re more handy and convenient to use than smartphones. Smartwatches save you from the hassle of pulling your phone out of the pocket to change music, check the weather, or simply check the time.

Top 20 apps for smartwatches you can use every day

We have shortlisted the 20 best apps for Wear OS which can be used almost every day. These apps can become essential in your life for many tasks like traveling, learning, entertainment, reminders, etc.

Google Maps


Google Maps is one of the most popular smartwatch apps free download existing out there. The app is being used to measure distances, to navigate through maps, or even to locate destinations virtually.

Features of Google Maps, one of the best apps for wear OS

  • Installing it in your smartwatch can help you navigate towards your destinations without any hassle
  • Because of its compatibility with smartwatches, you do not need to rely on your phone all the time to reach your destination
  • It comes with an in-built compass, and a global mapping system for any destination in the world
  • You can check traffic conditions on the route towards your destination
  • Provides alternate routes as well, if available
Download Google Maps



Shazam is a music app that can also be used to identify a song with its vocal, music, or rhythm. This popular music player app has many useful features to offer. You can create an account and use Shazam on multiple devices without having to lose your last listened songs.

Features of Shazam, a one of the best Wear OS apps for music

  • Lets you identify any song with the help of music, vocals, or rhythm
  • You can use the app to listen to your Spotify or Apple Music playlists
  • Time-synced lyrics will let you sing along without missing any part
  • The dark theme brings the pop texture out to make the interface look cooler
  • The best app for smartwatch is entirely free to use
Download Shazam

Dark Sky


Dark Sky is one of the best Wear OS apps existing out there to check the weather. The app is free to install and offers many features. You can get accurate rain timings, storm or rain alerts, temperature updates on your smartwatch.

Features of Dark Sky, the best app for smartwatch

  • Dark Sky gives you access to all app features on your smartwatch
  • You can analyze the weather in advance for the next 7 days
  • The app is available in the UK, US, Ireland, and Puerto Rico
  • The app has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, etc
  • Premium features are available with a two-week free trial
Download Dark Sky

Google Keep


This one of the top wear OS apps lets you create notes in your smartwatch. You do not need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket to write anything. Google Keep allows your smartwatch to use its interface to create short notes and access saved ones.

Features of Google Keep, one of the best Wear OS apps

  • Set reminders, create notes, make lists, and check off your list from your smartwatch
  • Dictating thoughts can convert them into notes for this one of the top wear OS apps
  • You can categorize notes with colors as per your choice
  • Use “Ok Google” and create notes without even touching the screen
  • Add #labels to segregate your notes to avoid them from mixing up
Download Google Keep

App in the Air


If you are flying and want to stay up-to-date even when offline, you can use App in the Air without thinking twice. This one of the best Wear OS apps lets you check real-time flight status, airport tips, and in-airport navigation maps.

Features of App in the Air, the best smartwatch app

  • Check everything about your flight like status, timings, tips, and guidelines, etc
  • App in the Air lets you find out eating locations, internet passwords of public Wifis, security tips, and guidelines, etc for 9,000 airports around the world
  • With a quick link, the app lets you book a cab for yourself
  • Features like flight status, gate changes can be checked offline. The app alerts you via texts which require no data roaming
  • You can use the app for automatic check-in for up to 2 passengers
Download App in the Air



Uber is one of the best wearable apps existing in the market to book cabs. The app provides you all features on your smartwatch to make cab-booking more convenient. You can use Uber to book rides from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world.

Features of Uber, the app for smartwatch

  • You can book a cab, call an Uber driver, or check the status from your smartwatch anytime
  • Uber gives you price details of your ride on the watch screen itself
  • The smartwatch can also be used to share your ride details with whoever you want
  • While riding, if required, you can use the smartwatch to call emergency services
  • The in-built rating system lets you give the feedback of your ride once it’s over
Download Uber

Wear Audio Recorder


This audio recorder app enables you to record sounds from your smartwatch. You can modify audio quality settings as per your choice and save recordings either offline or on Google drive and dropbox.

Features of Wear Audio Recorder, one of the top apps for smartwatch

  • Manage audio recordings from your watch. You can share, delete, or rename audio files as per your preference
  • With sound quality customization, you can increase the number of files by reducing the size
  • With echo suppression and noise-canceling feature, you can save crystal clear audio recordings
  • The app even works when the display is off without any hassle
  • The app is free to install but has in-app premium features to purchase
Download Wear Audio Recorder

Calculator For Wear OS (Android Wear)


This pocket calculator is one of the best smartwatch apps free download that lets you calculate from your smartwatch itself. You can also command “Ok Google” and start the calculator on your watch. The app can be used for basic and scientific calculations without any cost.

Features of Calculator For Wear OS, the best app for smartwatch to calculate

  • You can choose from Classic & Flat themes to change the interface look of this one of the best apps for wear OS
  • The app is capable of solving basic functions like division, multiplication, subtraction, etc
  • You can perform scientific calculations like trigonometric functions, square root function, modulo pi, etc
  • The app is free to install and use
  • For now, the app is compatible with limited devices like HUAWEI watch, Moto 360 Gen 1&2, Asus Zenwatch, etc
Download Calculator For Wear OS (Android Wear)

Sleep As Android


This one of the top wear OS apps keeps a track of your sleep schedule. You can sync it with your wearable device and it will use sensors to track your sleep. Moreover, it also sensors to wake you up according to your schedule.

Features of Sleep As Android, one of the best smartwatch apps

  • Sonar tracks your sleep schedule without the need of keeping the phone on the bed
  • Natural sound alarms like birds, sea, storms, or your playlist are used to wake you up
  • You can record your sleep talk, snoring, or irregular sleeping through this app
  • Sleep scores provide a detailed analysis of efficiency, duration, irregularities, or snoring
  • Can be integrated with health services like Google Fit and S Health Integration
Download Sleep As Android



This one of the best smartwatch apps out there built to monitor your health tracks your heartbeats. Cardiogram observes your sleep, stress, and fitness. Following this, it prepares charts and comprehensive reports for your daily health.

Features of Cardiogram, one of the best Wear OS Apps:

  • A cardiogram helps you in building new healthy habits and keeping a track of them through streaks
  • The timeline keeps a track of your minute-to-minute heart rate to keep your health on the monitor
  • Sleep tracking data can be retrieved directly from the Google Fit, Fitbit, or Garmin connect apps to show with your heart rate data
  • It also provides possible reasons behind heart rate irregularities
  • Currently, the app is only available in English
Download Cardiogram

Simple wear


Simple wear lets you change your smartphone settings from your smartwatch. You can install it to modify settings like Wifi, DND, Bluetooth, etc. However, to function, this app needs to be installed on the phone and smartwatch, both.

Features of Simple wear, one of the best wear OS top apps

  • Check Location status, modify settings without opening the smartphone
  • Lock phone, switch on the flashlight, change data connection settings as well
  • You can also change and check the battery percentage and charging status in the watch
  • Set sleep-timer to switch off your phone as per your preference
  • DND can put your phone on silent and hide notifications from popping up
Download Simple wear

Bring it!


This one of the best apps on wear OS lets you create coordinated shopping lists with your friends and family. You can share the shopping list with whoever you want and let them add items to the list.

Features of Bring it, Grocery Shopping List app for smartwatch

  • Make and share shopping lists with your friends, family members, or colleagues
  • Manage and plan multiple shopping lists with added members
  • Find cooking content everyday with recipes, ingredients, tips, etc
  • Like and share your favorite recipes with any one you want
  • You can download and install this app for free on your smartwatch
Download Bring it!

Authenticator Plus


Now, securing your social media accounts or e-mail accounts is more convenient due to extra security layers like 2-step verification. This app generates the code for you and with the smartwatch, you can take a glimpse of it without having to open your phone.

Features of Authenticator Plus, one of the best wearable apps

  • You can sync these smartwatch apps on multiple devices including smartphones, tablet, Amazon kindle, and smartwatch
  • The app comes with 256-bit AES encryption and pin lock security to keep your code safe
  • You can make more than one accounts in the app and organize them
  • Accounts can be directly imported from your Gmail account
  • The app is capable of creating automatic backups of your accounts for extra security
Download Authenticator Plus



Telegram is a free messaging app that can be used on smartphones and smartwatches. The app lets you sync all your messages on multiple devices so that you do not lose track of them. Moreover, you can share unlimited messages and media files with your telegram friends without having to pay for anything.

Features of Telegram, one of the top apps for smartwatch

  • One of the best free smartwatch apps for messaging and sharing media
  • Your chats are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, 2049-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman security key exchange
  • The app allows you to create groups with up to 200,000 members in each of them
  • The messaging app comes with tons of fancy animated and non-animated stickers to make conversations more entertaining
  • As per its privacy policies, your data is secured and will never be shared with third parties which makes it apps for smartwatch
Download Telegram



With your GPS and LTE, Strava lets you keep a track of your running and biking sessions. This smartwatch app is designed to keep your fitness tracked by measuring the distances you run every day. Moreover, you can measure your riding speed, distance, elevation gained, and calories burned through this app.

Features of Strava, one of the best apps on Wear OS

  • Strava lets you record routes, measure distances, and analyze your training sessions
  • The app is free to download. However, subscription plans are available for fitness training
  • Strava activity tracker can be used for running, cycling, Yoga, Hike, CrossFit, etc
  • Strava uses GPS and LTE for recording activities
  • You can use this app on your smartwatch without having to use the phone
Download Strava



Spotify is one of the best free music apps existing for smartwatches. The app lets you play free music from its library full of millions of songs. You can use Spotify on multiple platforms like Smartphones, Smartwatch, tablets, windows, etc.

Features of Spotify, one of the top apps for Wear OS to listen music

  • The app is free to use. However, the premium subscription can get rid of ads and lets you save the music offline
  • Spotify has millions of songs from all over the world for your entertainment
  • You can sync Spotify from multiple devices and continue your music on any of them
  • You can create playlists and add your friends to those playlists. They will be able to add more songs in the same
  • Spotify is a huge collection of international songs, podcasts, radio shows, albums, etc
Download Spotify



Glide is one of the Wear OS top apps that lets you make stream video calls on your smartwatch. You can revert for video messages through texts, or voice messages without using your phone. The app has an easy to use interface for fast video messaging.

Features of Glide, best app for smartwatch for video messaging

  • You can watch and listen to video messages on your smartwatch with this one of the best apps for smartwatch
  • Glide lets you reply to video messages from your smartwatch in the form of texts or audio messages
  • The app is free to use on any device
  • You can add cool filters to your video messages before forwarding them
  • The app comes with some extra premium features which can be unlocked by paying for them
Download Glide



Lifesum is an app that keeps a track of anything you eat or drink. The app also comes with diet plans which you are supposed to follow for any goal. Moreover, you can track your calorie intake by adding details of the food you consume every day.

Features of Lifesum, one of the top apps for Wear OS

  • Follow diet plans and tips included in the app to lose weight
  • Keep a tab on daily macros, calories, and nutrition intakes
  • Plan your daily food habits and keep checking off the list every day
  • Use a health tracker to make sure that you do not lose regularity
  • Follow recipes to cook healthy diets as per your goals
Download Lifesum

Microsoft Outlook


The outlook is a free to use email app which can be used on multiple devices with a single account. The app lets you send emails, transfer attachments, create schedules, and track calendars. You can read your emails and send them through your smartwatch itself.

Features of Microsoft Outlook, one of the must have apps for Wear OS

  • Send emails to your contacts without any charges or subscriptions
  • Access calendar, files, schedule from the inbox page on your smartwatch
  • Connect office documents like word, excel, PowerPoint, etc from Outlook and manage them
  • Use voice commands to search for people and schedules added in Outlook
  • Listen to your emails with the “Play my emails” option without having to touch your phone screen
Download Microsoft Outlook

Water Drink Reminder


This unique app is designed to remind you of your water intake every day. The app also supports Google Fit and has won the title of “Best of 2016 App''. Moreover, the purpose of this app is to remind you to stay hydrated as an important part of proper health.

Features of Water Drink Reminder, one of the must have apps for Wear OS

  • The app includes customized cups and standards divided into Oz or Ml units
  • You can check a graph or log of your daily drinking schedule
  • The app is capable of syncing weight data with Google fit for extra health assistance
  • The water tracker function tracks how much of the water have you consumed throughout the day
  • You can create a backup of your data and retrieve it anytime if you reset or change your device
Download Water Drink Reminder

These 20 apps for smartwatch which we have mentioned above can be used on a smartwatch. These apps can be useful for you in your daily life and you can stay worry-less about pulling your phone out of your pocket all the time.

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