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10 Best Wearable Apps To Download For Your SmartWatch

Try these game-changing Smartwatch apps to supercharge your wrist

Best Wearable Apps To Download

With the game-changing launch of wearable 2.0 in 2017, Android wearable started enjoying a sense of great success. And this renewed rage of success is achieved due to the third-party best wear OS apps that were introduced with amazing features to serve users with best-in-class services.

Later, in early 2018, Android wear was updated as wear OS which is Google’s Smartwatch platform powering watches from a variety of gadget manufacturers. It’s the same as Android wear, the only difference is that the things started running with a new name i.e., “Wear OS”.

Some of the smartwatch manufacturers include out of the box functionality with the default apps. But still, there are a few functionalities that you can add by installing third-party best wearable apps that claim to make your day far managed and controlled.

Follow our most sought-after list of best Google wear apps to know how you can utilize your smartwatch with a bunch of impressive activities.

1. Calm

Sound sleep and meditation are the keys behind creative minds, and Calm app is here to make everyone feel refreshed. The app with its meditation lessons facilitates android smartwatch users with a daily meditation routine. It’s very similar to the app like “breathe” available for apple watch users.

best Google wear apps

Major Highlights:

  • Lets the users experience a serene sense of meditation with the help of relevant sound and pictures
  • Best for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Brings sound sleep
  • Integrated with sleep stories and relaxing music gallery for sound sleep
  • Incorporated with breathing exercises
  • Helps track your daily progress
  • Eliminate distraction
  • Provides ads-free meditation experience

Download Calm

2. Parking

Install this one of the top wear apps to make yourself free from searching the parking grounds for your vehicle. It lets you find the parking area and also takes you out of the hassle to remember where you parked your car. You just need to tap on the little car icon on your smartwatch to log where you parked the car.

top wear apps

Major Highlights:

  • Capable of quickly and automatically determining when and where you parked your vehicle
  • Integrated with the options that help you remember your car parking location (underground, inside or outside parking structures)
  • One-click parking reminder with map integration
  • Helps you get all your parking history
  • User-defined parking zones
  • Automatic parking detection with the help of car’s Bluetooth
  • Multiple navigations are available for car parking
  • Excellent smartwatch support
  • Comes with beautiful home screen widget

Download Parking

3. Google Keep

Google Keep has become one of the trending apps for wear OS due to its prominence among Android smartphone users. It’s being widely used among users as the best note-taking app which users are also rapidly preferring for their smartwatches. An added advantage of this version of the wear app allows you to access notes from any other device (besides smartwatch).

apps for wear OS

Major Highlights:

  • Lets you access the notes anywhere anytime
  • Easy to use, create and access created notes and reminders in easy to read format
  • Can be conveniently connected with both Android and iOS
  • Adds a collaborator to your lists and notes to get things done together
  • Option to add photos and drawings. You can also draw or edit stuff through your photos
  • Excellent dictation feature is here to transcribe your thoughts
  • Search option for all the created notes with labels with the app
  • An added advantage of colored notes for easy content scanability
  • Use the “OK Google” feature from your smartwatch to utilize voice commands to instantly take a note or also to add a to-do list

Download Google Keep

4. Accuweather

Similar to other weather forecasting apps, this is also one of the best smartwatch apps for Android giving you the right information about current forecasts. This modern smartwatch provides real-time weather updates that can also be available on-demand when needed.

best smartwatch apps for Android

Major Highlights:

  • Accurate forecasts provided in a minimalist display fashion that perfectly goes with small screen smartwatches
  • Gives you the option to launch a companion to your Android smartphone to get more detailed forecast data
  • Gives you access to severe weather alerts/warnings to keep you safe from natural disasters like strong hurricane
  • Render today’s detailed temperature information
  • Using the “RealFeel Temperature” feature tell you about the facts that how the weather looks and how it feels
  • Brings authentic weather forecasts to your smartwatch at home, on the way, or anywhere else across the globe
  • Facility to have Live weather updates (24/7) for every minute information
  • Check weather alerts for 15 days in advance

Download Accuweather

5. Bring

No one has ever thought that wearing a smartwatch can help them prepare the grocery list. It’s generally one of the most creative and the best Android wear apps used for making a sorted shopping list. Now, you can anytime prepare the list of items right from your smartwatch by utilizing the items library available with this Android wear app.

Android wear apps

Major Highlights:

  • Makes it easy for you to generate a shopping list right from their wearables
  • Permits you to collect the loyalty card details to eliminate the need of a separate app
  • Provides the option to share the created shopping list with other family members and friends
  • Incorporated with easy to understand icons that help prepare grocery list easily
  • Users can also have access to add items by using voice transcription functionality of their smartwatches

Download Bring

6. Citymapper

Usually, we use our smartphones to check the route and public transit status. But now with this featured Wear OS app, you can have a ton of information about local train, bus, subway, ferry, and taxi simply via your smartwatch.

Wear OS app

Major Highlights:

  • Offers detailed information about arrival and departure timing for public transit options
  • The app allows you to create routes for mixed transportation types. For example, a cab ride to a subway station
  • Provides Uber details that further saves time and money
  • Check all the nearby departure in real-time
  • Provides step by step direction to your route

Download Citymapper

7. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is considered one of the best wear apps that perform prolifically to offer tons of sleeping functions to the users. Just like an Android sleep app, this wearable app works amazingly when paired with your Android smartphone.

best wear apps

Major Highlights:

  • Comes with lucid dreaming mode feature which lets users determine their rapid eye movement (REM) sleep mode
  • Helps you realize that you’re asleep without fully waking you up
  • Integrating this one of the best Wear OS apps with smartwatch allow users to track disturbances and minor movements during your sleep
  • Accurate sleep cycle tracker with smart wake up sensors for wearable
  • The app supports wearable tracking and can run flawlessly on Pebble, different Wear OS, Garmin, Galaxy Gear, and Mi Band
  • Provides sleep score as per your sleep quality
  • Integrated with snoring detection and sleep talk recording features
  • Prevents from Jet lag zone

Download Sleep as Android

8. Recordr

Recordr has been ranked on the top amongst all the popular Android wearable apps. It allows users to record surrounding sounds by tapping on the right icon given on the smartwatches. This wearable comes with a modern look and a fluid layout that make it a breeze to use for users.

Android wearable apps

Major Highlights:

  • Recording facility for raw data, noise capture, lectures and interviews
  • Let’s you create your own recording file
  • Controls sound for louder and softer pitch
  • Also controls decibel level to effectively skip recorded silence sound
  • Noise filter feature for clear audio quality
  • Can remove echo if needed
  • Supports different audio formats including aac, wav, 3gpp, amr, mp3, and mp4
  • Provides audio with 44kHz, 48kHz, 16kHz, and 8kHz sample rate
  • Allows you to easily share recordings with friends via email, Bluetooth and message

Download Record

9. Spotify

Isn’t it fun listening to your favorite track without interruption and even without holding your phone in your hands. Yes! You can listen to your favorite track by installing this one of the newest Android wear applications which lets you control the song’s activities right from your wrist. Using this one of the top Android wear apps, you can change songs, scroll libraries, putting the volume up and down without hassle.

newest Android wear applications

Major Highlights:

  • Spotify for wearables lets you search your favorite songs, album, and artist
  • Users can enjoy a new world of new music, podcasts, and videos right from their smartwatches
  • Permits you to create a playlist as per your choice
  • Lets you share the music with friends
  • Users can find tracks for any activity and mood
  • Provides ads-free music listen and download experience
  • Plays music in shuffle mode by picking random artist, song and album

Download Spotify

10. Duolingo (H2)

Duolingo is the next wave in the industry of language learning. Being used as the best Android app, it extended its prominence as one of the smartwatch apps for Android. Users consider it a non-invasive app as it provides mini-lessons and flashcards to educate users with short lessons. We know that holding your wrist for long to learn the language tricks is tricky but before you realize that you’re getting tired, you’ll finish your lesson.

 smartwatch apps for Android.

Major Highlights:

  • Learn multiple languages including French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Swedish and many more
  • Provides fun learning with different listening, speaking, reading and writing features
  • Improves your grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Lets you analyze your progress by putting questions relevant to your previous lesson
  • You can start with basic phrases, verbs, and sentences and improve it by knowing what new words can be added

Download Duolingo

Wrapping Up:

Before prepared this most sought-after list of best wear OS apps, we have done a thorough apps review and added the best in the list by keeping the daily needs of smartwatch users. Apart from these the above-mentioned wearable apps, there are many other apps like Runkeeper, Google Maps, and Calculator that you can easily install and use efficiently from your digital wristwatch.

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