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Best Mobile App UI Design Trends Make your app visually appealing with these latest Mobile UI Design Trends!

User Interface or UI is the most important part of any app. It doesn’t matter how many features have you added, your app has to look good and it should be easy to explore.

Now, even if you want to build an app with a perfect UI, how will you figure out if that’s the perfect design? Well, you need to understand the latest mobile UI design trends to figure that out.

To help you out with the same, we have included a list of some best mobile app design trends you need to look out for in 2023. 

Tips To Consider While Figuring Out Mobile UI Design

Before we proceed further & begin with design mobile applications trends, there are some tips app developers should follow.

  • Keep Loading Speed as low as possible

Make sure that you practice the latest UI design trends but the app doesn’t take too long to load the page. In other words, the app should have a fast screen loading time otherwise doesn’t matter how good an app looks, it won’t be useful. Users expect fast reactions from the app.

Whenever users open the app & navigate through it, they prefer avoiding any lag or delay. Adding unnecessary features in the app might make it heavier & slower to load.

  • Keep it easy to navigate

Make sure your app is not a web of features. Whenever users open the app, they need to be able to find what they are looking for. It is important to make sure that your app is easy to navigate & the features of the app are easily visible.

  • Use eye-catching icons, fonts, & graphics

Building an eye-catching app can add some advantages for you. If you go through popular latest mobile UI design trends, you will find that the appearance of the app always mattered. Now when smartphones are getting powerful, you have more hardware advantages for your app. You can add high-quality graphics, good-looking icons, nice fonts, etc. 

12 App Design Trends For UI

These mobile design trends which we are mentioning here have been suggested by UI/UX experts. Applying these mobile designs might give your apps a boost. 

So, let’s begin!

1. UI Designs Based On 3D Elements

Now the hardware capacity of devices is increasing, it is easier to use 3D elements in apps as they do not make phones slow anymore. Some years back, 3D elements or characters were limited to the gaming industry. However, now, 3D is being used for various other applications like education, infotainment, presentations, etc. to enhance apps UI design.

3D elements also make the UI catchy & good-looking. Moreover, with the inclusion of AR, the popularity of 3D applications will increase as the scope has been widened now. This is one of the most popular UI design trends which will dominate and monopolize in the near future.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Some expected applications of 3D elements - Among the best UX trends:

  • 3D Animated User Interface with icons & transitions
  • AR & VR inclusive games & applications
  • 3D chatbots & virtual assistants

2.  Apps Interface Designs With Dark Mode

The dark mode is getting popular to provide a more soothing experience to users while interacting with apps. Users get options for reducing the brightness & turning the screen black without having to mess with the smartphone's native settings. 

This feature has been already included in apps like web browsers. Moreover, it also helps users in avoiding eye damage caused by the bright light, while they use their phones in darkness or at night.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope of Dark Mode Mobile Application Design:

  • Safe for eyes for users even if they use phones in low lights or darkness;
  • Looks better than the usual mode as it highlights other elements included in the User Interface;
  • Helps in saving the battery of the device.
  • One of the promising User Interface trends

3. Inclusion Of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

AR & VR mobile designs are another latest mobile UI design trend or among the best User Interface trends getting popular among developers. The reason is the increasing scopes of features that can be included in modern applications. Devices are stronger now, networks are faster, & all of these elements have opened new opportunities.

Users are loving AR/VR applications & games more due to their interactive features. AR/VR has ended the boundaries between the real world & the imaginary world, which is what people are fascinated by.

Mobile UI Design Trends

An application with such AR/VR mobile application design has many scopes to offer:

  • User interface mixed with the real environment creates a stunning looking experience;
  • AR will make usage of applications like Maps way easier;
  • More apps will be invented, especially for tourists, gamers, & learners.

4. Imperfect Visuals & Fonts For The Artistic Touch

This trend of designing UI is being adapted due to its humane touch. This one of the best latest UI design trends and UX design trends uses imperfections to create a stunning & eye-catching look.

These free-hand fonts & mobile app UI designs look artistic & more creative than usual cliche ways. The imperfection makes visuals look more, humane!

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope of Imperfect Visuals & Fonts App Interface Design:

  • Can be used in creating more artistic or creative UI designs (Apps Interface design);
  • Designers can create unique & fully customized icons & logos;
  • Will help create a more humane, unique, & eye-catching impression.

5. Retro Touch In UI To Add The Nostalgia

Retro never goes out of style. Even if you are designing a marketing app, e-comm app, or an app with hundreds of shows to binge, a retro theme fits everywhere. This stunning trend can keep users glued due to its beautiful icons, fonts, and colors.

Mostly, retro themes are being used in magazines or literature-based apps. However, with the increasing popularity, it is expected that soon retro mobile apps user interface design will take over more types of apps.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Expected applications of Retro UI in the future:

  • Camera apps can be seen using retro themes more often than any other types;
  • Retro UI can also be used for creative marketing or information based applications;
  • A combination of retro visuals and modern animations can create visually appealing wonders for applications’ UI.
  • Design mobile applications with the best mobile apps design using Retro UI.

6. Modern App Design Trends Based On Microinteractions

Microinteractions is a concept tech giants like Facebook and Instagram are using. These apps offer interfaces with so many features. In short, micro-interactions make an app more interactive and accessible. Users get more options to execute when they use the app. Likes, reactions, save, etc are the perfect examples of micro-interactions.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope Of Microinteractions Based Latest Mobile App Design Trends

  • Microinteractions helps developers in offering more features on one page of an app, instead of designing multiple pages;
  • Microinteractions are usually divided into Triggers, Rules, Feedback, and Loops;
  • Microinteractions are important for easy navigation, more features, and clear communication.

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Latest UI Trends

AI-based UI and UX design apps can provide personalized interaction to users of the app. UI designs based on AI can track user behavior and provide them with a customized interaction. These apps can predict the behavior of the user and offer them what they might be looking for. Some famous apps which are using AI-based interfaces are Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope of AI-based applications as UI mobile design trend:

  • AI-based UI can provide a more customized user experience;
  • This mobile trend will create a good impression on users’ minds if they find what they are looking for on the home screen;
  • AI can be used for learning apps by providing users tips and shortcuts to learn complex equations according to their solving pattern.

8. Chatbots or Voice User Interface (VOI) Based Latest UI App Design Trends

Chatbots are another trend developers are using for their apps. These chatbots make the user interface easier to navigate. Users find these apps more convenient as all they need to do is to say a command to reach where they want to go in the app. 

Developers are trying their best to create more inclusive apps. Hence, it is a future you should participate in as well. Apps like Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, etc are great examples of apps UI design.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope of VOI based app UI designs:

  • Chatbots or Voice User Interface mobile app UI designs are being used to make apps more convenient for people with disabilities;
  • To make apps easy to explore with just one voice command;
  • VOI-based apps are faster to use as they function with natural voice commands.

9. Beautiful Graphics Images

The inclusion of visually appealing photographs in the UI can enhance the look. For example, if you are an e-commerce app offering products to customers, you can use high-quality photographs, design mobile applications & build pages around them. 

These high graphic mobile app UI can lead your app into creating more conversions than usual. The purpose is to influence users into making a purchase. High-quality images can be really useful for the same.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Applications of UI with High-quality images - a promising mobile apps user interface design trend:

  • To create a visually appealing app interface using a Web/UI/UX Design App;
  • To showcase product catalogs in the app;
  • To influence customers with stunning-looking products into purchasing them.

10. Storytelling Through User Interface

Storytelling is an effective way of keeping the user glued. Apps with stories on their pages keep users busy for some time. Storytelling can help app owners in gaining conversions with words. 

However, storytelling also has to be appealing. Use infographics, fonts, icons, graphics, animations, or even videos, if you feel that looks more appealing for your audience. Think from the perspective of the user while designing a story for your User Interface.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Scope of Storytelling in UI of Mobile Apps:

  • Storytelling can be used to entertain users while they navigate through the app;
  • It can be used to inform users about success stories of past app users;
  • Storytelling can lead to conversions by influencing users to make purchases.

11. Latest Mobile App Design Trends Based On Microcopies 

Micro Copies texts are used on the UI to influence users in interacting with the app to submit data or information. This trend is used to make users fill the form, to make them subscribe to the website, or just in the search panel.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Applications of Microcopies:

  • Microcopies are used to create mini call-to-action texts to make customers click links;
  • To make users download extensions or apps;
  • To advertise related products or shows with pop-ups of micro texts.

12. Animated Interface

Animated interface enables so much creative freedom in apps. Adding animated transitions, floating texts, or walking chatbots can improve the way an app looks. Now when devices are capable of handling heavy apps, developers are free to make apps as visually appealing as possible.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Some possibilities Animated interface (A UI mobile design trend) can enable:

  • For visual storytelling, the animated interface is the best element;
  • Can be used to create scroll-based transitions mobile app design.;
  • Animated transitions can enable app features and change pages in a stylish and less boring way.
  • Compelling UI app design.

At present, the competition between apps is high. And it’s not expected to slow down shortly as well. So, before you think of developing an app, make sure that your app looks good as well. Modern users care about  Mobile Application Design and UI more than the features they are getting from an app.

If you are a developer or a business owner and want some expert opinion to design an app, you can contact top mobile app design companies for assistance.

That’s it for now. Keep visiting for more information!

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