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10 Best Legal Apps providing legal help at your convenience

1 in every 3 families faces legal interactions. These Best Legal Apps help you prepare or avoid legal confrontations.

5 Lawyer Apps

No matter how careful we are, legal issues find their ways in our lives. According to a survey conducted by PEW Charitable Trust, 1 in 3 US families face issues that result in legal interaction in their lifetime. 47% of Americans have faced court orders, including petty issues in the last decade only. Hence, the need for legal apps was eminent leading to the technological revolution in the legal system.

“People talk a lot about digital technologies revolutionizing legal practice. This is the area where revolution is happening” says Prof. Tanina Rostain, Georgetown Law Center who teaches a course on the scope of Internet-based technologies for legal pedagogy and practices.

The aforementioned legal revolution has resulted in the development of many apps that claim to offer precise advice when you require legal help. They are developed to be your lawyer, so to speak. However, many of these deliver what they offer, and others, not so much. To save your time and bad experience while finding the right app for you, we bring the top 10 apps which you need while taking up your legal issues. 

Mobile Apps for Legal Help in 2021

There are various legal or lawyer apps as well for those who are in search of legal help and can’t afford the expensive fee of legal advisors. Here are some of the top legal apps for lawyers and users that should be installed for better legal assistance. 

1. Fastcase - Best app for legal advice

Fastcase is the best lawyer app that makes sure that you carry the law collection with you wherever you travel. In this app, you can find cases for any state just by typing the keyword or citation. 

You just have to type the keyword, pick the state of your interest and just type the date in which the case fell between or you may type any further details too which would help you in finding the accurate data. Once you find the case of your interest, you may also save it for later use. Even if you did not save any document then you can see it in your current searches.

If you want to check out how many times a case has been cited before, so for this you can select a feature called ‘Authority check’ as this feature helps you in finding how many times a particular case has been cited. 

Top features of Fastcase, the best app for legal advice

  • American Law Library
  • Cases and statutes of 50 American States
  • Browse and search feature
  • Most relevant results first
  • Daily updates

Download this app for legal advice on Android and iOS

2. Off The Record - Best app to find lawyers

You can get immediate legal help by simply uploading a photo of your case on this most prominent lawyer app. For example, if you have any issues related to the traffic ticket then you can simply send the photo of your ticket, your state, country, city, etc. on this attorney app. 

Once you are done uploading the details, competing lawyers will evaluate it and communicate their fees to you. This is one of the best legal apps which helps you view the profiles of the lawyers who have made offers and check the reviews of the clients as well and then pick a lawyer that you think would be best for your case. 

Top features of Off The Record, the best app to find lawyers

  • Upload the ticket from your phone.
  • Get offers from the best lawyers
  • Lawyers from every American state.
  • Get best prices

Download this great app to find lawyers on Android and iOS

3. Ask a Lawyer - Best lawyer consultation app

Ask a Lawyer app helps you receive advice from an experienced lawyer in a short period. You just need to sign up and there you go! You can directly chat with a lawyer online. 

Since it may take too long to find a lawyer within your category, so what you need to do is just use the feature ‘Find a Lawyer’. Using the same feature you can find a lawyer within your desired category by just entering your location and the preferred field. You can chat with the lawyer or directly call them using the app. 

Ask a Lawyer

Top features of Ask a Lawyer, the best lawyer consultation app

  • Online legal help
  • Free to use
  • Find a lawyer and connect
  • Get an instant response from a professional attorney in your mail.

Download this app to find lawyers on Android and iOS devices

4. Rocket Lawyer - Best apps for lawyers in legal documentation

This is one of the best law apps that can assist people in solving insurance issues, healthcare, disaster recovery, etc. Rocket Lawyer, a complete lawyer app, was developed to function as a Web, Android, and iOS app, whereas the app itself is a great example of how easy it is to get started and resolve your issues. This app falls under the best law firm apps which respond quickly whenever you need an instantaneous solution. 

Top features of Rocket Lawyer, best apps for lawyers

  • Sign-in, scan and secure documents.
  • Legal help for new businesses
  • Share documents safely with attorneys.

Download this best app for attorneys on Android and iOS

5. Legal Dictionary - Best app for lawyers

The legal dictionary is being counted amongst the trusted mobile apps for lawyers as it makes the law trouble-free to read and understand. Just type the word in the search bar that you are looking for and get the relevant answers for the same. The app allows you to save information for future use as well. Moreover, it has a feature that allows you to access

Top features of Legal Dictionary, best app for lawyers

  • Approx 15000 legal definitions
  • In-depth explanations of legal terms and principles
  • 13,500+ pronunciations
  • An extensive guide on US law and constitution.

Download this best app for advocates on Android and iOS

6. Evernote - The best note-taking app for lawyers

Though the next app we bring wasn't designed only to serve the needs of lawyers or people dealing with legal issues, it helps them all the same as it helps other professionals.  Evernote is a great app for taking notes, marking studies, sharing documents, and editing on the go. You can sync your documents with Evernote and access them at your convenience from any smart device. 

Top features of Evernote, the best note-taking app for lawyers

  • Capture ideas and notes on the go.
  • Journals with easy access
  • Multiple device usage
  • Attach .pdf, images, docs, and much more.

Download this one of the best productivity app for lawyers on Android and iOS

7. Dropbox - Best mobile apps for lawyers

Dropbox is one of the best productivity apps for lawyers and people seeking legal help. The app allows the users to upload their documents from anywhere and sync them with the cloud. Dropbox also allows easy sharing of data with anyone. You can scan IDs, documents, bills, certificates, etc, and upload them directly to the cloud with the ability to share them with anyone. 

Dropbox serves a variety of professionals, including lawyers. The app is a great way of keeping notes and updating them on the go with easy sharing and editing features.

Top features of Dropbox, best mobile apps for lawyers

  • Upload large files on the cloud and share them just by sharing the link.
  • Scan photos, receipts, documents, and more.
  • Sync folders to your PC or Mac
  • Access files even when offline

Download this one of the best apps for lawyers on Android and iOS

8. Google Drive - Best calendar app for lawyers

Google Drive is one of the most used applications among professionals dealing with the creation and editing of various kinds of data. An amazing app for lawyers, Google Drive allows you to create documents including text, images, videos, and links. You can also maintain sheets and interlinked them, using various filters and range features.

Google has been on the leading tech-companies and Google Drive proves why it is so. The app is flawless and works with a range of smart devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, PC and Macs.

Top features of Google Drive, the best calendar app for lawyers

  • Safely store and access your files from anywhere
  • Search for files 
  • Receive notification via mail upon any change in the files
  • Access content when offline
  • Send files directly via email.

Download this one of the best apps for lawyers on iOS and Android

9. Skype - Best mobile apps for lawyers

Skype is one of the most important apps for professionals especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. When you have a legal issue going on, it is of vital importance to consult your attorney before every move. While it may not have been easy because of the strict lockdown and fear of the virus, you can use Skype for detailed video discussions with your lawyer at your convenience. Skype is loaded with a lot of features you can use for better discussion and explanations.

Top features of Skype, best mobile apps for lawyers

  • Connect via video calls, audio calls, chat, and SMS.
  • Share your screen with others
  • Share files, docs, images, and much more.
  • Express yourself with special texts.

Download this one of the best apps for lawyers on Android and iOS

10. Penultimate - The best note-taking app for lawyers

For those who have picked Evernote to be their document reader of choice, Penultimate is the perfect extension app for them. Penultimate allows flawless and distraction-free handwriting and makes the experience of pen and paper more productive. The app is synced with Evernote and saves everything directly to it. You can also download any file from Evernote and edit it with the help of Penultimate. It is a great app for those extensive legal discussions and to make notes while anyone is speaking something of significance. 

Top features of Penultimate, legal apps for lawyers

  • Keep up with your writing pace
  • No distraction while writing
  • Use the search tool
  • Connect and Sync with Evernote
  • Make Evernote more powerful.

Download this one of the best apps for lawyers on iOS


Smartphones are an integral part of our daily life and we use them regularly. So, using them to meet our goals only makes sense. These apps for lawyers will help you not only in your legal endeavors but is also in several other day-to-day functions.

Download the best-suited apps for lawyers to get various kinds of legal help. You can try the aforementioned apps for attorneys or can go for other ones you consider the best in your opinion. Remember, whatever lawyer app you install should be well-developed and possesses the features to solve your purpose to get validated legal advice. 

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