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5 Lawyer Apps That Provide Easier Access to Legal Help [2021]

Try modern-age legal apps built to facilitate people with fast and authenticated legal assistance.

5 Lawyer Apps

In today’s world, getting legal help is really important for those who are facing difficulties due to other negligence. People get into different kinds of accidents and the fact is that they are totally unaware of the steps which they could take in such circumstances. For example, people put them at fault for which they aren’t actually responsible but had to suffer just because of the other party’s inattention. In such cases, lawyer apps come up as the best companion to provide legit legal help to the people seeking for justice. 

Whenever you get into a disaster such as, car accidents or any medical blunder; then you should directly consult a law firm in such situations as they can handle your case and help you in getting the compensation which you deserve. You can contact Las Vegas personal injury lawyers of Ladah Law Firm, as this law firm can deal with all types of injuries, whether they are car injuries or any personal injuries.

The main issue here is, the one who needs legal help and cannot afford it. This is the reason due to which people think they can’t take legal aid for their problems. However, Ladah Law Firm can help everyone, even the ones who can’t afford it as they take their fees only after they win the case for you. 

Nowadays, people use mobile apps for almost everything; for booking a taxi, food ordering, gym classes and a lot more. Given all the range of applications for our personal life, it is not a surprise for us knowing that there are a number of applications for different types of businesses too.

Mobile Apps for Legal Help in 2021

There are various legal or lawyer apps as well for those who are in search of legal help and can’t afford the expensive fee of legal advisors. Here are some of the top legal apps for lawyers and users that should be installed for better legal assistance. 

1. Fastcase

Fastcase is the best lawyer app which makes sure that you carry the law collection with you wherever you travel. In this app, you can find cases for any state just by typing the keyword or citation. 

You just have to type the keyword, pick the state of your interest and just type the date in which the case fell between or you may type any further details too which would help you in finding the accurate data. Once you find the case of your interest, you may also save it for later use. Even if you did not save any document then you can see it in your current searches.

If you want to check out how many times a case has been cited before, so for this you can select a feature called ‘Authority check’ as this feature helps you in finding as to how many times a particular case has been cited. 



  • All the cases are easily accessible
  • Easy to apply filter


  • It requires a proper account to access information
  • Sometimes the cases are not saved

2. BernieSez

You can get immediate legal help by simply uploading a photo of your case on this most prominent lawyer app. For example, if you have any issues related to the traffic ticket then you can simply send the photo of your ticket, your state, country, city, etc. on this attorney app. 

Once you are done uploading the details, competing lawyers will evaluate it and communicate their fees to you. This is one of the best legal apps which helps you view the profiles of the lawyers who have made offers and check the reviews of the clients as well and then pick a lawyer which you think would be best for your case. 


  • You can choose the best proposal
  • Speedy access to legal aid


  • At times users make the wrong decision by selecting the bid which does not suit them

3. Ask a Lawyer

Ask a Lawyer app helps you receive advice from an experienced lawyer in a short period of time. You just need to sign up and there you go! You can directly chat with a lawyer online. 

Since it may take too long to find a lawyer within your category, so what you need to do is just use the feature ‘Find a Lawyer’. Using the same feature you can find a lawyer within your desired category by just entering your location and the preferred field. You can chat with the lawyer or directly call them using the app. 

Ask a Lawyer


  • Get a quick response
  • Find a lawyer within your area


  • It takes time to log in
  • At times the questions are not conveyed

4. Disastr

This is one of the best law apps that can assist people in solving insurance issues, healthcare, disaster recovery, etc. Disastr, a complete lawyer app, was developed to function as a Web, Android, and iOS app, whereas the app itself is a great example of how easy it is to get started and resolve your issues. This app falls under the best law firm apps which responds quickly whenever you need an instantaneous solution. 


  • Instant response
  • Deals with all types of injuries


  • It takes time to choose the lawyer of your type 

5. Law Dictionary

Law dictionary is being counted amongst the trusted mobile app for lawyers as it makes the law trouble-free to read and understand. Just type the word in the search bar that you are looking for and get the relevant answers for the same. The app allows you to save information for future use as well. Moreover, it has a feature that allows you to access 


  • You can search for any law-word
  • Bookmark your preferred words 


  • Do not succeed in placing words into context

Final Words

As we know that smartphones are a part of our daily life and we use it regularly. So, why don’t you reap the advantage of the best app for lawyers to get legitimate justice on issues? 

Download the best-suited lawyer app to get any kind of legal help. You can try the aforementioned apps for attorneys or can go for other ones you consider the best in your opinion. Remember, whatever lawyer app you install should be well-developed and possesses the features to solve your purpose to get validated legal advice. 

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