AppMagic Review - Smart Tool for Market Analysis

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Updated on April 02, 2024
AppMagic Review - Smart Tool for Market Analysis

Without a doubt, the app market is a lucrative space. In fact, the number of app downloads between 2022 and 2023 was approximately 2 billion. Therefore, it is highly likely that players will be emerging from everywhere around the globe. This creates a collateral problem,i.e., competition. A competition that can only be dealt with through insights and competitor analysis.

In this AppMagic review, we have tried to explore the tool from a developer, startup, and enterprise perspective. Basically, anyone who wishes to roll out their app. We’ve tried dissecting the platform on several levels and shared our honest opinions with our readers. Therefore, let’s begin.

What is AppMagic?

AppMagic is a mobile market intelligence tool that helps developers and marketers to conduct research. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform packed with benefits. Using this market analysis tool, the user can get information about competitive intelligence, product development, user acquisition, and more. 

AppMagic delivers a comprehensive set of simple tools for complex data analysis tasks. Furthermore, it offers an intuitive UI and app taxonomy that delivers top-notch coverage and granularity. They are constantly innovating with new tools to cater to unique research approaches. 

Overall, it is a platform committed to accessibility and affordability. It can easily provide detailed competitor analyses and insights into the market.

AppMagic Features

AppMagic is an all-in-one solution for experienced and new developers. It provides comprehensive mobile app market analysis via a plethora of features. Therefore, let’s check them out:

1. Apps - Gather Insights and Make Comparisons 

AppMagic Features
The app section of AppMagic delivers multiple data points related to the app market. These features help compare the apps available in the market and determine competitors.

Free Features:

  • Top Apps: This provides insights related to the top applications around the globe. It provides stats related to Top 100 and Top 1000 applications divided based on three categories on a single page. These categories are top-free, top-grossing, and top-featured. Furthermore, the user gets advanced filters for the date of publish, type of app, and geography.
  • Top Trending: Here, AppMagic provides stats related to top trending applications around the globe with filters to tailor your search. Furthermore, you get details for top-free and top-grossing applications with the number of downloads.
  • App Comparison Dashboard: This section delivers the capability to make custom searches from scratch. The user can select the application and choose geography, app store, categories, and metrics (ranking, downloads, revenue, etc.). Based on the number of apps selected, details are provided using the graph and the metric selected. Also, the user can select multiple metrics. However, the user must have a premium subscription for some of these metrics.
  • Top Soft Launches: This shows insights related to the latest apps being tested by developers in the market. You can check their trends and get information like the store, number of published apps, launch date, etc. Furthermore, it provides similar filters to tailor your research.
  • Top Updates: Get insights about app revenue trends and downloads after integrating new updates. The app market intelligence tool shows data from the latest version released. This helps understand the impact of that new release on the application.
  • Advanced Search: It is similar to an app comparison dashboard, as you get more filters to tailor your search. Additional features are revenue ranges, downloads range, SDK, etc. It is important to note that most of these extra features are available through premium.

Paid Features:

  • Similarity Graph: A similarity graph is a premium tool that helps visualize the similarity of apps. This can include similarities in gameplay, audience, etc. 

2. Publishers - Find the Top Publishers and Conduct Competitor Analysis

Appmagic Competitor Analysis

  • Top Publisher: Here, the user gets details about the top publishers in terms of downloads, revenue, and feature score. The publishers are provided in three categories: top-free, top-grossing, and top-featured. There are also multiple filters to create a custom search.
  • Publisher Dashboard: This section lets the user compare apps published by the same publisher and based on multiple other filters. 
  • Publisher Comparison: In this section, the user can compare two publishers.
  • App Transfers: This shows the data of the app movement between two accounts. Initially, when apps are launched, they are often published by anonymous accounts. These apps often migrate to their main account, which can help us determine hidden publisher accounts.

3. Market Segments - Understand the Lucrativity of a Market

Appmagic Market Segments

Free Features:

  • Success Meter: The success meter is a comprehensive tool that compares apps based on their success. The user gets multiple success metrics such as revenue, downloads, and RPD (revenue-per-download).


  • Market Segment Dashboard: Market segment dashboards help you determine the state and trends within a specific market segment. They allow the user to filter apps based on different classifications and provide a visual representation via a graph.
  • Market Segment Comparison: This helps determine reciprocal sizes and trends associated with market segments. The feature can be useful during the ideation phase and in understanding the market segment.

4. Ad Intelligence - Competitor Analysis for Marketing on Multiple Channels

Competitor Analysis for Marketing
The section lets the user determine the marketing hustle behind any application released in the market. The section enables the user to select the application (needs premium). 

Based on the app selection, it shows data related to several creatives posted, traction on different platforms (Google Admob, mintegral, Facebook), impressions, etc. 

The user can easily select the geolocation and the preferred platform for which the market efforts are conducted. This creates a well-rounded picture of the competitor’s marketing success and helps determine the ideal winning strategies.

5. Other Features 

  • App Metrics and Updates: The section provides insights related to apps and the latest updates that they have received.
  • Top App’s Spikes and Updates: This section informs the user about the spikes in revenue and downloads of a particular application and other important updates.
  • New Apps: Here, the user gets a list of the latest apps released.
  • New Apps by Publisher:  This section provides users with information about new apps released by a particular publisher.

Pros and Cons of AppMagic

Moving forward, to provide an unbiased review of AppMagic, it is necessary to discuss its pros and cons. Therefore, here they are:

Pros of AppMagic:

  • It offers competitive pricing, making it a good option for budget-conscious users.
  • It delivers a clean and intuitive UI experience, making it easily navigable for beginners.
  • It provides highly accurate data on app downloads, revenue, and metrics.
  • It offers a tag system that allows highly specific searches based on genre, setting, art style, and other attributes.
  • Competitive analysis tools that provide insights related to competitor downloads, revenue estimates, user demographics, and marketing strategies.
  • It provides the size of the target market and potential growth opportunities.

Cons of AppMagic:

  • No mobile version of the AppMagic tool, making its accessibility limited.
  • Review analysis might not be as in-depth as required in some cases.

Minimum Requirements of AppMagic

Similar to any other SaaS-based platform, AppMagic doesn’t require any installation. To access its services, the user simply needs a web browser. Therefore, these are the minimum requirements of AppMagic platform:

Platform: Web Browsers with JavaScript Support
Supported Browsers: Modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc.)
System Requirements: Any device that runs a browser (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Laptops, etc.)

AppMagic Pricing Plan

AppMagic platform has not revealed its plans and pricing. However, the official website states that the price of the premium services delivered by AppMagic starts at $150/month.

AppMagic Review by MAD Expert + Ratings!

MAD Rating:

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.5
Navigation- 4.7
Pricing- 4.3

Plenty of AI tools for marketers help them with all sorts of use cases. For example, predictive data analytics, personalization, decision-making, etc. However, AppMagic is different. It is a comprehensive space for all your application research work. The tool also covers information about applications and publishers. Using AppMagic is fairly easy. 

Additionally, the creators have provided enough resources to help understand the services. In fact, dedicated articles have been written on many of the services that the AppMagic platform provides. 

Talking about the features, AppMagic allows a plethora of comparisons. You can select from a range of services. The data provided by the platform is accurate, as it uses credible sources and consistently revamps the data. 

Furthermore, you also get filters to manage your searches. This includes the month, tags, stores, geography, etc. You can filter out data based on apps, publishers, markets, etc. In fact, the service provides insights related to marketing efforts. For example, the number of creatives, platforms for campaigns, impressions, etc.

Overall, our inference from this AppMagic review is that it is a great platform for any aspiring developer or company. It is worth considering that the platform provides all the important insights to help create key differentiators per the competition. Also, one can get key insights for competitor analysis, marketing efforts, and markets to deploy the solution.

How to Use AppMagic App?

AppMagic is not an application but rather an app market intelligence tool. Therefore, it delivers all its features and functionalities through its web platform.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to use AppMagic on its web platform for beginners:

Step 1: Sign Up and Get Familiar

Once you finish the Sign-Up, it is time to explore the platform. AppMagic delivers a plethora of options that can get confusing at times. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the platform. 

This will help immensely during research. In fact, the AppMagic has video tutorials and guides that can help you get acquainted with the features delivered.

Step 2: Define your Goals

Once you familiarize yourself with the platform, it is time to define your goals. AppMagic is a mobile intelligence platform. Therefore, it delivers a plethora of information. 

It is essential as a user that you define your goals. This would enable you to research as per requirements with ease. 

Some examples of these goals could be:

  • Researching a completely new market
  • Analyzing the strategies of your competitors
  • Tracking the performance of your app

Step 3: Using the Services

Appmagic Services

AppMagic delivers a plethora of tools based on your goals. These include app insights, publisher insights, market segments, Ad intelligence, and notifications. To use any of the services, simply hover the pointer over the tool. In this case, we took the example of ‘Apps’. As you can see, there are multiple services related to apps on the platform; select one.

Step 4: Use Filters

appmagic filters
To explain the use further, we have selected the ‘Top Apps’ service. Once done, it will show a window like the one provided above. Now, here are the steps to use it:

  • Select the month of your choice
  • Select the type of application in the ‘Tags’ option
  • Select the store
  • Select the geolocation
  • Choose the number of results

Once done, the AppMagic platform will provide results based on the filters chosen. 

Step 5: Export Data (Optional)

appmagic Data
In this step, you can download the data from the charts and dashboards, as shown in the image above. The AppMagic tool provides CSV files for this data that can be downloaded for further analysis.

AppMagic Competitors - Comparing the Top App Intelligence Tools!

There are plenty of AppMagic reviews circulating online. However, it can’t be complete without pitting AppMagic against its competitors. Therefore, here is a comparison table:

Feature AppMagic AppTweak Apptopia Similarweb
Core Focus Mobile App Market Intelligence Mobile App Market Intelligence (ASO focus) Mobile App Market Intelligence Digital Market Intelligence
Strengths Affordable, User-friendly interface, Detailed App Tags Strong ASO features, Competitor Insights Market Trends, App Store Ranking Data Broad Market Coverage, Website Traffic Insights
Weaknesses Limited features compared to high-end tools, No Mobile App Limited to Mobile Apps Limited Features for ASO Management Less granular data for Mobile Apps
Ideal For Budget-conscious app developers/marketers, Beginners App developers/marketers focused on ASO Established businesses needing in-depth market data Businesses needing website & mobile app market intelligence

Wrapping Up

The modern app market is highly competitive. There are tonnes of applications that are getting published every day. However, tools like AppMagic make it easier for developers, entrepreneurs, startups, and even enterprises to ease their research. 

In this AppMagic review, we tried to understand whether the tools stand up to its mantle. And, it is a capable tool as it can provide you with multiple advantages during research. Furthermore, it helps create a complete picture of your competitors as well as the market you are willing to tap.

Before concluding, if you have a similar digital product of your own then get your app reviewed. Our team of experts will test out your application and create a detailed review of it. Doing this will help you amplify your product’s visibility, increase credibility, and help you attract more users.

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