Best Appointment Scheduling Apps to Manage Your Time Effectively

Checkout our inclusive list of the best scheduling apps and enhance your productivity with effective appointment scheduling.
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June 27, 2023
best appointment scheduling apps

How much time have you spent scheduling your appointments via call and e-mail today? Probably a lot more than you’d like to. Coordinating and scheduling through e-mails and phone calls can take up a lot of your time for a little return. This is when the best appointment-scheduling apps come into play. These apps are designed for all kinds of business houses and are directed towards making the booking process easier for both sides.

Appointment booking apps are among the best productivity apps that offer a great blend of flexibility and simplicity. They save you a lot of time and effort that goes into making last-minute appointments with a salon, clinic, or any other service provider.

You can stick to the conventional methods of booking an appointment using pen and paper, but online appointment scheduling apps are much more simple and cost-effective alternatives to it. These apps are designed with a user-friendly interface and will save you a lot of time and energy.

These booking tools allow you to set and adjust the parameters as per the availability of appointment time, staff, and services. In most cases, you can even process online payments through your booking system app. Further in this article, we will be discussing the best appointment-scheduling apps that can be installed and used from your mobile phone.

Our Top Picks

You are likely to have specific requirements based on your business when booking appointments. So, it is important to find a scheduling app that offers the right set of features. We have ranked the 15 best appointment-scheduling apps based on their strengths and functionality.

Streamline Your Appointments with the Best Appointment-Scheduling Apps!

We have tested some of the popular scheduling apps to find the cream of the crop. The selected apps will surely free up your time and will allow you to focus on important tasks that require your attention. All the apps are mentioned with their detailed descriptions, features, and download links.

By the end of this article, you will surely be able to select an ideal scheduling app for your business. So, without much a do, let's start with our list now!


Google Calendar

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Google Calendar is one the best appointment-scheduling apps, which is among the industry’s most popular tools to book an appointment. Its excellently designed interface accounts for its popularity among users. Google Calendar regularly rolls out new features and functionalities to keep up with the dynamic demands and preferences of its users. 

This calendar booking app helps you to schedule and attend meetings with improved regularity and efficiency. It is a booking app for businesses that lets you create professional-looking booking pages. The calendar automatically updates when meetings are scheduled and send out notifications through emails.

Features of Google Calendar- Calendar scheduling app for mobile

  • Supports location controls 
  • Enables the addition of buffer time
  • Control and manage titles and descriptions
  • Customizable time management and settings
  • Professional booking page and e-mail notifications
Download Google Calendar


Apple 4.9
android 4.7

Calendly is a booking system app that offers excellent tools for scheduling and managing events and appointments. This meeting scheduling software removes possible time-zone differentiations and synchronizes them as per the available time slots. This scheduling app has been designed to ensure a smooth workflow by automating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks.  

This calendar booking app allows you to customize and add caps on meeting durations by adding event buffers. This calendar scheduling app can be integrated with other scheduling apps and is thus extremely effective in its use. Calendly also personalizes your customer support based on your work duties.

Features of Calendly- Best free appointment booking app

  • Easy to use and simple to set-up
  • Freemium online scheduling service
  • Seamlessly integrates with other platforms 
  • Minimizes customer drop-off by facilitating quick scheduling
  • Multiple subscription plans- basic, essentials, teams, and enterprise
Download Calendly

Acuity Scheduling

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

Acuity Scheduling is a scheduling app that offers complete online scheduling solutions for different businesses. It provides powerful tools, including calendar syncing, automated email and text message reminders, payment processors, and much more. It is a cloud-based scheduling app that can cater to the needs of small and mid-size businesses and is also suitable for individuals. 

This appointment calendar app automates bookings by offering a real-time view of the available time slots. Along with this, it can automatically sync the calendar as per the user’s time zone. It is considered among the best appointment-scheduling apps, as it sends regular alerts and reminders regarding appointment schedules.

Features of Acuity Scheduling- Best scheduling app for small business

  • Customized scheduling page 
  • Neatly organize client information
  • Powerful integration with other platforms
  • Manages multiple locations and employees
  • Suitable for individuals and small businesses
Download Acuity Scheduling


Apple 4.5
android 5.0

Picktime is a scheduling app that empowers businesses with effective tools to manage their appointments, meetings, and other tasks. It is a free appointment booking app that helps you schedule appointments, classes, interviews, and more. It is an excellent booking system app for businesses that require management and scheduling of any kind. 

It is a suitable scheduling app for all kinds of businesses, such as beauty, wellness, medical, education, sports, entertainment, and more. It can streamline your workflow and can help in maximizing the efficiency of your business. It is a great app to book appointments, and along with this, it can also be used for sharing booking links, sending e-mails, generating reminders, and doing more.

Features of Picktime- Appointment calendar app for mobile

  • Responsive chat and e-mail support
  • Regular massage and e-mail reminders
  • Seamlessly syncs with other calendar apps
  • Creates a personalized page for your business
  • Allows access to schedule at multiple locations
Download Picktime
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Square Appointments

Apple 4.9
android 4.8

Square Appointments is a free appointment booking app that combines scheduling, text, and e-mail customer communication and payment options in a single cloud-based platform. It is the best scheduling app for small business owners and individuals. This scheduling app can be used by hairdressers, salon owners, and personal trainers. 

This scheduling app also allows customers to make prepayments for scheduled appointments. This meeting-scheduling software sends automated notifications to clients and also allows users to take notes during the training programs. You can keep your schedule open and can attract and track new clients using Square Appointments.

Features of Square Appointments- Best scheduling app for small business owners

  • Streamlines workflow and events
  • Suitable for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Customizable booking web page
  • Basic features can be accessed for free
  • Ability to change and cancel anytime
Download Square Appointments

Apple 3.6
android 3.3 is considered among the best appointment-scheduling apps worldwide. It is widely preferred by users who are involved in small-sized businesses. This calendar booking app offers scheduling solutions for different enterprises and ensures effective management of the entire process. 

This booking system app provides multiple templates which can be customized based on the requirements and preferences of your business. You can adjust and change the logo, background, color theme, and more to match your brand. The best part about using this booking app for business is that it lets you select custom features and then pay accordingly.

Features of Best appointment booking calendar app

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Good selection of in-built templates
  • Sends appointment reminders to clients
  • Seamless integration with Google Calendar
  • Share booking links and availability through social media

Zoho Bookings

Apple 4.9
android 4.2

Zoho Bookings is one of the most sophisticated scheduling apps trusted by millions of users. It is a free appointment booking app that facilitates productive, professional, and easy appointment scheduling for all kinds of businesses. You can manage meetings and appointments using this online calendar scheduling app. 

Along with being ranked among the best scheduling apps, Zoho Bookings gives businesses an online space to publish their offerings and services. This app allows you to check the available time and schedule appointments from the comfort of your home.

Features of Zoho Bookings- Free appointment booking app online

  • Allows custom booking pages
  • Team scheduling management
  • Enables calendar synchronization
  • Personalized appointment reminders
  • Supports integration with other apps
Download Zoho Bookings


Apple 4.7
android 1.5

Doodle is an online meeting-scheduling software that is widely used for managing and scheduling meetings and appointments. It is ranked among the top scheduling apps that eliminate the complications and limitations of email threads and fixes an appointment easily. Using Doodle is extremely simple and straightforward, which makes it a preferred choice for many businesses. 

It is a web-based scheduling tool that guarantees to remove the hassle of booking appointments through mobile phones. You can set up meeting details using this app and send out invites to your team members. The app allows you to create unlimited polls and meetings without any restrictions.

Features of Doodle- Among the best scheduling apps

  • Well-designed and simple to use
  • Supports third-party integration
  • Directly take bookings via e-mails or website
  • Enables group scheduling without any restriction
  • Ideal for freelancers, consultants, and group meetings
Download Doodle


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Setmore is one of the best appointment-scheduling apps that lets businesses effortlessly connect with their customers. This free appointment booking app is packed with the ability to build unique booking pages, set reminders and alerts, manage appointments, and facilitates online payments as well. 

Unlike other scheduling apps, this free booking appointment app offers the best scheduling tools without any additional cost. This app is an excellent choice for anyone who is just starting out or is a small business owner. This scheduling app facilitates both calendar and appointment management in the best possible manner.

Features of Setmore- Best scheduling app for small business owners

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Supports two-way calendar syncing
  • Sets hassle-free reminders and alerts 
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party software
  • Offers a free plan and some affordable premium plans starting at $5 per month
Download Setmore

Apple 4.8
android 4.9 is a scheduling app that lets you manage your workflow and align all your meetings and appointments easily. It is ranked amongst the best employee management apps that guarantee enhanced productivity and efficiency of your employees. You can customize the workflow as per organization-specific needs. 

This scheduling app maps the availability of employees and books an appointment according to that. The availability is tracked on the basis of both date and time. Along with scheduling, you can also use this calendar scheduling app to automate alerts and messages that can notify your employees about upcoming events and meetings.

Features of Easy-to-use appointment calendar app

  • Intuitive and visual interface 
  • Enables visual and simple time management
  • Manages client projects, daily tasks, and more
  • Accessible through both mobile and desktop 
  • Seamlessly integrates with other productivity apps


Apple 2.3
android 2.4

Checkfront is one of the best appointment-scheduling apps that enable users to comfortably book and schedule appointments in no time. This scheduling app is packed with the best tools that can cater to the scheduling needs of different businesses. 

This scheduling app offers cloud-based management solutions for tour operators, rental and accommodation providers. This app helps you book appointments easily and automatically update the schedule in real-time to avoid booking conflicts.

Features of Checkfront- Calendar booking app for mobile

  • Extremely flexible and simple to use
  • Suitable for all business segments
  • Responsive customer support 
  • Seamlessly integrates with other platforms
  • Offers industry-leading security and protection 
Download Checkfront


Apple 2.1
android 3.2

Appointy is an online scheduling app that offers the simplest and the most effective way of to automate the process of scheduling and booking appointments. It is a great solution for cutting down tedious admin work and saving time and effort. It is among the best appointment scheduling apps packed with all the essential tools to help you grow and manage your business easily. 

This calendar booking app is simple, powerful, and extremely functional in automating reminders, booking appointments, and managing meetings, and it is capable of doing a lot more for your business. This scheduling app supports over 100 verticals and is fully relevant to your business, irrespective of its size and nature.

Features of Appointy- Free appointment booking app online

  • Enables web-based scheduling 
  • Offers flexible time slots for bookings
  • Ideal for any kind of business segment
  • Enhances productivity and boosts efficiency
  • Additional customers via bookings through social media sites
Download Appointy
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Comparing the best scheduling apps based on their pricing

S.No App Name Pricing
1 Google calendar

a. Free to use with a Google Account
b. Subscriptions start from $6 per month

2 Calendly

a. Free to use basic tools 
b. Subscription starts from $8 per month 

3 Acuity Scheduling

a. Free trial for 7 days
b. Subscription starts from $16 per month 

4 Picktime

a. Free to use basic tools
b. Subscription starts from $9.99 per month

5 Square Appointments

a. Free to use basic tools for beginners
b. Subscription starts from $29 per month


a. Free to use basic booking tools
b. Subscription starts from $8.25 per month (billed annually)

7 Zoho Bookings

a. Basic plan- $4.37 per month
b. Premium plan- $6.56 per month

8 Doodle

a. Free and basic tools for beginners
b. Subscription starts from $6.95 per month 
(for 1 user)

9 Setmore

a. Free tools for small businesses and start-ups
b. Subscription starts from $5 per month
(for 1-2 users)

10 Appointy

a. Free basic tools
b. Subscription starts from $19.99 per month (billed annually)


a. Free tools for up to 2 users
b. Subscription starts from $8 per month (single user)

12 Checkfront

a. Free starter plan for beginners
b. Subscription starts from $125 per month


How can you choose the best scheduling app for your business?

With hundreds of options available, how are you supposed to be sure you are choosing the right one for your work? We are here with a few tips that will help you choose a scheduling app that will perfectly fit the needs of your business. 

Let’s discuss some points that you must look for in a scheduling app.

1. Worth the money

Different businesses have different budgets set for their resources. You must choose a scheduling app that fits right into your budget and delivers exceptional performance at the same time. If you are in the early stages of setting up your business, you may not want to spend a lot on a scheduling app. In such cases, you should go for a free appointment booking app for meeting your scheduling needs. 

2. No-show protections

A client booking software must be optimized for providing full information about the clients and the meetings scheduled with them. There is a huge variety of the best scheduling apps available to choose from. Businesses should have a scheduling app that is able to send automatic alerts and notifications about scheduled meetings. Apart from this, a calendar scheduling app should also be equipped to process prepayments to ensure that the bookings are taken seriously by users. 

3. Facilitate website booking

The best appointment booking calendar is the one that can integrate and synchronize its working with other platforms. For instance, you can link a scheduling app within your website to increase the number of users. A website is like an online version of the physical stores of your brand and services. Linking a ‘Booking Button’ to your website will ensure that more and more clients visit you. 

4. Custom booking page

A professional-looking booking page can pursue many users to book an appointment with your business. A suitable scheduling app should be able to deliver a customized booking page that can communicate the themes and ideologies of your brand. 

5.  Scalability 

Some of the best appointment-scheduling apps claim to help the efficiency and productivity of your business. Your business will surely grow with the right kind of scheduling app. Simultaneously, the scheduling app that you choose to use should have the ability to grow with your business. A scheduling app must support scalability by accommodating more number of appointments and expanding to more locations. 

6. Simple to use

The best scheduling apps offer a clean and simple interface for all their users. An appointment booking tool will be in use regularly, so it must offer simple work in order to ensure that everyone is able to use it easily. With a simple scheduling app, you will be able to complete the work easily without having to waste much time understanding the complicated work.

Apart from these points, you must also check for the following features:

  • Customer experience and reviews
  • Compatibility with your device and other apps
  • Quality of technical support offered by the app
  • Data security and protection are ensured by the app


How are Appointment Scheduling Apps Useful for Businesses?

Using pen and paper for scheduling is a true classic, but thanks to innovative technology, you can now schedule your programs from your phones and laptops. These scheduling tools can help you conduct business more efficiently. Appointment scheduling apps are simple and extremely effective, and here’s why you should use one:

1. Time-Saving

Automating your schedules can help in saving a lot of time and manual effort. Simply picking up the phone and making an appointment is simple and less time-consuming. Instead of fielding phone calls every day, you can book and schedule appointments through simple appointment-scheduling apps.

 2. Reduces Friction

Forcing a customer to go back and forth to the website for booking appointments can create friction in the customer’s experience. Increased friction reduces the overall experience of the customer. Using a scheduling app can help you streamline the entire process resulting in a better user experience. 

3. Secure Payment Options

Online payments can raise privacy concerns, and thus many consumers are threatened to use them. Good scheduling software can simplify payments and help you complete the transaction smoothly. 

4. Personalized User Experience

Scheduling tools can help you set custom messages as per the requirements of a consumer. You can also set up reminders for your customers before their scheduled appointments to deliver more personalized service for them. An app also eliminates the need to micromanage employees and train them for external communication. 

5. Upsell your Services

Using an online scheduling functionality can help streamline the entire process of scheduling appointments. Online appointment scheduling apps offer a clear and systematized view of all your bookings. Delivering a hassle-free service for consumers is the best way to upsell. A unified interface of appointment scheduling apps will convenience your customers to come back for more. 

Final Verdict!

After reviewing the best appointment-scheduling apps, we can confidently say that the 13 apps mentioned above are the best in terms of their features, functionality, and utility. These scheduling apps will make your job easier and save a lot of time and effort. 

If you are intrigued by the features of the above-mentioned apps and want to try them for yourself, you can install them from the booking appointment app free download links mentioned below each app. We hope that you’ll find this information helpful and will use these apps to further enhance your productivity and efficiency. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your app, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will help your app to grow and expand in functionality and reach. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for more information and updates related to the world of apps and technology.

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