Top 10 Law Apps for Students to Make their Learning Journey Easier

Download these useful apps for law students to make your study life easier. Read the full list of apps below!
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March 16, 2023
Top Law Apps
Studying law is not as easy as it sounds. From the beginning of the first year itself, you are expected to absorb a mountain of information every single day, which means late-night studies and virtuosic organization skills. There are some students who are fine with the hard copies of dictionaries, legislation as well as personal organizers, but the convenience of law apps is unbeatable.

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In this blog, we are discussing 10 useful apps for law students to keep legal studies always handy!

Best apps for law students to download in 2023

The advent of easy-to-use apps has made it easier for law students to avoid distractions and focus on their studies. These apps also provide useful tips and meditations for students during the time of examinations. So, what are you waiting for? Just read the article below and get started right away!

Black’s Law Dictionary

Apple 2.7

If you’re a law student, then we totally understand how difficult it is to retain complicated legal words. But don’t worry! If you are in such a situation, Black’s Law Dictionary, one of the best apps for law students, is here to help you. This one of the best law apps contains more than 50,000 terms, including more than 16,000 new definitions. You also get pronunciation guidance, including audio pronunciations for over 7,000 terms, hundreds of legal articles, law journals, and legal maxims. Sounds good, right?

Features of Black’s Law Dictionary

  • More than 1,000 definitions of law-related abbreviations and acronyms
  • Spell checker functionality
  • Thoroughly reviewed and edited Latin maxims
  • Pronunciation guidance
  • Intuitive structure, formatted for easy reading and navigation
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Apple 4.3
android 3.9

Evernote is, hands down, one of the best law apps for students, with nearly 1.5 million users who are already using it. This app offers easy-to-use formatting options along with filtered searches and results. You can stay organized by taking down notes and even share them with anyone you like. The app also supports content like sketches, audio files, sketches, etc. 

Features of Evernote

  • Save all your articles, and notes in one place using this best planner for law school
  • Capture ideas and inspiration on the go
  • You can access your notes and tasks offline
  • Share your journals and notes with friends and family and let them update the same
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Apple 4.8
android 4.6

It is one of the best learning apps in 2023 for law students. The app has been downloaded by millions of law students worldwide who learn via flashcards. You can even learn by playing quizzes. In addition, you can create your own flashcards and share them with friends or teammates. The app also helps in improving your vocabulary and grammar as well.

Features of Quizlet

  • Quizlet offers millions of quizzes for students to practice
  • You can listen to your content in 18 languages
  • You can play limited matches
  • Upgrading Quizlet can provide you with an ad-free learning experience
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My Study Life

Apple 4.7
android 4.3

My Study Life is one of the best homework apps for law students, teachers, and lecturers designed to make the study life of students easier. This app allows students to store their classes, homework, and exams in the cloud, making it available on any device. Using this app, you can also check which classes might conflict with your exams and when assignments, projects, and homework are due. 

Features of My Study Life

  • Manage your homework, assignments, and revision efficiently
  • The app allows the students to store their tasks easily in the cloud
  • Important exams can be stored alongside the classes and revision tasks 
  • Supports day and week rotation timetables, advanced academic year, term support, etc
  • Get notified about unfinished tasks, upcoming exams, and classes 
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Apple 4.9
android 4.6

In case you feel stressed out or anxious during the time of examinations, Headspace is here to help you. This is the best app if you want to take care of your You can relax and find peace using the app’s guided meditation and mindfulness techniques. Before bed, you can also try meditations for sleep, including music, nature soundscapes, or storytelling sleep casts. Headspace also builds a personalized plan for you on the basis of your schedule and preferences. 

Features of Headspace

  • Hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like exercise, focus, and sleep
  • Add your friends to meditate with you
  • Track your progress 
  • Enjoy different sleep meditations
  • SOS sessions for moments of panic, anxiety, and stress
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ABA Journal

It is the best app for law students that informs, engages, and stimulates important conversations on the legal profession and highlights important issues of the day. This app helps students to stay updated with legal news and know what’s happening in the legal world. It is the most downloaded app right now due to the authentic news and tips it offers to students just starting their career in the law field. 

Features of ABA Journal

  • Stay updated with the latest legal news
  • Get tips to start your career as a lawyer
  • Receive weekly or monthly newsletters
  • Read more than 4,000 legal blogs, written by lawyers who are experts in their fields
  • It is one of the best apps for law school
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Law Dojo

android 3.7

If you’re bored with your law lectures, you can play lightweight law games on your phone with the Law Dojo app. It tests a player’s knowledge on subjects like civil procedure, torts, contracts, criminal law, and more. Each game has different levels to beat, with points to win and stats on timing so you can get better and quicker with your legal knowledge. On top of that, the app is absolutely FREE to use. Also, there are LSAT vocabulary tests for those prepping to take the law school entrance exam and Law School Bootcamp for those who want to get a taste of what awaits at law school.

Features of Law Dojo

  • Focus on specific areas of law like constitutional law, criminal law, etc
  • Improve your legal skills and intuitions with interactive games
  • It is one of the best apps for law school
  • Take LSAT vocabulary tests with this one of the best free apps for law students
  • Explore Law School Bootcamp to get an idea of law school
Download this one of the best free apps for law students


Apple 4.8
android 4.3

If you need to just relax after hours of studying, Calm meditation app is here to help you. It comes with a number of calming exercises and breathing techniques. The Sleep Stories section features a great mix of voice talent to lull you to sleep. You can also set notifications for the newest meditation series to stay updated.


features of Calm app

  • Listen to sleep stories 
  • Explore hundreds of meditations 
  • Enjoy new sleep stories, meditation and music programs every week 
  • Learn new techniques for breathing and calming down
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android 4.2

B-Legal allows lawyers and students to search for cases and law reports based on specific principles of law. The app also offers a legal dictionary with over 5,000 English and Latin terms. Moreover, B-Legal has a law library for lawyers to store court judgments that are important to them. You also get an advanced notebook for easier law practice. 

Features of B-Legal

  • Contains 5000 English and Latin terms
  • Lawyers can store court judgments
  • Get tags for different fields of law for easy search
  • Law reports for students and lawyers
Download this one of the best law apps


Apple 4.8
android 4.7

Canscanner is yet another excellent app for law students. It allows students to scan an image and convert it into a PDF using the phone camera. You can easily scan documents, articles and blogs and share over mail or text. When you finish a scan, CamScanner analyzes the content of the image to automatically organize everything by type. As an added bonus, the app also lets you create scans from photos you’ve previously taken.

Features of CamScanner

  • Smart cropping and auto enhancing features
  • Extract texts from images
  • Just use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents
  • Instantly print out any documents in CamScanner 
  • Sync documents on the go
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To conclude, if you’re preparing for your law exams and need help with it, the above-mentioned easy-t0-use apps can prove to be helpful for you. All you need to do is just download them and get started right away! These apps are sure to make your life much easier and comfortable. Moreover, if you’re struggling to concentrate on your studies, these apps might help you. So, leave the days of worry behind you and download these useful apps right now. 

If you have an amazing app like the ones mentioned above or you want to get your app reviewed, get in touch. Our experts will review your app and provide you the assistance you need. 

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