Best E-Book Reader Apps To Accompany You At All Times
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Best E-Book Reader Apps You Need To Have In Your Phone

Majority of e-book readers belongs to the age group of 18-29 years. E-Book Reader Apps You Need To Have In Your Phone

The book reading is one of the best hobbies anyone can embrace. After all, books can help you with a plethora of knowledge and understanding. The traditional printed books are rapidly being replaced by the e-books reader apps and why not, there are a number of reasons to pick an e-book instead of a conventionally published book.

E book Reader apps

Now that we have stated the obvious reasons why you need to choose an e-book over any regular book. It's time we move towards our list of the best e-book reader apps of 2018:

Ebook readers app

1. Google Play Books

As you can already tell by the name, the Google Play Books app is an e-book reader app of the tech giant Google itself. Although this app is available for both iOS and Android, the Android version offers better service due to its integration with Google Play.

In the google play books, the user can easily customize their reading with the help of features like nigh space, typeface, line space, text highlighting and many more. This e-book reader app also comes with a built-in library and map search options.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

2. Apple Books

Apple Books previously known as iBooks is an iOS e-book reader app that got revamped as per the announcement made by Apple in the annual event. The Apple e-book reader app has its own store where the user can look through all the available e-books as well as audiobooks.

Apple Book

The user can choose the e-book which you want to download in the PDF version. Some great features that these application offers are PDF customization, auto-night theme, social media integration etc.

Price: Free 

Availability - For iOS

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is no doubt, one of the most popular and widely used e-book reader apps for both Android and iOS. It basically is a powerful platform featuring multiple functionalities including the marketplace for e-books and the users' library management along with an array of advanced features.

With Kindle, you can even enroll in the monthly program known as the 'Unlimited Program' to get access to thousands of free book for a monthly fee of $10 (approx).

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

4. Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is an e-book reader app that provides support for the PDF, EPUB, and Adobe DRM e-books. The user interface of Aldiko is simple and customizable as the changes can be made in the page layouts, margins, fonts, brightness level, color, text sizes and much more.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is available in two version where one version is free but the premium version of this app is a paid version that costs approximately $3 per month.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

5. Bookari Ebook Reader

The Bookari Ebook Reader was previously known as the Mantano Reader. This e-book reader app is available for both Android and iOS platforms but for Android users the Bookari app is free but for the people that use the iOS platform. Those users will be charged $4.99 per month for using the application.

Bookari app consists of a reader that is packed with features including a pinnable navigation panel, a variety of reader themes, text search and night mode facility. But, if you are using the paid version of Bookari then you will be provided with additional features as well.  


Price: Free (Android) and $4.55 (iOS)

Availability - For Android and iOS

6. Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire Reader has been rated among the best reading apps for both Android and iOS platforms which offers great support for PDF and EPUB files along with the Adobe DRM content server and annotations.  With the Bluefire, the e-book readers get a neat viewer in which the content can be customized like themes, text size, margin widths etc.

Bluefire Reader

The iOS version of Bluefire consists of an extra feature of location synchronization i.e. if the user switches his/her device then their reading location won't be reset from that particular e-book.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

7. OverDrive

OverDrive works on a slightly different concept then the above-mentioned e-book reader apps as it allows its users to borrow the e-books instead of spending money in purchasing it. OverDrive not only offers this service for e-books but also for video streaming and audiobooks.

OverDrive is among the highly popular offline reading apps that a majority of users rely upon for gaining access to free of cost e-books. This reading application also helps its users in borrowing the titles from the main library collect without any hassle of manual lending of books.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

8. Nook

The Nook e-book reader app is basically a product of the Barnes & Noble that acts as an online store to buy e-books and read them on the Nook app. One shortcoming of Nook is that the user can not make a purchase directly at Nook to read the e-book. Some features that these app offers are zoom view, parental mode (for children), article-view mode, bookmarking, wishlist, customization feature for the visual elements.


Nook is an amazing e-book reading app for iOS and Android with a huge collection of more millions of magazines, e-books, comics,  and publications whose unlimited access is provided to the user at a subscription for $0.99.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android and iOS

9. Scribd: Reading Subscription

The Scribd reading subscription app falls among the more popular reading apps where you can explore a ton of trending topics and also customize the application to get personalized recommendations. The Scribd app also offers curated content for the users to read including articles, books, and blogs specially selected by famous businessmen.

Scribd is not a free app but it allows the user to try out the application with the 30-day trial period. Once the trial period is complete the user can then opt for the monthly membership which will give the user access to unlimited e-books, audiobooks and much more.

Price: $8.99 with a 30 day trial period

Availability - For Android and iOS

10. Moon + Reader

The Moon + Reader reading application is also known as one of the best speed reading application that offers free book reading facility to only the android users and not the iOS users. This is a free android application with a range of thousands of e-books that supports a majority of formats including HTML, PDF, EPUB, txt, zip, CBR, etc.

Moon + Reader

With this selection of file formats, the user can go ahead and customize their book as per their requirement and then enjoy reading it.

Price: Free 

Availability - For Android

In Conclusion

So, these are the e-book reader apps of 2018 that are great to accompany you at all times, from lazy long weekends to adventures holidays. With these e-book reading applications, you can get unlimited access to hundreds and thousands of books, magazines, documents and much more.

Let us know which e-book reading app is your favorite from the above-mentioned list, in the ‘Comment’ section down below. And if you like what you read then make sure you are subscribed to MobileAppDaily as well.

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