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The Economist App - Details, Features, Pros and Cons

Explore an in-depth analysis of the best news app, the Economist. Know the app inside out to stay updated with the latest news.

Updated on February 02, 2024
The Economist App - Details, Features, Pros and Cons

In the digital world, staying informed about global economics is not just a choice but a necessity. The Economist app is your trusted companion for economic knowledge and analysis. It is independent journalism for independent thinkers and learners.

News aggregator apps for smartphone users allow us to stay updated with the current news and happenings worldwide. Choosing a reliable news source is as important as reading the news itself. The best news apps must provide profound insights and authoritative reporting. 

Whether you are a business professional or a student seeking knowledge, the Economist app is best-suited for economic intelligence. In this detailed Economist app review, we will explore its features, benefits, and the knowledge it brings to your fingertips.

economist app review 

What is the Economist App, and How is it Useful? 

The Economist is a world-renowned global affairs publication. The app offers independent noise-cancelling journalism for all users. It aims to decipher global news and trends beyond the actual headlines. The Economist’s daily digital news team offers in-depth reports on all the latest events related to American politics, finance, technology, and more. 

It lets you explore the world right through your smartphone. With incisive coverage, users can get a fresh perspective on the recent developments across the globe. Along with news, the app also offers access to exclusive events. The Economist offers comprehensive insights, fact-checked coverage, and specialist opinion. 

“Published in September 1843 to take part in “a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”

- Founder, The Economist

With a strong experience of over 180 years, the Economist has successfully delivered trustworthy news and headlines to its users. Sharpen your understanding and stay up to date with the current news with the Economist app. 

What are the standout features of the Economist app?

The list of Economist app benefits is quite impressive. The app is listed among the most reliable news platforms for smartphones. Apart from the recent updates, the Economist app is packed with many features. Let’s discuss them in detail below. 

1. Weekly Issues

economist app benefits

With the Economist app, users can subscribe to weekly issues. These publications can help you stay informed about recent events worldwide. The news headlines can be read on the app itself. Weekly subscriptions to the Economist enable you to read news anytime, anywhere. 

2. In-depth Analysis

economist app pros and cons

One of the top Economist app features is its expert analysis. This news app not only displays the headlines but also gives a detailed report. Each headline is supported with a well-researched expert opinion and analysis. This helps users to understand the situation better. 

3. Premium Additions

economist app problems

Along with news headlines, The Economist app gives access to other exclusive extras as well. Users can interact and learn through virtual events and conferences. For your daily dose of entertainment and information, Economics offers over 1800 magazines. You can also access narrated stories on the platform. 

Lastly, the app enables you to access all the digital archives. Read all your favorite past editions from 1997 to today with the Economist app. 

4. Seamless Navigation 

The Economist app features a user-friendly interface. It is clean and extremely simple to navigate. A de-cluttered setting of the app makes it easy for users to explore and discover the preferred content. 

5. Audio Content

economist app subscription

The Economist app can easily fit into your busy schedules with its audio content. It offers knowledgeable podcasts and other content for users. This feature can be accessed through the paid subscription plans. 

6. Effortless Reading 

For an improved reading experience, the Economist app offers multiple features. Users can set the app to dark mode. You can also customize the size of the text while reading. The app also marks the articles that you have already read. Additionally, users can also manage their time as per the time stamp on the article. 

The Economist App - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Comprehensive news coverage and detailed reports. Access to a full range of articles with the paid version.
Weekly issues updated with the latest news. The amount of content posted on the platform can be overwhelming.
Supports offline reading.
Robust search features and bookmarking options.
Seamless experience and simple navigation.

Tech Specifications of the Economist App

OS iOS - 13.0 or later
Android - 7.0 and up
Rating iOS - 4.9
Android - 4.5
Last Updated iOS - January, 2024
Android - January, 2024
Version iOS - 3.45.0
Android - 3.45.0
Category iOS - News
Android - News

What are the Economist App Pricing and Subscription Plans available for Users?

The Economist subscription plans can be divided into two broad categories. Users can select a plan based on their preferred choice of features and functionalities. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Plans Price

Monthly Subscription

  • Unlimited access
  • All podcast channels
  • Exclusive newsletters
  • Live digital events


Yearly Subscription

  • Unlimited access
  • All podcast channels
  • Exclusive newsletters
  • Live digital events


* Both monthly and yearly plans offer similar benefits. Users can choose a plan as per their liking and requirements. The yearly subscription plan can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

What are the Economist App Reviews by the Users in 2024?

There are multiple Economist app reviews on the App Store and PlayStore. Let’s discuss some of these in detail. 

“The Economist is my favorite news magazine; the app is well designed and easy to use. it is certainly one of the most reliable sources of analysis and information for me. However, there are two areas in which I find that the Economist fails to take its usual broad-minded approach of treating both sides of the issue. The first is the debate around climate change.”

- Kiankins (App Store Review)

“The only news magazine worth taking!
I have taken the Economist for 30+ years. Nowhere else will I get news from around the world that has both economic considerations and political depth but is accessible? Once while coming back from the Middle East, there was a small article entitled, The moonshine capital of America, Franklin County, Virginia. It was an accurate portrayal of the culture of SW Virginia.”

- Citizens of Conscience 

What Do Our Experts Say About the Economist App?

The Economist is a helpful app for those wishing to explore a larger global impact. The app is well–respected in the international news and business publication app. It is intuitively designed to help users read the latest news from anywhere. A feature we appreciate about this app is its detailed news report analysis. 

It delivers news in different domains, including politics, business, technology, sports, and more. It is a valuable source for anyone interested in in-depth analysis of the headlines. Furthermore, users have a choice to select from different Economist app subscription plans. It is best known for delivering the latest and highest-quality content. 

A peculiar feature of the Economist app is its customizable features. It offers different features to tailor the experience for users. Users can customize their feed based on their topics of interest and preference. 

Additionally, the app includes audio and offline support. These features enhance the app’s accessibility and versatility. All-in-all the Economist is a convenient and authoritative way to access high-quality journalism and analysis. 

MAD Ratings

Features - 4.5
Navigation - 4.5
UI - 4.5
Security - 4.4

Milestones and Awards Achieved by the Economist App

The Economist app is regarded as the best for headlines and news. Critics and users have praised this app for its exceptional capabilities. Let’s review some of the top achievements of the Economist app. 

  • The app has been downloaded by 8 million users worldwide. It has topped the charts on both iOS and Google app stores. 
  • The app has been accoladed with the British Podcast award for its remarkable audio content and headlines. 
  • Bill Gates also appreciated the Economist for its authentic content and reliability. 

economist app alternatives

How is the Economist App Made Accessible For All?

The Economist app is committed to making the website accessible to all users. Some of the top accessibility features offered by this app include the following:

  • Easy-to-see color scheme
  • Readable font types and sizes
  • Descriptive hyperlink texts for users
  • Fully scalable fonts that allow customization. Top Competitors of the Economist App: The direct competitors of the Economist app are available in the market. Let’s discuss the list of the Economist app alternatives

Top Competitors of the Economist App

  • Financial Times - It is a leading news organization known for its authority and accuracy. This site is internationally recognized for its content. 
  • The New Yorker - It keeps users updated on the latest news with 50 bureaus worldwide. It is designed with an interactive interface and simplicity. 
  • The Atlantic - It covers top news across different domains. These topics include culture, technology, politics, and more. 
  • WSJ - It is an online coverage of all the breaking news across the globe. It features top stories, videos, photos, and more.

Final Verdict!

As per our Economist app review, it is the best app for detailed economic insights and news. With a rich catalog of articles and content, this app is suitable for business professionals and learners. It caters to the curious, the informed, and the intellectually inclined. 

In the fast-paced world where staying informed is crucial, the Economist app stands as a beacon of true and real journalism. It is a valuable tool for anyone who desires to make sense of the global landscape. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to get your app reviewed, contact us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews and ratings will help your app grow and reach the potential audience. Until then, continue to explore MobileAppDaily for more app reviews, current news, and the latest updates in the world of mobile apps and technology. 

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