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Libby: Free & Easy Access to Ebooks & Audiobooks

The Libby app provides access to ebooks & audiobooks from your local library with easy loan, return & hold feature to manage titles.

Updated on October 07, 2020
Libby: Free & Easy Access to Ebooks & Audiobooks

Digital libraries and audiobooks are the future of books and learning. The increasing demand for convenient mobile libraries gave birth to the Libby app: A one-stop channel for ebooks & audiobooks sourced from your very own local library.

In the post COVID world, the sale of Ebooks and audiobooks has taken a big jump across the world. This comes as no surprise as these digital services grant lightning-fast access to a huge catalog of the latest and most relevant books.

Created by the Overdrive team, the Libby library app is completely free to use. All that is required is your library card.

Libby library app

What can you do with Libby?

The Libby library is a digital version of your library subscription. It lets you borrow books from the library, listen to audiobooks, and keep track of your future reads and due date. 

Standout Features of Overdrive Libby App

  • A completely free to use application.
  • Includes options to add notes, comments, and bookmarks to important passages. 
  • Offline download of Libby audiobooks & e-books available for all users. 
  • Pick it up from where you left it the last time. Automatic sync of the book throughout all devices. 
  • No worry or hassle of missing the due date of return. The loans are automatically returned on the due date.  
  • You can lend an audio or e-book for a maximum of 21 days which can be extended upon renewal or you can return it before this time, if you wish to. 

E-Book Features of Libby library

  • Tags for the must-read list and book wish list. 
  • You have an option to read the e-book on Libby or send it to kindle. 
  • Zoom in to comics, magazines, and books. 
  • Select a word to know its meaning & search phrases with ease. 
  • Read-along with your kids. 

Audiobook features

  • Set a sleep timer for the Libby app to automatically dose off with you. 
  • Modulate audio speed (From 0.6 times to 3x).
  • Easy to navigate back and forward. 
  • Bookmark audio passage or chapter. Add notes for reference.

How to use the Libby app?

Four steps explaining the use and navigation of the app.

Step 1 - Download Libby to your device to get started. The Libby library app is available in all popular mediums- 

  • Apple iOS store
  • Android
  • Windows 

Step 2 -  After the Libby download, you will have to choose your library. The automated Libby app assistant will help you find your library by asking you a few questions. 

library app Libby

You can also bypass this automated help and do a manual search for the library near you.  

Step 3 - Explore all the features of the library app Libby. Borrow titles or place holds instantly.

library app Libby

Step 4 - You can view all titles that you have borrowed under "Loans". 
Go to "Shelf" & click on "Loans" to see all borrowed titles. 

library app Libby

You have an option to read on Libby or kindle.

library app Libby

Step 5 -  Tap on "Manage Loan" to see additional options like returning the book early.

library app Libby

You can also view the due date of the borrowed title. Title's get automatically returned on the due date so there is no Scope for late charges. 

E-book offers one of a kind reading experience

People prefer digital books due to their portability, quick purchase element, and the amazing ease of access. If you are new to borrowing ebooks then you will love the convenience of this application. With the Libby reading app, "borrowing" and "returning" a book is just a one-step process. Libby app reviews generally consider it as one of the best resources in the e-reader world. 

With Libby, you can add notes & bookmark passages, highlight text, and define words or phrases, all to make the app more useful and relevant.  

Free ebooks for kindle powered by Libby. This free to use application gives you an option to read titles on Kindle for no additional charge. 

Libby Audiobooks for all your moods

As per the annual sales survey of the Audio Publishers Association, the audiobook sales in the US alone reached 1.2 billion dollars in 2019. Overtaking even e-books in sales. 

This growing demand for audiobooks can be credited to people's desire to multi-task. Audiobooks are great travel companions and partners in chores. For this reason, Libby has gained massive popularity and found its audience in the USA and slowly expanding to other parts of the world.  

Driving compatibility- This library audiobook app can connect with Apple CarePlay, android auto, or simply with a Bluetooth connection.

Catching up on where you left off- The Speed playback options, 3x playback speed.

The best audiobook app will have an easy borrow/return/purchase feature, seamless interface, easy access to every device and would be cost-friendly, how about free?? Well, Libby checks out on all of these points and has the perfect functionality to be a leading app in the market. 

How does the Libby library app help kids listen & learn? 

The interactive and friendly app design is focused on creating a warm and educational atmosphere for students. Kids just need a library card and they can access all ebooks and audiobooks from their home. If a particular book isn't available then you can put that title on "hold". 

One of the best book reading app for kids and adults alike. Libby app allows search for specific titles or you can just browse through its rich collection of books for Teens, Kids & other age groups. There are a variety of books on for all age audiences. You have an option to activate a "young-adult" or "Juvenile" filter to restrict access to mature books.

Kids widely enjoy the option to access books on the go and opt for an easy audiobook option. With the help of the read-along feature, kids can gain confidence in reading and understanding material.

MAD Verdict: Libby App Review 

Design - 4.9
Usability - 4.6
Features - 4.7 
Reliability - 4.8

MAD rates - 4.7

Libby library app review is based on the success of the application on solving an existing problem. Commuting to public libraries during the time of pandemic isn't advisable when the same material is accessible through a mobile application. 

It is a Free audio books app that also allows offline reading, adding bookmarks, comments & browsing through the entire library catalog. You can also get your app reviewed by dropping us a request.

The intuitive interface and attractive design of Libby library is inviting and user friendly. The entire Libby app library is categorically divided into detailed sections that help in searching niche books. Reading E-books on the application is a very amazing and engaging experience.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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