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Mixkit review- Royalty-Free Stock Videos and Music

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Mixkit review

If you are a content creator and actively work on video editing, audio editing, and other related tasks, you might have witnessed how hard it is to find media content that can be used without paying anything. While plenty of photo editing apps and video editing apps have started offering stock media files within the apps themselves, they can still lack quality and quantity to match the demand of modern creators.

Most of the media files like sound effects, transitions, videos, and stock music are available on these apps and various websites but with royalties or copyright issues accompanying them. Thus, to use that content whether you need to pay creators or wait until they provide you permission to use it.

However, the amazing tool, Mixkit solves that problem for you by providing you with a platform where you can explore digital media assets for free and use them however you like. Whether you are looking for free stock video effects, stock video templates, sound effects for video editing, or even, royalty-free video clips, Mixkit stock video platform got you covered. 

That sounds like an amazing tool, right? Well, to know it better, let’s proceed further and dive into its individual features!

Features of Mixkit

To know the Mixkit video gallery better, we will list down the features of this one of the best tools for video editors and then proceed to discuss the pros and cons of this tool with a collection of free royalty free music.

1. A collection of royalty-free videos

copyright free sounds

Mixkit stock videos are easily explorable and usable. Whether you are looking for 4K videos or 1080p clips, there are free royalty videos available on the platform available for everyone. Additionally, these videos also cover various genres such as space, nature, sunrise, sea, city lights, and more so you can find the most suitable clips for your requirements.

2. An extensive collection of video templates

sound effects free

If you use advanced video editing tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro, you might be looking for some cool templates that can help you in editing your videos faster. The stock video templates included in this tool can help you out with that as the Mixkit gallery itself is a collection of video templates for various occasions and needs.

3. Find the best stock music and sound effects for your videos

Mixkit app download

Having the right music for your videos can improve the charm of your content effectively. To help you with that, Mixkit has a collection of some of the best free-stock music that you might want to explore. These free royalty-free music clips are not going to give you any copyright strikes or other such headaches. You can simply choose any of the songs and explore your creativity.

Pros and cons of the Mixkit stock video gallery

Until now, Mixkit has proven itself as an amazing destination for content creators, and occasional seekers of royalty-free media content. However, to know this media gallery better, it is crucial to explore it further to find out if there are cons to using Mixkit as well. So, let’s have a look at the pros of Mixkit first, and then we will explore its cons as well if there are any.

Pros of Mixkit, the best license-free music gallery

  • Regularly updating sound and video galleries
  • Entirely free collection of media files to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes
  • No hidden subscriptions or charges
  • Includes 4K videos as well
  • The search option is quick and easy
  • Can filter the type of content while searching
  • No signup required

Cons of Mixkit, the best tool for free royalty videos

  • Can not maintain your personal collection within the tool itself
  • No sign-up means no maintenance of history

MAD Rating

Features- 4.8
Security- 4.8
Navigation- 4.6
Pricing- 4.9

Wrapping Up

Well, that is all we had to discuss easily the best collection out there of free sound effects for video editing, Mixkit. The tool has everything you need whether you are a content creator or just looking for some files to enhance your occasional project. The feature that we found most impressive of Mixkit is its ability to directly start downloading without any hassles of annoying ads or waiting time. However, to instantly start the downloads, your internet connection speed has to be good as well. 

Lastly, the only feature that we thought can improve the usability of this gallery of sound effects for video editing is letting users keep a track of their past content. Having an account and letting users maintain a record of what they downloaded in the past can help them in revisiting the tool to find their preferred content faster. 

Anyway, that is all we had to share with you in this Mixkit review. Hopefully, our take on the Mixkit gallery, an extensive collection of copyright-free sounds, helped you in figuring out the credibility of the tool. Additionally, if you are a developer as well and reading this Mixkit review for some inspiration, you can also let MobileAppDaily experts review your product so you can get in-depth feedback like this that can be helpful for you in improving your products’ quality further.

General FAQ

  • Can I use Mixkit for YouTube?
  • Is Mixkit copyright free?
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