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Capcut App Review - Get Creative with Your Videos

An advanced video editor for smartphones

Updated on March 22, 2024
Capcut App Review - Get Creative with Your Videos

CapCut app is a renowned and remarkable video editing app that has been developed to add to the basic editing features of the popular social media platform, TikTok. With the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms, content creators are constantly striving to create creative and engaging content for their audiences. If you are one of such creators confused between too many video editing apps, this CapCut video editor review can be helpful in making up your mind.

CapCut video editor app took the world by storm when it reported a 230% year-over-year increase in its 2021 download statistics published by Statista. CapCut video editor is a free app that lets you create professional-like videos with much convenience and ease. The CapCut video editor is quite famous for its editing abilities, especially for creating social media-friendly content.

Overview - Overview of the CapCut video editor

The CapCut app can be accessed without any charges and is marketed as a free TikTok editing app. The advanced CapCut video editor is optimized for generating social-media-friendly videos that can increase your reach to the targeted audience. Whether you want to edit videos or add filters and texts, the CapCut video editor can do it all.

The CapCut app is available to download on the app stores of both Android and iOS smartphones. The CapCut video editor offers a comprehensive suite of video editing tools that can be used to modify and enhance TikTok videos. You can add filters, text, animations, transitions, and more through the app. Along with this the CapCut video editor also offers additional editing options such as reverse, split, and more. This app is great for anyone who is looking to create a polished and professional-quality video in the easiest way possible.

Despite being focused on TikTok, the CapCut editing app is a perfect option even if you want to make videos for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or Facebook Videos. The rising popularity of fast and short videos also requires more user-friendly video maker apps and CapCut perfectly fulfills that requirement.

We have curated a detailed CapCut review, that will give you all the insights about this famous video editing app. From features to functionality, our review covers it all. By the end of this review, you will be through with all the services and tools provided by the CapCut app and will be able to make an informed decision about it.

Background of CapCut

CapCut’s history goes back to 2017 when this top app to mix music & sound effects was launched as Jianying in the Chinese market. Later Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology released another version of Jianying called Viamaker in markets outside China. Viamaker, however, was purchased by ByteDance in 2018 for $300 million.

The video maker app was and is still loved by Douyin users in China and TikTok users outside the Chinese market. This video maker with music has even managed to hold top positions in leading app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Additionally, the CapCut app download statistics by Sensor Tower show that the app has crossed over 250 million installs across the globe. According to the report, the largest user base of CapCut exists in the USA, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Even at the time of writing this CapCut review, the video maker with music has managed the #1 iPhone app position in the Free Photo & Video app category.

Looking at these stats, whoever is what is CapCut will have their answer by the end of this CapCut review! Let’s begin.

Features of Capcut

The Capcut app for Android and iOS has managed to replace plenty of other video editing apps out there despite being a new entry in the market due to its features which are optimized around TikTok. However, as TikTok has influenced the trend of making vines and short videos around the world, Capcut APK and .ipa are suitable even for TikTok alternatives.

Leveraging these features that we will introduce to you further in this CapCut app review, you can produce social media-worthy content. So tighten your seatbelt and let’s find the answer to the question “What is CapCut video editor” together. 

1. Edit your videos freely

Edit your videos freely

The advanced CapCut video editor app has a range of features to upscale the quality of your content. like trimming videos, using masks, adjusting color tones and brightness, and more. The overlay and mask features of this advanced video editor let you express your creativity with freedom. On top of that, you can also manipulate the speed of your videos, whether you want them to slow down or get faster. 

Listing down CapCut video editor’s editing features

  • Combine two or more videos to create collages, movies, ASMR videos, songs, or whatever you like
  • The app allows you to edit and compress videos so you can upload and run them on your preferred social media platforms
  • Modify the speed of videos you like using the CapCut video editor. You decrease the speed of the video to 0.1x or increase it to 100x
  • Manipulate your videos to add zoom-in and zoom-out effects to get more creative with your content
  • There are several transitions available for you to use in your videos, test, experiment, and create stunning videos using them
  • Reverse and review functions let you create engaging and fun videos
  • There is a frozen tool as well that you can use to pick your favorite part of the video and highlight that

2. Add texts, effects, or filters

Add texts, effects, or filters

Among the top CapCut features, the ability to add effects and filters helps you in making your videos extra stunning. You can add trending effects like 3D, blur, glitches, etc. Or, you can even manipulate the color and lighting of your videos by using filters. The app also lets you add texts or add automatically generated subtitles by using the voice recognition feature. The smart voice detection feature of the CapCut app offers an amazing level of accuracy. The video editor supports languages like English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Deutsch, French, Chinese, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Portuguese.

Some other creative features of the CapCut video editor are

  • The speed curve feature of CapCut that lets you blend different playback speeds in one clip is one of its most brilliant abilities
  • There is a chroma key as well that lets you pick colors you want and remove them from your movies for some cool effects
  • Using the picture-in-picture (PIP) tactic, you can free photos of your choice anywhere on the clip
  • Using the stabilizing feature, you can get rid of shakes without getting rid of videos
  • And the keyframe feature deserves recognition in this CapCut app review as well. The feature lets you create keyframes to generate smooth video animations

3. Comes with special features

Comes with special features

Some special features that deserve an honorable mention in this Capcut review will prove why Capcut is a unique experience. The Capcut app for iOS and Android is equipped with the ability to remove background from videos.

You can simply target the main object- for example, a human and remove the background. The Capcut app download also provides you with the 3D zoom feature which you can use to add creative zoom over your video clips.

4. Diverse Music Library

Alongside advanced editing options, the Capcut video editor also offers an extensive music library for all its users. The collection is packed with high-quality, royalty-free music and sound effects that can completely transform your videos. Wondering how to add your music to CapCut to edit your videos? We will explain that later in this CapCut review. Keep reading!

5. Additional Filters and Effects

Through the Capcut app, you can choose from a variety of filters and effects to magnify the quality of your video. You can add color-based and season-based filters to beautify your content and make it more appealing to the audience. There is also a wide selection of special effects available on the Capcut video editor like split-screen, comic, dreamy, retro, party, and more. 

6. CapCut app’s sharing abilities

The CapCut app comes with multiple quality options that let you optimize the quality of videos you want to share. You can customize the export quality of videos and number of frames exported per second. The maximum quality supported by the CapCut app is 4K and it can export videos with up to 60 FPS speed. There is an intelligent HDR output option as well that is suitable for bigger screens and can boost the quality of your video exports.

How to use Capcut to trim videos?

Even though the Capcut app for Android and iOS has a range of video editing features, among them, trimming videos is one of the most used features. Furthermore, we are listing down a few steps to trim videos on Capcut APK and .ipa to help you in understanding the functionalities of this app better. Let’s have a look at these steps to trim videos-

  • Find Capcut on the app store of your phone’s operating system and install it
  • Allow media access so the app can pick and store files on your smartphone
  • Click on New Project to start your first editing task
  • Pick the video(s) of your choice from your media gallery
  • Now you will see many UI elements of Capcut like Timeline, Edit, Audio, Text, Stickers, Overlay, etc
  • As of right now, we are just focusing on trimming part, so click on Edit with the scissor symbol
  • To trim the video, use your finger to drag the white line on the timeline and stop at the part where you want to split your video
  • Now you can either export the result or make more changes to the desired part of your clips. Whether to add filters or add different videos, it gets easier once you learn how to smoothly trim videos.

How to add your music to CapCut to edit your videos?

Now that we are done with discussing features in this CapCut review, let’s take a look at how you can add music to your videos and make the most personalized content ever.

The above YouTube tutorial by AI In a Minute explains the process of adding your own music to the CapCut video editor app well. Here are a few steps you need to follow-

  • Click on + New Project
  • Select a video on your device and click on the Add button
  • Pick the second icon at the bottom left part of the screen called Audio
  • Click on that to access a few options. Go to the Sounds button and click
  • Now you will see Extracted and From device options. Click on From device
  • Below these features, you will find a list of music options saved on your device
  • Click on the + button once you find the music you are looking for
  • You will see the audio added to your CapCut video editor’s timeline

Capcut in-app purchases

Even though the Capcut editor claims to be a free app, it still has kept plenty of its features locked under premium plans. Here is a list of all in-app purchases that you can choose from to access additional Capcut features.

Capcut Subscriptions Cost
One-month PRO $9.99
One-year PRO $74.99
Monthly Subscription $7.99

Additional Capcut app features

Additional Capcut app features

Pros and cons of CapCut video editor

In the Capcut review, we evaluated different features and tools offered by the Capcut app. Now let us see the pros and cons of using the CapCut app for editing your next social media post. 

Pros of using Capcut Video Editor

  • Convenient and extremely simple to use
  • Appropriate for both professionals and amateurs 
  • Filled with advanced editing tools and features
  • Huge selection of sound effects and audio tracks
  • Basic editing tools are free to use

Cons of using Capcut Video Editor

  • Many editing features are not available
  • Advanced tools can only be accessed with a subscription
  • Functionality can be influenced by your phone’s hardware and RAM
  • Capcut app cannot be used in landscape mode

Why should you choose the Capcut app over its competitors?

If we analyze the Capcut reviews and ratings, the app tops the chart in terms of popularity and its editing abilities. One of the significant factors that differentiate this app from its competitors is its ease of use. This app can be conveniently used by a beginner who is new to video editing.

Apart from being simple in its work, the Capcut video editor is extremely accessible. It can be downloaded and used on different devices such as smartphones and desktops. All in all, it is a great video editing app that can take your video-editing game a notch higher.

How to use the CapCut app with VPN?

The CapCut app is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance which is facing some heat in the US due to data privacy and security reasons. There have been talks of banning TikTok, CapCut, and other apps in the country that are under the radar of the government. 

If it happens, you will be able to access the services of CapCut using the best VPN apps only. VPNs also modify your data like the location and IP address of your device so you can be safer online.  Here are a few steps that can help you access the CapCut app with VPNs-

  • Install the CapCut app APK using third-party sources like
  • Pick a VPN app of your choice and set the location to where CapCut is available
  • Make sure the speed is good enough to support CapCut’s features
  • Once the VPN is installed and configured, open the CapCut app
  • Create an account and start using the CapCut app
  • As most CapCut app’s features are downloadable, you can try changing locations on VPN if the speed is slow

Top three VPN apps that you can use to run the CapCut app

There are several VPN apps available in the mobile market and almost all of them are claiming to be the best. So, to help you find all the required information in this CapCut review, here are our three recommendations that you can pair up with your CapCut app.

Express VPN- The very first that deserves your attention in this CapCut app review is Express VPN. Its servers are spread across 94 countries. You can pick free or paid locations and enjoy a seamless experience and the best data encryption standards. To keep you digitally safe, Express VPN offers features like 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IPv6.

Nord VPN- One of the popular apps for Android and iOS devices in the VPN category, Nord has been assisting users with their VPN-based needs for some time. Nord’s single account can be used to secure up to 6 devices in parallel. Additionally, its network of servers is spread across 62 countries. Nord VPN also offers the best network speed by using P2P capabilities on supported servers.

PureVPN- The third option in this CapCut review that we want you to know about is Pure VPN. Pure VPN is already trusted by over 3 million users from around the world. The app comes with features that support private browsing and offer a wide range of protocols. There is a Split Tunneling feature offered by the app as well to offer a better online security experience.

Is Capcut worth your time?

The usefulness of Capcut download is entirely subjective depending on if you are a regular content creator or if you edit videos occasionally. If you are interested in an app that does not only focus on offering trending effects & filters but also delivers advanced features and often evolves, Capcut is definitely an option you can explore.

Writing this Capcut app review has made it clear to us that Capcut is a lighter version of advanced video maker products like Adobe Premiere for desktops. But the video maker app is very well-optimized for smartphone users. It is easy and compared to its alternatives, Capcut features equipped into the app stand out making it a perfect option for you.

Lastly, if you are a developer as well, you can also get your app reviewed and featured on MobileAppDaily. Just like this Capcut app review, your app can be introduced to the massive audience base of our platform if featured.

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