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UnScreen Review- Pros, Cons, and Notable Features

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Updated on April 07, 2024
UnScreen Review- Pros, Cons, and Notable Features

Creating and promoting video content is the need of the hour for any business. Video marketing is becoming a popular marketing strategy in the current digital ecosystem. However, creating a professional video is not a piece of cake, and hence, solutions like Unscreen can help a lot.

When it comes to video editing, the entire process can be very time-consuming and still render sub-optimal results. Apart from long hours, the process involves tools and resources that directly affect the marketing budget. This is where Unscreen comes into action.

This new and exciting solution is getting popular among digital creators day by day as it offers a simple yet efficient solution to a core problem when it comes to videography and video editing. Let’s learn more about this amazing tool in detail.

What is Unscreen?    

Unscreen is an online platform owned by Kaleido. The platform allows its users to edit videos like a professional. UnScreen also enables users to record anywhere and remove the background with ease. With Unscreen video background remover, users can simply remove the background without using sophisticated techniques like chroma-keying and greenscreens. 

Unscreen users do not need to select colors, pick pixels, move paths, or paint masks as the software recognizes and analyzes the videos automatically to generate high-quality results. The accuracy of this one of the top video background remover apps is top-notch and saves ample time for end-users. Additionally, one can easily download the final processed files as animated GIFs, PNGs, or zip files.

Users can upload any video format, like MOV, MP4, WEBM, GIF, or OGG video files, provided the browser of the user supports it. The application does not have any maximum file resolution or size bar. However, the results might not be highly efficient on devices with small hardware resources. Additionally, such devices will experience a slow processing speed.

No wonder it’s an amazing tool. To know it better, let’s proceed further and dive into its individual features.

Features of UnScreen

With the aim to make you familiar with Unscreen video and photo background remover, we will list down the features of this one of the best tools for video editors and then proceed to discuss the pros and cons of this video background changer online tool.

1. 100% Automatic

Automatic Video Editor

The Unscreen video and photo background remover tool is designed with state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the tool works 100% automatically without a single click. You need not manually pick pixels for hours, select the right colors, paint masks to make them aesthetically pleasing or move paths from your video or photo. 

This is one of the best online video background remover tools. It analyzes the type of video automatically and generates a high-quality rendered video. All you need to do is upload the clip, and the rest of everything is executed by Unscreen photo and media background remover.

2. 3rd-party integrations

Unscreen Features - 3rd party integration

With Unscreen, remove the video background and import to other tools in a jiffy as it supports third-party integrations. Unscreen offers a pro plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects. 

Users can install the plugin, process the video with Unscreen Pro, and import the Unscreen Pro Bundle button to upload the zip file to your video editing software seamlessly. There is an UnScreen API as well. This API allows you to integrate UnScreen’s services into your app or workflow without any issues.

3. No watermark

No Watermark

Several video BG software in the market offer the same executed results. However, what makes Unscreen a top choice among them is the no watermark feature. Unscreen GIF background remover software does not add a watermark to the processed videos.

No Watermark in Image with Unscreen

The video content you upload will only have a transparent background after the processing. You can add any background without showcasing the branding of the tool. It is the USP of Unscreen photo and video background remover software.

4. Supports different formats

Unscreen allows users to remove GIF backgrounds without any hassle. The GIF background remover tool supports different formats of videos. For instance, users can upload videos in MP4, WebM, Ogg, Ogv, MOV, and GIF. The different format support saves time for end-users as they need not change the format every time they need to remove the background from any video.

5. GDPR-compliant

The usability of the app is amazing and is well-acknowledged by users worldwide. Additionally, with an increased number of users, data security is highly necessary. Unscreen is a GDPR-compliant tool that secures and handles every user's personal data as defined in the law. Unscreen was designed in a way that follows the four major principles of GDPR- Accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, and accountability.

6. HD resolution

Unscreen feature - HD resolution

Unscreen offers an HD resolution to all the videos processed. A video resolution of up to 1080p allows for high-accuracy results and professional use. This is more than 10 times more pixels than the results produced in a 360p video. Additionally, while processing the video, framerate settings and audio tracks are preserved, making it one of the finest video background remover applications. 

7. Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

The Unscreen plugin allows users to combine the abilities of the tool with editing software like Premiere Pro and After Effects. By offering plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Unscreen allows users to use its background removal capabilities directly within these popular video editing programs. This integration means that users can apply Unscreen's AI-powered background removal technology directly within their existing editing workflow without needing to switch between different software platforms.

Pros and Cons of Unscreen

Pros Cons
The tool supports multiple formats Slow hardware might slow down the performance
Process videos in multiple quality formats Requires a fast internet connection
Comes with a freemium model
Supports fast video upload
Supports third-party software like After Effects and Premiere

UnScreen Pro: Plans and Pricing

Why buy Unscreen Pro?

Though there are several exceptional services you get to enjoy with the Unscreen’s free version, the pro model has some advantages and features that greatly help the creator while preparing the video. 

  • Video Download - Unscreen’s free version only allows you to edit and remove background from the videos and import them to video editing software like Final Cut Pro or After Effects. However, the pro version allows the users to download the videos straight into their system in high-resolution format.  
  • Unlimited Video Length - The free version is good only if you want to edit videos that are 5 seconds long because that is the limit offered by the Unscreen team for the free version. However, Unscreen Pro enables you to edit videos without a length restriction, i.e., it provides unlimited video length. 

Unscreen Packages

UnScreen has multiple packages for users. These packages vary depending on the requirements of various user groups. For example- Hobby, Artist, Creator, etc. The cost of Subscription Plans varies depending on whether you are subscribing to UnScreen. The above location shows pricing plans for Euro users. 

However, if you are in the USA, you can refer to the following rates of UnScreen Pro packages.

Tech Specifications of Replika AI
Categories Costs Costs/minute
Hobby $9.00 - 03 min/month $3.00/min
Artist $39.00 - 15 min/month $2.60/min
Maker $189.00 - 02:00 hrs/month $1.57/min
Studio $389.00 - 05:30 hrs/month $1.18/min
Creator $89.00 - 45 min/month $1.98/min

What do MAD Experts Think of UnScreen?

UnScreen has turned out to be the blessing content creators have always needed. The tool takes care of everyone, whether influencers of social media platforms or ad creators. The ability to remove background from moving videos is a tricky task, and UnScreen does it well. It takes care of details and tries its best to process results faster.  

We also liked UnScreen Pro's pricing plan. It is affordable and can be a good tool for even small businesses to upscale their media strategies. Now, let’s come to the part where UnScreen does not float well. It requires a stable internet connection to provide its services. 

While it provides a plug-in to support popular video editors like Adobe Premiere and After Effects, it does not have an offline software of its own. This can slow down the processing of videos, especially if the size of the videos is massive.

Well, that is all for this UnScreen review. Now, let’s come to the part where you can get your software reviewed if you own one. If you are a developer and want us to go through your software as well, just submit it for a review to MobileAppDaily. These reviews can also be a great opportunity to list your product among the top software featured on the platform if it ends up impressing us.

MAD Ratings

Features: 4.4
Pricing: 3.8
Security: 4.2
UI: 3.9

What do the users have to say about the UnScreen?

Who needs green screens anymore when you can just upload a video, and Unscreen’s AI will remove the background to perfection.

- Bret Sinclair, Indie Music Producer

One of the most exciting tools I have seen for content creation lately.

- Manu Muraro


I do alot of video editing and getting rid of the background has always been a pain. Unscreen is what I have been looking for. Very excited!


- Jarred Wade Nair



How to Use UnScreen?

  • The UnScreen background remover is available on the official website itself. 
  • You can start using the features of the tool by uploading your video directly to The platform supports video formats like MP4, WEBM, OGG, OGV, MOV, and GIF.
  • You can even upload the video on a drive, make it public, and upload it to UnScreen servers to make changes online.
  • The tool also supports integration with GIPHY, one of the largest collections of GIFs. Search for a GIF directly from the website and remove the background of the GIF instantly.

The Upsot

In conclusion, Unscreen stands out as a highly beneficial tool in the realm of video editing and content creation, primarily due to its time-saving capabilities and ease of use. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Unscreen eliminates the traditional requirement of a green screen for background removal, thereby simplifying the post-production process significantly. 

All in all, the time and effort saved, coupled with the elimination of the need for green screens, positions Unscreen as a tool that significantly enhances the video editing and production process.

General FAQ

  • Is UnScreen safe?
  • Is UnScreen free to use?
  • Can you download UnScreen?
  • Can Unscreen be used for commercial purposes?
  • Does Unscreen offer support for its users?
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