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Top 10 Free Music Streaming Apps for Android Devices in 2021

Check out these free music streaming apps for Android and enjoy your favorite Music, Podcasts and Radio Shows, on the go.

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People have changed the way they used to listen to music. Buying records, CDs, or even downloading your favorite tunes are the things of the past. Today, streaming apps have taken the charge of spreading the beats around the world. You can listen to your favorite tracks, follow your favorite artists, and get updated by the latest releases like never before. Do you know what is the best part? All this is legal, well-regulated, convenient, and fast. 

Remember how people used to maintain their “music collections”. Well, they might still have emotional value for some, but honestly, it has been made absolutely by the top free music streaming apps we are bringing you today. These apps have been picked by keeping in mind what a music lover wants? These best music apps have not only created a great platform for artists to share their music and earn what they truly deserve, but have also played a huge role in removing content piracy and the monopoly of big recording companies. 

All in all these top free music streaming apps are a boon for music listeners, music players as well as the overall music industry. So, let us take a look at the top free music streaming apps in 2021 offering the best value with the utmost ease.

Best Free Music Streaming Apps For Android

Here’s a list of the top free music streaming apps for Android devices that will give the audience the best music listening experience and a ton of other useful features.

1. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon has picked the nerve of today’s audience when it comes to delivering service, even related to entertainment. After the successful bookstore, Amazon Prime Videos, now Amazon Prime Music has proved itself to be one of the best alternatives for what its purpose.

Amazon Prime Music is the best free song streaming app for you if you have the Amazon Prime Membership. The song collection of the Amazon stands at par with all the other players like iTunes or Google, with some extra bells and whistles like complete Alexa integration. I use Alexa CarPlay and the result with Amazon Prime Music is just phenomenal. I can play whatever music I want by giving a few commands while driving.

Top features of Amazon Prime Music, the best free song streaming app:

  • Included in Amazon Prime Subscription
  • More than 70 millions songs
  • Alexa integration with voice commands.
  • Unlimited offline download

Download Amazon Music for Android

2. YouTube Music - The best free song streaming app

YouTube is the pioneer of streaming media, at least in the video format. But not long ago, YouTube launched YouTube music services with apps for Android and other operating systems and have become one of the best free music streaming apps you can use today. 

YouTube Music holds one of the best music collections with archives from all the artists and millions of talented content creators known as “YouTubers”. Over the years YouTube has facilitated many budding musicians and helped them reach a wider audience. All this makes it a perfect platform for young talents to launch their music and also for listeners, you get access to the best of the worldwide content.

Top features of YouTube, free music streaming app Android:

  • Get access to the complete YouTube music library for free.
  • Access lyrics while playing the song
  • Change between audio or video mode.
  • The paid version allows the app to run in the background, with a bunch of other features.

Download YouTube music for your Android Devices

3. SoundCloud - Online music streaming

SoundCloud is hands down one of the most popular music streaming apps for Android that is currently available and provides music streaming and content downloading options from millions of independent musicians, labels, chart-topping and professional artists.

But one thing that you as an Android user need to know is that not all of the music tracks offered at this Android app are free. Also, if you see a download button next to a soundtrack, then it means that a particular song can be downloaded right away, even if you don’t have a user account on SoundCloud.

Top features of SoundCloud, free music streaming app Android:

  • Upload music and connect with your audience.
  • Discover hidden talents from around the world
  • Listen to the biggest artists and chart-topping songs
  • Create personalized playlists or listen to other popular playlists.

Download SoundCloud free music streaming app Android

4. Spotify - Best online music service

Spotify is a top-ranking application for free music that works for a wide range of devices. This best free Android app allows users to listen to unlimited music on the go and choose from millions of soundtracks and musical numbers from across the world.

Here, users have the option to create their playlists with their favorite songs while discovering new tracks by using different filters, for example, artist name, genre, etc. Advertisements support the free version of this mp3 download app, but if you want an ad-free version of this app then opt for a premium version.

Spotify has also been featured in our Best Android Apps Free.

Top features of Spotify, free music streaming app Android:

  • Discover new music
  • Premium subscription for an ad-free experience
  • Make and share your personalized playlist
  • Choose your language.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Spotify app here.

Download Spotify free music streaming app for Android

5. Deezer

This Deezer app is rated highly on the Google Play Store; this music app provides access to 56 million free, high-quality music tracks from around the world. Deezer also offers the “SongCatcher” feature that can identify any playing song and add it to your playlist.

Deezer also gives you access to a lot of radio stations and popular playlists so that you can discover the music of your choice. Over the top, you can sing along with the live lyrics feature of this free stream music app.

Top features of Deezer, free music streaming app Android:

  • Access to more than 56 million songs
  • Read live lyrics and sing along
  • Find new music
  • Use SongCatcher and identify any playing music.

Download Deezer free stream music App for Android

6. Google Play Music - Free music download app

As music streaming app, Google Play Music is another widely known Android mobile application which allows its app users to access various music stations that are specially curated by many popular experts. These music stations can be further categorized as per the users' mood, activities, music genres, etc.

Along with this, users also get the option to upload their songs and create a personalized music collection folder with a song limit of 50,000 music tracks. Once your custom song collection is created, you can even access it later for free from any platform including iOS, Windows, and of course Android.

Top features of Google Play Music, free music streaming app Android:

  • Stream music from anywhere
  • Artificial intelligence interaction
  • Access more than 40 million songs
  • Get recommendation according to your taste
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Upload your music.

Download Google Play Music free music streaming app Android

7. BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds App is a treat for radio and podcast lovers. This music app is loved around the world and is also rated 5-star ratings by more than 38K users. BBC Sounds is the best free music streaming app for Android users.

BBC Sounds App allows you to access all your favorite podcasts, radio stations, and music from anywhere. You can listen to live shows, record them and also rewind them. You can see the old as well as the future schedule of the popular channels. 

Top features of BBC Sounds, the free stream music app:

  • Listen to live BBC Radio Stations
  • Pause and rewind radio
  • Record shows and listen to them later.
  • Subscribe to podcasts, programs, and mixes.
  • Download for offline use.

Download BBC Sounds free stream music app for Android

8. iTube - Online music streaming

In simple words, you can think of iTube as a less fancy version of the Spotify mobile app. Users need the internet to download songs, but they can listen to the already downloaded songs in, offline mode. The free music downloader app for Android devices has no in-app purchases or any hidden charges.

And just like the iTunes application, this app offers a section in which users can see the top 100 music tracks in different genres. We think that the UI of the app still needs minor improvements, but this hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of our favorites at the Google Play Store.

Top features of iTube, free music streaming app Android:

  • No ads
  • Allows background playing
  • Offline mode
  • Complete privacy.

Download iTube free music streaming apps for Android

9. Wynk Music - Stream music online

The next name in our list of top music apps for Android is Wynk Music which is a leading free music streaming app. As per the recent statistics, this mp3 download app has more than 12 million Android app users, and one of the plus points here is that it lets you stream unlimited music without any interrupting ads.

With the Wynk app, users can tune in with Internet radio for direct music streaming. Here, you also get to see a flexible range of music quality like HD(320/256 kbps), High(128 kbps), Medium(64 kbps), and Regular(32 kbps), where you can choose which quality of music you want to hear.

Top features of Wynk Music, the best app to stream music free:

  • Dark mode
  • All your favorite music at one place
  • Get free ringtones
  • Easily control your music

Download Wynk best free song streaming app for Android

10. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a similar app to the BBC Radio App that allows you to listen to hundreds of popular radio channels from around the world. iHeartRadio gives you access to many radio shows, podcasts, and contemporary music. 

iHeartRadio is the best free music streaming app for Android that brings amazing content to your devices without any hidden fee or charge. The app is a bliss to use and grows on you as you start spending more time with it.

Top features of iHeartRadio, the best free music streaming app for Android:

  • Access music for free
  • Listen to the best radio stations from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Play your favorite music on the go
  • Create personalized playlists.

Download iHeartRadio for Android

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the best free music streaming apps for Android smartphones that you need to try out in 2021. Let us know if you have something to add to our list of best picks. 

If you are into singing or like to sing along, check out some of the best lyrics apps, we have covered at MobilAppDaily. If you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed, you can get in touch with us.

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