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Best Mobile Apps For Mental Health To Calm Your Mind And Soul

Here are the best Android and iOS apps that will fuel your mental health to the next level.

Best Mobile Apps For Mental Health

Mental health is a quite significant topic these days. While the subject used to be avoided by nearly everyone, today mental health is on everyone’s minds. As society becomes more aware of mental health concerns and conditions, as well as their mood changes and quirks, the demand for mental health services has increased.

With focus shifting on the mental health, how can we ignore smartphone apps, that have carved their way into almost every landscape? From the past a couple of years, mental health apps are on the rise and aims to amass a greater share market due to the increasing number of health disease, especially, concerning mental health.

Interestingly, under the mental health app category, various types of apps cater to different kinds of disorders and diseases. Thus it becomes more comfortable for the user to download the app with exact requirements.

Following are some of the app categories that come under mental health:

  • General Mental Health Apps
  • Addiction Apps
  • Anxiety Apps
  • Bipolar Disorder Apps
  • Depression Apps
  • Eating Disorder Apps
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Apps
  • PTSD Apps
  • Schizophrenia Apps
  • Stress Apps
  • Suicide Prevention Apps

Top Mental Health Mobile Apps For Android and iOS

Keeping all aspects mentioned above in mind, backed by the popular demand of mobile apps, here are some of the best mental health mobile apps for Android and iOS to manage your mood and help you overcome struggles.

1. What’s Up

What's up - Mobile App

It’s one of the best mental health mobile apps present in the market. The app offers CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) which further helps in tackling anxiety, anger, depression, stress, and more.

What’s Up mental health app comes up easy-to-follow methods that include various activities and games. 

Notable features of What’s Up:

  • Negative thinking patterns and ways to overcome them.
  • A positive and negative habit tracker
  • Catastrophe Scale.
  • Breathing techniques for a calm and relaxed mind.
  • Sync data between your devices.

Available on Android and iOS

2. Moodpath

Moodpath - Mobile App For Mental Health

Moodpath is an app that allows you to judge your mental state. If you have concerns about your mental health, Moodpath is an excellent way to understand your state of mind and help you determine if you need to see a therapist or other professional.

The mental health app asks questions each day, and at the end of two weeks, it provides you with a report. If you feel you need to seek professional help, the report gives you a place to start discussions with a new therapist.

Notable features of Moodpath:

  • Daily questions about your emotional and physical well-being.
  • Bi-weekly mental health assessment.
  • Overview of the emotional states.
  • Improves sleep pattern.

Available on Android and iOS

3. Pacifica

Pacifica - Mobile App For Mental Health

This meditation cum wellness app is designed with anxiety, stress, and depression in mind. Pacifica provides you with audio lessons and activities to teach you how to cope with stress and anxiety.

Also, the mental health app contains many meditations and mindfulness exercises to use at the moment or to build habits to break the cycles of stress and anxiety. It also acts as a mood tracker. 

Notable features of Pacifica:

  • Relaxation & mindfulness meditation audio tools.
  • Psychologist-designed paths.
  • Tracks mood and feelings throughout the day.
  • Psychologist-designed thought analysis tools.
  • Tracking daily health goals.

Available on Android and iOS

4. Happify

Happify - Mobile App For Mental Health

If you are dealing with a large amount of stress or suffering from depression, Happify is the app for you. Its activities are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is one of the most proven methods of therapy for these conditions.

Happify uses positive psychology and mindfulness exercises to boost your mood. Studies have found that it is very effective in boosting mood within two months of use.

Notable features of Happify:

  • Track regular progress.
  • Include interactive activities.
  • Psychologist-approved mood-training program.
  • Games to overcome negative thoughts.

Available on Android and iOS

5. Mood Kit

Mood Kit - Mobile App For Mental Health

The mental health app is designed in such a way that enables the user to effectively app the strategies of professional psychology to everyday life. Interestingly, the Mood Kit is developed by two clinical psychologists.

It’s mainly based upon the principles and techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which itself is known for its effectiveness in the psychotherapy. With four integrated tools like MoodKit Activities, Thought Checker, Mood Tracker, and Journal, the app keeps the distressing thoughts at bay.

Notable Mood Kit features:

  • Over 200 mood improvement activities. 
  • Tailored activities. 
  • Email, text, & Facebook sharing of activities. 
  • iOS calendar integration. 
  • Unlimited mood ratings & notes.

Available on iOS

6. BetterHelp

BetterHelp - Mobile App For Mental Health

BetterHelp is an online counseling service that also works through the iOS and Android mobile app. When you sign up, you will be matched with a therapist licensed to practice in your area. You will be able to have sessions with the therapist over video conferencing, voice chat, or text messaging. 

You can also use the app to contact a therapist in time of crisis, no appointment needed. Finally, BetterHelp offers a lot of advice columns from trusted sources that can give you more insight into your condition and what help you might need.

Notable features of BetterHelp:

  • Over 750 counselors & therapists.
  • Various therapy sessions.
  • Match with the counselor that fit your needs.
  • Personalized communication with the therapist.
  • Live sessions with the counselor.

Available on Android and iOS

7. Talkspace Online Therapy

Talkspace - Mobile App For Mental Health

The app offers various therapy & counseling sessions from licensed therapists right on your smartphone. There are over 2000 licensed therapists available on the app. With these therapy sessions, the user can deal with depression, anxiety, stress and more.

Talkspace’s Unlimited Messaging therapy service lets the user communicate with the therapist at any time, but that is limited to 5 days a week.

Talkspace therapy app can help you tackle the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship Issues
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorders 

Available on Android and iOS

8. Self-Help For Anxiety Management (SAM)

Self-Help For Anxiety Management - Mobile App For Mental Health

The app is best for someone who is self-motivated and can make his own plans and sessions as per the app’s guidance. SAM enables the user to build 24-hour anxiety toolkit, with which, the anxious thoughts and behavior over time can be tracked easily. 

To help users in learning about anxiety and practicing self-help, SAM content is presented in various media formats. With its ‘Social Cloud’ feature, the user can even connect with other users for additional support and on top of it, it remains confidential.

Notable features if Self-Help app:

  • Laid out menus 
  • Self-monitoring of anxiety with a graphical display 
  • 25 self-help options like information about anxiety, Physical relaxation, and more. 
  • Guidance on putting self-help into practice 

Available on Android and iOS

9. Mind Shift

Mind Shift - Mobile App For Mental Health

This wonderful mental health app is primarily designed for teens and young adults with anxiety. Mind Soft is a bit different from other similar apps because it stresses the significance of changing how you think about anxiety rather than to avoid anxious feelings.

All in all, this mobile app let the user take charge of his life and chuck out intense emotions and anxiety moments by relaxing, identifying active steps, and develop more helpful ways of thinking. The app comes packed with strategies to deal with everyday chaos.

Mind Shift helps the user to deal with:

  • Sleeping disorder
  • Riding Out Intense Emotions 
  • Test Anxiety 
  • Perfectionism 
  • Social Anxiety 
  • Performance Anxiety 

Available on Android and iOS

10. Worry Watch

worry Watch - Mobile App For Mental Health

This mental health is designed to deal with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which is a kind of disorder where the patient feels intense anxiety even after knowing the fact that the worries are irrational. Worry Watch helps the user to spot the anxiety points and assists in changing the thinking pattern.

The work in the pattern as on day one, the user log in to ‘what might happen’ and then jumping to ‘what did happen.’ This way, it gives a better understanding to the user of their worry and anxiety pattern. Henceforth, the user learns to overcome negative perceptions and unwanted worries.

Notable features of Worry Watch:

  • Daily & weekly reminders set aside time.
  • Use the calendar as anxiety streaks tracker.
  • Personalize the app with themes, fonts, and more.
  • Custom contexts, cognitive biases, and outcome.
  • Works offline.

Available on iOS

Does Mental Health Apps Really Work?

If you are finding hard to strike the right balance between your daily routine and mental health, make the best use of your smartphone and go for the wellness apps, meditation apps, and mental health apps. Such apps promise to ease out the pressure and turn it into a breeze.

Here comes the most critical question.

Do such apps really help?

As per claims made by such apps, there is a significant improvement in the health of the users who were earlier going through stress and depression. But such claims have been challenged by mental health professionals who are not very sure about the effectiveness of mental health apps when used without any supervision.

However, we still believe that such wellness apps can be used as a supplementary treatment and can do wonders if used under regular guidance of experts. Even if mental health apps or meditation apps are able to contribute even a bit, it can be convenient for users who don’t have time to visit clinics or hospitals.

For any query related to the mental healthor wellness apps, you can comment below, and we at ‘MobileAppdaily’ will answer your question at the earliest.

Everything gets scattered when our mind is not in peace. Get the aforementioned superpower mental health mobile apps that are making human life easier by bringing and positivity in their minds. If you also own an app, you can get your app featured in the above list and also get it reviewed by our app marketing experts.
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