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Sona App- Evaluating Pros, Cons, & Features

Take a closer look at Sona’s features, functionality, advantages, and limitations. Find out if this app is worth your time or not.

Updated on January 08, 2024
Sona App- Evaluating Pros, Cons, & Features

In a world where our mental health and wellness often take a back seat in the shuffle of daily responsibilities, the Sona app aims to bring it to the forefront. Sona offers a unique proposition for its users- combining personalized health management with intuitive technology. This app can translate all needs into practical features.

Some of the best wellness apps for iPhone and Android users are designed to help people manage chronic diseases, monitor their weight, track their wellness, meditate, and do a lot more. The digital wellness space is crowded with some of the best apps. However, the Sona app stands out for its personalized offerings.

In our Sona app review, we will take a closer look at the app’s reliability and accuracy in maintaining an individual’s mental health. From reminder alerts to personalized healthcare tips, find out how the Sona app has been pioneered as the best mental health app available for smartphone users.

Sona App

What is the Sona app, and How is it useful?

Sona is a unique mental health app that explores the meditational attributes of music. This app offers a huge selection of originally composed sleep music for anxiety and stress relief. These compositions help in better sleep and ensure complete wellness of the mind. Sona uses sleep therapy music to ensure a good night’s sleep for all. The app uses music from Grammy winners to help its users manage stress, anxiety, and sleep.

The primary principle behind the working of this free calming music app is its belief in the therapeutic powers of good music. As per the app, music can combat sleep disorders and help users manage stress. The Sona sleep app is specifically designed to increase alpha and theta brain waves during your sleep. The app has been proven to be effective in managing sleep through its anxiety-calming music by in-house researchers and Nielsen Neuroscience.

Using a music app for sleep is not a new concept. Music is known to relax and distract individuals from negative thoughts. Relaxing music also helps in reducing stress hormones in the brain. Soothing music has been proven to calm the nervous system, which can help increase the quality of sleep.

It is widely known that music is therapeutic on a physical and emotional level. The music we create at Sona, which we call  “restorative music”, is a specific type of music that helps restore the brain by increasing brain waves like alpha and theta, which has a relaxing effect.

- Neal Sarin (Founder)


Sona’s simplistic look and advanced technology are blended together to offer a unique experience for users. Sona straddles the line between wellness and music apps. Further in this Sona review, we will review whether the features offered by this app are worth it or not.

What is the Sona app

What are the exceptional features offered by the Sona app?

The Sona Care app is known for its exceptional utilization of music as medicine. The app uses neuro-science-backed sound and music, which was originally composed by Grammy winners. It is considered the best music app for sleep and is highly recommended for alleviating stress and anxiety.

Additionally,  as per the Sona app reviews, it is packed with multiple other features for its users. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

Science-backed music

Science-backed music

The Sona app offers sleep time music which is backed by scientists and well-renowed researchers. This music has meditative qualities, allowing users to sleep peacefully. Sona music also empowers users to alleviate stress and anxiety and have a good night’s sleep throughout.

Additionally, music can also help you feel more patient with daily interactions and tasks. Listening to sleep therapy music can also increase memory activation and ensure complete relaxation of the mind.

Natural and safe

Natural and safe

If you are looking for a free meditation music download, the Sona Care app is the perfect solution for you. With proprietary music, users can ensure their complete wellness and relaxation. Contrary to medicines, the Sona music app for wellness offers the most natural and safe way to combat stress and anxiety.

Listening to calming music for anxiety and sleep is also beneficial for increasing alpha and theta waves in the brain. All the music is based on a low tempo and is extremely soothing to listen to.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

As per the Sona app reviews, the app is extremely simple and easy to navigate. An intuitive design and simplistic approach make it the perfect solution for users of all age groups. All that you need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire, and the app will offer personalized healthcare solutions for you.

Users can listen to music without headphones as well. Within 10 minutes of a therapeutic music session, you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Personalized listening experience

Personalized listening experience

Sona is considered the best sleep music app as it offers a unique personalized experience for all individuals. Based on the questionnaire filled and the preferences of users, the Sona app curates personalized wellness plans and playlists for all users.

Additionally, the playlists can also be tailored to your symptoms, mood, and time of the day. Enjoy the hand-picked music and reduce stress and anxiety quickly.

Additional features

With Sona’s acoustic music, users can relax and sleep peacefully. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, some other features offered by the Sona care app are:

  • Original compositions
  • Mental health survey check-ins
  • Skip, loop, and replay songs easily
  • Designed specifically to ease anxiety

Pros vs. Cons of the Sona sleep app 

Pros Cons
Exceptional ability to help in sleep and relaxation Does not offer a meditation-heavy experience
Large music catalog with originally composed music  
Extremely intuitive and simple to use  
No need for earphones to listen  

Tech Specifications of the Sona app

Tech Specifications of Sona App
OS iOS- 13.0 or later
Android- 5.0 and up
User Ratings iOS- 5.0
Android- 4.3
Last Updated iOS- September 2023
Android- September 2023
Current Version iOS- 1.2.11
Android- 1.2.11
Product Category Health & Fitness

What are the Sona Care app pricing and the plans available for users?

As per Sona app reviews, the plans offered by Sona are extremely affordable as compared to other free sleep music apps. Users can choose a plan based on their preferences and requirements. Let’s discuss these plans in detail below. 

S. No. Plans Pricing


Free version

  • Access to all basic features

Monthly plan

  • Regular payment after 1 month
$4.99 per month

Yearly plan

  • Payment after 12 months
$29.99 annually

The premium plans offered by Sona are quite affordable as compared to its competitors. You can try the free version of the app before committing to the premium plans. Both premium plans offer similar features. However, the yearly plan will be more cost-effective in the long run.

What are the user Sona app reviews in 2023?

As per Sona app reviews, this app is extremely popular among users of all age groups. By exploring the meditative qualities and using music for anxiety and sleep, this app can relieve stress. Right from Sona’s interface to its personalized wellness management tips, user reviews of the app are packed with praises and accolades.

Some Sona app reviews by users are listed below for your reference:

The kids fall asleep faster, sleep better, and sleep for longer.

- Kai r.


The music is unlike any you’ve heard on Spotify

- Hindkat


The vibration and dimension of the music are profoundly soothing.

- Carolyn143



This app has been a huge help in calming my anxiety at night.

- Ba century


What do our experts say about the Sona App?

Sona is considered the best sleep music app by the critics and our MAD experts. This app works exceptionally well in transforming your sleep schedule and maintaining a sound mind. The Sona app uses music as medicine and helps individuals to relax and combat anxiety. From our personal experience, we can conclude that this app is the best solution to fight sleep deprivation.

The music used by this app is backed by renowned neuroscientists and researchers. An exceptional feature that we really appreciate about the Sona music app is that all the music is originally produced by Grammy winners. It is the most natural way to fight mental illnesses like stress and anxiety.

As per the Sona app reviews by our experts, this app will make you feel at ease within 10 minutes. You can also listen to soothing sleep anxiety music without using headphones as well. The app can personalize the music playlist based on your mood and preferences. Users can also listen to their favorite songs as per the time of the day.

In addition to relaxing music, users can also educate themselves through the Sona Center. This section offered educational blogs on different aspects of mental health and wellness. This app is suitable for all age groups and is appreciated for its simple and sleek design.

In conclusion, it is one of the best free music apps available for smartphone users. For sound sleep and a healthy mind, get the Sona app download link from below and try this app for yourself.

MAD Ratings

  • Features: 4.3
  • Navigation: 4.5
  • UI: 4.5
  • Security: 4.2

What are the awards received by the Sona app?

The Sona app is appreciated by users all over the world. Apart from users, the app has received critical acclamation and awards as well. Some awards won by the Sona music app are listed below:

  • The Sona app has won the CES Innovation Award in 2022. 
  • The app has also been bestowed with the Cilo Music and UCSF Health Hub Rising Star Honoree 
  • The company’s founder, Neal Sarin, has won Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

What can the users expect from the Sona sleep app in 2023?

The app continuously works and thrives to offer better features for its users. Based on Sona app reviews, the company tries to add more advanced features to enrich the user experience. In the future, Sona’s product roadmap will be packed with exciting new features for users.

New updates and additions are set to launch for users in 2024. The company is planning to finalize a clinical trial that has been pre-approved by the FDA.

Final Words!

All in all, the Sona sleep app can prove to be extremely effective in alleviating sleep deprivation and stress. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, this app has topped the charts as being the best mental health app available for smarthphone users. If you are looking for a natural and 100% safe way to maintain your mental well-being, the Sona sleep app is an excellent option for you.

Based on our Sona app review, we will definitely recommend this app for improved sleep quality and overall wellness. Download the app and enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to get your app reviewed, contact us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews and ratings will help your app grow and reach the potential audience. Until then, continue to explore MobileAppDaily for more app reviews, current news, and the latest updates in the world of mobile apps and technology.

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