Top Search Engine Alternatives to Google
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Top Search Engine Alternatives to Google

Start searching fearlessly by choosing the most used and secure Google search alternatives.

Top Search Engine Alternatives to Google

Google is known for offering an unmatched "personalized" experience. Unfortunately, the service comes at the cost of your privacy as Google tracks your online behavior and gathers your data. Personalization can be a cause for concern, especially when you see highly tailor-made ads and content targeting you.

The good news is the market is stocked with other search engines that offer more privacy in addition to a host of other practical features. We have listed some of the best alternative search engines here. Let’s take a look!

Pro Tip:

If you're concerned about your online privacy and security, using a powerful VPN is a good way to maintain secure your information, according to Carefully research the top VPNs before choosing one.

You can set up a VPN on your device with these easy steps:

  1. Identify a VPN service that meets your needs, budget and sign up for a subscription plan.

  2. Download and install the VPN app.

  3. Log into your account.

  4. Configure the settings based on your needs.

  5. Choose a server and enjoy secure and private internet access.

Alternative Search Engines For More Security

It’s no surprise that the world is filled with hackers and data breachers. For this reason, direct yourself from Google to these top search engines that take privacy seriously and do not gather any private information from your searches.

1. Bing

A product of Microsoft, Bing is the second most widely used search engine. Many users prefer using Bing because they feel that its additional visual features offer a superior experience.

Bing gets its search results from Yahoo!. The homepage has a dynamic background that displays stunning pictures of people, sports, places, and animals, among other things.


Bing's video search presents a grid of large thumbnails that let you preview the video when you hover over them. Clicking videos open them on the same page. Like Google, Bing displays ads and features such as translation, spellcheck, flight tracking, and sports scores. The search engine has apps for iOS and Android.

Paramount Features of Bing Search:

  • RSS Feeds for search results

  • Turn off background image

  • Weather forecast

  • Customized search features

2. DuckDuckGo

If your top priority is online privacy, the best Google alternative for you is DuckDuckGo. Its high level of user privacy has spurred its popularity. DuckDuckGo doesn't keep your data or monitor your activities online, so you don't need to be worried about ads. It features a minimalist user interface that gets search results from other search engines like Yahoo and Yandex.

best Google alternative for you is DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo's browser extension helps you maintain your online privacy. This search engine comes with all the standard search engine features. Its unique feature, Bangs, lets you make direct private searches on other sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

Paramount Features of DuckDuckGo search engine are:

  • Privacy

  • Minimal ads

  • No tracking

  • Highly intuitive UI

3. Yahoo!

Yahoo is older than Google, and some internet users still rely upon it as their primary search engine for everyday use. It's the third most widely used search engine after Google and Bing. Yahoo offers many other features in addition to basic searching.


It serves as an email service, news aggregator, games center, online shopping hub, and travel directory, among other things. With support from about 38 languages, Yahoo is a formidable alternative to Google. It's even the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox. Instead of offering a standalone search engine, Yahoo provides a vast portal of services ranging from travel to food to sports, among other things.

After acquiring Flickr, Yahoo's image search results improved greatly, and with sections such as Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Answers, it offers a goldmine of information on many topics. Most importantly, Yahoo is superior to Google when it comes to putting privacy on the top.

Paramount Features of Yahoo! search engine are:

  • A vast portal of additional services

  • Specify the order of search keywords in queries

  • Compose emails from the Yahoo! search box.

  • linkdomain – An undocumented Yahoo Web search operator.

4. Qwant

Originating in France, Qwant is another privacy-centered search engine worth mentioning. According to the website, it never gathers your data for ad-tailoring purposes, nor does it keep a record of your searches. Qwant is focused on privacy; so, many of its features are similar to those offered by DuckDuckGo. One of these features, Quick Search Shortcuts, is the Qwant version of DuckDuckGo's Bangs.


This Google alternative has a pleasing user interface that highlights news stories and trending topics on its homepage in a well-organized format. Qwant displays search results under the categories Web, News, and Social Media platforms. This lets you filter your results more efficiently.

If you're a music fan, the search engine has a section dedicated to discovering new music and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that generates the lyrics to songs.

Paramount Features of Qwant search engine are:

  • Best Google alternative for searching for lyrics and discovering music
  • Highly privacy-focused

5. Yandex

Yandex is considered to be the fifth-largest search engine in the world. The Russian-based search engine has a similar layout to that of Google. The company also offers numerous services including a browser app, mobile apps, analytics tools, a mailing service, and cloud storage.


Yandex allows you to search for images, web results, audio, maps, and news. Overall, Yandex has a similar interface and operates the same way as Google. Aside from Russia, Yandex has gained popularity in other European countries. However, since it is based in Russia, Yandex is not the best option when it comes to privacy.

Paramount Features of the Yandex search engine are:

  • It has a similar page layout to Google’s search engine

6. Gibiru

If you are looking for a Google alternative search engine that is focused on privacy, Gibiru is a brilliant option. The search engine allows people to search for content privately and they claim that they don’t save their user’s search queries.


To enhance the use of this uncensored private search engine even further, Gibiru recommends you add an extra layer of security by using a VPN (it recommends ExpressVPN) and downloading its proxy browser app for mobile devices.

Paramount Features of the Gibiru search engine are:

  • Allows private and uncensored searches

  • Doesn't save user’s search queries

7. Swisscows

Similar to Gibiru, Swisscows is a privacy-focused search engine. The search engine allows people to search the web anonymously. In addition to that, Swisscows doesn’t keep a log of its users' search queries, personal data, IP addresses, or other personal information. The Swiss-based company has a strict privacy policy.


Swisscows has an in-built filter for explicit and violent content which cannot be bypassed, making it a favorite search engine for parents. Another excellent feature of Swisscows is the suggestion tags that pop up whenever a user enters a search query.

Paramount Features of Swisscows search engine are:

  • A privacy-focused search engine

  • It contains helpful suggestion tags

Bottom line

It’s common knowledge that Google is one of the most preferred and reliable search engines that has secured a whopping 90% of its market share. Even after having gained this credibility, the famous search engine is lacking behind in terms of security and information privacy.

While these search engines may not offer the highly personalized experience that many Google users have become accustomed to, they make up for it with better privacy than Google. If you're like most unperturbed users, you might want to escape the Google "filter bubble." The search engine alternatives mentioned above offer a refreshing experience.

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