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15 Best Learning Apps: Bringing the Era of Mobile Learning in 2020

Build a passion to grasp something new with these incredible learning apps!

best educational apps

Utilizing smartphones for learning makes sense instead of wasting time scrolling through social media posts or chatting. Knowledge is something anyone can grasp from anywhere and from any source. 

Education or learning is a broad term and when it comes to fusing it with mobile apps, it results in a great composition. For instance, you can consider several educational software or tools that are widely used by many institutions to facilitate students and staff.

We have compiled a list of the best learning apps that are specifically designed to make users learn. The listed apps are not limited to impart knowledge to a specific audience rather they are designed to cater to all those who have the passion to learn something new and amazing every time.

Best Learning Apps for 2020

Let’s discuss the most sought-after names from the hoard of options:

1. Blinkist - Best Educational Apps

Want to read a book in 15 minutes? Check out Blinkist as one of your best learning apps for iPhone and Android. You can choose from thousands of non-fiction books to learn anything from how to win an argument to how to be more mindful.

If you’re a curious but constantly busy professional, Blinkist is the perfect app to keep you sharp. Also, you’ll be able to cover a variety of subjects you’re interested in by gathering the key takeaways from each—making you a more well-rounded and educated individual each time you open the app. 

best learning apps for iPhone and Android

Notable features of the learning app, Blinkist app: 

  • Insights into the 2500+ bestselling nonfiction books;
  • Access to the best business books;
  • Can easily switch between audio and text;
  • Option to build custom audio playlists and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

2. TED- Mobile learning app

TED has become one of the best learning apps for adults as they can explore smart talks from renowned personalities as per their mood and interest. This fascinating app has a wealth of practical information on every topic. 

This learning mobile app of millions of videos that are definitely gonna be a valuable source for authentic knowledge on various topics. 

learning mobile app
Notable features of the learning mobile app, TED app: 

  • Subtitles available in 100+ languages;
  • Access to TED Radio Hour podcast;
  • Option to sync the TED app with other smart devices;
  • Bookmark feature to watch talks later and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

3. Skillshare- Learning apps

Interested in uplifting your career with digital online classes? Opt Skillshare as one of your best educational apps that you can utilize to learn about a variety of professional illustrations. 

From creative arts courses to entrepreneurial tips, Skillshare, a learning mobile app has courses that cover every interest, whether you’re looking to boost your resume or pick up a new hobby.  

a learning mobile app
Notable features of the best apps for learning, Skillshare app:

  • Permits you watch hundreds of free classes;
  • Option to take unlimited classes;
  • Option to download classes to watch in the offline mode;
  • A trial period of 30 days and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

4. Duolingo- Top learning app

Explore more features: Duolingo App Review 

It’s very difficult to grasp a new language every time when you’re abroad. Don’t you feel that before hopping on your plane abroad, you need to pick up some basic language skills that you can use to communicate with people residing locally in your vacation place? 

Duolingo has made its prominence as one of the best language learning apps that make you understand a few basic language signs that can be helpful and serve as your survivor in different tourist places. The app assists users to learn how to order, initiate conversation and ask for directions in 80 different languages. 

Further, the app has an easy to use interface which helps users read, speak and listen to different languages with ease. Students who are already enrolled for language learning courses can utilize this learning mobile app as their career booster tool. 

best language learning apps
Notable features of the learning mobile app, Duolingo app: 

  • Can practice speaking, reading, listening, etc.;
  • Can learn different languages;
  • Supports almost all languages;
  • Can improve your grammar as well as vocabulary skills through fun QA sessions and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

5. StudyBlue- Apps for learning

Busy students have a lot on their plates— especially when it’s time for final exams. StudyBlue is one of the best free educational apps that has been introduced to make students learning easier. They can make flashcards, use digital learning materials, and study from anywhere they want just by signing up with the app from their smartphone.

If you’re a student stressed about your next exam or big quiz, StudyBlue could be the reliable Android learning app they can use as their idea late-night knowledge library. 

 Android learning app

Notable features of the learning mobile app, StudyBlue app: 

  • Easy customization for the study materials with desired images and audio;
  • Include several quizzes to track the overall progress;
  • Option to set study reminders;
  • Access to study materials across multiple devices and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

6. Lumosity- Best educational app

Many users play games to keep their minds active and also to increase their presence of mind. Although Lumosity has been considered as one of the best free learning apps that let you play brainstorming programs, games, and different types of quizzes to make individuals' minds sharp and active. 

It has been noticed that the mind feels a bit dull after using the phone for a while. The offered app is being famous as one of the best apps for learning which lets you train your brain with different new sessions and techniques. 

There are brain games, activities, and many more that give your brain a complete workout you have never experienced. The gaming activities integrated here are really a fun part that’s great and worth introducing with kids. 

best free learning apps

Notable features of the Top learning app, lumosity app: 

  • Include over 40 brain games;
  • Challenge core cognitive and academic abilities of users;
  • Include several workout modes;
  • Option to analyze every play and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

7. ActiveX- Learning app free

Want to keep yourself healthy and physically fit like marathon pros? ActiveX is one of the best learning apps you can use to have fitness tricks. This is a great learning app for the community that strives to gain active physique by meeting their fitness goals. 

Users can build and follow workouts based on their fitness levels. They can also have access to equipment and training schedules that truly work as a helpful guide that leads them towards a more active lifestyle. If you want to get fit but don’t know anything about the gym or training, give ActiveX a try. 

best free learning apps

Notable features of the ActiveX app:

  • Helps track the body composition;
  • Keeps body metabolism and body mass in control;
  • Multiple users compatibility;
  • Personalized working sessions and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

8. Amazon Kindle- Free learning apps     

After going through the free language learning apps it’s time to facilitate users with millions of online books they can read on the go. Amazon Kindle is one of the best learning apps that gives you the freedom to scroll through millions of magazines, books, newspapers and many more in just a couple of seconds. 

The best part about this app is that you don't need to own a Kindle device in order to use this mobile app. 

free language learning apps
Notable features of the learning apps for adults, Amazon Kindle app:

  • Facility to read free books;
  • Can easily shop for e-books including new releases and bestsellers;
  • Option to use the built-in dictionary, Wikipedia and Google;
  • Offline support and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

9. Wikipedia- Mobile learning apps

Wikipedia is another best free learning app for those who admire and trust in the concept of mobile learning. This Android and iOS learning app is designed in such a way that users can effortlessly discover the knowledge they are looking for and explore more information through it. 

As per recent statistics, this Android learning app has more than 40 million articles in over 300 languages on its platform.

free language learning apps
Notable features of the free education app, Wikipedia app:

  • Doesn't include ads;
  • Informative articles;
  • Option to translate the content in the local language;
  • Offline support and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

10. Edmodo-Free learning app

Edmodo is one of the best educational apps that make free online classroom communication possible. This learning app basically acts like a hub that allows users to learn something new every day and engage easily with their respective classes.  

Above all, users can even connect with teachers from all around the world to get detailed and better insights for the topics. This is one of the best apps for learning which is designed and been completely modified to create a smooth transfer of information between students, parents and fellow teachers. 

 best educational apps
Notable features of the best educational app,  Edmodo app:

  • Works like a home stream for teachers;
  • Users can get classes along with the assignments at one place;
  • Option to send messages directly to the students and parents;
  • Better communication among the users and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

11. Nova Elements- Best learning apps for adults

Are you one of those people who wondered why the periodic table is shaped the way it is or what gives each element its own unique name and set of properties? Well, if you didn’t then here's an amazing learning app for you! With the Nova elements app, users can directly explore the entire periodic table with ease while playing a fun game.

This app is only available for iOS users and also permits the users to watch another two-hour Nova program along with other Nova Elements. 

 learning app
Notable features of the learning apps for iPhone, Nova Elements app: 

  • 64-bit app architecture;
  • Integrated with a scalable version;
  • High-resolution assets for modern retina devices;
  • Updated Periodic Elements table and more.

You can download this best learning app for iOS

12. Goodreads- 

The next iOS learning app on this list is Goodreads, which has a total of over 30 million users on its platform. And in addition to that, the total number of books available on this application has crossed the mark of 1 billion which is a pretty huge number to surpass.

According to many app users, it’s the world’s largest application for book readers and recommendations. Here, users can see what their friends are reading to keep track of what they have recently read. 

iOS learning app on this list is Goodreads

Notable features of the Goodreads app:

  • Lets the user read and write book reviews;
  • Personalized recommendations to discover new books;
  • Read book challenges;
  • option to share notes and progress updates and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

13. Photomath- Learning apps for Kids

Photomath is said to be one of the top learning apps for kids when it comes to math learning. With this best free educational app, users can easily read and solve their math problems which include arithmetic, calculus and different others. 

This app can also get synced with your smartphone camera to help you solve math problems through animated video steps with detailed instructions.

iOS learning app
Notable features of the Mobile learning app, Photomath app:

  • Scans almost all handwritten and textbook problems;
  • Integrated with a scientific calculator and multiple solving methods;
  • Offline support;
  • Support over 30+ languages and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

14. Khan Academy- Best app for learning

Here, we also have Khan Academy in our best learning apps list which is worth using as an advanced tool for students who want to get prepared for further studies by building a strong foundation for IIT-JEE, CAT and GMAT exams. 

With this best mobile learning app, users get to learn about the basic fundamentals of different types of topics from primary music notations to the geography of the landscapes. Another great thing about this app is that it is not limited to just students i.e. it has also been broadly considered as one of the free learning apps for adults.

best learning app

Notable features of the learning apps for adults, Khan Academy app:

  • Builds strong conceptual understanding;
  • Over 40,000 interactive practice questions;
  • Quizzes to practice and analyze the progress;
  • Energy points and badges to measure efforts and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

15. Tynker- Top learning apps

You must not have heard of such apps that make anyone understands the code to develop software tools. Tynker has been introduced as a reliable app that enables users to learn advanced programming skills with interest-based and intuitive activities. 

No matter, you’re a beginner or a seasoned programmer, this best learning app will work for all of you and help you self-assess your coding knowledge. Also, the app lets kids use it and experiment with visual blocks that assist them to learn programming tactics and complex languages like Python and JavaScript.

 best learning app

Notable features of the learning mobile app, Tynker app:

  • Connected device support;
  • Interactive coding tutorials;
  • Works offline;
  • Character creator tool and more.

You can download this best learning app for Android and iOS

MAD Recommendations For Best Learning Apps in 2020

What are the Best Learning Apps for Android? 

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Duolingo
  • Photomath

What are the Best Learning Apps for iPad? 

  • Edmodo
  • Nova Elements
  • Goodreads

What are the Best Learning Apps for iPhone? 

  • Wikipedia
  • StudyBlue
  • TED

What are the Best Learning Apps for Adults? 

  • Skillshare
  • Blinkist
  • Luminosity

Final Words

Apps aren’t just for sharing cute cat videos or superimposing filters over your selfie—they can rather work as the best informative tools if you know which ones to use! Try one of these free learning apps and you’re well on your way to being an expert of just about anything. 

If you are someone who likes to stay updated with the latest updates and trends in the mobile app industry, then make sure to follow MobileAppDaily to never miss another interesting update. You can also approach us to get your app reviewed of you own one you want to promote. 

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