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Best App Analytics Tools To Help You In 2019

These best app analytics tools can help your app in becoming profitable App Analytics Tools To Help You In 2019

You might have heard somewhere that numbers are extremely important as everything revolves around them. For instance, let's take an example of the mobile app industry, here the number of mobile app downloads, total app reviews/ratings etc. are used in order to calculate the output in terms of revenue. But as we already know, it's difficult to manage numbers and that’s why we need app analytics tools.

Being into the mobile app industry for almost ten years now, one thing that I have realized lately is that there is not a better offering than app analytics for professionals who are working into mobile app development domain.

All digital marketing executives would agree to that. Because that’s true. The basic definition of analytics can be summarized as collecting the related data in order to churn it into insightful information.

Marketers can use this insightful information for better business performance. Why not take it as the norm to make your services analytically ready and reap the benefits of the same?

If that sounds interesting, take this blog as a piece of white paper that contains all the required information you would ever need to be a well-versed professional in reading the analytics stats.

Many not-so-versed-professionals in analytics may argue with me regarding the importance of analytical tools in their business. It is something that pops out in every person’s mind when he/she is not well aware of these techniques.

It was the same few years before and now holding a position in the mobile app industry that it is my responsibility to educate budding marketers and brush up the knowledge of versed leaders with new insights appearing in the market.

While doing my research on this topic I came across a very interesting report from Research and Marketers, which claims that the global mobile analytics market is expected to grow by 24% by 2030.

This number holds importance for all marketers who are wishing to add the goodness of mobile analytics into their business.

Mobile Analytics Market

In order to take the benefit of analytics, it is essential to know about the tools that you could use, well, this article is going to explain all those tools but first let’s acknowledge a few metrics to get in-depth knowledge:

  • Activation: It refers to the first experience of the users with your app.
  • Retention: It refers to the total number of people who interacted with your app on a regular basis after installing it.
  • Acquisition: It refers to the different social channels where the users came to your app.
  • Revenue: It refers to overall income gained from users through the app.
  • Referral: It refers to those people who further share or promote the app to their friends or followers through their social media accounts.
  • User Churn Rate: It refers to as the ratio between the number of mobile app users who continue to use the app after a certain period of time.
  • Daily Active Users (DAU): It refers to the total number of mobile users who open an app on a daily basis.
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU): It refers to the number of monthly users who interact with the app on a monthly basis.
  • Session Length: It refers to the time spent i.e. time duration by mobile app users with the app.
  • Conversion Optimization: It refers to the process of making major or minor changes to the conversion goal(s).
  • Funnels: It refers to the process of using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal. This is an effective way to calculate the conversion rate for specific user behavior.

These are some of the fundamental metrics that are involved in the procedure of app analytics. Now let’s move on to the list of the top mobile app analytics tools that can help you in achieving your app’s target in terms of profit.

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools

As app analytics is a great way to know about the procedure of how the mobile and web app is working and how it can be improved to attract more potential app users. Here are some of the best app analytics tools for both Android and iOS platforms:

1. Google Analytics

Google Mobile App Analytics is a go-to tool that helps track mobile app data. The platform from Google suits equally to the requirements of Mobile & desktop advertisers, publishers, and mobile app developers. Products like AdWords and AdSense are good to integrate with Google Analytics in order to gain significant insights.

The list of features is very much exclusive for marketers and it includes data collection across websites, apps and internet-connected (IoT) devices, data access via the mobile app, configurable APIs, and much more to it in order to suit the requirements of marketers.

Google Analytics

2. AskingPoint

The AskingPoint is an effective free tool for tracking app analytics as it provides both review and poll system concepts for mobile app analytics. With AskingPoint, the user gets information regarding the devices, data usage and different versions in the form of demographics.

This analytics tool also helps you in gaining basic information on how people are using your app by creating custom events. One thing that's missing from AskingPoint is the funnel, but other than that this analytics tool is great to build specific user segments that are based on various criteria. For example, the app version being used by the app, the user's country, and other factors related to the users.

Asking Point Tool

3. iOS App Analytics

iOS App Analytics is an analytics tool from the tech giant, Apple. The tool is useful for the marketers/developers as it is for the common users. Apple’s analytical offering rightly suits iOS and TV apps.

For developers, the tool allows users to measure both advertising and app related KPIs, including app traffic sources, web and app referrers, App Store impressions, user engagement, and more. With the help of iOS app analytics, it becomes easier for marketers to track app traffic from links embedded in other apps. As with any other impressive tool, iOS app analytics also includes a series of features.

ios app analytics

4. Amazon Mobile Analytics

The Amazon Mobile App Analytics is part of Amazon Pinpoint Analytics. The platform covers emails, SMS, and mobile push notifications. The tool has been developed in order to empower app developers.

Amazon Mobile Analytic measures app usage and app revenue with an array of tools. A mobile app is a measuring tool for developers that also helps in user retention. Developers can easily track the new ratio of users visiting back with those users who are coming to the app for the very first time. It also helps to find out the custom in-app events. The list of features with Amazon Mobile Analytics comes as follows:

Amazon Mobile Analytics

5. Flurry Analytics

The best thing about Flurry Analytics is that it is available on a wide range of platforms including iOS, Android, Java ME, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Having such a wide range of platforms to cover (the bold ones), Flurry creates up to 10 dashboards for users.

The tool has been referred to as one of the best ones when it comes to monitoring different types of statistics. The analytic dashboard includes a number of elements such as active users, sessions, session lengths, frequency, user retention and demographics that provide information on the type of audience as per flurry’s categorization. Here is more on the app feature.

Flurry Analytics Tool

6. Countly

The open source mobile app analytic comes for free if it is self-hosted. Just like Flurry Analytics, Countly also supports a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. The open source nature of Countly makes it easy for marketers to host the app on their servers.

The team behind Countly is working to make the Cloud version available for users with the help of which they can track and monitor their app analytics in a hosted environment. The mobile app offers insightful data on users and user loyalty, with session frequencies including the country names they come from.

Countly Analytics Tools

7. Localytics

Supporting a wide range of platforms is an advantage to marketers when they use localytics mobile app analytics. The platforms supported by this analytics tool are iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and web.

Localytics is a tool that is way ahead of traditional analytic methods as the mobile app tool offers smart targeting and marketing automation. The app mainly emphasizes the effectiveness of engaging users on the services in order to offer real-time data. The app offers a number of impressive features among which the most important ones include the following.

Localytics Analytics Tool

8. App Clix

The App Clix is a bit different mobile app analytics tool as it helps to access the raw data and organize it as per your wishes. It is an offering for technical enthusiasts that helps them get the technical stuff. The App Clix team only offers products and not analytical services for users.

There are standard and enterprise versions available for marketers on a price that ranges from $299 and goes to $599. The app also offers lease pricing to get the license starting from a minimal amount of $49. The analytic tool is an impressive offering for data lovers. After all, the data is the king in the mobile analytics business. The set of features that come with App Clix are as follows:

 App Clix Analytics Tool

9. App Annie

The analytic tool from App Annie is insightful and informative at the same time. The mobile analytics app tool can be used for many purposes that includes tracking your apps’ downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews, storing all your valuable app store data etc. like other prominent tools, App Annie is available to be used on a number of platforms such as OS, Mac Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore and more.

The benefits that come along with downloading App Annie include monitoring, visualizing as well as analyzing important trends as well as safely storing historical data. The app is available for free and at a premium value. The free version is impressive only if you are required to store the stats.

App Annie Analytics Tool

10. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is available in freemium models in the iOS and Android stores. The app model includes exceptional offerings and that is why I have added the tool to this list as a potential mobile app analytics tool. The app is capable of making funnels which helps in finding out insightful information. Users can tie the web to mobile and this is another exceptional offering that makes Mixpanel different from other mobile analytic apps.

The event-based analytic tool is useful for creating the account, the right usage of the application includes defining events and event properties in the application. The users can create funnels (series of events). This helps to get information on how often users come back and engage with the application. Both the free and paid versions come with specific benefits. With the free version, there is a limitation to 25,000 data points/month. Every time a user tracks an event with Mixpanel, the data point is counted.

Mixpanel Analytics Tool

11. Apsalar - ApScience

The best news about this mobile analytics application is that it is available free of cost. The app supports both the prominent platforms including iOS and Android. It is a complete package that offers real-time cohorts, creates funnels and events as well. The analytic tool also measures performance with the help of a free tool. Apsalar - ApScience builds and analyzes insights to maximize the ROI or return on investment.

There is a distribution component in this analytics app tool that helps in the distribution of the services with high-performing analytic data. With this tool, the user distribution components get added to the marketing attribution.

Apsalar - ApScience Analytics Tool

The Final Thoughts

To effectively as well as efficiently manage these app-related numbers you require these best app analytics tools. These analytics tools will be responsible for tracking all the information surrounding the app.

So if you don’t have all your essential numbers collected, including app download numbers and the amount of money your business brings? Then, it is the right time to add on the goodness of any of the above-mentioned mobile app analytics tool. The tools are worth having with you.

When you have the right analytics about your business and the money it makes, you can easily gamble on new ventures. Moreover, it is always in favor of having the right metric for every action your business is taking. The correct data can prove to be the fuel for your business in order to bring growth to your business.

If you are interested in reading more such articles that provide valuable insights regarding the Mobile App Industry then make sure you click on that ‘Subscribe' button.

Also, we would love to know via your comments, which mobile app analytics tool will you be trying out next?

Tanya Singh
Written By Tanya Singh

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