Top 20 Must Have Travel Apps For Your Next Travel In
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Top 20 Must Have Travel Apps For Your Next Travel In 2019

If you are a tech-savvy dude, keep the stress at bay while on-the-go with these apps.

Top 20 Must Have Travel Apps For Your Next Travel In 2019

Inclement weather, uncertain delays, expensive stays and unplanned trips are all things of the past. The credit goes to the stunning evolution of smartphones.

A systematic approach while planning a vacation or official travel will always assist you in assembling all the necessary tools. Most of the apps are available both on App Store and Google Play.

Best Travel Apps 2019

After testing all the apps that I stumbled upon, here are the neatly filtered inch-perfect apps which can help in making sure your next trip goes off without a hitch.

1. Hopper

In case you're hoping to grab the least expensive plane ticket, you have to get the Hopper app on your smartphone. The app lets you take note of the least expensive dates to fly through a month. However, the best part is that the app discloses to you when to purchase your tickets by means of push notifications.


The app claims that it can save up to 40 percent on your next flight, and that is altogether done by examining and following billions of flights. Hopper claims to book a flight in 60 seconds or less.

Due to the splendid reviews from the user, the app got a chance to get listed in the App Store's Best of 2015 rundown and got crowned as 2016 Google Play Award champ. The app UI is quite user-friendly.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Google Maps

Finding a destination at a new place is a hell of a task, but the fuss can be cut down if you can guide yourself through any navigational app. Google Maps is generally viewed as a standout amongst other navigational applications around, and it has ruled ruler for a long time.

You'll see it genuinely dependable in presenting nearby public transportation alternatives in numerous nations. Though, you can likewise download particular regions for offline usage. You can likewise utilize Maps to look out for nearby fuel stations or close by eateries.

The app also lets you know about the traffic congestion of a particular road or place.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Uber

Getting a ride in another city used to be a test, however, cab-booking apps like Uber have made it simple. Uber turns out to be the worldwide leader in ride-sharing applications with its active service in 84 nations and 737 urban communities. The app is convenient and must-have when you're abroad.


Your application lets you easily book a cab and in the meanwhile, you can also compare the prices on the various fleet of cars available on this app. On booking confirmation, the cab driver can easily locate your location and will be at your doorstep in no time.

The arrival of the cab depends upon the traffic condition of the city you are staying in. To cut down the payment hassle, Uber has offers the user to link their bank card to the app directly. Uber remains an important asset for easygoing and business voyagers in urban communities around the world.

Download for Android and iOS

4. XE Currency

Don’t you want to be keep updated about the exchange rate of the place you are planning to travel? That’s exactly what XE Currency does. It is one of the more hearty cash converter applications accessible on iOS and Android platforms.

The data continuously gets refreshed and states live trade rates for every available currency and valuable metals. The bright spot is that it can store the latest rates so you can get to them in case your gadget gets disconnected.

For better convenience, you can likewise utilize the application on your Android Wear or Apple Watch gadget.

Download for Android and iOS

5. TripAdvisor

The app is an all-in-one tool for every traveler. One can scan through a lot of reviews, assessments, videos, and photographs related to bars, eateries, inns, aircraft, and the sky's the limit from there. The “Near Me” feature of the app will assist you in discovering all around inspected places.

Trip Advisor

However, the best component the application brings to the table is the number of nations it underpins. it's simply all over the place, making it an important guide for each traveler. Besides, you can inquire about any travel inquiries in the application's discussions or include your own particular.

Download for Android and iOS

6. Mobile Passport

If you are planning to head to the US then the Mobile Passport app is must for you. The app is authoritatively approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and it gives you a chance to avoid the consistent line to enter the nation.

All you have to do is download this application and include your travel permit data. To further ease the process, the apps let you scan the passport with your smartphone's camera. As of now, this service is acknowledged at 20 airplane terminals in the US. Therefore chances are pretty good that you may come handy.

Download for Android and iOS

7. WhatsApp

The total users of this social media platform have exceeded 1 billion marks and the figure itself is proof of its credibility. The chances are good enough that you will find some or the other person using this service. The significance of this app comes into play in the countries where the services like SMS are not into operation.


By installing the app well before heading out can be valuable on the off chance that you make new companions and need a snappy way to stay connected with them. To use this service, you need to have an internet connection or Wifi to send or receive the messages.

Download for Android and iOS

8. Google Translate

The name of the app says it all. The app stays similarly as noteworthy as it was upon its introduction. Google Translate offers interpretations among 103 unique languages, enabling you to tune in to translations, so anyone can hear and understand.

For offline use, you can even save your most loved words and phrases. So, next time when you plan to head a place where language seems to a barrier, don’t hesitate to download this app, it will sail you through.

Download for Android and iOS

9. UberEats

Food is one part which remains inseparable from everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are heading at, the food needs to be located. The app lets you know about all the nearby eateries, regardless of your place.


UberEats includes inside and out surveys, menus, and depictions, usually with a portion of the best delicacies around your local area. After all, being on a long flight will do make you lazy enough to go out and explore the place at the first go.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

What if your office plans to send you to some country where select sites, like Facebook and Google are blocked. You will surely be in trouble. One approach to get around such an issue is to utilize a VPN or a virtual private system.

VPN will help you to safely get to those blocked sites. The good news is, Hotspot Shield doesn't expect you to sign in and has a wide scope that incorporates 17 nations. While surfing through it, your data remains private, and interfacing with a VPN is simply a cake walk.

Download for Android and iOS

11. FlightRadar24

If you are done with finding the best flight for your next destination, the next requirement should be this app. FlightRadar24 will bring you all the information about your flight including the delay time if any.


In a few instances, the app will notify you about any development well before anyone else. Clearly, nobody needs a flight delay, but if there is some, it’s always better to know beforehand and the app can assist you in this. If you are at the airport terminal waiting for your flight, by putting through your flight number on this app, you can track the inbound airplane’s approach.

Download for Android and iOS

12. Kayak

Sometimes, instant plans can take a direct hit at the flight ticket prices. Who doesn’t wish to bag a ticket at a minimal rate? To solve this jinx, you can rely on Kayak.

It is the best bet to save cash on each flight you would like to book. Apart from being an absolute flight search engine, Kayak also offers intense value tracking, for nothing. While booking any flights, you ought to dependably analyze costs on Kayak. It won’t disappoint you.

Download for Android and iOS

13. UVLens

Are you planning to visit some sunny place? If yes, then you need to keep a tab on UV levels of your area. The UVLens application prescribes the best circumstances of day to maintain a strategic distance from the sun, and furthermore completes a customized skin compose an evaluation to discover to what extent you may spend in the sun before you achieve the UV threat zone.


The app is worth downloading because no one wants to get exposed to the intense sunlight.

Download for Android and iOS

14. GateGuru

Sometimes, juggling around the airport may land you in a total mess, so save yourself from any such uncertainty. Apart from booking the flight tickets and booking hotel rooms, GateGuru can save you from numerous complexities that may crop in your plans on travel days.

Basic details like where to check in at the airplane terminal, evaluated security hold up times, and the listing of entertainment zones inside the terminals are few of the bonuses of this app.

Download for Android and iOS

15. Komoot

Treading into unknown tracks can sometimes become unpredictable. Carrying along a navigational app may come to your rescue in such situations.


You can be put to a test if you are up to hiking, mountain biking, cycling, or climbing. This app will make it simple to prepare with route innovation and area information that empowers you to be ready for what may come. Komoot will guide you turn-by-turn voice navigation and definite maps, even in remote areas.

Download for Android and iOS

16. GasBuddy

Traveling in a caravan or minibus is never short of fun. You have all the freedom to roam around countrysides until you get exhausted. But what if your machine’s fuel get empty?

Obviously, no one wants to ruin their trip like that. Therefore, GasBuddy is something you can rely on when it comes to finding the least expensive gas in your area. You can utilize the GPS location or simply search by address. In addition to that, GasBuddy benefits the user with points for detailing and refreshing a station's costs. The added points can win you free gas. At the time when gas prices are skyrocketing, what else you want?

Download for Android and iOS

17. PackPoint

In the end, if you are all packed up and ready to move out, you need to scan your checklist for one last time. PackPoint is a perfect travel buddy that aid the user by detailing the checklist of travel tools that they have to pack.


To make the most out of it, the user needs to create a profile, with the intended travel destination, number of days and motivation behind that particular trip. It will then craft a tailor-made packing gear list that considers whether you're going for business or vacation.

Furthermore, it will also suggest the types of clothes to pack, depending upon the location’s weather. PackPoint won’t let you miss the pair of socks you forgot to carry in the last trip.

Download for Android and iOS

18. Prey Anti-Theft

Hard times can strike you at the moment. So, don’t let the scare of theft or robbery ruin your travel time in a magnificent place. You need to take care of your belongings wherever you roam around, and I know how frustrating it can get sometimes.

Prey Anti Theft is an application that deals with your advanced frill, enabling you to discover your cell phone, laptop, or tablet once they get vanishes into thin air. With the help of this app, you can recover photographs remotely, wipe information, and cut down any further loss by locking gadgets from anywhere around the globe.

Download for Android and iOS

19. Night Sky/SkyView

Just by hanging your smartphone towards the sky, you can recognize planets, stars, and even satellites. Isn’t that amazing when you are out for night treks?

Regardless of whether you're trying to discover a star or the International Space Station, the app will assist you in finding them all and the sky's the limit from there. It works everywhere, irrespective of where you are.


So, next time when you plan some outing in the later part of the day, do remember to take this app along you to make that trip one of the mesmerizing travels of your life.

Download for Android and iOS

20. AccuWeather

A well-planned vacation is something every one of us long for. a Breezy day, minimal sunlight, and if you have some luck, little drizzling can make your day. But what if the weather turns ugly? In no way, you would want your hard-earned time to go for a toss.

AccuWeather is a decent climate application with universal reach and an indispensable tool for any traveler. The app highlights 15-day figure outlines, 5-day forecasts, and the hyper-local AccuWeather MinuteCast. One of the spectacular features includes minute-by-minute precipitation figures based upon your GPS location.

Download for Android and iOS

The Upshot

The smartphone apps can ease you to lessen your burdens like juggling between best VPN services, booking rooms, renting taxis, finding the route to your destination, or deciding on the most affordable flight and much more. Some apps can even stun you with their features. What if you can identify the planes flying overhead by just pointing your smartphone’s camera at that point.

So, unchain yourself and set your sight on a travel destination, meanwhile, don’t forget to install the above apps for a memorable trip. Have a wonderful trip..!

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