MyPostcard App : Innovative Greeting Cards for You

Now send audio recordings as greeting cards with MyPostcard app.

Updated on February 04, 2020
MyPostcard App : Innovative Greeting Cards for You

If postcards excites you in any way, we understand your concern. But with the lost craze for postcards, you will also find it boring to send postcards through conventional ways. But guess what? We have got an app that turns photos into postcards.

MyPostcard app allows you to send printed photo postcards and greeting cards to your loved ones across the globe. As per the photo postcard app founder:

"The MyPostcard app brings the traditional postcard into the digital age, making it the postcard of the future.”

You just need to create and personalize the postcard and the rest (print, stamp and mail) is taken care of by the MyPostcard team.

Whether it’s for birthdays, vacations, weddings, or Christmas cards, you can easily design your own individual photo postcards and print photos online.

Not only can you send postcards and greeting cards to each other, but the picture postcard app can deliver you your favorite photos as high-quality real photo prints.

Check out our detailed MyPostcard review and send your first photo postcard now.

About MyPostcard App

The MyPostcard app is your go-to postcard app for sending personalized postcards to friends and family anywhere worldwide. You can choose from a range of templates to arrange your personal photos to perfection, or select one of over 15,000 designs in the Design Store. 

Postcards are a given - but MyPostcard also offers alongside a free personal address book: 

  • Greeting cards
  • XXL cards
  • Photo prints
  • Framed photos and;
  • Now even the hyped audio card

The audio card allows you to take up to a 60-second audio recording right in the picture postcard app and have it mailed as a sound file inside the custom photo cards online. Once opened, the integrated loudspeaker starts playing the file. Interestingly, it’s one of its kind service available in the market.

The photo postcard app offers money-back guarantee in case the card is lost, damaged or the user is not happy for any reason. The MyPostcard team makes sure to compensate for any loss or damage by resending the card for free or returning the money.

MyPostcard App Review

What Can You Do With The Postcard App?

Apart from sending postcards with this app, you can even share a personal address link by WhatsApp, Mail, which will automatically upload them to the address book. Then you can schedule cards to be printed and shipped on a specific date, anywhere up to a year in advance.

Here are the types of postcards that you can send with this postcard maker app:

1. Photo Postcards

Photo postcards are printed by digital printing on 300g thick paper or postcard cardboard and are subjected to a quality control by the team of MyPostcard. The postcards are of the size of 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm.

Steps to send a custom photo postcards through the MyPostcard app:

  • Select a postcard style
  • Upload photo(s)
  • Select & individualize the frame
  • Write a greeting text & recipient details
  • Pay & send worldwide

2. Greeting Cards

With MyPostcard, you have the option to design postcards and send them as a greeting card for the occasion. The postcard maker app offers ready-made postcards and greeting cards and there is a vast collection of designs and themes in the app.

Steps to send custom cards through the MyPostcard app:

  • Select a greeting card style
  • Upload photo(s)
  • Select & individualize the frame
  • Write greeting card text & recipient details
  • Pay & send worldwide

Under the photo postcards, there is an option for photo greeting card, as well.

Steps to send photo greeting card through the MyPostcard app:

  • Pick a template design
  • Select photo(s)
  • Write individual greeting text & recipient details
  • Pay & send worldwide

3. Photo Prints

If you have a picture on your smartphone, you have an option to get it printed on paper. The app has an excellent quality of prints with three stylish retro formats.

  • Classic in the format 10x15cm
  • Square in the format 10x10cm
  • Trendy Polaroid Look Instant

The higher the resolution of the digital image, the clearer the details on the finished photo print. The app also provides UV protection to the photo paper, which prevents fading and guarantees stunning photographic prints.

Steps to send custom photo cards online through the MyPostcard app:

  • Select a photo print format
  • Upload a picture
  • Pay & send worldwide

Worldwide Delivery Schedule of MyPostcard App

The delivery time of MyPostcard may differ from region to region due to various reasons. Here is the estimated time of delivery of postcard for different regions:

  • USA: 3-5 business days
  • Canada: 3-5 business day
  • Europe: 3-5 business days
  • Germany: 2-3 business days
  • Switzerland: 2-3 business days
  • Austria: 2-3 business days
  • Australia: 6-10 business days
  • Asia: 6-10 business days
  • Other countries: 6-12 business days

NOTE: In certain circumstances, shipping may take a bit longer.

MyPostcard Pricing Plans

For catering to a diverse set of audience, MyPostcard offers various pricing options that depends upon the service you wish to avail. The following are the app’s service pricing plans:

1. Photo Postcards: You can send personal words either online or through the photo greeting card app.

Price: Prices start at $1.99 (or $2.49 for premium) (free worldwide shipping included)

2. Photo Greeting Cards: Photos as a personalized greeting card with a few personal words either online or through the app.

Price: Start from $3.99 (free worldwide shipping included)

3. Blank Postcard Set: Personal postcard in the card set of 8 to 200 postcards for self-labeling.

Price: $0.45 for 200 postcards. $0.62 for 8 postcards (free worldwide shipping included)

4. Blank Greeting Card Set: A set of 8 to 200 greeting cards.

Price: $1.10 per card for 200 greeting cards. $1.62 for 8 (free worldwide shipping included)

5. Photo Prints: 15, 22 or 30 high-quality prints in a pretty gift box.

Price: Start from $0.33 (free worldwide shipping included)

6. XXL Cards

Photos, postcard, or greeting card in XXL format either online or through the custom postcard app.

Price: Start from $6.99 (free worldwide shipping included)

Mypostcard App Review

MAD Verdict: MyPostcard App Review

With this, we come to an end of our my postcard app review. The app has garnered over three million downloads and it's still counting. With each day, MyPostcard is only getting more popular. And it's no surprise - with the biggest postcard design store in the world, there's nowhere that offers more choice.

The app prints photo cards online within 24 hours of every order (excluding weekends) and include printing, and worldwide shipping in the card price, making MyPostcard efficient and transparent. Almost everything is ordered over the browser of the app, there's no need to stand in post office queues or around a postcard stand anymore.

So, try sending a postcard to your loved one with MyPostcard app and lets know your experience.

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